Do you Fantasize About Workcation in Uttarakhand?

Workcation in Rishikesh

What excites you so much to work from the mountains? Is it Photoshop images or freedom from home?

Before getting dazzled by the picturesque images and larger-than-life landscapes just stay mindful of the ground realities.

You must pre-plan about how many days you plan to spend there and plan your budget accordingly. You can easily manage to get many backpacking cheap accommodation but is that your cup of tea is something you should identify.

The best part of these long-stay trips is you can choose any destination out from Pan India. However, since I was exploring the city near Delhi, the best option for me was staycation in Rishikesh.

From mountain, beaches, religion, culture you get it all in this beautiful and auspicious city in Uttrakhand.

Hi, I am Srishti a corporate professional and traveler by passion. In this blog, I will share my experience about my 17 days workcation in Rishikesh.

Accommodation and Age Group

Age may just be the number but we broadly fall into the same category when it comes to the number itself. Usually, in the backpackers stay, you will find people in their 20’s and 30’s. There could be some in their 40’s too. However, to get people in the ’50s and ’60s is rare in such setups. But with the changing norms we must acknowledge that “40’s is new 30’s” and “30’s is new 20’s”.

The reason for finding this kind of age group is people may be still exploring what they want and how they want to get settled. If you are the one who is starting late then you can still take a plunge irrespective of age. The environment in backpacking hostels will never make you feel old.

Now coming to expenses, there are multiple ranges based on what you prefer. From a private room to shared dorms you have it all.

To save some bucks you can plan to pay in advance and within Rs. 10,000 per month you may land up in double sharing or quad sharing rooms with other amenities like indoor sports along with other regular events.

If you have a better budget then go for a better stay of single sharing as well. You can plan your meal expenses separately. Of course, commuting is not included in this. So minimum you must have a budget of Rs. 15,000- Rs. 20,000 that can cover your stay, commute, and other living expenses. To be on a little better side in Rs. 30,000 you can plan little better stay in India.

Last but not the least, one of the most important thing that you shouldn’t miss checking for your workcation is good wifi and power back. As last thing you may want to experience is impacting your work.

How I planned my 17 days Workcation in Rishikesh?

I usually plan short trips of 4-5 days within and outside India. This time I was all set to explore a little longer tenure. The place I chose was none other than Rishikesh. It was a 5-7 hours drive from my place Gurugram.

The place I chose initially was a zostel in Rishikesh with private accommodation; however, I hopped many interesting places.

On the weekend I plan to explore nearby camps. There was this camp by the name of Brook that was more like a cottage, where I stayed over the weekend. So before planning your long-term stay in Rishikesh or any other place for that matter, it’s good to conduct thorough research.

This was my third visit to Rishikesh and visiting this way was an altogether different experience. I got the feel of culture and connected well with locals in a much better way. Though after I went there, it was locked down still I managed to visit many interesting hubs.

Some of the must-visit places here are

Cafes near Laxman Jhula such as Freedom Café, Lucky Café, and many more. So it all starts at Laxman Jhula & ends at Ram Jhula.

You shouldn’t miss the unexplored and unknown beaches in Rishikesh like, Ganga, Goa, and Laxman Jhula beach.

Some of the must-visit Waterfalls are Patna, Neer, etc

You can’t ignore the religious hub of Religious as well. Besides Ganga Arti one of the peaceful places where you can plan your stay too is Parmarth Niketan Ashram.

If you want to dig down little bit more history, then don’t forget the popular Beatles Ashram.

Rishikesh is also popular for following adventure sports.


River Rafting

Cliff Jumping and many more

Besides that, there are so many nearby trekking destinations that you can consider. The famous ones are

  • Kedarkantha
  • Chopta
  • Chandrshila
  • Roopkund
  • Kunjapuri and many more

You can have a glimpse of my trip by clicking on my youtube channel :-  

17 Days Workcation in Rishikesh – April 2021

It’s also listed among the top 100 at Feedspot.

If you are planning for such trips in the future please feel free to reach out to me through the comment below. To check out more pictures please follow me on Instagram at Travel with Srishti.

What made my trip good was, I planned my budget and chose the place accordingly. You can get many options here in Rishikesh. You can look out for luxury home stays in Rishikesh or accommodation like Airbnb. The price will depend upon the number of days you plan to stay and the property you choose.

Besides that, don’t forget to plan the cost of your commute. If you plan to drive down then on an average it will cost you at least Rs. 6- 7 k to and fro based on the average of your vehicle from Gurugram.

It can exceed Rs. 10,000 or more as well if you use your private car for local transport or exploring nearby places within a range of 10-15 km.

At the end of the day, what matters is how you plan to leverage your long stay. The idea is to come back refreshed and mindful. Sometimes a shift of place especially close to the mountain can have a positive impact on your energy.

Especially when it comes to places like Rishikesh, you may get more rejuvenated. It is the city that can give you the feel of a mountain yet you can enjoy beautiful beaches along with auspicious places amid ghats.

Hope you chose your workcation with good planning and come back with holistic wellness and personal growth.

How to Visit Unexplored Kuchesar, the Best Touring Places near Delhi?

weekend trip in delhi

The weekend is the time to explore some serene places where you can restore all your energies. Not many people are aware that one of the fort has been converted into a heritage stay in the secluded village of Kuchesar in Up. I consider it as one of the best weekend trips in Delhi.

Though trekking is a huge craze among Delhi Millennial, however, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Especially people in their 30’s are exploring the place where they can enjoy the company of like-minded non-judgmental people.  Especially for them, it could be the best places to visit near Delhi.

weekend trip in delhi

Socializing is the need of the hour in today’s Work from home culture. We all need a let out, space that may not be feasible, sitting at the comfort of our home. If you wish to possess a magic wand that can take away all the blues, then you may not be wrong completely. You just need to be mindful that a miracle is within you.

Here’s an article about how you can plan a weekend excursion and keep sailing happily and progressively in life. Weekend getaways from Delhi could be the smartest way to channelize your energies. You can have many affordable options. Trust me; more than a mere expense, it would be a real investment in us.

How to Plan a Trip to Kuchesar? Perhaps one of the Cheap and Best Place to Visit near Delhi.

You can plan a trip to Kuchesar from any part of NCR. The extreme end could be Gurgaon. It might take 2-3 hours to reach the fort. Spare any weekend and start at 9 am and you will be able to reach there by 11- 12 pm easily with normal traffic conditions.

After reaching their check-in to your lavish fort room, you got lots of options for choosing the rooms there. Choose the bespoke private villa, go for king size suite or stick to the basic. Unpack and get a hot shower. After that, head to get fresh lunch. You can choose from a variety of veg options along with selected non-veg cuisine as well. Don’t forget to grab delicious desserts too.

weekend trip in delhi

In fact, one of the reasons that can make this spot the best weekend getaways near Delhi is the choicest room and bespoke food.

Your journey starts now as there are lots to do post-lunch. You can enjoy the tractor or bullock cart ride and visit the village. En route, you can go to the Mango orchid, Jaggery plant and enjoy the local flavors.

Enjoy the thrill of visiting these communities of the rural landscape and be vocal for the locals.

Leverage as much as you can. You can also buy organic jaggery, also called “Gud” in the local language, along with sugarcane. Going back to your resort, enjoy fresh tea with snacks to make your evening relaxing and delightful.

weekend trip in delhi

Furthermore, you can relax in your rooms and get ready for the bonfire with some heartfelt chit chat with fellow travelers.

Take your time to enjoy the royal luxury in your villa and get ready for mouth-watering yummy dinner.

While walking down to the dining room from your heritage room, enjoy the picturesque sight of the fort.

The hall where the food is served will take you to the dynasty of kings and queens.

After dinner, you can take a walk around the fort and sit in your private villa to continue the rounds of games and chats.

Once you are content and feeling sleepy, go back to your rooms and enjoy the sound sleep.

The next day morning is the time to enjoy the sunshine with the chirping sounds of birds. You can also witness beautiful peacocks walking down the garden with lush greenery.

Sit in the traditional chairs or enjoy the swing under mango orchid, and now you must be hungry. We can head for some fresh breakfast with fantastic sunshine in the spacious open lounge.

Weekend Trip - Kuchesar

After your breakfast, get ready to try some hands-on pottery making.  The touch of that beautiful mud and shaping it with your creativity will not be less than bliss.   

Post that we can enjoy some table tennis too. With all these surreal experiences, our journey ends with the happiest memories. Now it’s time to say goodbye to the place and reach back to your destination.

It could be one of the best weekends you can gift to yourself. In fact if you are exploring places to visit near Delhi by car, then this is one of the better options.  Max distance within NCR ranges between 70-130 km.

weekend trip in delhi

There are lots of travel companies flooding all over social media. Meetup groups are one of the most popular options for offline get together. Nevertheless, If you are new in the town or a solo traveler, you may wonder which one to join. One of the tried and tested bespoke meetup groups for you could be travel solo and smart. You can expect lots of local events and outstation trips as well on this platform.

How can the Solo Traveler Community help in making it Possible?

The best part of this group is it’s private, so all your information is visible to the filtered members only. Furthermore, any content within the group related to any event also got restricted visibility.  Some of the past events conducted by us are as follows.

Handpicked members in Travel Solo and Smart community are responsible enough to take all precautions during this covid time. However, unlike Myscoot, besides local events, we constantly plan many outstation trips as well as mentioned above.

Some of our recent trips were Kasol; Kheerganga and Kuchesar. You can check the pics in the gallery and YouTube channel as well for the same.

We would love to have you as part of the tribe. All you have to do is send an invitation here, and if you fill in all the required details, you will be a member without any cost.

Best Cost and Takeaways from the trip!

Coming back to the Kuchesar excursion, wondering what the cost of all the above activities, stays, and meals? You can get all that at an unbelievable price of just Rs. 9,999.  Travel Solo and Smart members had a wonderful time here.

 As a community benefit, members end up paying half the price of Rs. 4999-5999 and enjoyed all the activities, meals, and stay. Besides that, they end up making lifetime friends too.

If you are also looking out for such an unparalleled trip, then do join us on the next journey during X-Mas and New Year time.

My Kasol & Kheerganga Trek in 2020 as a Trip Manager

Kasol ; ;Kheerganga

2020 has already marked its place in history because of the reason known to all COVID-19. The flip side of the same is people started adapting to the new norm. I being a passionate travel and trip organizer was under tremendous pressure to organize a trip.  It was not only to gratify my soul but for the solo travelers in my group who wanted to fly from the prison of work from home and other restrictions too.

I believe in the miracle, and since Kheerganga was on top of my mind I finally made it happen on the night of 29th October i.e. Thursday. This article will share the detailed itinerary of what all you can explore and how you can plan your trip. Read the article till the end and share the comments.

I consider myself a smart solo traveler. That’s how I came up with the concept of travel solo and smart. Further, how I leveraged this smartness by  convincing  eight more solo souls besides me to make it happen. So we were a group of  9 people who started our journey from Gurgaon through a Tempo Traveller.

We started around 9 pm. With 2-3 pitstops, we were able to reach Kasol by 2 pm. It usually takes 15-16 hours to reach the city. We were more or less on time, a little delayed because of the more than one stops.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

We were in Kasol. Checked in our camps. It was triple sharing. Took tea, freshen up, and took a walk to the city. Our stay was in the heart of  Kasol, so everything was available within walking distance. We had our lunch at the evergreen café. While walking on the streets , we tried momos and other local cuisines too.

After lunch, It was time to explore the local trek at chalal. The picturesque site at the riverside was not only breathtaking but equally rejuvenating.

In the night, we were all set to explore the local cafes. The travelers were all set to try every bit of Kasol. From a live concert at Panchtara to the trout fish with bonfire is what made our first day out of the world.

It was a much-needed break from coronavirus blue in Delhi.

After having a fulfilling first day, we were all set to the trek for the next day to Kheerganga.

Day 2

After awakening to the fresh morning, we were all set to take trek  to  Kheerganga. We had our breakfast at camps and started at 930 am. Our tempo traveler dropped us at barshaini. It took us 1 hour to reach there from Kasol.

Kheerganga is a 12 km trek. We were planning to stay there, so we were carrying our backpacks. The expedition was beautiful yet rocky so you need to watch your every step at every threshold.

Another thing not to be missed is to have a sip of water whenever you feel tired.

The route we choose to start the trek was through Cagra village, which was best route to climb up .

In between, there were many cafes, but the one that was best was Raasta. We had our energy drinks and had great clicks with some fun by dancing to the tunes of some pepe numbers . So it was a good kick start of the trek.

After taking many challenging and easy terrain, we finally checked-in to our camps in Kheerganga. It was 31st  Oct Halloween night too and blue moon as well.

Bonfire is what you need for some candid conversations, and it was all set on the top. After playing musical jingle and candid conversations, we had a great sleep.

Day 3

One thing that Kheerganga is famous for is its hot water spring. So the morning, we pack our stuff and left early in the morning to enjoy the healing hot water spring.

Post that, you can visit the Shiva temple on the top. Though I missed because of time crunch.

After that, we came back to our camp, had breakfast, and left ago to Barshaini. This time we choose to take Nathan village route.

The view was different and as splendid as the  route we choose while starting the trek.  

It took us 4 to 6 hours to reach back.

From Barshini to Kasol, it was around a 1-hour distance. We stopped at Kasol for dinner and then started back to Delhi. In between, there was just one more stop after few hours, and then it was a non-stop journey. We were able to enter Delhi within 12-13 hours, which couldn’t be better.

Our journey came to an end with lots of sweet memories and many learning experiences, especially for me as a Trip organizer.

Key Learnings:-

So on this trip, I sponsored a Youtuber who helped me in creating two of my videos, as you can see below:- Yes, the video came out good, but then I learned that before approaching any of an Influencer, your product should be established as end of the journey its there call if they would like to give a shout out to you or not.

I  picked a  cohost who paid me just 50% of the amount; however, during the trip, she was literally dictating the things on her terms rather than consulting me. So my learning before choosing any assistance set very clear expectations.

Since both the above were through reference, so was aniticipating better support. Neverthless such experiences makes you learn better and your trip complete.

Last but not least, as a Trip organizer, people don’t care where you are coming from. All they expect is you should be on your toes to facilitate them.

Though all travelers went back making lifetime friends. But I can’t forget that one incidence when they expected me to ensure them to have everything.  It was about the additional blanket and pillow in the camp in Kheerganga. However, it was briefed before the journey that the camps will be available with basic amenities.

I was also relaxed as I thought the cohost would manage, but she was too lost giggling, and all of them started jumping on me.  So morning, Day 3 was memorable as it ended in good fight. It was also driven by one of the other female of the cohost who want to quench her ego . She got some skill in influencing the members. So was the other businessman in the group who became friends with these two females.

However, at the end of the journey, I realized that all this makes you smarter, so I aptly named my venture Travel Solo and Smart .

Anyways as is said, all well that ends well; I am happy the journey came to an end on a good note and all got sorted there and then. There are lots of takeaways for me as well. All the feedback I plan to take constructively and I am more clear about what my Brand Travel Solo and Smart stand for now.

If you wish to join in future journey, than first you must be part of the meetup group and then closed WhatsApp group .

Hope you enjoyed the article and soon plan a trip to Kasol and Kheerganga .

Why and How you can Plan a Trek to Kheerganga in October?

Kheerganga, Kasol , Wellness

For me every trip sounds not just another travel destination but a deep healing therapy. I connect it not less than a holistic wellness. Many people are resuming back to their travelling days amidst Covid-19 so am I planning.

However not forgetting to adhere to the “New Norm”.Here’s an article about beautiful trek of Kheerganaga & what you will get by visiting this place.

  1. Healing
  2. Change
  3. Adapting  New Norm
  4. Joining the Community
  5. Transformation

How You can Plan 5 days 4 nights Trip from Delhi NCR?

All you may need is one day leave to plan a nice trip for relaxing weekend.  We at travel solo and smart are planning to start our journey on the eve of 29th October, Thursday after the office hours.

Journey will begin from Gurgaon or Delhi. We will be hiring a tempo traveler or Innova where 6-12 people can be easily accommodated.

It will take 12-13 or little more odd hours to reach there. After reaching the place we can check in to our hotels in Kasol on 30th October – Friday. After relaxing for a day and exploring nearby treks and café we can have a nice dinner. To get better idea below is sneak peak of the trip:-

Next day morning of 31th October – Saturday we can wake up fresh and enjoy the lovely breakfast. We can start the trek to Kheerganga now.  The trek is of 12 km. Early we start better it is. Tentatively we can reach there by evening and check in to our camps.

Enroute while climbing up and down ; there’s lots and lots to explore. Some of the attractions are Kalga, Nathan, Tosh , Parvati and many more.

After reaching Kheerganga we can stretch a bit and get ready for dinner under the stars. Can have some jamming, bonfire and chit chat with travelers and share some unique stories. Idea is to reconnect with ourselves and move inch closer to true purpose.

Let’s rock and dance like crazy, 1st Nov- Sunday we can wake up fresh, enjoy lovely mountain breakfast and resume back. Time to go back to Delhi with lovely memories. Trust me these 2 nights and 3 nights will be best time of the month.

How to Ensure Covid Safe Journey?

Our safety lies in our hand, few things that can help you in managing this new norm is by adhering to following tips

  • Carry Multiple Masks on a Trip
  • Use Alcohol Sanitizer
  • Maintain Social Distance as much as you can
  • Keep your Immunity Strong
  • Stay Positive
  • Why you must Take Trek to Kheerganga?

Well it may not just be about Kheerganga trek it’s about why you should at all go for the trek. Here are few quick reasons.

Clean Your Chakras

There’s nothing better to revive ; other than close to nature. We all need that periodic rejuvenation, isn’t it? . That can only be possible when you give some push to your lungs and guts. While you trek; that physical push affects your organs in very subtle fashion.

Essence of Life

In our mundane life we forgot to discover out true purpose of life. We all have something unique in us. For the same reason; finger prints of two people are not alike. There must be some reason for the same reason right?

Stay Abreast in Game

No matter at what stage of life you may be in. It’s all about mindful of all the phases of life and ace the race. That can be possible if you make efforts in the right fashion. Trust age is just the number rest is how you feel. You can stay as young as you want if you think young.

Connect with Likeminded People

You never know what treasure you can discover when you step out. One of them can be in the form of people whom you meet while taking a trek specially. As in the process you share so many hardships and discomfort that you develop a special bond.

Best Version of Yourself

No matter what echelon of social strata you might be it mellows down to what kind of person you are after all. In the rat race we get so submerged that we forget who we are actually. The best way to reconnect to yourself is only by taking that wonderful trek waiting just for you .

Visiting new Fauna & Flora

Yes of course we can’t forget travelling is essentially about visiting new land and discovering the beauty. The change of place acts as a catalyst for out cognitive energies. Its even more affective while we take a trek.

Prosperity & Abundance

You already took first step by moving out of your comfort zone by choosing to take a trek. Its certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Eventually you will realize the multifold returns on investments you will get by taking such a path . It will certainly build strong resilience along with many unparallelly subtle benefits.

Hope you are all set to take your next trek . If wondering how to take a plunge you can join us on the upcoming trek to Kheerganga.

What Risks are People Taking While Traveling during Coronavirus?

travel , coronavirus , trip

From an avid traveler to get restricted to a lockdown sounds like a nightmare. However, this is the real-life scenario with most of the travel bees, including me.

Nevertheless, since the lockdown is practically over, people have resumed their traveling lifestyle.

But is it advisable to travel now, especially when we have hit the peak of Coronavirus? This article covers the psychological reasons why people are literally on a suicide mission to resume traveling.

Even if it is for some unavoidable reasons, there are specific steps that you should not avoid. Please read the article to know what they are if you also wish to plan a trip.

Why Can’t People Resist Urge to Travel?

I can’t deny less that whenever I recall any international tour packages, my dopamine reaches to the next level. There’s certainly a common reason why travelers can’t resist the craving to pack their bags.

One of them could be, traveling can act as the best therapy. Secondly, a lot can happen over the trip with a bunch of similar tribes.

In spite of all this, before checking redbus online booking, don’t forget we still are struggling with Covid-19. The next question that most of us are intriguing about is when the hell this pandemic will be over. Many of the pessimists are even thinking, can I ever travel again?

In such despair, the best rescue that may seem to bring some relief is going through some travel magazine. The flip side is it can further pro vogue you to choose the next destination. After a while, it may just become difficult to ignore such temptations.

So the impulse for traveling may essentially arise because of the following reasons:-

  • Managing the Stress
  • Change of Ecosystem
  • Boredom
  • Rejuvenation
  • Wellness Excursion
  • Discovering Bliss

There can be many others, but it’s good to hold one such impulse during Coronavirus. Hooking up to travel sites can undoubtedly be an alternative for the time being.

You can also stay tuned with the well-researched information blogs and vlogs. Besides that, you can join a travel WhatsApp group that may not be too loud but limited to travel talks.

The crux is you need to figure out a way of an interim solution to satisfy your travel lust. If you are still finding it difficult that you must be aware of the risk, you may be taking while choosing to travel.

Risk of Travelling During Coronavirus

At times business travel can be inevitable during COVID-19, but it should also be avoided to the extent possible. Irrespective of the travel types, you may be vulnerable to the following risks:-

  • Getting in Touch with Asymptomatic People
  • Unhygienic Ambiance
  • Commercial Transport Issue
  • Unhealthy Food

Other than the above risks, you must be ready for quarantine once you are back from vacation. A family trip can be the most vulnerable as one person can easily infect others.

How to Make Your Trip Safe?

After understanding and acknowledging all the facts above, if you still want to resume your traveling lifestyle, then Kudos to you. Nevertheless, don’t forget to adhere to the following aspects to make it safe for you.

  • Start with a short distance
  • Use your vehicle
  • Go with a trusted group
  • Ensure the hygiene level of the place
  • Take precautionary steps like masks, gloves, sanitizer, etc

I hope you are staying safe wherever you are and make a conscious and mindful decision in the context of traveling.

To refresh your travel energy and to explore the safe place around NCR, join an exclusive solo Travellers Community now. To know more, click below:-

Travel Solo and Smart Meetup – Curating Customized Trips.

How to Make a Road Trip to Manali from Delhi Less Hectic?

One question that is often asked to me is what is the destination you would like to pursue after COVID 19. My bucket list is already getting overloaded. I am sure, like me, many travel freaks are already making plans to take many trips in the coming future once things get normalized. Out of all, you can always consider a trip to Manali for so many reasons.

So if you are serious about a Manali tour or any similar cities that are far away from Delhi and are in your bucket list, then this article can help.  Manali is almost 531 km from Delhi that can easily take you 11 to 14 hours to reach there.

Manali trip costs can always be customized according to your stay and days you plan to stay there.  Nowadays, people are no longer looking out for honeymoon in Manali. Instead, they are all set to explore this city differently. 

Here are a few tips that can make your trip to Manali more fun and relaxing as well. A road trip can be adventurous but can be tiring also if traveled on a stretch. The best way to reduce your burden to cover the distance is by taking many pit stops. If it’s a self-driven car, then it’s not wrong to take a halt midway in cities like Mohali or Chandigarh.

Pit Stop – Enroute Manali

You can always reduce your burden and combine more cities within the same trip. So we planned an overnight journey and took a break in Mohali for three hours. We booked the Oyo room that charged Rs. 700 per person for a night. It not only helped to make our road trip less tiresome but helped in admiring scenic beauty en route Manali as well. We booked it just for three hours to give us a decent rest. 

Though it extended our trip a little more to 15 hours, it was worth it. In Manali, the accommodation that we booked was not less than a dream. We stayed in a place called Baragarh resort, where many popular movies are shooted. You can check out some of the details in my latest YouTube video by clicking on the link below.

Memorable Manali Trip Just before COVID-19

Manali Vlog

How to Make a Trip to Manali More Fun?

You may get tons and tons of options for the Kullu Manali tour package but try to choose the tried and tested options only. By spending a little more, you can make your trip to Manali not less than luxurious.  Coming back to Baragarh resort, there are so many things to share.


Starting from the spacious washroom to the steaming hot water to massive cottage rooms, all were one of its kind.  Good sleep can enhance your immunity, but you need a comfortable environment as well to make it possible. At Baragarh resort and Spa, we were able to get an uninterrupted sound sleep the very first day that made the next day very refreshing. 

The second day we just planned to relax in the resort with some exorbitant spa and checking out the mesmerizing scenic beauty around.  This place is not only ideal for the Manali honeymoon package but can also be considered suitable for the community of solo travelers as well.

Solang Valley, a Popular Hub in Manali

Solang Valley
Solang Valley

 On the third day, we plan to visit Solang valley, one of the famous spots in Manali. The twisty roads all clad in the snow were picturesque and not less than a heaven. If you are planning to trek here, then don’t forget to take the gears from the local shops. It will not cost you more than 300 to 400 bucks. 

Gumboots are a must for just taking even a walk in the snow. In addition, you can take a snow trek suit as well.  Besides that, you can do a lot in Solang valley in Manali city. Make your snowman or women, take the best clicks, and take snow and sun therapy. The candid shots you can get with the serene beauty all around are simply splendid.

Many people extend this trip by planning a trip from Manali to Ladakh. The prerequisite for the same is Rohtang pass should be open. The time when we visited that was in Feb, it was closed. Usually, it’s open in the month of June.

However, in the year 2020, there’s no visibility of when it will be open for the tourists due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Nevertheless some people are still planning to visit with some special permission for documentary or other essential purposes. 

A Kullu Manali trip is popular for so many other attractions as well. Some of them are popular Hadimba Devi Temple, Gulaba, Rafting, and other adventurous sports. Activities like paragliding are also part of the Manali trip package but restricted to some months only.

Baragarh Resort

So if you are single and wish to plan a Manali trip to Delhi, then you have to be part of an exclusive travel community. All you need is a meetup app and send your request to Travel Solo and Smart.  So now you don’t have to search for any local Manali travel agency. Save your money, in addition, socialize and network with like-minded solo travelers.

Besides a trip to Manali, you can plan very more exciting trips like Goa, Andaman and Nicobar and what not. However, we must not forget we can only resume traveling when things get normalized, and Coronavirus is subsided. At this time, we can just pray this too shall pass soon.  Let’s all pray to resume back to normal life and keep on adding to our bucket list till then.

Till the time it’s over, you can always take a few virtual trips to places like Kasol, Kerala and many other beautiful places. You can subscribe to Travel Solo and Smart YouTube channel to stay updated about many travel destinations. Hopefully, we shall be able to continue with the travel lifestyle soon. Stay safe, happy, and progressive. 

How Kamya got Appraisal and Dream Trip during COVID-19 Lockdown?

trip, covid-19

No, Kamya is not from essential services like banks, media, or hospitals. She’s like any other citizen who is managing 21 days lockdown. Kamya is 30 years old, a travel freak, a sales manager with an MNC.

When the lockdown period was announced like others, she wasn’t also prepared. Moreover, her job is mostly in the field, so she never thought of this option in her dreams.

However, her positive approach came to her rescue. She set an example for all. Kavya was able to crack a targeted deal during this period of Coronovirus.

When the CEO interviewed Kamya through a video calling asking about her secret sauce.

Here’s what she has to say.


Kamya, first of all, congratulations, we would like to know how you managed the Business uncertainties.


Thanks, Sam (CEO). Let me tell you it’s not as difficult as people think. Initially, I wasn’t sure, but then I analyze the current scenario with due diligence. Instead of getting panicked by coronavirus news and related economic crisis, I focused on my work.


Wow, I appreciate it. So what’s your take on Coronavirus pandemic spread & duration?


Till the time we get coronavirus medication, it’s tough to predict. At this point on 6th April 2020, I can say this too shall pass soon.


Well, Kamya, that’s indeed a very positive approach. I am curious to know what precautions you are taking for staying safe from norovirus.


Sam thanks for bringing this out. It is one of the primary and essential concerns for all. As you know, in India, there was a Janta curfew announced on 22nd March and lockdown from 23rd March.  First of all, timely management and control by the government is a perfect approach.

Besides that, I have been following social distancing as recommended by the leaders. At the same time, I am taking the utmost care of hygiene. For groceries and other essential items, I am using home delivery options.

When I get the items, I disinfect it before consumption. Also, given leave to all the domestic helps and newspapers without deducting their salary.


Wonderful. Now the most critical question that we all want to know what your strategy of staying productive while working from home (WFH) is? 


“After smiling answers”-

Let it be a secret unless I want competitors”. On a serious note, this can be easily possible if you stay focused on the work. All an employee or any other professional or even an entrepreneur needs is sincerity and commitment.

While I was WFH, I was collating the details of the clients. Approached them through the emails Skype or other online platforms. Since our products were available online, it was never a challenge to sell them. From my side, I ensured to bridge the communication with all in every possible fashion.


What support did you get from your seniors? At the same time, how did you enhance your team morale?


For both, it was more or less a similar approach. We used to have daily meetings on zoom and hangouts. There were two slots.

In the morning, there used to be a meeting between my seniors and me. I used to have a webinar with all my team of 9 members in the evening. It helped in keeping track of the performance of all and help us planned the work in a better way.


Commendable, do you think WFH is a sustainable approach?


Yes, it has got great benefits. I prefer to continue on a long terms basis. Not only will it control the pollution, but it will help in managing the traffic as well.  Needless to say, with the right attitude, it will prove to be more fruitful as well.



You truly deserve to be the performer for the month? We are delighted to give you an annual appraisal of 15% and promoting you to VP-Sales. At the same time, we all know you are an avid traveler. So as an additional incentive, we will sponsor your Europe trip whenever this Coronovirus is over.


Thanks a ton. In fact, Europe is one of the topmost destinations lying in my bucket list. Can’t resist sharing; I was heartbroken to hear about Coronavirus. 

Not too sure if you know, I already planned my trip to South Europe for ten days in May. But of course, I had to cancel because of this pandemic. This incentive is undoubtedly an icing on the cake and is a good kick to stay more productive at work.


Well, Kamya, you deserve it. Last but not least, what’s your advice to the failing businesses?


Sam, I would certainly say that that every business must have a digital presence. At the same time, they must have digital products that can act as a revenue model.

It was a story of Kamya if you would like to utilize this lockdown productively than follow her advice. If you are feeling lonely or bored during the weekend than join this online webinar- Solo Travellers Online Meetup.

One of them is happening this Sunday on 12th April. For joining it send the request by clicking at —  Travel Solo and Smart.

When can you Resume to Your Travel Lifestyle in the future?

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

People who are bitten by the travel bee might find this phase of Coronovirus very tough to manage. Most of us must be wondering when we can take our next trip.

Nevertheless, avoid the same for the coming months. Hopefully, things should be settled soon.   For this year, we can restrict our trips within the country. Some of them are listed below to keep your spirits high.

Andaman & Nicobar

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Cities like Andaman and Nicobar offers a tropical climate. You can certainly choose this city for your next trip. If you plan to take a trip from Delhi than by air might be the only mode of transport. If you are wondering when to travel? Then it may be difficult to answer now.

Looking at the speed of doctors, tentatively by July, we might come with coronavirus medication. You can plan to travel then or at the later dates. To enjoy a safe trip try you can join solo traveling communities.  You can always reach others in case of any assistance and for a better trip.


Pondicherry is another place that is good to consider for your trips. This beautiful union territory can offer you a perfect wellness retreat.  It’s one of the preferred destinations for the people in the metro because of its relatively peaceful ecosystem. If you wish to take to travel there in the near future then do join exclusive travel community.

Camping in Kanatal

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Kanatal is one of the unexplored places in Uttrakhand. There can be nothing better than gazing at the stars in your camp. If you are wondering how to make it possible, then you can be smart to join the travel communities and be open for loads of fun together.


Alwar is one of the underdog cities in the state of Rajasthan. Ever wondered what this splendid land has to offer than better to take a visit. Plan a weekend trip and take an excursion to the serene lake of Sariska.

The idea is to rejuvenate and take a break from the mundane routine. Now, if you are game for it, then plan it anytime soon. Stay updated about the dates through the even on the meet up on Travel Solo and Smart.


Most of you in Delhi NCR may or may not have visited the silent city of Lansdowne. An ideal place to take a weekend break and exploring nature. Plan a camp or visit a resort; nothing will disappoint you. It’s an ideal place to take a digital detox and connect with yourself.


Often the road less traveled takes us to the best destinations. The Island of Lakshadweep is one such place that you may not like to miss. If you are wondering what it has to offer, then you must visit this place. The beauty in the pristine land is just unparalleled to any of the popular hubs. All you need to do is get set and go.


Called as Switzerland of India, the visit here will take your breath away. You may like to combine many cities to make the best of your trip here. Get awestruck and have the best experience by joining the reputed travel group.

Jim Corbett

The most popular gateway from Delhi is none other than this city in Nainital. Named after a legend, Jim Corbett, it’s a place of resorts. You can explore it differently by taking a jungle safari and visiting other sites along with the sightseeing. If you are planning a trip soon, then join the fellow travelers from travel solo and smart group.


Another beautiful island that can offer a breathtaking view is Diu. Plan it solo or with the group. This place has lots of things to offer. Plan a luxurious trip here and feel on top of the world with likeminded people.

Gujarat-Rann of Kutch

Experience the beauty of Thar by visiting this hub. Rann of Kutch is one of the preferred times when people like to visit here. However, you must be ready to go exorbitant by planning a trip here during that time.

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Travelling can be a real savior in connecting you with your soul. I hope this virtual trip brought some relief. Not just limited to above, there are many more places that can be explored domestically and internationally.

Irony is most of the people today are stressed about trip cancellation and interruption. Be yourself and plan as many trips as possible once the threat of the Coronavirus is settled.

How to Manage Coronavirus Travel Cancellation Blues?

The last thing in your mind should be to plan your vacation now. You must have seen the impact of the casual attitude of people in Italy towards Coronavirus. We must act a little responsible and either postpone or reschedule all our travel plans for the later date.

Coronavirus book published in 1981 partially predicted the occurrence of this global virus. However debate is still going on on the book. Nevertheless, WHO has already declared Coronavirus as pandemic as it has affected almost every country.

As India has already entered in stage 2, we must take all the steps to prevent it from reaching to stage 3. Some of the essential steps can be social distancing and refraining from traveling in the coming months. At the same time, be ready to face the economic downfall.  With little courage and endurance, this crucial phase shall pass soon.

We, as a nation and continent, are going through some of the toughest times globally.  Although all the continents are working on developing Coronavirus medication, but it will take time.

The industry that has an immediate impact is Travel, Airlines, and Hotels.  Eventually, all sectors will be impacted in due course of time. In the middle of this Coronavirus pandemic, people have lots of concerns and queries about this disease and their prebooked flights and hotels. Here are some of the facts and resolutions.

What is Coronavirus, how it’s spread?

Coronavirus is a widespread pandemic that can spread quickly and hence grows exponentially.  It started from Wuhan in China and now spread globally. It has various stages. Coronavirus early symptoms are minimal, but later on, it’s more like flu. The other names of this virus are Covid 19 and Norovirus as well.

It’s a well-known fact how the Coronavirus is spread. At an initial stage the number of affected people may be less. However it spread on the drop of the hat within the communities from stage 3. For the same reason, people are advised on the precautionary measures. Most of the public places like malls, multiplex, gym are closed in India till 31st March to prevent its increase.

How to Flatten the Curve of Rising Coronavirus?

There are many countries like Italy, UK, America, Iran, and a few more who have already reached stage 3 and finding it challenging to manage.  Since this disease can spread easily so we must take every possible step to stop it from further increasing.

The best thing to avoid this catastrophe is to stay put and to pray that this coronavirus pandemic gets over soon. Some other ways to control norovirus symptoms are as follows:-

Wear a Special Coronavirus Mask

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Don’t Touch your Face, Nose or Ear

Stay Away from the Crowd

Carry an Alcohol Sanitizer

Cooperate with the Authorities

Stay Positive

Leverage the Destination

Take Lots of Vitamin C & D to Boost up your immune system 

If we talk about India, we need to be extra cautious in preventing this disease in reaching to Stage 3.  Hopefully, we soon get the Coronavirus vaccine without letting it spread.

However, until that time, we must follow specific steps. Two important things that we must follow are Social Distancing and Self-quarantine. Both of them have been elaborating in the next paragraph.

Coronavirus Flattenned Curve

How to Practice Social Distancing & Self- Quarantine?

Social distancing and Self-quarantine can be the best solution to control the widespread of this pandemic. When we talk of social distancing, it should be maintained with at least a distance of 6 feet. The best way to do this is by avoiding the social gathering and stay in self-quarantine mode. Self-quarantine is like staying in isolation for some time.

Unnecessary traveling should be avoided to the extent possible. However, if you have come from an unavoidable trip, then you must stay in mandatory quarantine for a period of minimum of 15 days. This is most critical in the case of international flights. The infected person may not have any apparent system.  Nevertheless, he or she has good chances of spreading to others.

Kanika’s coronavirus case is the latest example of the same. Kanika Kapoor is a singer and a well-known celebrity. Around 400 people are suspected of catching the virus through her as she is corona positive. It all happened when she returned from London on 9th March and refrained from quarantine unintentionally.

So as a responsible person, it’s our prime responsibility to practice both social distancing & self-quarantine for few days to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus.

How can I manage my Prebooked Trips, Cancellation & Rescheduling?

Many of you might have already booked flights and stay in the coming months. Now the most prominent question is whether to continue, cancel or reschedule the same. While many of you are already canceling it, some people are still contemplating it. These are the people who are stuck in other countries, and their visa is expiring.

Others are worried about the cancellation fee and rescheduling. While some airlines are giving waivers, however, others are charging as usual. Trip cancellation and interruption is a loss for both the passenger and the airlines. It can be minimized by talking to your travel agents or airlines.

What is the Consequence of Taking a Trip during Coronavirus?

Just in case you do take a trip, then be ready to get quarantined for a period of at least 15 days. Authorities are using a Coronavirus test kit to deduct the positive cases. In cities like Mumbai, people are already getting ink stamped for compulsory isolation, even if there are tested negative.   For domestic trips, please stay alert and conscious of the hygiene factors around.

Traveling is the last thing in most of our minds. Covid 19 India demands huge responsibility from its citizens. For the same reason, marriages are getting either canceled or postponed in the cases whose partners are working overseas.

Things happen for a reason. Stay positive, and this too shall pass soon. Coronavirus cure might take some time till then, we have to manage the phase with patience. Take all the precautionary measures as advised by the health ministry.

Avoid the travel for the time being and utilize this time in updating yourself. One thing that you can do is build your portfolio. This can help you in managing the tough job time ahead. If you are looking out to read some free book on Kindle, then you hope this book may help –

How to Create Impressive Resumes and Land up in Your Dream Job ?

Hopefully, soon we come out with Coronavirus vaccine and lead our life as easily as we used to. However, on a positive note, everything happens for a reason. Most of the optimistic believe this is the nature way of controlling human actions that were harmful. I hope once we are out of this urgency, we are able to explore the earth that is more healed because of less traffic and pollution.

How Tarishi is Healing her Life by Solo Travelling Expedition?

solo , travelling , expedition, destination

Solo traveling is not everyone’s cups of tea. When it comes to females, it’s even more challenging to choose a safe travel destination. They may have to deal with the creepiest things on the planet when they decide to travel solo.

Few females deliberately plan their solo trips to enhance their skills in dealing with harsh realities. A solo trip at times can act as the best therapy as you get connected with your inhibitions. It leads to better self-awareness i.e. the first step in healing your journey. 

For Tarishi, her first solo trip turned out to be quite rewarding.  She took a smart move by planning the wellness travel with solo travel community.

How Tarishi Found Strength with Solo Travel Communities?

Since Tarishi is a depression survivor, she takes a calculative move for everything. She’s still dealing with a lot. Though her failed marriage and few unsuccessful relations, not less than a nightmare has taught her a lot. Her wellness trips are turning out to be quiet influential in her healing journey. 

The blunder she still regrets is exiting her marriage without taking alumni. As a result, she got stuck in a tremendous financial crisis. She never planned a traveling lifestyle; instead, it fell in her lap while she was on an expedition of discovering herself.

She could spare some money from her job, small business, and parental support to plan short trips initially. However, she never dared to travel solo unless she took a few trips with the specialized travel communities.

That’s how she discovered how traveling can act as a therapy. While the concept of experiential traveling was evolving, she connected with it differently.

For her, it was more about wellness and self-introspection. Tarishi has consulted some of the best doctors in India since her teenage time to cure her depression. Luckily her parents could afford the expenses. Nevertheless, nothing worked unless she started taking wellness excursion.

Why Travelling is the Best Therapy?

solo , travelling , expedition, destination
Jump of Joy

During her trips, she realized, psychiatrists and counselors are mere waste of time. The real change comes when you know your real worth and heal by loving yourself more. She got enlightened through her wellness vacations.

On her trip, she met many traveling therapists through solo travel groups. Her exposure to the real world during her trips made a huge difference. Earlier she was cut off from people due to the antidepressant pills that use to doze her off throughout the day. 

It was her resilient attitude and strong will power that pushed her to plan a solo trip. Since she wanted to stay safe and smart, she joined the best solo traveler meetup group. She found it to be much better than traveling alone due to many reasons.  Furthermore, Tarishi ended up making so many friends on the trip.

How Tarishi Became More Self-Aware with Her Solo Trips?

Deep Analysis

Tarishi’s traveling lifestyle helped her take the unparalleled inward journey. Eventually, she nailed the reason of her depression by meeting her inner child during one of her trips. Of course, she took the help of some healing practitioner that helped her familiarize herself with the term “inner child.”

Instead of investing more time and money with a healing therapist, she was intelligent enough to work practically on her limitations. She was lucky to get exposed to the transformation side of traveling by deciding to move out of her marriage.

Now she has established a different connection with her trips. It is more of healing and working on her self-growth progressively to discover her true calling.  It was in the year of 2019 that she planned many international trips as well. 

How a Solo Trip with Community Makes you More Liberated?

solo , travelling , expedition, destination

The reason she planned to select a solo trip was a conscious decision. She wished to feel liberated and make her own choice.  Solo international trips that she recently covered are Dubai, Amsterdam, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, etc.

She has learned a lot during her trips. The sad part of society that Tarishi has accepted now is people judge solo travelers for no reason. Some of them may go to the extent of thinking that you may be a slut to choose to travel solo.

After deeply analyzing, she realized that most people secretly aspire to travel solo. However, many couldn’t gather the courage to do so. As a result, few start labeling the ones who do because of their insecurities.

Tarishi doesn’t hesitate in recommending people to join the solo traveling community.  She proudly promotes the untold benefits of an experiential traveling that she learned from these travel groups.

To enjoy a safe trip, you can always join private solo traveling communities. To know more,   send your request here- Travel Solo and Smart.

How Karthik Honeymoon Got Affected by Coronavirus?


Karthik, eye candy, and heartthrob of every girl, finally choose the women he wanted to get married. His dream girl Myra now his wife, took seven years to get convinced to tie the knot. They plan their marriage in the middle of Jan 2020 along with honeymoon to Southeast Asia in Thailand and Bali.

Honeymoon dates were just a day after their marriage. Southeast Asia destinations are the most popular honeymoon spots for most Indians. Karthik and Neha were no different in choosing the same part of the continent. The newlywed couple was all thrilled for their two weeks trip.

coronavirus , Southeast Asia, Thailand , Bali

As soon as they landed in Bangkok, their excitement went numb. The reason for that was the news about the coronavirus that kills humans. It was the time when the epidemic just started. Now Karthik’s and Myra’s focus shifted in exploring “coronavirus causes what disease” instead of their honeymoon.

Myra had several panic attacks when she heard the news that it’s not safe to travel to Southeast Asia because of this virus. Though she knew the epidemic started in China, since Thailand is the closest neighbor, she was very anxious. Karthik was constantly checking about coronavirus signs and symptoms. He completely lost his interest in his honeymoon.

The young couple’s panic increased when they heard a few cases in Thailand too. They were not sure whether to move to Bali, their next planned excursion or India. Furthermore, they were regretting their decision to choose Southeast Asia, especially when they can afford Europe with their high paying jobs.

Looking at their anxiousness, the fellow India who booked from the same tour operator approached them and asked the couple to relax. These bunch of Indians further advised Karthik to know more about this new virus before drawing any conclusion. At the same time, these Indian buddies asked the newlywed not to let this virus affect their beautiful honeymoon.

After hearing their suggestion Karthik and Myra took a further step to invest in Coronavirus from the hospitals. They discovered the following facts that may be helpful to many others.

What is Coronavirus, and What are its Symptoms?

Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus that can be deadly if not cured on time. The coronavirus infection symptoms are frequent cough and cold. It can transmit fastly even by touching the infected objects.

How and Where it Started?

This epidemic got transmitted through animals. First, it was suspected in bat and got transferred to other animals. Wuhan in China is the place where it started. People in China are fond of eating live animals, so they also got infected.

Now there are close to 1000 people who have already died because of this virus. Many others are diagnosed with Coronavirus and its spreading like wildfire. Most of the countries have already cut off their flight to China for a similar reason.

What are the Affected Countries in Southeast Asia?

There are almost 11 countries in South East Asia. These are China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Burma, and a few more. Virus has already spread to these countries as well. Of course, tourism has been affected severely because of this catastrophe.

Is Southeast Asia Safe Travel Desitnation in 2020?

Since the countries in Southeast Asia are close to the victim country of China, tourists are advised to refrain from traveling there. Whether you can visit later in the year 2020 is still challenging to answer.

Some of the Asian countries that are still safe to travel could be India, Dubai, Srilanka, Bhutan, and a few more. You can plan your trip and itinerary by joining a few Meetup groups.

After the survey about Coronavirus, Karthik & Myra decided to continue their journey to Bali, and they had a decent time. Now when they are back in India, they are again planning to take another trip within India.  Some places at the top of their mind are Andaman and Nicobar, Goa, North East, and few others.

coronavirus , Southeast Asia, Thailand , Bali
Handara Gate , Bali

Since it’s difficult for Karthik to take more leaves, he has asked Myra to go on a solo trip. He wishes to surprise Myra with the best gift. One of which can be a journey with a like-minded traveler. Myra, who is on sabbatical, can easily manage it.

Karthik assured Myra that they would plan another international trip soon once the coronavirus threat subsides. Alternatively, they are now exploring other continents.

Though their bucket list still has many countries like Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia in the Southeast. However, they are planning to skip the Southeast Asia trip in the year 2020.

Karthik firmly believes man proposes, but God disposes after he came to know about coronavirus infection in humans during his honeymoon. Nevertheless, his optimistic mindset has made him resilient, and he’s looking out for an opportunity to plan his next trip with Myra.

He is planning to take a weekend trip to nearby cities, one of which is Lansdowne. We wish Karthik and Myra can come out of this trauma soon and plan a fun-filled trip.

Are You Ready to Take a Beach Therapy at Andaman & Nicobar?

Andaman and Nicobar

Without digging deep, whether you are a beach person or a mountain, my question to you is straight. I would like to know which place you would like to visit in India to enjoy the beaches. No, I am not talking about Goa, though it’s my favorite destination too.

But this time, will you not like to try the pristine island of Andaman and Nicobar? Yes, this was the answer I was expecting. The place is a little underrated. That can be the reason your first choice might be Goa, which is much-hyped.

Indian Ocean
Indian ocean

Nevertheless, the trend is changing, and people are inquiring about Port Blair family tour packages or solo trip to Andaman and Nicobar. Even if you have already visited here, this is one place to travel again and again. 

Undoubtedly, Andaman and Nicobar Island is a destination worthy of being in one’s travel bucket list. A picturesque beach that proudly boasts of turquoise blue seawater is approximately 1400 km away from the eastern coast of India.

The transparent water, white sand beaches, scenic beauties, and water sports are all synonyms to a fun trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The land of the only Volcano in India keeps on poking us to plan a trip.

People all across India are looking out for the Andaman tour package from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and other locations. Now, if you are wondering how to plan your trip, then we have made it easy for you in subsequent paragraphs.

How to Reach Andaman & Nicobar from Metro Cities?

Planning a trip to Andaman and Nicobar isn’t complicated if you sort your itinerary. From India, the best mode of transport is to fly to Port Blair from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Chennai.

You can even opt for ship transport, but with flight fares now being affordable, it makes air transport a viable option. Speaking about traveling within the island, renting a bike or cycle is the best option.

One can even hire an auto or car for traveling within the islands. The rates charged for the travel is flat based on point to point location basis. However, it may be exorbitant compared to two-wheeler due to its steep fuel prices.


So, if you are looking for economical options, motorbikes and cycles are the best for you. You can always opt for a guided tour for a hassle-free fun travel experience too. You can complete your Port Blair trip with a planned journey.

Thanks to the evergreen booming tourism, Andaman’s are now accessible through Air and water transport. You can catch your flights from Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai.

If you are among those tourists who want to enjoy a long vacation, take passenger services from Chennai and Kolkata. Before checking about the Andaman Nicobar trip package have a look at what all you can explore in the city. 

What can you Explore in the Andaman and Nicobar Island?

Well planned is half done is true proverb for any trip. Better information can always help you with a cost-effective trip.

Connecting with the travel group can make you all set to land here. Additionally, you can leverage several community benefits.

Andaman and Nicobar Island

Top Islands and Beaches in Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar inhabit more than 500 islands having several beaches. You can choose from some of the popular ones below.

Port Blair

Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar and most significant island. You can explore many beaches there. Some of the popular ones are Wandoor beach, Laxmanpur beach, Collinpur.

You may plan to spend the day as you like on these beaches during your Andaman and Nicobar tour. Sip a beer, enjoy your favorite cuisine, and admire the beauty all around.

If you are exploring heaven on earth, then this is the place to be.  If you are single and hunting for Port Blair tour packages, then check on our community Travel Solo and Smart. We promise to help you with the best deal with other unparalleled benefits, unlike other travel sites. 

Havelock Island

Havelock Island
Havelock Island

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind while planning Andaman and Nicobar tour is none other than Havelock Island. This majestic place hosts many famous beaches which are worth a visit.

Some noteworthy among them are:-

  • Radhanagar beach
  • Kalapathar beach
  • Elephant beach
  • All are rich in its beauty and well known for its water sports. So if you are planning for Andaman and Nicobar trip, then you must include them in your itinerary.

    Other Excursions

    Cellular Jail

    Cellular Jail
    Cellular Jail

    This historical place will take you to the time of Britishers when there was cruel punishment of Kala Pathar was given to the prisoners. Now it is concerted into modern building that will take you down to the memory lanes. 

    While planning your Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour, you must include in your itinerary. Visiting this exciting place will make your journey complete. 

    Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

    If you want to know about the science of the oceanic environment, then this is the place to be.  It is located in Port Blair and maintained by none other than the Indian Navy. 

    Besides educating about the environment, it will keep you awestruck with its fabulous sightseeing attraction. If you are astute nature lover who is curious about facts finding than add this place in Andaman and Nicobar itinerary

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands trip can offer you a lot based on the days you plan to stay there. Now you need to plan your trip and enjoy the panoramic view of this breathtaking island.

    Trust you will come back healed and refreshed like never before. Besides that, it will clear your bucket list if you haven’t visited his place earlier. Even if you have been, then this is the place worth visiting again and again.

    10 Smart Techniques of Funding Your Next Travel Destination

    Fund your Trip

    People are awestruck by seeing my traveling lifestyle amidst the economic slowdown. Most of the people I know on social media and offline are intriguing about how I am funding my trips. Are you also curious? Then this article may help you to some extent.

    Whenever I share my travel stories, the first thing on the top of peoples mind is how the hell she can manage it every quarter. Can you believe some even ask, are you earning money by watching ads? I am sure, like me, many other fellow solo travelers are overwhelmed with the piercing eyes who are envious yet inspired .

    At times some people are quite judgmental about solo female travelers. Nevertheless it never bothered me. I am here to break the myth and encourage solo travelers to set up your bucket list without thinking much about the money.

    No, I am not here to discuss the best way to make money online or get rich schemes. Instead sharing some smart tactics to fund your next trip.

    Choose Work from Home (WFH) options

    Smart, travel, funding, destination , traveling , lifestyle , trips
    Working From Home

    It may sound one of the luxurious options unless you are willing to opt for an arduous task . The flip side is you get the flexibility to work from any location. You can always make your travel destination as your new home that can be funded by the earning you get from WFH job. Searching for the best online earning app may not be helpful here. Job portals are a much wiser way to explore multiple WFH roles that can match your skills. 

    Take up Freelancing Projects

    Now a day’s many people are shifting from 9 to 5 jobs to freelancing roles. One of the best reason is you can work from anywhere.  This way, you can fulfill your traveling goals as well by choosing your work destination from your travel bucket list.

    However, you may not be able to fetch the opportunity merely by browsing the best money making sites. You must work hard on the skills that you wish to freelance on and contact your client accordingly.

    There are lots of online sites that can help you kick start your journey as a freelancer. Some of them are Upwork, Fiverr , Mechanical Turk, Toptal, , Freelancermap, Guru, PeoplePerHour , Freelancer , Flex Jobs.

    Start a Blog

    Starting a blog may sound easy but needs lots of efforts. To begin with, you must choose the niche prudentially.  It’s imperative to select the domain that you are passionate about and possess expertise in the same. For instance, If you are good at cooking, then you can start a blog on recipes or a food blog.

    Similarly, if you are sure about digital marketing and technology, then you can start blogging about these topics. Have the patience to get a good number of visitors on your websites as it may take time.

    Before even planning to start a blog, you must be aware of how to buy the domain, host, and get SSL, CMS, Plugin’s, Google Analytics, Search Console, and other technical terms. You must have heard, “Google opinion rewards online.” That means if your blog is excellent, then it will get the recognition, and you can appear on the top result. 

    Organize a Trip 

    Smart, travel, funding, destination , traveling , lifestyle , trips

    There’s nothing better than you planning the trip for the bunch of travelers. For doing that, you must be ready to wear different shoes of probably a leader or an organizer.  Making money by doing that may not be as easy as top trusted online earning sites. You may need to be ready to get grilled and be on your toes all the time to make it happen.

    Become a Content Writer

    Simple websites that make money are due to the power of their content. For the same reason, there’s a massive demand for content writers. For choosing this option, you must work on your writing skills and avoid grammatical errors.

    Besides that, you must have a flair of mincing with words that can keep the audience interested and engaged. It may need lots of practice and maybe daunting due to huge competition.

    Get Google Adsense Approval

    Besides branding yourself through a blog, you can always earn through absence. It can only be possible if you have thousands of relevant visitors on your website daily. Alternatively, you must be consistent in your writing to enhance your domain authority.

    Your chosen niche can play a significant role in getting more views. For instance, if you are writing relevant content about the best paid online surveys, then you can expect good traffic. However, if your content is irrelevant, then it can affect the bounce rate on your website, which is not advisable.

    Join Affiliate Programs

    Do you know you can earn huge through affiliate programs? For doing that, you may need to create the best websites to make money. No, I am not just referring to the design or the landing page. It’s instead all about the information that you are sharing with the users.

     It should be simple but clear so that it can attract more people. For earning through affiliate marketing, you need to enroll as a member of the partners. Once your membership is approved, then you can use their link on your website. If the user clicks on the link and buys from your site, then you can earn a huge commission. Isn’t it a cool idea?

    Have a Passive Source of Income

    You must save for a rainy day. Invest in short term plans that you can encash whenever you need money to pursue your passion like traveling. Some of these investments can be short term mutual funds or fixed deposits.

    It can block your money. You can use your funds whenever you are planning your next trip. Windfalls gains through some of your investments can yield much better returns. You may not have to waste time searching how to earn money by answering questions online with your passive investments in place.

     Stay Updated with Latest Skills

    Your skills can always keep you employed. Instead of hunting how to earn money online with sure jobs, you must keep track of what are the skills that are in demand in the current market. You may not be able to acquire them immediately, but over the period, you can always leverage them.

    Some of the top skills in demand in 2020 are like AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and other cutting edge technologies. If you are from a technical background, then it certainly comes easy. Nevertheless, even if you are from a non-technical background, you can start coding today so that within six months or year, you are ready for high paying jobs.

    Launch an E-Book

    Smart, travel, funding, destination , travelling , lifestyle , trips

    Instead of looking out for how to make money taking surveys, work on your E-Book. It may not be a low hanging fruit but undoubtedly beneficial in the long run. Your book can be fiction or non-fiction but creative, well written & researched. There are many online sites where you can publish it for free. If your E-Book attracts a good reader base, then you will undoubtedly be eligible for royalty.

    With the above list, you will be at least never short of funds for the trip. I hope you have already adopted some of the techniques and planning about your next traveling destination.

    How to Travel with Your Pets and Make Your Trip More Exciting?

    How to Travel with the Pet?

    Traveling with your pet can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and preparation, you can accomplish it with no sweat.  Here are some of the tried and tested techniques that can make your travel fun and exciting with your favorite pet.

    Forget about the stress of leaving your pet at home during your vacations. Many thanks to airlines that allow pets in cabin that has made it much more convenient. At the same time, easy to use pet carriers can make your road trip more thrilling yet hassle-free with your adorable dog, cats, etc.

    Smart Tips for Making Your Pet’s Travelling Convenient

    Easy Commute

    Cat on the Drive
    Cat on the Drive

    You only want the best for your Mini Pomsky, Affenpin, or Terrier.  If it is hard for you to spend time with your pet on your travel, then it’s better to let it stay at home with a sitter rather than on a trip. Usually, airlines that allow dogs, cats, and other pets got special provisions for their travel. So you can carry them without second thought.

    Pet Carriers

    It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by air or by road, make sure you get your pet used to sitting in his travel crate or pet carriers. Train them a month before the trip to make it less stressful. 


    Reach out to your vet and let him know about the journey so that he could recommend the required vaccination.  If your Mini Pomsky is taking medications, make sure that you have more than enough of it until you return.  You may also want to check whether these medicines are legal in the traveling country or not. 

    Choose Right Hotel 

    You also need to check and choose in advance the hotel that will cater to your pet. Furthermore, research thoroughly about the weather, outbreaks, or disease that can affect the health of your pet.  It would be best if you make sure that your travel city permits pets. 

    There are places with stringent laws. Some destinations maintain rigorous papers regarding entrance and quarantine policies. So do your homework to make the trip along with your pet hassle-free. 

    Emergency Kits

    There is now information about Emergency Information Kit for pets.  This kit will help save the lives of your pets if there is an emergency.

    How to Make Your Pets Comfortable on Road Trip?

    Check your pet from time to time. Your Mini Pomsky must stay inside the traveling crate, with a pet seatbelt to manage the speed breakers while you drive. 

    Many accidents occur because of animal movements in the moving vehicles.  Ensuring sure they are secure can prevent any trivial risk. First of all, please do not put your pet in front seats.

    Always keep them in the back seat. Handy pet carrier can be a real savior here. There are many additional steps you can take to make your pet journey safe and comfortable. You can follow anyone below and have a wonderful trip.

    Take Short Trips

    Some pets may not like long journeys. If you are traveling by car, make shorter trips to see how your per responds.  That is also an excellent way to say that everything is okay and to ensure your pet is comfortable. It is also imperative to check if your pet is immune to motion sickness. 

    Keep Your Pet Hydrated

    Bring plenty of fresh water to help both of you dehydrated throughout your trip.  It will also help if you can bring some food in case there is some delay.  Make sure your pet is hydrated and plan enough rest stops.  Stop every two hours so that your pet can go to the bathroom and exercise. 

    Leash Them to Prevent Accidents


    You may get allure to keep your pet free without any travel crate inside the vehicle. Of course, any animal will enjoy it, but it may cause some serious accidents. The remedy is to put them on a leash. Animals tend to get excited in unfamiliar surroundings.

    Pet Caretakers

    Traveling with your pet caretaker is also a wise decision. That way, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of traveling city without worrying about your pet. However, always keep an eye on your pets. It should not be left inside the car alone. In the closed vehicle, the heat can increase very fast, and it may cause danger to your Mini Pomsky or Affenpin.

    It is not easy to bring pets with you during travel; besides, animals are better off traveling by car where they can see familiar faces.  If you decide to travel by plane, make sure that you follow some tips below.

    Things You Can’t Ignore While Travelling with Your Pet on the Air?

    First of all, check airlines that allow pets in the cabin. You can choose the one that can permit and assure a safe journey with your pet. Besides that, adhere to the checklists below.

    Labels for Your Pets

    Dogs on planes can be real nasty same goes for other pets too. Use as many labels as you can to collect them easily on departure.  Make the travel crate that can tag your pet’s collar.  On your label, it should state your complete name, phone number, and home address. Airlines that allow dogs in the cabin may have a checklist for the same. Please check that before the trip.

    Pet in a Cargo or Cabin

    Dog in the Air

    Airlines usually allow Mini Pomsky in the cabin, but other pets may be better fit for cargo.  Smaller breeds of dogs and cats can be placed in the cabin too. However, animals with tiny faces like Persian cats and pugs sometimes struggle because of a lack of oxygen levels and high temperatures in the cargo. 

    The age of your pet plays a considerable role in deciding whether to port them in a cargo or cabin. Older pet has less endurance, so choose the options carefully. The charges and permits for your boarding may differ from airline to airline. 

    Documentation for Your Pet

    You need to bring complete papers for your pet. Please ensure they are perfect and updated.  Do not miss any of their mandatory documents while traveling.  One of them can be the vaccination card of your pet. Your pet documents may be an essential prerequisite even in the Best airline approved dog carrier.

    These airlines will ask you for a health certificate, and you must accomplish this in the next three days.  Airlines like American, Alaska, United, and Delta will require a health certificate for your vet. With Alaska, you may want to ship it as cargo. Nevertheless, the airline may refuse pets if the temperature is extreme.

    Travel Crate

    Travel Crate

    Buy a travel crate that is big enough for your pet.  There must be plenty of room in the container to allow your pet to sit, stand up, lie down, and move around without poking their head. You may like to consider American airlines’ pet in cabin services that are quite friendly. It may make your trip less painful.

    Tire out Your Pet

    It would also help if you can tire your pet first. In that way, he would be asleep and relax in the entire flight. Some of the best international airlines for pets will recommend the same.

     Choose Direct Flights

    You may choose direct flights to lessen the time that he would spend inside the travel crate. The airlines will usually have your pet-settled in, you can bring him into the checkout counter, and they will take that away like some ordinary bag.

    In American Airlines, you may fly with your Mini Pomsky on shrunk baggage. Whereas, in the case of United Airlines, you may ship your pet as cargo and then take them to the cargo location.

    They have some qualifications with regards to your crate, make sure you follow them.  With United shipping, your pets can be placed in a separate location for cargos.  It will cost you $338 per trip. 

    However, there are some restrictions when the outdoor temperature is terrible. Check restriction with the airlines, so you know what to do and be prepared before you travel with your pet. If you choose the best international airlines for pets, then you may not have to bother and can enjoy the best trip with your sweetheart.

    How To Choose The Best Ayurvedic Spa In Kerala?


    Kerala, God’s own country, has gained its reputation for a myriad of things- backwaters, tea plantations, coconuts, but most significantly, for the alluring spa treatments. Kerala ayurvedic spa attracts globetrotter year around and serves them with magical experiences.

    Today, the state is strewn with spa resorts and centers that promise to render excellent ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Probably one of the best things about Kerala Ayurveda spa clinics is that they not only focus on the rejuvenation of body but also help a great deal in attaining peace of mind. Many of these resorts are also known for including yoga centers to give the customers overall experience of the treasured Indian science.

    Here are a couple of things to keep in mind before you book your next spa:

    The Cost Range of Spa in Kerala

    Kerala ayurvedic health spa comes in different packages. Therefore, it is easier for customers to suit their budget. Besides, it also varies according to the duration of your stay at the resort or center. For example, the Blue ginger spa resorts in Wayanad charges around INR 10,000.

    The Windflower Spa and resort charges around INR 13,000. The Kalari massage is around INR 1,000 per person. Nattika beach Ayurveda resort offer packages from 7 to 28 days. The price ranges from EUR 1,286 to EUR 9,555 per person.

    Types of Spa

    While most of the Kerala spa and massage centers prescribe treatments exclusively based on specific pain and pressure points, there are some popular ones that you cannot afford to miss out on. The three most favorite types of the spa are the Shirodhara, the Garshana, and the Njavarkijihi.

    The Shirodhara technique helps you to de-stress. It includes the scalp and the forehead. The method observes a gentle and continuous pouring of liquid on your forehead by a trained therapist as you lie down in a relaxed position. The process greatly helps in releasing stress. Some of the best ayurvedic spas in Kerala include this one in their package.  

    The Garshana technique helps you to rejuvenate and lose weight. It is a unique Ayurveda treatment that involves dry massage. It is highly effective in breaking down the excess fat and also assists in lymphatic drainage. Last but not least, Njavarijihi helps you to detox and relax.

    In this technique, the therapist uses poultices filled with a special kind of rice. After applying oil on your body, the therapist addresses the pressure points with the poultices. It is a highly effective skin treatment and renders excellent rejuvenation and relaxation. Apart from these three, the Ayurveda packages Kerala also include beauty care treatments, slimming treatments, and body purification packages.

    Best Places to Take the Spa

    The state is dotted with some of the best spa resorts and centers. From high-end resorts to regular massage centers, you get what you want. However, talking about the best, Atthreya ayurvedic resort in Kottayam perhaps tops the list. It was set up by experienced Ayurvedic doctors and is considered as one of the best resorts in Kerala by the Tourism department itself. Apart from ayurvedic and spa treatments, it also boasts of a range of other services like dental care. 

    Ayurville is one of the best ayurvedic spas in KochiThe team of seasoned therapists is known for providing quality advice and guidance in selecting the right treatment. Next on the list comes Niraayama, located by the vast blue sea of Kovalam. The place offers a wide range of treatments such as stress management, weight loss, detox, and skin ailments.

    Other than that, you can also indulge in some of the best authentic Kerala cuisines. Kumarakom Lake resort steals the hearts of many with its scenic location. The place will surely surpass your expectations with its luxurious amenities such as well-laden rooms, swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurants, and the most sought-after Ayurvedic spa center, Ayurmana.

    How to Plan Best Weekend Trip to Agra from Delhi?


    Agra is one of the leading tourist destinations, nestled on the banks of River Yamuna. The place has got a smooth connection with taxis, buses, flights, and trains. Nevertheless, a wide array of travel enthusiasts prefers to take a road trip to Agra from Delhi to enjoy the serene beauty of the place.

    The Route to Agra from Delhi

    The distance between Agra and Delhi is 233 km. It is possible to cover the range within 4-5 hours if you drive through Yamuna Expressway. However, the total amount of time may depend on traffic. You can reach the destination in less than three hours if you start before 6 am.

    How to drive from Delhi to Agra

    As you take the road to the Yamuna Expressway between Agra and Delhi via Greater Noida and Noida, you can reduce the driving time between both the cities by almost half. Hence, you should ensure to leave Delhi during the early morning to witness the beauty of Agra at a leisurely pace.

     Regardless of the time you leave, it is best to take the road to Bara Pulla as it helps you to skip the massive traffic over the Ashram Flyover. You can follow this route through the offshoot from the Lodhi Road.

    After crossing the same, you should make a u-turn beneath the Sarai Kale Khan flyover and reach the DND flyway. After crossing the toll booth of the DND flyway, you need to drive over the second clover leaf down to Greater Noida Expressway from the DND Flyway.

    Next to this, you need to drive twenty-one km downwards the expressway. Look for signage on the road, which indicates the exit point from Yamuna Expressway. After riding for 154 km, you should take the exit point on the NH92 highway, for accessing Agra. You can find patrolling bike and signboards on the road, which make the road trip to Agra a breeze.

    An Ideal Time to Visit Agra

    The months from October to March are perfect for visiting Agra. You are not going to be annoyed by the scoring heat of the sun during those months. It is the time when winter onset. For the same reason, most of the tourists from all over the globe travel Agra during this period.

    The weather is known to be very pleasant during the time, and thus it happens to be an ideal time for driving and sightseeing. You should avoid taking a road trip to Agra during the summer months as the extreme heat makes traveling very inconvenient during the time.

     You can also consider taking a trip to the place during Monsoon to enjoy the beauty of the Taj Mahal during the rain-washed splendor. Though the expressway is devoid of traffic, still it is better to stay safe by keeping the speed limit of your driving below 100 km per hour.

    Things to Keep in Mind During a Road Trip to Agra from Delhi

    If you are planning to take a road trip to Agra from Delhi, you should ensure to carry the necessary equipment so that you can deal with any unexpected circumstances quickly. It would be best if you take an extra wheel to deal with an accidental puncture. At the same time, do not forget to carry a portable mobile and car chargers during the trip.

    In addition to this, you should ensure to pack the prerequisite amount of snacks. Besides that, you must carry enough water to stay hydrated. At the same time, don’t forget to take a hammer to prevent any atrocity. Some of them can be getting stalked by the mischief mongers, stuck in the vehicle due to unforeseen climatic conditions and likewise.

    Furthermore, it is necessary to keep a first aid kit with you. The most crucial factor you need to consider is carrying essential papers like registration copy, driving license, insurance policy, and other supporting documents. It can certainly make your journey hassle-free without fear of getting caught by the cops.

    Taj Mahal is the most popular attraction of this place, which stands as a witness to lost love. In addition to the heritage structures and monuments, the vibrant culture of the city makes it the most preferred tourist destination. Pack your bags and plan your trip here.

    Why is Rann of Kutch Festival so Popular in Gujarat?

    Rann of Kutch

    Known as every photographer’s paradise, the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, which happens to be a large area of salt marshes, steals the hearts of many with its unreal beauty. The vast expanse of white salt creates a surreal landscape. In addition, the locals have added an extra feather by introducing the Kutch Rann Utsav.

    The Kutch Festival takes place annually, where people from all over the globe participate in the carnival of extravaganza, music, dance, colors, and profusion of life and celebration.

    Organized by the Tourism department of Gujarat, the festival mostly takes place during winters. Therefore, you can breathe crisp air and swoon under the gentle light of the full moon.

    Best Time to Travel to the Great Rann of Kutch

    The festival at the White Rann of Kutch takes place during the months of winter, usually from October to February. The selection of the months is very mindful and strategic, as it also happens to be the best time to travel.

    Nevertheless it is advisable to check the full moon dates before you book your tickets. Nothing gets more romantic than finding yourself in the vast expanse of the white landscape under a moonlit sky.


    The cost of the festival will vary depending on your location. If you are coming from a faraway place, the air tickets will entail an additional cost. Therefore, you can always opt for cheaper options. Furthermore, you can check the Kutch Rann Utsav package that gives you detailed information about the different prices and costs.

    You will get the tariff of the hotels and cottages, including and excluding the full moon. Since the crowd gets intense during the full moon, you can expect a price hike.

    The premium tents usually start from around Rs. 8,000 per person to Rs. 22,000 on full moon nights. Moreover, you have various options to select from like deluxe AC Swiss cottages, which charge around Rs. 7,000 per person and Non-AC Swiss cottages that cost about Rs. 5,500 per person.

    Where to Stay?

    Once you arrive at the Rann of Kachchh, you will never run out of options when it comes to accommodation. If you want to stay close to the serene salt marsh and have a more unfiltered taste of its beauty, you may want to go for the premium cottages.

    They are created near the Dhordho city during the festival and come with all the possible amenities that you can imagine. Other than that, there are numerous resorts and hotels in Rann of Kutch white desert too, such as:-

    Regenta Resort Bhuj

    Rann Village Resort

    Rann Riders

    Gateway to Rann Resort

    Shaam-E-Sarhad Village resort

    Raddison Hotel Kandla

    and many more. Nevertheless, it is better to book your accommodation at least 45 to 50 days in advance to avoid a last-minute rush.


    The festival at the Little Rann of Kutch takes place near a small village called Dhordha, which is easily accessible from Bhuj airport. However, there are many other convenient routes available, depending on the city you are arriving in. For example, the distance between Gandhidham to Rann of Kutch is only about 124 km.

    Therefore, you can book a cab and have a comfortable and relaxing journey as the road is super smooth. However, if you are planning to go from Ahmedabad to Little Rann of Kutch, there are various modes available. It can take you up to 12 hours by road. You can also go by train, which will take only 5 hours. The most convenient option is by air as you reach within 3 hours.

    One can do so much at this annual grand fiesta of the White Desert of Kutch. From shopping to having myriad experiences such as folk dances, handicrafts, sightseeing, adventure sports, the festival promises you once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    For all the above excursions and artifacts every traveler should have this destination in their bucket list.

    What are the Top 20 Countries and Cities to Visit in 2020?

    Travel World

    Worldwide travel can be a massive trend for 2020 as well, making many travel agencies experiencing an elevated demand for intercontinental tours. According to the travel industry experts, the market has been increasing every year, so 2020 is no exception.

    If you are in search of perfect destinations in the world to make your 2020-year celebration exciting and memorable, here is the list of top 20 countries and cities you can choose to travel around.

    1. Arizona

    Arizona Trip

    When you plan a trip for 2020 to Arizona, you will be capable of exploring the red rock walls of Antelope Canyon and Slot and gazing in wonder at the spire-formed structures of Bryce Canyon National Park.

    2. Sri Lanka 

    Srilanka trip
    Sri Lanka

    If you want to celebrate the New Year with shopping, you can visit Sri Lanka by flights to Sri Lanka in January 2020. This small country is considered the renowned destination for buying batik, gems, handicrafts, and tea.

    Besides other items, such as handloom fabrics, reproduction antiques, leather products, ceramics, and jewelry. 

    3. Italy

    Italy Tour

    A trip to Europe 2020 will offer you an opportunity to visit the island of Sicily. You can see the remnants of seven Doric temples set in a beautiful location of olive trees and almond groves.

    4. North East India 

    When you plan to have multi-trip holidays in 2020 to India, you can visit North East India. It is popularly known as Seven Sisters, as you have an excellent time in Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, and Tripura.

    5. Cape Town

    Adding South Africa in your 2020 tour list will allow you to enjoy the warm mild weather of Cape Town, an extraordinary destination to celebrate your New Year happily.

    6. Andaman & Nicobar 

    This island is renowned for its brimmed Aberdeen Bazaar, offering everything to tourists, including souvenirs, pearl jewelry, seashell products, and even fresh vegetables and fruits.

    7. Argentina

    This South American country is renowned for tango, stylish architecture, wine, steak, and soccer. It is also famous for 20th-century celebrated figures, such as Eva Perón, Diego Armando Maradona, and Che Guevara.

    8. Dubai 

    A trip to Dubai 2020 will allow you to enjoy a destination blended with modern culture, history, and adventure with excellent entertainment and shopping.

    9. Rwanda

    If you desire to celebrate 2020 in an adventurous, inquisitive, and eco-conscious manner, you can attain your goals at Kigali, which is the capital city of the Central African Country, Rwanda.

    10. Bali 

    This Indonesian Island, which is popularly called the Land of the Gods, attracts global tourists by its sheer innate loveliness of looming volcanoes and verdant covered rice fields, exuding serenity and peace. If you are a surfer, you can have a thrilling time in this surfers’ paradise.

    11. Morocco

    Morocco is the home to the Marrakesh city, which is renowned for offering an enjoyable candlelit dinner amid the desert, packed with camel rides, fire eaters, and belly dancers. 

    12. Jodhpur

    With three nicknames, such as The Sun City, The Blue City, and Gateway to Thar, this Indian city is celebrated for its Mehrangarh fort, temples, blue houses, snacks, and sweets.

    Apart from the citadel, the Jodhpur trip in 2020 will offer you an opportunity to see multiple lakes, temples, shopping streets, etc., which are like a fantasy from a bygone period. 

    13. Portugal

    If you are a food and beverage buff, you can celebrate your 2020 in Porto/Douro Valley in Portugal. Besides, getting the yummiest foods and wines at affordable prices, you can enjoy breathtaking sceneries and ideal weather. 

    14. Varanasi 

    If you wish to celebrate 2020 in a significant Indian traditional hub, you can choose to visit Varanasi. Besides a religious destination, Varanasi is renowned for its silk and muslin fabrics, ivory works, perfumes, and sculptures.

    15. Tel Aviv

    For celebrating the New Year with your family or your spouse, Tel Aviv in Israel is the perfect destination. You can enjoy witnessing the white Bauhaus buildings lining the broad, tree-spotted promenades and can have a leisure walk along the seashore. 

    16. Leh 

    Leh, which is one of the famous districts in North India, is crammed with fabulous sceneries, queer culture, and people. It is considered heaven in the world for both young and old alike.

    17. Central , South or North Europe 

    With seven geographic areas, a tour to Europe will fetch you everything you want to commemorate 2020 enjoyably. It is home to many attractive and amusing cities, besides having an epic history, natural beauty, and stunning culinary and artistic diversity.

    18. Chile

    Chile, which has a nickname, Country of Poets, is one of the best destinations to visit in 2020 if you want to enjoy the New Year by biking and hiking the surrounding canyons and mountains. It is also the best place for bird watchers.

    19. Orchha

    To enjoy the natural beauty of Orchha and Khajuraho in an economic, unique way to rejoice the New Year, choose one of the Orchha Khajuraho tour packages.

    Furthermore, Orchha is renowned monument for the sixteenth century and seventeenth-century monuments, palaces, and the calm Betwa River. Needless to say it will evolve you historically

    20. Kotor 


    If you are an active traveler seeking hiking and adventure in 2020, you can visit Kotor in Montenegro. It is also an ideal destination for couples. You can have privacy and relaxation by choosing Trip Advisor cruises 2020

    To sum up, set up your travel goals and choose the cities from above or plan your own bucket list. If you wish to make your trips fun than join solo travel communities.

    Top 8 Reasons You Must Visit Sri Lanka in the Year 2020


    The enchanting land of Sri Lanka beckons all to visit with its beautiful landscape, rich heritage, warm hospitality, and mind-blowing beaches. It is the regality of the place with a touch of incredible views that has transformed Colombo into one of the most sought after tourist attractions of the world. No wonder why travelers globally are intriguing about the Srilanka tour packages.

    If you wish to soak in the flavor of the country and bask in its essence, all you have to do is scroll and see places to visit that will surely be a treat to your eyes.  Sri Lanka happens to be an exotic travel destination that finds its way on pretty much everyone’s bucket list. For the same reason, people are busy planning their Sri Lanka itinerary.

    An island located in the Indian Ocean, right to the south of India, Sri Lanka was previously known as Ceylon and is best known for its ancient civilization, tea plantation, rubber, exquisite golden beaches, coconut palms, and Buddhist temples.

    This small island nation is an intriguing blend of urbanization along with well-preserved heritage and culture. It is no brainer that this island country has eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites dotted across the country.

    Ranked by Lonely Planet as the top destination to travel in  2019, Sri Lanka trip can offer a wide range of things to do, no matter what your holiday interests are. The gorgeous country is not just a hit with couples, honeymooners and family holiday makers, but is also a hot favorite among solo travelers.


    The ideal time to visit this country is throughout the year as it offers the tropical climate. Tourists can experience sunny, bright days with almost little or no rain. The average temperature is usually around 20-30 degrees Celsius. Due to its pleasant weather conditions, travelers are continually looking out for Sri Lanka tour packages price from all over the world.

    Beaches & Water Sports

    Srilanka Beaches
    Srilanka Beach

    Sri Lanka is a beach lovers’ paradise. Its endless coastline is punctuated with sun-kissed, white sand, and tranquil beaches. Bentota, Arugam Bay, Hiriketiya, Mirissa, and Uppuveli are just some of the spectacular beaches in the country that any beach bum can ill afford to miss.

    You can try various water activities as well that can make your trip fulfilling. The presence of picturesque beaches in the country can promise you the best Sri Lanka vacation.


    Considered as sacred pilgrimages for Hindus, Sri Lanka, the land of Shiva, boasts of many temples. You get in awe with the architectural beauty of Pancha Ishwarams and Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple alike. Some of the temples that you can visit to make your Sri Lanka tour itinerary complete are as follows.

    The Dambulla Cave Temple

    It’s a popular destination in Lanka, which you must visit. It’s the largest temple complex having five rooms housing the statues of Lord Buddha of 12th Century AD in various poses. It is located on a black rocky mountain and offers a  panoramic view. 

    Sita Amman Temple

    The Sita Amman temple is dedicated to Sita and is located in the hills of Nuwara Eliya. It is one of the prime destinations among Hindu devotees. According to history, Ravana held Sita captive in this very location. Devotees also like to believe that the place holds footprints of Lord Hanuman. Many legends surround this temple and renders a mystical significance.

    Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple

    The Hanuman temple was built by the Chinmaya mission of Sri Lanka. Legend has it that Lord Hanuman looked for Sita in the jungles around this time after her abdication. You will also find the ‘Chariot Path,’ on which Ravana took Sita to Ashok Vatika. The temple holds a granite statue of Lord Hanuman, which is about 40 feet tall.

    Srilanka Temple
    Srilanka Temple

    National Parks

    A vacation to Sri Lanka will allow you to see a diversity of animals, some of which are on the endangered species list.  All of these animals are unique to Sri Lanka.  If you visit some of Sri Lanka’s 26 animal parks and two marine parks, you will see such wonders as birds and the mugger crocodile.

     A venture out to the coastline will afford views of up to five different species of sea turtles. A few places that you can choose to visit in 3 nights 4 days Sri Lanka package can be as follows.

    Yala National Park

    Yala National Park is a must to visit place for tourists who are in love with wildlife and adventure. It is home to different wildlife creatures and birds and offers safari rides to take you on tour to meet and greet the rare of the rarest animals in its possession.

    Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

    Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is situated in the village of Pinnawala. The orphanage was primarily established to render care and protection to a large number of orphaned elephants. Elephants bathing happens to be the main attraction of this place. There are timings for different activities, too, like bottle feeding, herd leaving to the river, returning, etc.

    Udawalawe Elephant Safari

    Safari and Sri Lanka are synonymous. Your trip to Sri Lanka would be incomplete without an exciting safari. Udawalawe Elephant safari lets you enjoy the view of free-roaming elephants.

    Sight Seeing & City Tours

    A holiday to Sri Lanka is not complete without exploring the picturesque Hill Country. A  riveting array of things to do here include a train ride between Nuwara Eliya and Ella, a  hike to Little Adam’s Peak or Ella Rock, Lipton’s Seat, or a tea plantation visit.

    A ride from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya is a brilliant idea with beautiful waterfalls appearing at every turn of the drive. There are so many beautiful places, cities, attractions, sights, and sounds to explore. You may need to plan a Sri Lanka itinerary for 1 week to enjoy all the excursions. Some of them are listed below

    Tea factory/Tea processing

    The Pedro tea factory in Nuwara Eliya lets you have an authentic experience of tea plucking and tasting. You can join the tea workers and go to the field and involve yourself in tea plucking. You will also be given a guided tour of the tea factory and learn the whole mechanism of tea processing. At last, you can round off the trip with a cup of pure Ceylon tea at the factory.

    Horton plains

    Horton plains are supposedly Sri Lanka’s coldest and windiest locations. It consists of a vibrant ecosystem such as grasslands, marshy lands, aquatic ecosystems, and Montane evergreen forests. It houses some of the unique plants and animal species. It has a trekking trail that covers a circular path of Horton plains. It is about 9km long and could be finished in 3 hours.

    New Zealand Farms

    The New Zealand farm is one of the most extensive grasslands of Sri Lanka and is also a part of the Amabewala farm. Your Sri Lanka trip can be more charming after visiting here.

    Gregory Lake

    Gregory Lake was named after Sir William Gregory and was chiefly created for the purpose of providing electricity. You can take a paddleboat ride or relax by its serene shore. It pulls a large number of visitors every year.

    Ravana Ella Waterfalls

    The Ravana Ella waterfalls come under some of the must-visit places of Sri Lanka. Natural beauty abounds this place. The waterfall is about 82 ft high and falls from an oval-shaped rock. You can even go for a chilled bath here, but safety must be considered.

    Historic Places

    Srilanka History
    Srilanka History

    There are many unique places to visit in Srilanka to experience history. One of the iconic places that can remind you of the ancient times is “The Old Dutch City”. It happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. It offers you a slice of 17th century Europe, with its range of Dutch buildings and several Dutch churches.

    You will stumble upon this quaint town while visiting the old city of Galle. The fortifications and the battlements can be viewed from the top, and it looks stunning. This little town is a must-see in Sri Lanka.

    The Galle Fort or the Dutch Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most important architectural and historical monuments that reflect European influence on South East Asia. The fort is an exciting blend of European architecture and Southeast Asian traditions.

    Food, Nightlife & Shopping

    Sri Lanka is a land for marine view lovers. A marvelous open space and a shimmering coastline of about 500 meters, Galle Face Green is a paradise for nature admirers. The presence of a huge casino is yet another attraction for the tourists.

    Cross-Cultural Exposure

    Sri Lanka Culture
    Sri Lanka Culture
    The tourists are always intrigued by an insight into the rich cultural heritage at the National Museum of Colombo. Galleries that are full of intricate carvings, unique masks of demons, and other art collection provide a fascinating insight into the colonial era.                                                                                             

    With a plethora of vibrant culture, adventurous water-sports, beautiful sunsets, electric night-life, an abundance of wildlife, everybody has a lot to do in Sri Lanka trip. If you are looking for some solitude among nature or a breathtaking experience amalgamated with culture and adventure, Sri Lanka will top the list of choices to visit.

    Now you must be curious to know about the Sri Lanka trip cost from India or any other country. That is obvious because, with so many attractions, the gorgeous island country of Sri Lanka is a must-visit holiday destination for anyone. Come gear up to explore its mystical charm and magical beauty!

    If you are planning to book your tickets to this beautiful island than its advisable to take travel insurance as well.

    They can help you with customized insurance. Also, if you wish to make your trip easy then we are just a call away, you can subscribe to our newsletter and join our solo traveling network to make your journey to this beautiful island country success. 

    Do you Know What All Can Happen in Trip to Rishikesh?


    Most of you must have visited Rishikesh, which is one of the nearest and best getaways from Delhi. It’s well known for its adventure sports and religious appeal.  You can experience one of the best river rafting and bungee jumping in this city.

    Not limited to that, it’s the right place to satisfy your religious hunt. You can experience one of the best Ganga Aarti here as well along with many temples.

    Besides that, there are lots of cafes that can make your journey rememberable as you may end up making many new connections and stronger bonds there. You do have many yoga centers that can take away all your blues. Not just once, twice, you can plan to visit in the city of Rishikesh multiple times.

    There are many ways you can plan to visit here.  The best and the most economical is hiring a cab or bus for the bigger groups. You can always customize your itinerary with the convenience of your hired transport available at your doorstep.

    Most of the people residing in Delhi or nearby must have already taken a trip here. Beauty of this place is every time you visit here; you may discover something new and serene that makes it more attractive. If the purpose of your visit is clear, then the journey can be fruitful. Usually, people travel here for adventure, soul searching, or religious quench.

    Lots of workshops are conducted here time and again that itself is quite transforming.  So even if you have taken a recent trip to Rishikesh, you still have scope to explore many other facets of the city. You can always plan to repeat the rafting, which can be fun too. Some of the reasons to visit this city, again and again, are explained in the article

    Why You Should Visit Rishikesh Again and Again?

    To Enjoy All Excursions

    Rishikesh is not only famous for the river  rafting but many other things as well. While planning your trip to Rishikesh from Delhi or any other location, plan your itinerary to cover them all.

    Some of the other places that you may like to try or visit in this city are Bungee Jumping, Ram and Lakshman Jhula, Triveni Ghat, and many more excursions. Bag packers who love trekking will not be disappointed either by trying Jadh Ganga trek.

    Shake your Spiritual Side by Yoga Meditation

    Many wellness camps are operating in this city in Uttrakhand, as well. Some of them will be good to learn mediation others can be best for the Yoga lovers.  You can meet the best yoga instructor to get the phenomenon benefits.

     To get the best results, you must spend at least a month or more here. Some of the centers can help you with certifications, as well. Before visiting here, you can check the best yoga institutes in Rishikesh that imparts the training and book your slot.

    The best part is if you are planning your trip from Delhi, then you can even hire the cab that charges only for the one side trip.  These courses in the beautiful city are the best way to manage your health.

    Pay Homage to your Deity

    Rishikesh is known for its religious spirit as well. You can visit the famous temples here and enjoy the evening aarti on the Ghats. Even in your short trip, trip to the temple can be easily accommodated.  If you are coming on your vehicles, then it’s all the way easier to plan your trip here.

    Rejuvenate at Some of the Cafes

    After visiting all the excursions in the city, you can always sit and relax at any of the popular cafés in Rishikesh. You can relish some of the delicious bakery products that can pamper your taste buds like never before.

    Changing the Ecosystem 

    Like any other trip, the best benefit of any travel expedition is to feel better. Whether you are in the blue, going through any stress, or just wish to uplift your mood, taking a trip is a quick solution.

    Rishikesh will not leave you disappointed either especially if you are looking out for the journey that can transform. All you can do is leverage all the attractions in the best possible way.

    If you want to travel with like mined people then join solo travelers community.

    What Are the Top 51 Trekking Places to Visit in India?

    If you are an adventure lover, then trekking should be on top of your bucket list. Get ready to disrupt your comfort zone, as here is a list of more than fifty trekking places worth exploring.

    Chadar Trek

    Chadar trek will present a wide range of challenges to you. You will also come across the frozen Zanskar River during winters. 


    Trek of Rookund will leave you marveling at the stunning beauty of nature. It is particularly known for its mysterious presence of human skeletons at the bottom of the lake. 

    Kedarkantha Trek

    If you are just getting started, Kedarkantha is your ideal choice. Ascending through the valleys of Tons River and Govind National Park, you will come across some of the most exquisite views. 

    Har Ki Dun

    Known as hanging valley, Har Ki Dun is sure to overpower you with its mesmerizing beauty. 

    Valley of Flower

    This one promises a jaw-dropping view upon completion of the trek. It houses some of the rare and exotic flowers.

    Rupin Pass Trek

    This trek is full of surprises. From colorful meadows and stunning waterfalls, Rupin pass leaves you in awe of its majestic beauty. 

    Hampta and Deo Tibba Pass

    Hampta connects the Lahaul and Kullu valleys and takes you through alpine forests to the mighty Himalayan range. Deo Tibba leads you through various landscapes.

    Pin Parvati

     Known as the “Valley of Gods,” this is one of the oldest Himalayan treks. 

    Everest Base Camp

    Everest is a world in itself for trekkers around the globe. It starts from Kathmandu and the trail take you through Himalayan ridges, rhododendron, and much more.

    Brighu Lake

    This trek will take you across the spectacular Rohtang Pass and lets you enjoy the panoramic views of Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar, and other peaks.

    Beas Kund

    Beas Kund provides favorable trekking conditions for trekkers of all ages. It begins with the glorious glimpses of Mt. Hanuman Tibba.

    Chopta Chandrashila and Tunganath

    Known as the ‘Switzerland of India,’ Chopta Chandrashila is one of the most enthralling treks. Equally beautiful is the Tunganath trek that takes you to the Tunganath temple. 

    Goecha La and Dzongri Goecha La Trek

    Goecha is your ideal trek if you wish to experience the mesmerizing views of the Kanchendzonga peak. Dzongri la starts from Yuksom and follows the enchanting Rathong valley. 

    Dayara Bugyal

    This trek originates from Uttarkashi and takes you to one of the highest meadows in the world. 

    Dodital Lake

    Dodital trek renders a friendly ambiance and renders exotic beauty. 


    Popular as the origin point of the Ganges, this trek takes you through spectacular glaciers and craggy terrains.

    Kareri and Parashar Lake 

    Kareri Lake entices people from around the world because of its extraordinary landscape. Tucked away in the lap of Himalaya, Parashar lets you pass through dense forests and stunning villages.

    Panchachuli, Neelkantha and Annapurna Base Camp

    Panchachuli is synonym of fun, excitement, and thrill, and so is the Annapurna base camp. Neelkantha might be strenuous but offers an enticing adventure. 


    This trek is on every ardent trekker’s list and is perhaps the best Himalayan treks in the world.

    Khatling, Kafni & Milam Glacier

    Khatling will give you some of the most stunning natural marvels of the Himalaya. Kafni is picturesque and offers magical views of Nandakot and Nandabhnar while Milam takes you to some of the remotest villages of Uttarakhand. 

    Bhubu, Kuari, Sar and Borasu Pass

    Bhubu offers a wholesome experience of captivating Indrasaan and Deo Tibba pass. Kuari provides a stunning view of peaks like Kamet, Trishul, and Nanda Devi. Sar is filled with scintillating trails while Borasu leads you to beautiful lush and flowery meadows.


    A trek that resembles the tail of a ‘Bandar’, it takes you through glaciers and rivers like Yamuna, Tons, Ganga.

    Sudarshan Parvat

    Originating from Gangotri, it offers spectacular views of Mt Swetwarn, among others.

    Padam Darcha Valley

    This one will quench your thirst for natural beauty and is ideal for beginners as well as experts.

    Snow Leopard & Stok Kangri

    Snow Leopard and its beauty will give you an experience of a lifetime while tok Kangri offers mystical views of the Zanskar range, Indus valley and Leh.


    The highest point of West Bengal, Sandakphu, offers the best panoramic views of Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu.

    Nagtibba Trek

    This trek lets you experience the impeccable beauty of the Himalayas and offers gorgeous views of Swargarohini.

    Pathalsu Peak

    Pathalsu trek is not less than a dream. The enticing path takes you through the magnificent villages like Shanag and Solang that can give you profound experience.

    Markha, Panpatia Col & Parang La

    Markha takes you to two of the highest altitude passes, Gandala and Kongmaru. Panpatia lets you visit two of the sacred shrines: Kedarnath and Badrinath that will make your journey more fulfilling. Parang la is amongst the newest Himalayan treks worth visiting.

    Malana Chanderkhani

    This trek is mainly known for its challenging trails, high-altitude, and narrow passes.

    Kashmir Great Lakes

    Along with the pristine beauty of the alpine forests, this trek takes you through four of the highest lakes in the country.

    Homkund Ronti Saddle

    Get to have an up-close experience of Trishul and Nanda Ghunti peaks in this trek.

    Ghorepani Poon Hill

    Witness the magical sunrise and the untouched beauty of Nepal with this trek and have an experience of a lifetime.

    Bara Bhangal

    Known as the Shepherd’s Tail trek, the captivating journey ends in the Bara Bhangal region of HP.

    Kheerganga Trek

    If you want to have a dose of adventure, then take a trip to Kheerganga in Kasol. It will take you through perilous steeps and dense forests where nature’s beauty will leave you in awe.

    Triund and Serolsar

    Triund trek is the best for the beginners. Though not so easy as the steep terrain is stretch for over 7 km. Another beautiful trek takes you to the Serolsar Lake in Kullu.

    The shimmering crystal clear water is truly mesmerizing. Travelers from Travel Solo and Smart Community had a great time visiting both these places last year and this year as well.

    When are you planning to take the next trek? For checking our trips, join our traveling community at Travel Solo and Smart.

    Why is Jodhpur the Perfect Wellness and Heritage Travel Retreat ?

    The state of Rajasthan is complete with the royal city of Jodhpur. Not just one, but there are many interesting stories associated with this town that makes it a must-visit. Jodhpur is also having different names like Blue city, Sun city, Royal town, and many more. There’s reason for its various names that has its significance.  

    Jodhpur is a culturally rich city that yields lots of positive energy. It’s a tiny city that makes it very simple as well. There’s a lot that can be explored in the heritage town within a short span of three days also.  After coming back from here, you will realize how pleasant you are feeling. Some specific ways by which you can seek wellness in this city are:-    

    • Pollution Free Air and Pleasant Ecosystem
    • Less Traffic and Pleasant Drive
    • Rich Cultural  Heritage
    • Meeting a Group of People with Similar Mindset
    • Brainstorm on any Burning Issue in Fresh Environment and Find Solution

    Attractions that the city has are indeed an icing on the cake. You can visit them that can also act as a perfect therapy to your current state of mind. Even if you don’t have any apparent issue, the break from monotony can prove to be quite productive.  

    Jodhpur Must Visit Excursion

    Mehrangarh Fort 

    Jaswant Thada

    Umaid Bhawan

    Mandore Garden

    Local Restaurants


    How Can You Plan to Commute From Delhi?

    A few bunch of solo travelers are leaving again on 3rd January, Friday from Gurgaon by road from Innova or tempo travelers based on group size.  Second day, i.e., 14th, we will check in to hotels, have breakfast on our own. After taking rest, we will visit Mehrangarh Fort, and on the way back to Jaswant Thada.

    While coming back, we will have lunch and visit the ancient clock room. Third day, i.e., 5th  January , Sunday, we will wake up fresh in clean air. Have breakfast in the hotel and then leave for another excursion.

    We can plan to visit Umaid Bhawan and Mandore garden.  After that, we can try Jodhpur special thali in one of their famous restaurants. In the evening we can go for shopping and souvenirs.

    Dinner, we can dutch somewhere out or plan to have it in the hotel itself.  After a refreshing day, we can have a relaxed sleep. 6th January, Monday, we can pack out bags, have breakfast, and come back to Delhi.    

    Do you wish to travel with the bunch? Then we the part of community Travel Solo and Smart. Trust me; once you are back to your home, you will feel the positive and productive difference.

    More than anything else, you will feel more connected to yourself with better self-awareness. Well, that’s the real charm of any wellness trip. Since prevention is better than cure, it’s better to manage your health in the most natural well. 

    Once you understand how travel can uniquely help, you can save a lot of your money. The dirt-cheap price of this trip is nothing in comparison to the hefty amount of doctor fee you may pay in any of the known hospitals. If you have any further queries feel free to reach me at or What’sApp@+919910014871.

    Why Orchha is Perfect Destination for Women Solo Travelers?

    The majestic town of Orchha, tucked away on the banks of river Betwa, was founded in 16th century by the Bundela Rajput chief, Rudra Pratap. Many people don’t even know this place exists on the planet. However, this is one of the most relaxing and best heritage weekend trips.

    The town stands as the epitome of the exquisite Bundeli building pattern with its array of monuments that have successfully managed to retain the grandeur till date. Orchha also happens to be the home of some of the most fascinating temples and palaces.

    Infact this uncannily beautiful town seems to be frozen in time and gave birth to a wide range of folk arts, myths, traditions and literary works. It recently found its way into the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and apparently, for all the right reasons.

    The proposal was sent by the Archaeological Survey of India on April 15.The town of Orchha harbors numerous points of interest like Jehangir Mahal, Raja Mahal,Ram Raja Temple, Chhatris, to name a few. 

    Usually, the weekend is gone pubbing or dinning that cost you a bomb in city like Gurgaon. On the contrary, do you know what you can gain spending just half of your amount on this trip? (Rs. 6,999/- includes your commute, stay and local transport, and one breakfast).

    Jerk from the Mundane Life

    Space for Me time

    You are traveling solo but smartly with strangers who may be sailing in the same boat

    Bid goodbye to your loneliness and depression and make space for fresh energy

    Meet that someone that you have been longing

    Manage your socializing need

    You never know when your connection can become your  business network

    Know yourself more by getting into a new situation and ignite your cognitive energy

    Last but not least take some memories and learning that can be transforming

    Now to plan the trip may be a tedious task at times.

    Orchha excursions that can uplift and lighten up your mood on a weekend trip are:-

    Orchha Chatris

    One of the unique parts of this city is cenotaphs that are shaped like an umbrella here. It will not only remind you of the sacrifice our soldiers have done but mesmerized you with picturesque sight this monument offers. Many photographers can capture some of the award-winning pictures here.

    Light and Sound Show in Fort

    After visiting here, you will feel that you have gone back to the era of emperors with the time machine. Show sounds so real that it will give you goose bumps to come back to reality. One of the must-attend places and popular tourist attractions as well.

    Ram Raja Temple

    Trust you will be awestruck if you will come to know about some of the astonishing facts of this magnificent temple. It is spread across a vast area and serene destination to spend some soulful time.

    Rafting in River Betwa

    Do you know that Orchha also hosts the rafting? Yes, if time permits, you can always plan to do this water sport on a small stretch. During your adventure, you will find some of the gorgeous monuments that are the specialty of the city.

    Chaturbhuj Temple

    This temple is the icon of Lord Vishnu and constructed in the most iconic way. It is one of the ancient temples built in 875 Ad by the Pratihara dynasty.

    Jehangir Mahal

    If you wish to dig deep into the archaeological facts of the city, then you can include this place in your itinerary. It will take you to the time when Mughal rule and give you a glimpse of their lifestyle. This palace was a constructed way in the 1500 century as an epitome of victory of the then emperor. 

    Spa & Massages

    Take some time out to experience some of the best massages offered in some of the well-known resort here. The price starts at a meager amount of just rs. 500 and increases as per your need and requirements

    Shopping in Orchha

    Orchha is a small city that can offer you some handcrafted, traditional souvenirs. You can gift that to your family and friends or keep with you as a memory

    Local Food

    You can get the authentic taste of the best spices in the food here. Especially the poori aloo is one of the staple diets that can be a delight to your taste buds.

    When the city offers you so much, I don’t mind repeating my trip again and again. Last I went in the year 2013, now again plan to visit with the group of travelers.

    Why and How  a Female can Plan a  Trip to Orchha?

    Orchha is the perfect destination for the woman who loves to travel or planning their first solo trip. Now, if you are wondering how you can expect an ideal Orchha itinerary, then you can rely on the traveling communities.

    Travel solo and smart is a group that organize’s tours for the solo travelers. However, they do it smartly by facilitating a platform where all the travelers can meet and plan their trip. With the motto of encouraging more females, they are coming up with Women Orchha Trip in February.

    You can check the details here:- Women only Orchha Trip. To check the exact information, you must be a member of the private group. All you need to do is send the request at Travel Solo and Meetup. If you are women and have filled all the details, then your membership will be approved within a few hours or before.

    The key to empowering yourself as a woman is to gather knowledge of our country’s heritage. Women Orchha Trip is all you may need to achieve more power . It is one of the culturally rich city that will help you familiarize with the historical artifacts of the age-old time.

    If you wish to get healed with an Orchha Trip, then book your spot and get set going with Travel solo and smart. 

    If you are looking out for Orchha Trip advisor or wish to travel with me, then  WhatsApp@+919910014871 – Srishti –Author, Traveler, and Wellness  Coach. 

    How to Plan 5 Days Dubai Trip in just 365 USD?

    One of my resolutions this year was to take a solo trip aboard. I hail from India, where solo travelling for females is still at a nascent stage. Dubai was my third international solo trip for the year 2019.

    Feeling after completing the trip is not less than an accomplishment. You feel all the more elevated when you plan the entire itinerary. Additionally, it gives you space to customize your vacation.

    What made it even better was resisting the temptations to opt for Dubai trip packages . Not only I can save more money but was able to leverage maximum excursions within a short duration.

    All in all , my Dubai trip was one of the best with so many pleasant memories to cherish. I would certainly recommend this emirates for all the travelers , even for the ones who wish to plan their first solo trip.

    This article covers everything starting from its history, stay, commute, and other attractions. Hopefully , this write up may expedite your Dubai trip plan.  


    Dubai History

    Stay & Commute in Dubai

    Dubai Excursions

    Dubai Tourist Visa Cost from India

    Air Tickets from India

    Dubai Culture

    Solo Travelling Advantages and Challenges

    Common FAQs

    Dubai History, Politics, Citizenships

    About Dubai

    A layperson may mistake Dubai to be a country, but a traveler knows that it’s one of the emirates of UAE in Asia.

    Political Scenario: Dubai follows the monarchy. The Arabian Sheikhs and their dynasty rule it.

    Citizenship & Benefits: – Well, the Dubai government doesn’t grant citizenship to any other nationals. The locals enjoy special privileges. Besides free education & medical benefits, they get a hefty cash amount as a gift on their marriage.

    Cost of Stay & Commute in Dubai


    You can make your stay comfortable by selecting an average property that will cost you anywhere between Rs. 3,500-4,000 per night, including breakfast. Besides the amount you spent on booking a hotel on your own, be ready to pay for per day Dubai tourism tax.

    The hidden cost of an additional tax amount was surprising to me as I never paid it during any of my domestic or international journeys. I made my booking through make my trip and choose Hotel Royal Falcon.

    When they asked me about the last-minute tax, I was shocked. None of my previous visit demanded me to pay such hidden charges.

    Royal Falcon Hotel
    Hotel Royal Falcon, Dubai

    On the one hand, I was annoyed at the customer care of online booking site and at the same time with hotel staff. Later on, I realized this is the city tax that is levied by the Dubai government.

    Another interesting fact is you will see the pictures of their Sheiks in every hotel that is mandatory to place. In spite of all these shocking facts, my stay was very peaceful and relaxing.        


    Before landing in Dubai airport, you can either pre-book your airport transfers or take a cab after arrival. The taxi cost from the airport will be around 15 USD.  However coming back to the airport for departure. It will be less around 10 USD.

    If you plan your excursions with experts, then you can get pick and drop through cab from your hotel. You can customize your itinerary as per your convenience as well. Metro can be one of the cheaper options that you may consider, but you may have to walk a few miles to catch it.  

    Popular Dubai Excursions

    Burj Khalifa on the Top


    Day 1- Dubai City Tour   Marina Dhow Cruise – Rs. 3300- Rs. 4000

    Day 2 – Burj Khalifa at the Top, Prime Hours – Rs. 4100- Rs. 5000

    Day 3- Desert Safari – Rs. 3300- Rs. 5000

    Day 4 – Shopping & Souvenirs’ – Adhoc

    Additional Attractions & Cost:-

    • Abu Dhabi Trip- Mosque & Ferrari World
    • Miracle Gardens
    • Atlanta Water Parks
    • Burj Al Arab Brunch

    Total Cost without Airfares & Visa

    Cost of Stay for five days without Tax: – 120 USD

    Average cost of popular Dubai Excursions including transport:- 145 USD

    Average Food Cost: – 100 USD (excluding breakfast & excursions)

    Total Cost without Airfares from any Continent: – 120+ 145+100 = 365 USD is approximate

    Total Dubai trip price from India may differ from other countries according to the air tickets and visa.

    Dubai Tourist Visa Cost from India

    Visa Cost

    If you are holding an Indian passport, then you need to process your visa in advance before visiting Dubai. There’s no visa on arrival benefits unless you have a US visa or passport. The average cost for 15 days can cost you anywhere from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 6,000.

    Many agents can make your process swift and simple. You can check some of the reliable ones online. Before choosing the right one, you can always have words with them over the call. Alternatively, do check their reviews and ratings as well.

    Documents that you need to submit are passport, return tickets, ID proofs, and at times your current company ID card if you are employed. Certain flights may need an “ok to board” visa that can be easily granted by your agents. You can check about the same with the airlines that you booked for your trip.

    Air Tickets

    Many flights go to Dubai daily. I booked Kuwait airways and had a decent experience. The screen in front of my seat exposed me to outside few; in addition, I was able to watch one of the latest blockbusters.

    Meals served were fresh and yummy. All was perfect except just one of the crew member who was a little clumsy while serving food. However, I prefer to ignore these trivial things and focus on positives.

    Dubai Culture and Solo Traveling Experience

    Dubai Culture

    Solo traveling is safe in Dubai. However, if you wish to have some group fun, then join the travelling communities. You may be able to cherish one of the best Dubai vacation trips with people of the same wavelength around.

    What Can You Learn From My Experience?

    Solo Travel

    I planned my trip during Diwali between 26th to 30th October from India. It was a fantastic experience with a few leanings as well. Here’s a brief snippet of my takeaways, both good and bad.

    Dubai Attractions:-

    Dubai is full of surprises. Besides the paid excursions, you have the privilege to access many free facilities, as well. Some of them are the magnificent Infrastructure, which is the viewers’ delight.

    Unknown Facts of Dubai:-

    Now you may be surprised if I talk about it, but that’s fact. It’s none other than Burj Khalifa on the top. All hype and no fun. There are different slots you can choose to visit here. It’s better to go during the prime hours as its dark, and you can see some lighting. 

    The minimum ticket for the same is Rs. 4100, which is not at all worth. It is super crowded, at least when I visited. As soon as you enter, there will be professional photographers occupying half of the space, and they will push you for clicks. Surprise will knock you when they tell you the cost of one picture that is not less than Rs. 4,000.  

    Another bad experience I had was with the maid on the 124th  Floor, she was frustrated with her job and looked like Chinese or Thai citizen. While I was using one of the washroom, she was least considerate and didn’t bother even when the water sprinkle on my floor. It all happened when she was cleaning the toilet using the jet.

    When I asked about it, she was not at all apologetic. Do you come on the top of Burj to face all this shit? I informed the manager Akbar when I went down, not too sure if any action is taken or not.

    Last but not least, what I was surprised about was the tourist tax they take on your stay in the hotel. The cost may not be much as compared to what you spend on the entire trip.

    Nevertheless, you feel cheated about that. As such, Dubai, 60% of revenue comes from tourists on the top. They are charging more on stay. You feel as if this emirate is obliging your visit. High time the rick Sheikhs should found some alternatives for earning money.

    In spite of these few negative experiences, positive ones are good enough to compensate for the better. I wish you a pleasant trip to Dubai. I am a professional Trip organizer, stay connected with me on WhatsApp @+91-9910014871 for any upcoming trips.

    I manage a small community of solo travelers. It will help you connect with like-minded solo travelers that can make your travel more fun. Besides the best Dubai trip deals, my passion is to create a platform for like-minded solo travelers.    

    Common FAQ’s

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a transit visa in the connecting flight?

    If your layoff is less than 7 hours, then you don’t need it at all.  However, it may vary from airline. For the same reason, its advisable to check from them before you book.    

    Is there VOA (visa on arrival) Facility?

    If you are traveling from India, then there’s no visa on arrival. However, if you hold the US visa, then criteria is different.

    What are the documents required in the VISA?

    You may need few mandatory documents like your passport, written tickets, passport size pic, and ID card from current employer.

    Besides that you may be asked to provide any alternative ID proof that may depends upon the source you are applying and the type of VISA as well.     

    What if your name is mismatching in the passport and flight tickets?

    Your name must be the same in the passport. Even if your surname is different, you should get it changed. At times you may be able to manage if your surname is missing. But to stay safe better to change it as soon as possible.

    Is it mandatory to get “ok to board” Visa ?

    Ok to board visa is mandatory in some flights. It’s an additional clause that is required along with your standard visa. You can check with your airlines, whether it’s needed or not. If they need it then you can get it as little extra cost along with your regular visa.  

    Do you need to get Travel Insurance?

    In the case of Dubai, travel Insurance is not mandatory. However, travel insurance can be beneficial in many other ways.

    Is an international SIM better or roaming on your existing connection?

    This can be a personal choice. If you don’t expect any urgent calls, then you can always activate international roaming on your existing SIM. However, if you want to use unlimited data or calling, then buy local SIM from there.  

    How to choose the best excursions in the limited time?

    It may be much more daunting than it sounds like planning the right itinerary. You can always customize it as per your preference.

    Is it wise to travel with travel communities?

    Yes, why not, especially when you can save a lot by choosing the right travel partner. You may not even have to pay more for the same. At times with organized groups you can save a lot of your time and money.

    How to pack the right outfits for the Dubai trip?

    Dubai is a urban hub. You may not have to worry about your dressing at all. Especially if you are female, then pack easy. You can wear anything casual as per your destination to visit. Nevertheless don’t forget to use your common sense to avoid any trouble.

    Hope all your doubts related to Dubai trip are answered and you are all set to fly. Do you need more information or wish to execute your journey in a fast way than join this private community – Travel Solo and Smart.

    To sum up, Dubai is the place to visit even if you can on budget . Furthermore, you can subscribe to the blog and stay updated with Dubai trip booking to reserve your spot in the upcoming trip.

    Why Solo Travelling is Latest Fad Among Females?


    Women are excelling in every field like never before. It’s commendable to see how they have broken all the shells and made space for themselves. They no longer wish to settle down for society or a rich husband.

    When we talk about women in India, they are much smarter and sorted now. What has added in their personality is a solo travel expedition to places around the globe. There are spreading wings everywhere. It is one of the factors that has made them more independent and liberated as well.

    What have helped women are their initiatives of joining the travelling communities that are not just limited to women-only groups.

    Off lately, some of the favorite places in the recent past have been Austria, Hungary, Rome, Bhutan, Prague, Dubai, Bali, and many more. These countries are not only safe but help us, Indian women, to give us global exposure to where we stand as a nation.

    There’s a lot to explore in the back home in India too. Some of the safest places are Mumbai, Kerala, and Goa, where you can roam without a second thought.

    If you want to add some taste and fun to your trip, then there is no harm in joining the travel groups. It can not only assist you in planning your trip but can save your money and time as well. Besides, you get the chance to meet many other solo travelers.

    According to the famous international travel blogger, every year, the number of female solo travelers is increasing. Credit, to a great extent, goes to not only women-only travel groups but other communities as well.

    By joining the group of your choice, you take a smart move. There are many advantages of joining solo traveling groups. The best ones are you are getting a platform to connect with like-minded solo travelers. Secondly, you are traveling solo but differently.

    If you are looking out for some solo traveling expedition soon this year in India, then without a second thought, you can consider some of these options.

    Jibhi, Tirthan Valley

    Jibhi is a small place in Tirthan valley, Kullu. It’s one of unexplored gem in the HP. Even if you stay here for two days, you can come back rejuvenated. There’s a lot to do there. Explore the trek, visit the locals, try native cuisines, and enjoy the scenic beauty.

    You can also plan a bonfire at your hotel to add some glamour to your trip. It’s always fun to plan your trip with the group who can offer you some experiential traveling. If you want to know more about Tirthan valley than please read my blog (Things to Explore in Tirthan)

    If you are already planning to visit here, then join this meetup and check out details about How to Get Rejuvenated at Luxurious Trip to Tirthan Valley (Jibhi)


    Jodhpur, the royal city of Rajasthan, is also worth exploring, not just once but many times. This blue city is famous for so many attractions. The best part I like about this place is it doesn’t have much traffic and pollution. You can get some fresh air in the royal heritage like Mehrangarh fort, Umaid Bhawan, Jaswant Thada, and many other places here.

    What can leave you even more enchanted is its traditional food here. Some of the famous restaurant you can visit here is gypsy. If you are looking out for a customized trip, then exploring this itinerary- Jodhpur. Oh, are you not able to access it? It may be because of a group privacy setting.

    Nevermind, join this elite group by sending the request. If you fit the criteria, you will be instantly approved. You can enjoy many perks by joining this group. Some of them are an addition to the free WhatsApp group.

    Others are special discounts, access to some of the exclusive local events. Furthermore, socialize and network with fellow travelers who may be your lifetime buddy and connections. Leverage it the way you wish by joining now.


    Can you think of a better place to party other than Goa? Not just limited to nightlife, this Western hub is one of the travel excursions. For the same reason, people like to visit here repeatedly.

    At the time of the New Year, its huge craze as well. It becomes a hub for party lovers from all over the world. This year it’s even more popular because of the sunburn festival. To explore more, you can check some details by joining TSS Club.

    There could be many other places that you can explore, but at least begin with some. You can certainly bring many more memories back home and bid adieu this year with grace.  Year can be best winded at different locations by partying out loud and paying warm welcome to the coming year. I wish you a great travel lifestyle that can bring you closer to life.

    15 Best Benefits of Joining Travel Communities

    Travel Solo and Smart - Meetup

    So are you a solo traveler or aspire to take the trip alone but could never gather courage? Then you may not worry, there are many like you. Be different and choose the smarter options. Thanks to the solo travel communities, that has made our life easy.

    Have you heard about the MeetUp or other offline social groups? These are perhaps one of the most happening communities worldwide that can help you build some real connections.

    You can socialize, network, meet your life goals, travel goals, and much more. Most importantly, it gives you that push to never give up.

    There are many unparalleled takeaways that you can leverage by joining these communities like below.

    Access to Free Events

    You can check many local events happening in these groups on a daily or weekly basis.  Some sites specialize in clubbing all the get-together in the towns. Individuals or groups may host events.

    Some of the universal social sites are Meetups, LBB, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are other popular sites like BookMyShow that have exciting events, but you need to pay for the same.

     However, if you wish to leverage the benefits of free, then it’s prudential to join other offline social platforms like Meetups.    

    Meet Like-Minded People

    Do you know in most of these free events you will be getting some of the smartest people? As these are the groups catering to working professionals or entrepreneurs who are internet savvy and got decent communication. Some of the people may take these platforms for granted, but you always have a choice of choosing the group wisely.

    Try to accept it as per your interest. There are practically all kinds of groups available online. The ones that have got stringent filters or are private may be the right choice.        

    Stay Updated with Current Affairs

    While you plan to attend any of these events, one thing for sure that can be guaranteed is staying aware of the current affairs in the town.

    Once you engage with fellow members, you come to know their opinion and perspective. As a result, you will end up understanding the entire dichotomy of current topics.

    Plan your Solo Trips with Strangers

    So you must have been planning a trip to your dream destination, but it didn’t materialize. Besides, the financial constraint, the primary reason could be apprehensive of going solo.

    But after enrolling through these travel groups, you get wings to your aspirations. You get many benefits, firstly you get a planned trip, and secondly, you can have a safe solo journey with similar people.

    Make Friends for Lifetime

    Since like mind thinks alike, you can connect best with people who are of your kind. Going to such an event, you will be surely able to meet people who match your wavelength.

    Get Free Therapies

    The therapy you can get by outstation excursion is unparalleled. Talking about the travelling events that organize local get-togethers, you can leverage tremendous benefits.

    At times, you may not even realize how it helps as it has got very subtle effects. However, once you are back gradually, you can experience the difference.

    Platform for Networking

    Travelling with fellow solo travelers may be the most suitable way to network with people. You can get to know many people from different industries.

    Most of the people who come here are well educated. Especially talking about the curated solo travelling private groups, you can get the best experience.    

    Set Life Goals

    When you plan to take a trip, you are choosing yourself. It can undoubtedly give you more clarity about your bigger goals in life. It can help to connect with the real purpose of life. There’s no other way you can get such explicit exposure to real life.  

    Rejuvenate Over the Weekdays or the  Weekend

    By attending these meetups, you will find yourself refreshed and relaxed as compared to doing nothing over the weekend.    

    Beat The Rate Race

    If you are in the same bandwagon as any other corporate employee, then this is the best escape route.  

    Manage the Recession Blues

    Recession is a catastrophe of mismanagement of the economy that can hit anyone. One thing that can ease you during such turbulent times is these communities. You can get the space to discuss your concerns and get a subtle support as well.

    Self-Awareness and Motivation

    While taking a travel expedition with such groups, you are in a situation where you have to make many ad-hoc decisions. It can certainly bring you closer to yourself.

    As a perk, you feel more connected to yourself and clear of your true calling. As a result, you get good self-motivation.

    Leverage many other Avenues 

    You can leverage the group the way you wish. There are so many key takeaways. Travel being the core, there are a lot of other benefits that emerge out of it as well. More you experience better, you know.

    Stress Management

    With high competition, stress is inevitable. Instead of rushing to a counselor or getting panic, you can always join these groups. After attending any event or taking a trip, you will witness anxieties vanishing magically. On the contrary, you will come back with many positive solutions.

    Better Interpersonal Skills

    While dealing and traveling with so many versatile people, you will see a drastic shift in your people management skills. You will be able to gain so many soft skills that can help you grow like never before.

    As a crux, you can get a lot by joining such online communities. You can avail of all the benefits mentioned above, i.e., socialize, network, heal, and above all, travel smart.

    Solo traveling is a way to go, but it may be even better when you plan to travel with other solo travelers. Your online group can make it possible effortlessly.

    We humans have a natural urge to socialize. By joining these groups, you can meet all your social needs. Besides that, it acts as a support system by not letting us feel lonely.

    Last but not least, you can manage your apprehension of travelling solo by joining these communities. So if you are ready to take your next trip, then join TravelSoloandSmart Meetup and get set going.  

    Why to Join Travel Solo and Smart Meetup?

    Meetup is a platform where you will find many groups. Most of them are commercialized. However, Travel Solo and Smart (TSS) mission is to create a better ecosystem. Other benefits you can expect are as follows:-


    TSS is a private group. So the content shared by the members of the events will not be visible to the non-members, unlike other groups.

    Verified Members

    At TSS, we validate every member and approve only those who fit in the criteria. So certainly can expect exclusiveness here.

    Security & Comfort

    Even after moving out of your comfort zone, you need to stay safe and smart. TSS is the only group that can assure you that. We try to establish a personal connection with the members. As a result, many first time members have joined this and thoroughly enjoyed all the events.    

    Travel Ecosystem

    We help you plan your trip with ease. You get access to many informative articles in exclusive Travel blogs and videos. Furthermore, hear out the reviews from some of the members who have attended the events earlier.    

    Candid Space

    We appreciate people who put across their opinion in positive way. Every feedback is taken constructively and discussed. Its natural of different perspective be it related to trips, local events or cost and the comparison is inevitable.

    However, we ensure that whatever trip is planned is thoroughly researched and price is kept as competitive as possible. But still if you think differently and have backpacking mindset then feel free to share. Trust you will understand the essence of trips and what you can take way from such trips.

    Your value-add is the most important prerogative at TSS. If you feel ambiguous about it than bring it on till you are convinced before making an opinion. As at times it’s more convenient to stay in myth rather than confronting the facts.

    Need I say more, come and experience yourself by joining me on my journey only at Travel Solo and Smart.

    How to Join the Travel Solo and Smart Meetup?

    If you are new to the concept of offline social events, then it may not be a concern. The process is quite easy. Follow simple steps, and you are ready to rock.

    Step 1:- Download the Meetup App

    Step 2:- Signup with your Credentials

    Step 3:- Search for Travel Solo and Smart

    Step 4: Follow all the details, as it’s an essential prerequisite for the verification. If you miss any, then there are high chances your membership may not be approved.

    Step 5: Wait for approval. Usually, within a week, you can be part of the community. In case there is a delay, you can always enquire about the reason from the organizer.

    Step 6: RSVP for the next trip.

    Step 7: Get yourself added to WhatsApp group

    Step 8: Book your slot and get ready to bring back lovely memories and friends.

    It’s also advisable to keep your trip organizer informed if you are getting stalked or harassed by fellow members. However, this may be the rare case as most of the members are elite and decent.

    In most of the cases, the experience of joining these communities has been splendid. Stay smart and open to experience the best things coming your way in present and future. Some of the beautiful candid moments can be checked in this small video below.

    Travel Solo and Smart Meetups & Trips

    Meetup Video
    Travel Solo and Smart- Meetups & Trips

    5 Things You Should Not Miss in Rome

    5 things to Explore in Rome

    Haven’t you heard in Rome live like Romans? Indeed, the popularity of this city has produced this proverb. Rome is an ancient city in Europe known for its historical facts and other artifacts. There is a lot to explore in this gorgeous capital town of Italy.

    Quintessential things that you must try here could be unparalleled. However, in the limited time of your travel, you must prioritize what not to miss. To make it simple, presenting you the top 5 must things to do.

    1. Sightseeing Excursion

    There are so many places to visit here. You may need to have more than a week to view them all. Some of the best ones are as follows:-

    ü  Vatican City Exclusive Tour

    Vatican City is a small inhabitant within Rome. It’s a popular place to visit for so many reasons, one of them is its cultural connection. Visit famous church St. Peter, the Sistine Chapel, is a place that is known as the home of the pope. Don’t miss the remarkable Vatican City museum here.

    ü  Colosseum

    The Colosseum is one of the must-visit places in Rome. It’s the largest Amphitheater standing on the stones.  The monument is well equipped to accommodate thousands of tourists visiting here daily.

    ü  Roman Forum

    If you want to know a little more about the history of the city, than visit this ancient monument. You will get familiar with many of the traditional practices with the transition to the modern civilization.

    ü  Alter of the Fatherland

    The Alter of the Fatherland is a magnificent building that was once the home of the Italian king. To enjoy the panoramic view of the city, you can move to the terrace. Keep your camera ready to capture some picturesque sight. 

    ü  Trevi Fountain

    Trevi is one of the most famous fountains in the world. With a stunning view, it has got some earnest belief. Visitors trust to come back to Rome after getting lucky with the coin hitting the fountain. They need to do this act by facing backward from the direction of the water.  To cherish its peculiar beauty, include it in your itinerary

    2.   Staying in the Best Hotel and Resort

    ü  Aldrovandi Villa Borghese

    Borghese is a 5-star property in the romantic city of Rome. If you wish to make your travel luxurious, then book your stay here. You will be awestruck with the hospitality and epicurean cuisines. 

    ü  Lord Byron

    Make your stay iconic by choosing another excellent property. Lord Byron is the name to reckon for the choicest 5-star destinations. Not only will it leave you mesmerized but will give you out of the world feeling.

    ü  Hassler Roma

    You can plan the best city tour by selecting this hotel.  Its prime location makes it easier to choose any of the famous sights nearby. Besides that, they specialize in making your occasion special by arranging it in spending style.

    ü  Rome Cavalieri

    Resort can be the way to land in the gorgeous city of Rome, as well.  Have some memorable moments for the lifetime with signature finger-licking meals.

    ü  Campo de’ Fiori

    Another popular place to stay in the boutique hotel Campo de’ Fiori located in the heart of the city. Stay cozy and plan your city tour within the premises of this property.

    3.   Cuisines, Drinks & Nightlife

    ü  Gelato

    The world-famous Gelato desserts got its roots in Italy. Goes without saying its taste is unparalleled in the street of Rome.

    ü  Pizza Al Taglio

    Pizza is another invention of this country that has pampered the whole world. To enjoy a variety of gourmet slices with local cheese and sauces, you must try this dish. You can enjoy it in two of the famous outlets in Rome. The taste you will get will be authentic.

    ü  Signature Wines & Cocktails

    Try some of the vintage and sophisticated wines and cocktails readily available in many pubs and fine dining in Rome.

    ü  Barbeque and Nightlife

    To enjoy the nightlife you can explore sophisticated bars & Lounges. Footloose with the gang of party lovers with some scrumptious barbeques.

    ü  Maritozzi

    Maritozzi is a mouth-watering dessert of Romanians. Enjoy the delicacy with chocolate chips. Order with espresso and get ready for another expedition in Rome.

    4.   Public Transport

    You may be able to know the city a little better by travelling in their public transport at least for a day. Some of the modes of transportation that you can plan could be as follows.

    ü  Bus

    ü  Tram

    ü  Metro

    ü  Taxi

    ü  Urban Railway

    5.   Connecting with the Locals

    The essence of travel these days is to experience it intrinsically. Route to that is by understanding the local culture of the place. There are many ways you can do so; some of the natural and popular methods are.

    ü  Experience the Flea Market & Buy Special Sovereign

    ü  Understanding Few Slangs in their Language

    ü  Hire a  Local Host

    ü  Visit the Suburbs

    ü  Take a Bike Tour

    We wish you to have the best trip to Rome. Feel free to share your experience or inputs in the comments.

    When Tara Met Sutra in Pangot, Nainital

    Travel Story

    Pangot is a small village in Nainital. It’s one of those unexplored places that many solo-travelers love to visit. Lots of adventure sports are organized there to attract travelers. The real story started in 2013 when a group of friends organized a trip to this remote yet intrepid destination.

    Gang leader Tara was the one who executed this travel plan. She’s all of 20 yet dreams of being a globe trotter. She’s on a traveling spree even since she turned 18. Her group is a mix of all age groups. She’s also running her small meet up group where she tries to collage all the strangers.

    So while she was hanging out with her cool group in the streets of Pangot, she was approached by a solo traveler, Sutra. He was staying in staying in the same camp where Tara had planned her stay. Sutra wanted to be part of the Tara group.

    Tara felt some strange connection with Sutra as if he was his age-old buddy, but she couldn’t recall anything. She kept that feeling on hold and started thinking about the request of Sutra to join her group.

    Though Tara was young, she was not vulnerable. When it comes to her traveling group, she is all the more particular. She was astonished yet impressed with the audacity of Sutra to contact her with such ease. However, Tara was smart enough not to let any stranger intervene just like that in her gang.

    After all, she took all the responsibility of managing the group, and safety was the prime concern. She outrightly rejected the proposal of Sutra and warned the group members to stay away from him. Tara’s travel group never dared to go against her, not because they were scared of her, but they had deep respect and love for her.

    The next day Tara and her group plan an itinerary to go for a steep trek of 5 km along with some adventure sports. It was a sheer coincidence that Sutra also had a similar schedule. So while Tara and the group were having fun on the trek, Sutra focused on his trekking and reached the adventure spot much faster.

    There were many sports on the top of the trek. Some of them were like zip-lining, rock climbing, river climbing, and many more.  Sutra started doing it like a pro. By the time Tara gang reached, Sutra had finished all of them and was ready to do it again.  

    There were around eight members in the Tara group, and all were a bit nervous about taking those activities. She had a hard time convincing the members. Sutra can see that from a distance and wanted to help Tara somehow. To motivate her team, Tara planned to go first for the most robust adventure. She planned to do the steep rock climbing though she never did it early.

    Sutra, who was 25, was awestruck to see the daring side of this young girl. No one realized, while Tara was taking a rock climbing, there was landslide and rock was about to fall on Tara. It was them when Sutra got a chance to show his heroic side, and he rescues Tara by taking the lead by risking his own life. They both landed safely, and Tara was short of words to thanks Sutra.

    She was feeling embarrassed and guilty about how could she not take Sutra in her gang. The kind side of Sutra reminded her of one of Tara’s old friends in Jaipur. To enquire, Tara asked Sutra, from where he hailed? Sutra was also feeling a similar connection and was eager to reply.

    Tara’s doubt was right. He was the same childhood teenage crush she left in her hometown. After all, how she could have guessed? She didn’t even bother to ask Sutra’s name before he rescued her.

    Now Sutra became not only part of the Tara travelers group but his life partner also and they are leading happy married life.  After six years of their memorable adventure trip to Pangot, they still cherish those moments over a cup of tea in the evening.  They feel proud of sharing some important details of the trips with the travel groups.

     Distance of Pangot from Delhi

    Panghot, a small town in Nanital, is roughly 340 km away from the capital city of Delhi. For the same reason, it’s one of the most preferred weekend gateways.  

    Best time  to Visit this Place

    You can always plan to visit anytime between October to June. Avoid going between July to September as its rainy season and heavy rainfall might be accepted.

    How to Commute?

    If you are planning a trip from Delhi, then the road trip is the best way. However, if you are traveling from far of places, then you can mix it with air, train & road.

    Activities  in Pangot

    There’s a lot you can experience in the beautiful village of Panghot. Start with the mini trek, hire an adventure sports guy to experience some zip-lining, rock climbing, etc.

    Cost of the Entire Trip

    The best and only way to stay in Panghot is in camps or cottage. It can cost you anywhere between Rs. 6000- 7000 if you are going in a big group. The price includes your commuting & meals too.  Within this much amount, it isn’t a bad deal. In fact, for Tara & Sutra, this trip was as priceless as they are for each other. Now they believe a lot can happen over travel.                            

    Are you looking out for similar trips in the future? Then comment below and share your thoughts.

    How to Plan a Long Weekend Trip to Jim Corbett?

    Weekend Trip to Jim Corbett

    Jim Corbett is part of the Ramnagar district in the Uttrakhand state of India.  With a distance of 240 km from Delhi, it takes around 5 hours to reach here. Undoubtedly this is one of the favorite destinations of most of the weekend travelers.

    Jim Corbett is famous for luxurious resorts besides many attractions. Jim Corbett National Park is the most popular place to visit here. It’s one of the best gateways for extended weekends in 2019 and hopefully in the coming years as well.  

    You can explore a lot in the city. Besides Tigers, Jim Corbett National Park River is also famous for candid shots. However, usually, people come here to relax and leisure.

     It’s imperative to understand where you can stay and what all you can do here. Jim Corbett National Park location is easy to locate from any of the popular resorts here. This article covers many other places to visit in the city.

    All-in-all Jim Corbett is the perfect city for October long weekend in 2019 from Delhi. You can hunt for some of the best stays at a discounted price here. Hang on, before jumping to resorts with costs & itineraries it’s good to understand the days you need and the best time to visit here.

    At the same time, how to plan your commute here? If you wish to make your trip a little more organized, then you can also search for Jim Corbett Jeep Safari Online Booking along with the stay for the best pricing.  

    To make your journey better, this article attempts to cover all your concerns as listed below:-

    How to Reach Jim Corbett?

    Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett

    Places to Visit in Jim Corbett

    Top 10 Resorts in Jim Corbett with Itineraries and Cost

    Backpacking Budget Trip to Jim Corbett

    3 Affordable Travel Accessories that can make your Trip Complete

    Jim Corbett- itinerary

    How to Reach Jim Corbett by Bus/Train/Car/Flight?

    Jim Corbett is a popular weekend destination from Delhi. So if  you plan to travel from the capital city than there are four ways to commuting.

    By Train: – Nearest Railway Station is Ramnagar; from there you can take buses or cab to your resort to Jim Corbett. There are only two available trains; you can reach between 5 to 8 hours to your destination.  

    By Bus: – There are very few buses that too will drop you to Ramnagar. Commuting time is more or less the same as the train, i.e., 6 to 8 hours.    

    By Cab: – Time – 6 to 8 hours – Cost – Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000

    By Flights – Time 1 hour, Cost Rs 10,000

    Minimum Return Cost (To & Fro)

    Train ( Ac 2 Tier)  – Rs. 2,000 Shared Cabs ( If going in a group)  – Rs. 5,000
    Bus – Rs. 1,500 Flights –  Rs. 10,000

    Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett

    October   to  April (Best Time)

    The perfect time to visit Jim Corbett is during this time.

    • May /June ( Summers)

    It is hot during this time, but still, it may be peak season due to summer vacations of children.

    • July to September (Monsoons)

    This quarter is not an excellent time to visit the city, as you may not be able to access a few places. Therefore avoid visiting during this time because of scorching heat, rains & humidity as well.    

    Places to Visit in Jim Corbett

    Jim Corbett National Park

    Jim Corbett National Park is the major attraction in the city of Corbett, Ramnagar. People visit here to try their luck on discovering the tigers. They don’t mind taking multiple rides in the hope of seeing the king of the forest.

    If you wish to get lucky to discover Tiger, then you must lookout for the right zone. One of the most popular ones is Dhikala. You can easily book your ride online.

    Dhikala safari online booking is readily available on many sites.  Bijrani Zone Corbett National Park is another famous lane to enter in this wildlife century.

    Jim Corbett national park has vast acres of land that help in creating several zones for the visitors. Choose your preferred area and book your tickets. You can check Jim Corbett national park timings quickly from the resort you are staying or online as well.

    Kosi  River 

    Another popular place in Jim Corbett in the famous Kosi River. Natural water leaves you fresh and relaxed. There are many resorts where this river passes flawlessly. You may plan to make a special trip to visit here as well.


    You can also rejuvenate with the sight of the waterfall here. View itself may be splendid, try planning some fun activity here, and you will end up feeling amazing.

    Elephant Ride

    If you feel very compassionate about animals, then you can avoid it. However, at times, the elephant may feel obliged to serve their guests with a ride.

    View at the echelon from top of the elephant trunk may be gorgeous. Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett is a popular spot to visit for the same reason.  

    River Rafting

    For the adventure lovers, there’s a hidden gem in the heart of Corbett. You can get the experience of river rafting differently here. It may not be the best like other destinations, nevertheless will not disappoint you either.


    People who love art can walk those extra miles to visit the museum here. You will know many historical facts, Jim Corbett, including its foundation. If at the end of your artifacts around you wish to shop, then you will have few options here. 


    The city is the delight of all those religious souls out there too. 2-3 famous temples will uplift your spiritual connection with your God.

    You can always customize your itinerary according to the place you wish to visit. Map it with the number of days you want to spend in the city.    

    Top 10 Resorts in Jim Corbett with Itineraries and Cost

    Jim Corbett is one of the most preferred weekend gateways from Delhi. You can make it as luxurious as possible as per your pocket. 

    The total cost of the trip is calculated based on the following parameters:-  

    • Duration:- 3 Days  & 2 Nights with Breakfast
    • Itinerary (You can customize  as per your choice)
    • 1st  day -Jungle Safari & Other Sight seen like Kosi
    • 2nd day – 2 other attractions like Waterfall or Elephant rides
    • Other meals – Lunch & Dinner
    • Travel – By Cab or Own Vehicle as preferred by many 

    *The Total cost may be approximate and may vary with the month of booking. In the peak season expect more variations.

    **Inclusive price– Includes your transport, Stay, Meals & Sight Seeing

    Some of the top resorts with popular itineraries and costs are listed below.

    Ahana Resort

    Ahana resort is a popular 5-star property in Jim Corbett.  In breakfast, you can relish platter of best delicacies. Other meals are equally good. Besides mouth-watering cuisines, you can take a nature walk in their large area.  

    There are battery cars available to take you around the vicinity as well. Last but not least, chill at the poolside or relax in luxurious cottages; you will be delighted either way.    

    Cost Per Person *

    1. Stay with Breakfast – Rs. 20,000

    2. Itinerary: – Jungle Safari & Sight Seen (Kosi/Elephant Ride/Museum) – Rs. 2,000

    3. Food – Lunch/Eve Snacks & Dinner – Rs. 5,000

    4. Commuting by Cab – Rs. 5,000

     Total Cost – 1+2+3+4 = Rs. 32,000

    Den Corbett

    The Den Resort is famous as it hosted the reality show MTV Splits villa. Spread across a large area, it has got a gym and big dining place. There are multiple options to choose your stay as per your budget.    

    Cost of stay with breakfast along with sight seen for two days will be – Rs. 10,000

    Club Mahindra

    Club Mahindra is known for offering world-class amenities. It will not disappoint you even here. To book your stay here, you need to be their member.

    Cost– Membership + Rs. 10, 000 (Cab + Food+ Sight Seeing)

    Taj Corbett Resort & Spa

    Another luxurious property is the famous Taj. Like other cities, its visual delight here too. The cost you pay is worth the comfort you can expect.

    All-Inclusive cost** – Rs. 27,000

    The Grand Gajraj

    To have some different experience try this place. Book this place at least a month in advance to enjoy the best rooms.  

    Inclusive Cost** – Rs. 25,000

    Dhikala Jungle Resort & Lodge

    Dhikhala is inside the Jim Corbett Jungle resort.  To stay here, you may not have to worry about the cost. You have to wait long to get your turn. Dhikala forest rest house booking may be fruitful if tried some months in advance.  

    Usually, forest reserve officials are given preference to stay here so there may be hardly any luck if tried on the spot. For more details, please visit Jim Corbett National Park Official Website.  

    All-Inclusive cost** – As per availability + Rs. 10,000 (Cab/Food/Sight Seeing)

    The Golden Tusk

    The Golden Tusk is another resort famous for its luxury. Usually, in peak seasons, it’s difficult to get a reservation here even if you are willing to pay more. Better to book it month or more before you plan to visit.

    Inclusive Cost** – Rs. 20,000

    Infinity Resort

    If you wish to make your stay comfortable and gorgeous, then this is the place you should plan to stay.

    Inclusive Cost** – Rs.17, 000


    Namah is another beautiful resort known for its architecture design. If you are lucky, then you may be able to get a place here.

    Inclusive Cost**   – Rs. 30,000

    The Solluna Resort

    You may instantly get tempted to stay here because of lush greenery. However, you have to get lucky to get accommodation here.

    Inclusive Cost**    – Rs. 20,000

    Trip to Jim Corbett

    Many people these days opt for a budget trip to save money for others destinations. The best part of traveling is there is something for everyone. Like not all size fits all, similarly not all plan suit all the travelers. You can customize it as per your style.

    Simple Itinerary for backpackers is as follows:-

    Commute by Sleeper Train – Cost – Rs. 500

    Stay – Camps – Rs. 2,000

    Food – Rs. 1,000

    Local Travel & Sight Seeing- Rs. 2,000

    Total Cost – Rs. 5,500

    Choose cheap backpacking travel or classy trip, end of the day; it’s all about your travel style and experience.

    I hope, with this article, you can plan your trip to Jim Corbett easily.  If you wish to design a similar weekend trip with solo travel communities, then join my meet up group by clicking on Travel Solo & Smart.

    For some picturesque click, you can check out my Instagram page.  Last but not the least, if you wish to get instant travel updates and quotes then like my Facebook Page.

    If you wish to make your trip more interesting then explore some travel accessories from Amazon.

    This is shared through an Affiliate link, and if you buy from here then I will get some commission. You can do your research and buy it if you find any value in the same.  I personally found them to be cost effective yet luxurious.

    3 Affordable Travel Accessories that can make your Trip Complete

    • Portable Locks

    If you are a solo traveler then this works best. Usually hotels have duplicate key and they may intervene your privacy anytime. This lock can ensure your safety.

    • Backpack

    This smart backpack can ease your burden yet make you look stylish as well.

    • Smart Storage Bag :-

    Wishing you a good trip and great travel lifestyle. For any queries feel free to comment and reach out to me. Sharing a short video of my Jim Corbett trip
    Jim Corbett- Weekend Trip

    Three Inspiring Stories of Bali Solo Travelers’

    Bali is a dream destination and lying in the bucket list of all. It’s good to know certain facts before visiting this dream city. First of all, never delay your trip because of your friend. Don’t be afraid to take solo trips.

    Yes, there would be certain challenges and good learning but that’s the essence of travelling.

    Here’s a snippet of how three females from 3 different continents took a solo expedition to Bali. All of them had blast and end up making so many friends and having out of the world experience.  

    Story 1:- Diana Mihaela Kovacs, Europe

    Diana Mihaela Kovacs

    Let’s start from story of Diana Mihaela Kovacs from Romania who initially planned her journey with her friend who couldn’t join her somehow. However, her high spirit didn’t let her stop and she planned to take the trip solo. Now you must be wondering what all she did and what all places she covered. Here is the list.

    She started her journey from Romania in mid of August and stayed there for 15 days.

    Places she covered were:-

    1. Taman Tirta Ganga
    2. Angel’s Billabong Nosa
    3. Kutampi Beach & Village
    4. Tanah Lot Temple
    5. Ocean 360 Beach Club
    6. Munduk Waterfall
    7. Goa Giri Campuhan GCC waterfall
    8. Blue Lagoon
    9. Lovina Bali
    10. Ngiring Ngewedang Coffee Shop
    11. Toya Retreat
    12. Mount Batur
    13. Dtukad River Club
    14. Blasinga Waterfall
    15. Pura Gunung Kawi
    16. Goa Gajah – Elephant Cave
    17. Lagana Warung

    She went back rejuvenated after capturing some amazing moments as shared below in a small video.

    Dianna – Bali Trip

    Story-2 – Keiryn Lenoy , Australia


    This female hales from the other side of the continent that’s Australia. She is another high spirited tennis player who was quite thrilled to plan her solo trip to none other than dream city of Bali. She was even more excited as she planned it during her birthday i.e. 19th August which she celebrated with her new friends in Bali. So coming straight to her trip, places she covered were amazing as well. Some of them are mentioned below

    1. Tegenungan Waterfall
    2. Nusa Ceningan (Snorkeling & Mushroom Bay) .
    3. La Plancha
    4. Agung Lempayung
    5. Kintamani Mountain View
    6. Pandava Beach
    7. Garuda Vishnu Cultural Park

    It was the first solo trip for Keriyn and she indeed had blast as is evident from her captured moments as displayed below.

    Story 3 – Srishti Sharma , India

    Srishti Sharma

    So, guys, this is about me. I am from Delhi, India. Like the females above, had a great time as well.  I would like to make your life easy by sharing my experiences. This is technically my 4th solo trip.

    I have been travelling from a decade with the group of solo travelers but this was one of the kinds. All of my trips have some story to tell and that’s why I love traveling. Let me start by sharing a small video of mine’s

     Solo trips are more interesting as you know the world even more closely. Let me tell you what all I covered and how I planned my trips. So I planned my travel and stay through make my trip and took a tour with Sanura travels.

    I would like to give a special mention about the lady who manages it Yuliani. She helps in customizing my whole trip, initially; I took a package from Oyo holidays and paid 25% in advance.

    But since I was not convinced about their knowledge canceled it though I didn’t get any refund. But I realized taking a local tour from Bali is far better.  

    I started my journey with Ubud followed by Handara Gate and Nusa Penida. This was best I could cover on a short trip of 4 days.

    Stay Hotel Fashion:-

     I Stayed in Hotel Fashion in Legion Kuta. It’s reasonable accommodation with good breakfast buffet. Challenge you will find is in the light inside the room which is very dim. Also at the breakfast table, you may get bewildered as there’s not much staff to assist though the food is lavish.  

    Kuta Street

    Now, this is one of the popular streets in Bali for all good and bad reasons. It’s one of the crowded places and you may love to do some street shopping here. However, be aware of mischief mongers who may snatch your phone.

    Even the shopkeepers are not trustworthy they chase you if you don’t buy products. Some of them are even casual in patting you to buy from there shop. And may be rude or sexist as well, avoid them and go by your instincts. Better to buy from the shop managed by females. Some stuff is cheap and best to buy from here.  


    Ubud got many places to explore; the one I choose was a terrace garden. You need to pay the entrance fee of 10,000 IDR to visit the farm. Inside the garden, there’s lush greenery and spots to clicks but mind you they are chargeable, for the click below I paid around 1,00,000 IDR.

     Also, you can try swing there which again is chargeable. The cost I paid was Rs. 15, 00,000 with clicks. You can spend some time there if you and trek a bit to glance at the farm.

    Handara Gate

    My next destination was the famous Instagram spot. Now, this was customized, when I asked Oyo holidays they said it was not possible. Thanks to Yuliani who made it possible for me. Though I had to spend 30,000 IDR for the same and wait in a queue but it was worth the shot.  

    There were annoying people in the group who extended the time for clicks but it was worth the click I got. Special thanks to Yuliani staff Kadak who has taken this wonderful shot. I thoroughly enjoyed scenic beauty there.

    By the time I was done with Handara it was already late to reach back to my hotel. Though I had planned to go to temple & Tanah lot on the way but I ditched it.

    Nusa Penida – East & West

    So Nusa Penida is one of the famous islands in Bali. One thing that you should know about this place it’s divided into two sections east and west. The boat starts from Sanur. You will get lots of agents that can help you book your ride there. They can be booked online at a decent price.

    After reaching the island you can take a bike or cab. You can plan to stay there overnight as well for a better experience.  You can consult your agent as well to arrange for you in advance. Like I did, so I had a cab waiting for me as soon as landed there. I choose to visit the east side.

    Since I had limited time winded my trip after capturing a stunning view. To spend more time you can always start a little early. So I winded my trip with this island. Guys who manage the trip from Sanur dropped me to my hotel in a cab. I relaxed there as the next day was my flight.

    Souvenir Shop – Krishna

    There is so much to explore in Bali that you hardly get time to shop for your people back home. Thanks to my travel agents who suggest this big retail outlet with multiple options for souvenirs. I bought a couple of items and was a relief.

    Here’s my short you tube video of few places , do visit and like if you enjoyed watching.

    Tour – Sanura Travels: –

    Srishti -Travel Blogger with Yuliani – Founder Sanura

    As I mentioned about Yuliani Sanura , this lady changed my mind to cancel my package. She got in-depth knowledge about Bali. You ask and she got the solution. Her drivers are quite courteous and friendly. You can connect on her facebook page – Sanura Tours. She is usually text away and can be reached on +62-817-4731-836

    Now you may wonder why I picked these three stories only. The reason is simple we all felt connected as it was planned at the same time. However, we planned to connect but couldn’t. Nevertheless, the spirit was the same and can resonate with each other.  

    If you want to know more about Bali feel free to connect. Bali is very vast you can customize your itinerary according to the number of days you plan to stay there and the places you choose to visit. To know more here is a short YouTube video link that may help you further:-

    Explore Bali

    How Aarav Rescued a Travel Scam in Thailand?

    Aarav, my friend, a software engineer from India is a globe trotter. His passion to explore has taken him to places. Due to frequent last minute cancellations by his friends on many trips, he decided to become a solo traveler.

    His wanderlust made him join many travel groups that made him learn how to plan his itinerary. Another day when we were sitting in a CCD lounge he was talking about one of his expedition. It was regarding his first solo trip to Bangkok, Thailand.  

    Aarav recalls how vulnerable he was unless he got alert of many scams going on there. He was proudly informing how he saved himself from one of the possible scams that he could have been a victim.

    His smartness and presence of mind saved him. It was about the year 2016 when he was all thrilled and packed for his trip to Thailand. Before that, he only read about travel scams in India but now he can vouch Bangkok has more severe scams.

    He was excited as it was his 2nd international trip from India but this time solo. Aarav was an avid traveler back India but he now wanted to get the global exposure. Hardly had he known the world out there is not as rosy as presumed. Many scammers are waiting for their prey.

    After all, that’s how they are making some extra bucks to survive. After his experience, he has been regretting not to buy the book that I have written for female’s solo trips but can be a good guide to anymore. If you haven’t got your copy yet then you can click on this link below:-  

    Untold Blessings of Solo Traveler Diva

    It does have a chapter talking about how can you stay safe and thus prevent any scam. Above is the paperback addition, if you want to download a free copy from kindle then get your edition now.

    Free Kindle E-Book on Safe Travel

    If you face any difficulty in getting your copy then please comment or reach out to me.


    Aarav’s Wallet Theft During Airport Security Check

    So it was the day when Aarav was leaving for India from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.  He rushed to the airport in a jiffy as it was a morning flight and he missed his alarm. Aarav put all his stuff in security belt along with his wallet separately that he kept out to pay for a taxi. As soon as the items came he counted them along with the wallet. To his surprise, he realized more than half of the currency was missing that was equivalent to Rs. 15,000.  

    He could sense something fishy during the security check. Though it was time for him to board the flight Aarav checked he still has few minutes. He raised the alarm to the Airport authorities and they didn’t have any option rather than help him.

    They checked the CCTV and figured out that the official sitting there was stealing the money out of his wallet. He got his money back and he rushed to flight assuming that official was reprimanded. But who knows? He was just happy that he got his money without scamming the scammers in the right way.

    In our chit chat, he also discussed other famous scams in Thailand especially in Bangkok that travelers must stay cautious. Some of the common ones are listed below.  

    Travel Scams in Bangkok

    Travel Scams

    Taxi Scams

    This is one of the most common scams all over Thailand. Most of the drivers here can’t speak in English and they run fake meters. They will try to convince you through the signals that they are aware of the route just to confuse you further.

    At the end of the trip, you may be aghast to see the bill and may say to yourself it’s a scammed taxi. Even travel scam in Greece may be less painful than here. 

    Prepaid Sim Scams

    Another scam in this country is selling prepaid sim all across the streets without exact information of the data. As soon as you insert it in your mobile you will realize the talk time and data is gone in no time.

    Tuk Tuk Scams

    Thailand Tuk-Tuk is more or less like a haunted mode of transport. They know very well how a taxi driver may play around so they will already charge exorbitant cost. Since you may not have a choice you may be tempted to ride just to realize they will start asking for more in the middle of the ride.  

    Spa Scams

    One known thing that Bangkok is famous for is Spa. They give you all kinds of spas. At times you may like to try these spas for all good reasons. However, may not be a surprise to many your massager may ask for extra during the session.

    Now what is meant by that is very well known to few who are taking frequent trips to Bangkok. If you are not willing to go for that extra they may pressurize you and ask for money even if you don’t opt for the same.  

    Private Tour Scams

    So if you plan a trip solo then you just can’t afford to plan your itinerary there. Even if you go in a group you need some package there. Major reason for the same is drivers hardly know English and most of the people are illiterate.

    The only option left for you is to book a tour that can leverage your situation and sell off their package at an exorbitant rate.  And if you are single they may scam you in private luxury tour covering limited places. Such tours agencies are mushroomed on the airport and propose one or more tempting offers just to trick you in some scams.  

    Hotel Scams

    People think hotels in Bangkok are available at cheaper rates. Hardly do they know the courtesy of staff inside. Some of the cheapest hotels got the rudest staff. Moreover, the food & beverage they use is served with used glasses or cutlery. Aarav had such experience in one of the hotels named Great Residence located near the airport.  

    “Precious Gem Stone Scam”

    Another scam that might be on your way is your tour guide, taxi or tuk-tuk taking you to the infamous gem store. You may be dazzled with the accessories they serve but most often they are overpriced and not worth the cost. Local drivers scam you by taking there as they make a commission out of it.  

    Visa scams

    So nowadays Thailand is offering a free visa on arrival. What takes a toll is a huge queue that easily takes around 2-3 hours. You may get scammed by taking express land of 200 Thai bhats that is not legal. Even after paying the bribe there’s no surety whether you will get easy clearance from the security.

    Wi-Fi Scams

    You may get free Wi-Fi in Bangkok just to let them get access to your private data. Even the hotels may give you access to the same just to trap you in internet scams. You must have heard about similar stories about Travel scams in Vietnam but the one in Bangkok is more severe.

    Mobile Snatchers Scams

    Beware of taking a casual walk on the streets of Bangkok. You may be the prey of thief’s who can snatch your mobile by scamming you asking about the route. Aarav came to know about the phone scams only after hearing some real stories from a fellow traveler.

    Night Life Scams

    Bangkok is well known for its nightlife. Mostly the males get allured by fashionista glamorous models. Once they get hook up with them they realized they are transgender. Before they could do anything they are already scammed. At times people have got victimized with some of the biggest scamswhile exploring such night lives.

    Food Scams

    Never order a Tea in a Thai restaurant. To make some money, they will serve you but the taste is just intolerable. This may be just a trick to get your money.  

    Currency Exchange Scams

    There are counters everywhere in Bangkok who are willing to exchange your currency. Rate of exchange is a scam to let you lose your money and fill their pockets.  

    “Get You Beer” Scams

    Now, this is one scam everyone who is visiting Bangkok must know. As soon as you walk through some streets known for the nightlife some man may offer you a free beer or at a very less price. You may get the urge to accompany them but there’s a hidden cost that you will come to know after consuming your pint of beer.

    Local Market Scams

    Bangkok is known for selling some cheap stuff. Some of them may be good but few are just a scam. After selecting your item you will be pushed to buy minimum 5. This is more common is the accessories shops that a Thai local might be selling.  

    How Not to Get Trapped From These Scams?

    The important thing is how to stay smart and enjoy your trip like a pro in Thailand. After all, you must always leverage positive side of the place. Here are some of the tips that can always safeguard you from any kind of scams.  

    • Research About the Place

    Well plan is half done”. Good research before visiting any place always proves to be beneficial. You can always read about what are the scams that you are vulnerable and play safe.

    • Plan Your Itinerary

    Traveling without an itinerary is like a shoe without a lace. You can always plan where all you wish to visit as per your budget.  

    • Enquire About the Package

    It’s good to decide how you are going to execute your itinerary. You may be keen on taking a package or other services. Managing it adhoc after reaching your destination may turn out to be more costly. Moreover, you may be at risk of getting scammed in a foreign land especially when it comes to Bangkok.

    • Manage your Luggage

    There are mischief mongers at every corner. You can always have a cross-body bags and locks for all your pieces of baggage. This can safeguard you against any kind of theft. In the case of Aarav, he realized that he could have avoided that hassle of money theft by placing it in his bag. So keep your precious items minimal and zipped.

    • Check the Review and Recommendations

    It’s always good to check the review and recommendations of the place before booking it. Usually, the rating at trip advisor is most genuine and credible. Many of the online scams can be prevented by staying in good rated place.

    Last but the least always have travel insurance that can always act as a rescue against any risk. You can stay safe with even a Travel scam in Europe by using suitable travel insurance plan for yourself.  

    After knowing these 16 travel scams and possible solution hope you stay alert during your next International visit. Also, you must be convinced that the list of scams in India is nothing as compared to Thailand.  Rather tourism in India is much more friendly and safe.

    To sum up, stay smart and book your trip and never give up on traveling no matter what. Take it as learning and leverage the immense benefits of traveling especially solo. You can always join travel communities to make your trip more fun.

    How Kim Got Passport Through Travel Insurance?

    Travel Insurance takes the least preference among other insurance because people are ignorant about its benefits. On the contrary, a suitable Travel Policy is quintessential for any traveler like Term, Endowment, Health, etc.

    That is what happened when Kim, an Anglo-Indian was on bon voyage to Europe. As soon as she reached Paris, she realized one of her handbag was missing. She was skeptical whether she forgets at a food joint in India or someone stole it during the security check. Kim felt her trip was spoiled, more than that her inhibition was how she will sail through in a foreign land.

    She suddenly recalled the travel insurance policy she has taken from her agent. Her presence of mind made her call him and she was assisted with the instant support. She was not only able to apply for a duplicate passport but was aided with all the related expenses as well.

    Can you image yourself in the shoe of Kim? How will you handle such situation? The best way will be to play safe like her and get your travel insurance whenever you are planning your next trip.

    What Exactly is Travel Insurance?

    Travel Insurance is a policy that can guarantee you a smooth and safe trip. You may be aware of the benefits of traveling but how much are you aware of travel safety essentials? One must thing for any trip to ensure a safe journey is buying a Travel policy. You can choose between many types of Insurance for travel. When it comes to choosing travel insurance international then it has all the more benefits.

    However before paying your insurance premium you must go through the travel insurance brochure to read the several benefits that it offers. Certainly domestic insurance is also good to consider along with your travel insurance overseas.  

    Above all, Travel Insurance is the policy that can guarantee you a safe and secure journey. After buying a good policy for your travel, you can be relieved of any unnecessary stress. Insurance for travel is taken for so many reasons, one of the most popular is travel insurance medical policy.

    This may be taken primarily for ensuring any health hazards during your journey. However, there are many others types of travel policies that can be considered. One of the myths in traveler’s mind is they may not need travel insurance Europe policy as this continent is developed.

    This is especially the case with the local travelers within many countries of Europe. However, this may just be a myth, travel insurance in 2020 is expected to get many leads from this region as well. Hope with the small overview of the travel policy you know what exactly is the meaning of Travel Insurance.

    Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

    With so many unparalleled benefits that your Travel Insurance can provide, you must be certainly convinced to buy one for you. Furthermore, you can have a glance at more benefits as depicted in the info-graphic below.

    Travel Insurance Essentials

    Besides the benefits listed in the image above, there could be many other reasons you may need to have travel Insurance. You can always consult a travel coach or an agent for better clarity. Life Insurance cover is usually a basic ingredient of any travel insurance plan.

    Various Types of Travel Insurance

    While buying a travel insurance you will come across many types , here is a list of few of the best.

    Types of Travel Insurance

    Most importantly, before buying an Insurance plan for your trip you must check their features and select the one that is most suitable and budget friendly.

    What is the Cost of Travel Insurance?

    Many may not be aware but the fact is the cost of travel insurance may be less than 1% of your entire trip. The exact price may vary from the type of insurance you may prefer for your travel. More coverage may lead to a hike in the price of the insurance. You can always check all the features and decide about what kind of travel insurance plan will be suitable for your requirements.

    Alternatively, you can check the insurance web aggregators that can help you compare various insurance before buying. If you have a preference for any brand then you can buy from them directly.

    On the other hand, If you wish to get some additional services then you can always catch hold of insurance agents directly. Any method of buying your insurance for travel may have one benefit or the other. You can choose the one that is most suitable as per your needs. 

    Factors to Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance

    Out of many players who offers you travel insurance plan you may be wondering what is the right platform to buy your travel policy. Before even deciding about your Insurance partner for your travel policy you can consider a few things as explained below.


    Your Travel Insurance can have as much coverage as you may wish to have. You can take additional benefits by paying some additional money. Some of the add-ons in your travel policy that can be beneficial could be recovering stolen money, 100% medical aid and many more. You can always analyze your need and check with your travel insurance agent about the same.


    The cost of your basic travel policy can be very low. However, it also depends upon the features of the policy and from whom you are buying it. You can always check all the attributes of travel insurance before buying it.  

    Days of Travel

    More your days of travel more will be the reason you must buy decent insurance for your travel. It takes time to adapt to the new culture and you may likely be prone to few ailments. At the same time, you might be the prey of some mischief mongers who can ruin the trip by tricking you and stealing your stuff. The only thing that can come to your rescue you in the good travel policy.

    Above all, along with the above criteria don’t forget to check the customer feedback on specific travel policy. Most importantly analyze what kind of insurance will suit you. If you are a solo traveler than your insurance requirements will be quite different from student or family.

    How to Buy Your Travel Insurance?

    Travel Insurance Companies

    Many insurance companies can offer you the travel insurance plan of your choice. You may plan to visit them at their centers or can buy from them directly online.

    Some of the noteworthy Insurance companies are:-

    • Religare

    Religare is a trusted branded with over 74 offices pan India. In the space of Travel Insurance, it has got many options. You can select the one you want and contact them.

    With the base of crores of happy customers, HDFC ERGO has established itself as a popular brand. Furthermore, for any enquiry about the insurance, they may just be a call away.  As a result , they are one of the preferred brand of many travelers.

    • Iffco Tokio

    To check out some more variations in Travel Insurance you can browse the options from popular brand Iffco Tokio. Certainly like other players, they got lots of variations in their travel insurance policies. Therefore you must consider buying your policy from them.

    Online Insurance Aggregators

    The digital world has made life easier by the advent of online insurance aggregators. They can not only help you compare various plans but assure you the best rates as well. As a result, we have many players booming up in this niche. So to make your life easy we have listed few.             

    Policy Bazaar is one of the oldest and leading players when it comes to any kind of Insurance. Certainly it leads In the travel insurance domain as well. . Furthermore, you can check various plans from their site as well.

    • Insurance Pandit

    Another e-commerce insurance player that is just a call away is Insurance Pandit. You can always get your travel policy as per your budget from here. Above all, they can help you with the customize plan , to know more visit their website.  

    • Cover Fox

    Cover fox is another leading player in the web insurance aggregator space. Besides the comparison, you can get the travel insurance plan of your choice with just a click of the mouse.

    Agents or Brokers

    Agents or Brokers are the individuals whom you can consult to buy your chosen Travel Policy. Furthermore, they are the third party who can facilitate you with the best travel insurance plan. Certainly, they can be an individual or a firm. For instance and to clarify some are:-

    • Your International Sim provider
    • Transport Partner
    • Trip Advisor
    • Individual Agents

     Now that you know the importance of travel insurance, you must buy a suitable travel policy to have a fun-filled trip.

    How Sara Became Solo Traveler After Khajuraho?

    Sara- Khajuraho


    Khajuraho is a city of temples that depicts so many stories. Traveling is a pleasure any time of the year in this city of temples. Little did Sara know that she will create a story while her journey from Delhi to Khajuraho. It’s Sara enchanting story of her solo traveling expedition hidden someone in the soul of Khajuraho. More than the city you will fall in love with an adventurous yet interesting story of Sara & Rohit.

    Trip– Delhi to Khajuraho

    It’s about the year 2014 when Sara was planning a trip to the beautiful city of Khajuraho with the group of solo travelers. For a girl who was divorcee and 33 years of age, traveling was the best escape from a bunch of judging people all around. The journey seems to be thrilling as all strangers could connect very well.

    Age group was also the same from 25 to 35 years.  Sara was all excited but bit nervous too as she just started her solo traveling expedition.  Though she preferred to land in Khajuraho airport from Delhi but she decided to explore the road trip. She didn’t consult any travel agents in Delhi for this trip rather she used meetup app.

    So group of around 15 odd people that Sara choose began their journey from CP. Almost all were unfamiliar unless they met in the restaurant in Delhi before the trip.  Sara was feeling little shy as all guys were trying to hit on her as she was as innocent as a cow and pretty as a flower.  On one side, she wanted to be friendly another side there was something that was stopping here.  

    As their tempo traveler took off there was this guy whom she was exchanging the looks invited her to his seat. Since she was sitting alone she trusted her instincts and joined him over a pint of beer. There was no other comfortable place then the seat next to this handsome stranger named Rohit, for her.

    They both had some cozy chat, who in life would know that this will take a different turn after the trip. For Sara, it was just overcoming her divorce blues with this guy. There was another guy Deepak who became an agony aunt who accompanies Sara thought in Metro but to his bad luck, she ignored him.

    This gang of young people landed in Khajuraho in 3 star resorts after a tiring journey of 12 hours from Delhi to Khajuraho. While they were chilling out at night on the beats of DJ, Rohit asked Sara to go out for a walk. They both were sloshed and walking holding each other’s arm had some intense conversation. Innocent Sara started falling for him while Rohit was sharing his sad story. He revealed all except that he was married.  

    Sara & Rohit – Some Good Time in  Khajuraho

    They both were declared as a couple in the group as they looked amazing together as if they were made for each other. In the trip of 5 days, they had time of their life. Nevertheless, they still were not so close that they forget their limit and slept with each other. It was just those intimate moment s like a lovey-dovey that they were sharing. Sara felt nostalgic while her kissing and cuddling time with Rohit, she recalled her past relationship and also was trying to move on from there.

    It was like another courtship and honeymoon period for her. Before she could know Rohit well trip was over. She was sad and felt as if life has come to an end. Rohit behaved little weird at the end of the trip. He hardly bid goodbye in the way she expected. Rather he was in a hurry to escape as if he has stolen something.  Of course, Sara felt cheated as her heart was a little broken.  

    Back to Delhi

    The story doesn’t end here worst is yet to come. So all these travelers were connected with what’s app group. They all were very cool and friendly. Rohit and Sara were in the same group. The trip was so good that hangover was not over for most of them. They were desperate to meet each other again. So all of them planned a night out in Delhi.  

    Sara was really happy as it was another chance for her to meet Rohit. She got ready but was not sure whether Rohit was coming or not. She pinged to check, where he sounded little tentative. She could sense something fishy about Rohit even since their short trip was ended. After her constant pursue, Rohit got ready and these strangers who become friends meet again in Haus Khas.  

    It was a good night out for the gang Sara also became quite outgoing and had a ball with the group and Rohit. All was well unless she discovered after that outing that Rohit was not only married but had a kid. All her happiness become standstill, after this hangout, she felt like a victim and went in depression.    

    Khajuraho Hangover & Aftermath

    While she was trying to cope up with her rough phase she got a call from Rohit’s sister. She was surprised and curious at the same time. Sara was told that Rohit is missing from home and they anticipated him to be with her. Her world seems to be shaking as she didn’t know how to handle that. Her fellow travelers asked her to met his family once and convince that she is clueless.

    For her it was draining as she was not yet over with the emotional hurt by Rohit, on the top she has to justify something she never did. Since Sara didn’t want to land in any trouble met them and assured them it was not because of her their brother or son has run. She was now worried and wondering where Rohit has gone. The Love story that never began was more painful than any gain now. Sara was reified when she came to know Rohit is back. 

    Lesson Learnt From Khajuraho Trip

    With this trip, Sara took a resolution not to get friendly with strangers and took it as a learning lesson. Above all traveling helped her grow holistically that motivated her to take many such trips in the future. She became smart and cautious traveller who never fell for guys like Rohit .When she looks back now when she’s 38 she still recalls why you must visit Khajuraho and what all you can visit there.

    Places to Visit in Khajuraho

    For those who don’t know Khajuraho is the district in Madhya Pradesh and hub of many mythological and religious temples. This city will certainly connect you with ancient time stories.

    Lakshman Temple

    Kandariya Mahadev Temple

    Adinath Temple

    Mantangeshwar Temple

    Raney Falls

    Ken Gharial Sanctuary

    Panna National Park

    Beni Sagar Dam

    Archaeological Museum

    Ajaigarh Fort

    To Sum up, Sara since that time feels the exposure she got from her Khajuraho trip was more than compensation to her bad experience with Rohit. Now she has set herself free and become a world traveler.

    If you also feel life is not going your ways or getting trapped in mundane routine then it’s time to empower yourself by taking a trip to your dream destination. Would like to know what are the challenges you have in taking a solo trip.

    Please share your story in the comment below, our team will reach out for any rescue. One of the book that you can read to know about traveling is :- The Shooting Star: A Girl, Her Backpack and the World 

    40 Best Heritage Forts and Palaces Worth Visiting in India

    India is one of the cultural heritages of the world. One of the attractions that best depicts the legacy of its traditions are the famous palaces, some of which are converted into forts.

    You can not only vouch the picturesque site there but get connected to the historical richness of the country. Indian once called as the golden bird has still retained many of these sculptures which are worth traveling.

    It is interesting to know how the opulence of the kings from ancient India created grandeur sculptures of palaces through the best of artisans. Many of the royal palaces of India are converted into the world famous five-star hotels.

    More than half of these beautiful forts can be found in the historical state of Rajasthan. Red city of India in Jaipur itself is surrounded by around 15 forts. You can explore some other amazing fort and palaces in and around India.

    Best Forts & Palaces in India

    1.) Orchha Fort, Madhya Pradesh

    Travel to : Orchha Resort

    Orchha got some of the peculiar styles of forts that are designed like an umbrella. To get some vintage Indian pictures through your lens you can plan to travel here.   

    2.) Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

    Hawa Mahal is one of the palaces in India that got converted into a vintage museum.  You will be reminded of the attire of the then kings and warrior. You can also have a look at some of the vintage car there.

    3.) Gwalior Fort, Gwalior

    This fort is one of the precious possessions of the Mughals because of its strong and secure structure. The then emperor doesn’t consider it less than a pearl among the huge palaces they possess.  

    4.) Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan  

    Kumbhalgarh got the second biggest fort in the Rajsamand district of the Rajasthan. UNESCO has already declared Kumbhalgarh Fort as one of the heritage site.

    5.) Mysore Palace, Mysore

    One of the major attractions in the city of Mysore is one of the grand India palaces known as Amba Vilas Palace also called as Mysore Palace. It’s so huge that you may need at least 2-3 hours to cover the entire area.

    6.) Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

    The beautiful fort of Golconda is located approximately 9 km above the famous Hussain Sagar Lake. This castle in India is known for the sound echo even from the bottom.

    7.) Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

    Mehrangarh Fort : Jodhpur

    Beautifully structured Mehrangarh fort is one of the biggest forts located in Jodhpur. It’s spread over the huge areas and got lots of activities happening inside the fort. One of which is the classical Rajasthani music by the locals.  

    8.) Fatehpur Sikri, Agra  

    One of the oldest and popular Fort lies in the Agra. The Fort of Fathepur Skiri is well known for many religious reasons as well. If you are wondering what to put inside a fort then you must know it’s just about the tying the knot there. People often do that to get their wish fulfilled. Once they are able to get what they asked for, they are supposed to open this thread

    9.) Red Fort, Delhi  

    Red Fort is one of the most popular attractions in the capital city of Delhi. This place is known to conducts many workshops that talk about the history of this Fort.

    10.) City Palace, Jaipur

    City Palace is another popular tourist spot in Jaipur. You will just get mesmerized by seeing the beautiful artworks now converted in the museum inside the palace.

    11.) Agra Fort, Agra

    Agra is known for Taj Mahal but many also visit to watch the architectural masterpiece of King Ashoka i.e Agra Fort. It was created way back in 1573 but still well maintained to leave the travelers astonished by its world-class sculptures.

    12.) Neemrana Palace Fort, Alwar  

    Neemrana is known for its beautiful palace. It is one of the Indian palaces for sale for its beautiful property to stay and dine. It also hosts a couple of adventure sports for which people like to visit here.  

    13.) Lohagarh Fort, Bharatpur

    Few would know that besides famous Bharatpur bird century this city also has a hidden gem of Lohagarh Fort. It is indeed one of the cultural heritage you can witness here.  

    14.) Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan

    Fort of Sindhudurg is an Iconic landscape located on Arabian Sea. Whenever you planning a trip to Sindhudurg include in your itinerant.

    15.) St. Angelo Fort, Kerala

    Kerala is heaven on earth, with the fort of St. Angelo in it’s Kannur you got all the more reason to visit here.

    16.) Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer

    Jaisalmer is the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Fort of Jaisalmer is well known to display all the cultural epics of the city. This place is not only good to visit for shopping but for some vintage Indian pictures as well.

    17.) Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad

    Do you know that the fort of Daulatabad was the capital of Tughlaqs? To dig deep down in the history you must visit here.  

    18.) Ranthambore Fort,  Rajasthan

    To connect more with the history of Rajasthan it’s worth taking a trip to Ranthambore Fort in Rajasthan.  

    19.) Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh  

    Chittorgarh Fort is one of the biggest forts that exists in the city of Chittorgarh. This city is known for the number of forts but fort of Chittorgarh is one of the must visit.  

    20.) Rampur Fort, UP  

    Rampur is one of the connecting cities in UP to famous traveling destinations. Enroute to your ultimate destination you can visit the Rampur fort to make your journey complete.

    21.) Amer Fort, Jaipur

    Amer fort also called as Amber Fort is another well-known place to visit in Jaipur. Trekking down to this place is worth an effort to enjoy the sculptural artifacts of this place.  

    22.) Ramnagar Fort, Varanasi  

    Ramnagar Fort is good to visit to see the ancient weapons at the era of emperors. This fort can be covered within 30-45 minutes.  

    23.) Warangal Fort, Telangana

    Warangal Fort in Telangana leaves the traveler stunned by its foundation on a single rock. Unique architectural beauty that is good to go for any trip.

    24.) Anegundi Fort, Hampi  

    Hampi is Karnataka is coming in limelight and is becoming a famous tourist attraction because of the historical heritage. Fort of Anegundi is one of the must visit place here.

    25.) Bandra Fort, Mumbai

    If you are planning your next trip to Mumbai and want to take a photo walk then you can keep Bandra Fort as one of the options.

    26.) Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

    Jaigarh Fort is another feather in the cap of the fort collections in the pink city of Jaipur.

    27.) Chapora Fort, Goa

    This is the fort where the famous movie of Dil Chahta Hein was shooted. People visit here to experience some peaceful me time as well. 

    28.) Sisupalgarh Fort, Orissa

    If you are planning to take a trip to Orissa then you may add Sisupalgarh fort in your itinerary.

    29.) Rajmachi Fort, Maharashtra

    Rajmachi is known to be hill station fort of Lonavala. You can get some of the best vintage Indian pictures because of serene beauty in and around.  

    30.) Visapur Fort, Pune

    Visapur fort is another tourist spot on the land of Maharashtra. To know more about it you can click here:- Fort of Visapur.

    31.) Bhangarh Fort, Alwar  

    Bhangarh is declared as one of the most haunted places in the world. People like to visit the fort to get the thrill and prove their bravery.

    32.) Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

    Nahargarh Fort is one of the popular picnic spots in the city of Jaipur. Its roll coaster landscape keeps the visitors curious.

    33.) Fort Aguada, Goa

    To experience the beach city of Goa differently you can travel to the beautiful fort of Aguada.    

    34.) Lake Palace, Udaipur

    This beautiful palace in Udaipur will make you wonderstruck with its serene beautiful now surrounded by the lake all around. It is one of the Indian places for sale that’s now converted into five-star properties and hosts many destinations weddings.  

    35.) Taragarh Fort, Bundi

    Another fort in the State of Rajasthan is Taragarh known for one or the other reason. To get some experiential traveling you can visit here.

    36.) Murud Janjira Fort, Maharashtra  

    Not many have heard of but there is another unexplored fort in Maharashtra by name of Janjira. Go solo or with family and some of the best clicks.

    37.) Junagarh Fort, Bikaner

    If you plan to take a trip to Bikaner then do plan to cover Junagarh fort famous for its cultural heritage.

    38.) Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

    Rambagh Palace has been converted into a commercial luxurious property that people prefer to stay during their stay in Jaipur. Ancient interiors of this palace get all the attention of the guests.

    39.) Cooch Behar, West Bengal  

    Many may not be aware of the beautiful fort of Cooch Behar in West Bengal. Whenever you plan to visit the state of West Bengal do visit here.

    40.) Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

    Umaid Bhavan is one of the palaces that is partially converted into the five-star property by Taj. It is among the best palaces in India with the eye-catching site all around and beautiful décor inside the palace.  

    Hope you are ready to pack your bags to the chosen forts and palaces. To get the best deal to book your stay in any of the commercial forts converted into palaces can be checked online from sites like Make My Trip, Ibibio and many others. Wishing you all the best in your travel expedition for the best forts and palaces within India.

    Top 20 Restaurants in China That You Must Visit

    People from all over the world visit China for one or other reasons. It is one of the popular cities across the globe in East Asia. There are lots to be explored by a globe trotter while visiting this city. One of the best parts of this city the variations of cuisines across the popular cities in China.  Though there are a lot of cities worth visiting in this country, however, some of the most popular are Hongkong, Macau, Beijing & Shanghai. You can explore a lot in all of them. 

    Out of all the attractions offered by these popular towns don’t forget to have popular delicacies in the popular dining places here. It may not just be about the Chinese food here you can expect many types of cuisines besides the famous Chinese restaurant. Some of the popular restaurants in China are listed in the article. Experiencing the finest dining in China can enrich your traveling experience here.

    Best Restaurants & Cuisines in the Popular Cities of China

    Before even going through the famous restaurants in China you must know what all are the cuisines they serve. Some of the best restaurants in China can bring on your plate chef special delicacies. Chinese fine dining restaurant can offer you a wide variety of Chinese, Steakhouse, Japanese, Portuguese, Sushi, Thai, Seafood, Italian, American & even Indian food. Now let’s explore the best places to eat in China.  

    Restaurants in Shanghai

    Jin Xuan, Chinese Restaurant 
    Jin Xuan

    If you are discovering the best places to eat in China then you will not be disappointed by visiting Jin Xuan. You can experience Chinese fine dining here. Furthermore, you can also taste some selected local cuisines of China here.

    Flair Rooftop – Japanese Cuisine

    To relish some Japanese delicacies at the spending ambiance you must visit  Flair Rooftop in Shanghai.  This is one of the best restaurants in Shanghai, China where you can varieties of Japanese & other Asian cuisines. With the stunning rooftop view, this dining place is certainly the most beautiful restaurant in the world.  

    Vedas Indian Restaurant

    If you are from Indian or a vegetarian then Vedas will be the best places to eat in China. You will get to taste lots of chef special items at a very affordable price.

    Shintori – Sushi Special Dining

    To try some of the world class Sushi, Shintori is the place to check in. Some of the best of China delicacies can also be experienced here.  You can also get gluten-free food if you are on some special diet.    

    Chenglonghang – Seafood

    This seafood restaurant is one of the top-rated places in almost all the food review sites including the trip advisor. You will get some delicious crabs here along with other famous Chinese and Asian cuisines.  

    Fine Dining in Macau

    International Trip China : Dining Places Macau
    Urban Kitchen, Cuisine: Portuguese

    If you wish to give a jerk to your taste buds by some classy Portuguese meal then this is the place you must visit.  In fact, this is the place where you have the privilege to order continental food of your choice.

    Goa Nights, Indian Restaurant

    The best thing about restaurants in China is, it got lots of cuisines to choose from. When it comes to the food for breakfast, lunch or dinner some countries prefer only vegetarian. This may not be only because of some special diet plans but due to religious reasons as well. Goa nights is one such dining place in Macau that can serve the best of the vegan food.  

    Dynasty 8; Cuisine: Chinese

    If you want to try the best Chinese restaurants in the world then you must visit this place. You can expect lots of varieties of dimsums, crispy chicken and many other items that can make your day.

    Tatsumi Japanese Restaurant

    This Japanese restaurant can definitely be visited again and again for its mouth-watering dishes. Not just limited to its serving this restaurant is good to visit to experience some fine dining in China.  

     Lotus Palace : Cuisine:  Seafood/Asian/Seafood

    This restaurant in China is a delight to the visitors. If you are a seafood lover then you should not miss this place. If you are exploring authentic Chinese food in China then just drop into this eatery without a second thought.

    Eating Places in Hongkong

    Tin Lung Heen : Cuisine: Chinese
    Trip Hongkong: Tin Lung Heen

    Well known for its dimsums this is one of the popular dining places in Hongkong. You can get some scrumptious Chinese food that is worth the amount you spend here.  If you are looking out for some of the peculiar yummy food like Peking ducks, shrimp toast, baked cod fish then you must visit here.  Their signature dimsums are only available on the weekends. To enjoy the food of your choice you must book your place in advance by calling them or through their website.  

    Gaylord Indian Restaurant: Indian Restaurant in Hongkong

    Indians always struggle to find the right place to eat during an International trip especially if they are vegetarians. Since I am an Indian can empathize with most of them. However many may not be aware that they do have choice of restaurant to choice while they are in China or any other place.

    Gaylord is one of the top reviewed Indian restaurants in Hongkong. It’s a delight for the vegetarians, you can get lot of varieties to choose from. You can get anything from selected barbeque to some juicy lambs with an Indian touch. Vegetarians can select from a wide variety of basmati to the best bread options they serve. After knowing about this restaurant you don’t have to worry about your food for a vegetarian member in your family including yourself. 

    Nabe Dokoro Sessyu: Japanese Restaurant

    This Japanese restaurant in Hongkong is known for the best food and service. You can enjoy many specialties from Japan besides varieties of Sushie’s.

    The Ocean by Olivier Bellin : Cuisine: Seafood

    With the gorgeous interiors and lavish seafood, this is the place then you can’t miss in Hongkong.  

    Chachawan: Thai Restaurant

    This dining in China will mesmerize you by offering some of the premier Thai delicacies.  Check their menu and you will be awestruck with wide varieties of food options you will get.

    Must Try Food in Beijing

    Travel Beijing
    Blue Frog : Cuisine: American

    To get some American flavor in China you can visit Blue Frog.  Form brunch, lunch, dinner you can pick up your preferred time to taste some fantabulous cheese burgers.

    Ristorante Niko Romito, Cuisine: Italian

    While your excursion in Beijing, the capital city of China you can get the feel of Europe by visiting this Italian restaurant. You can get candid with your friends at Sunday brunch with huge varieties of sumptuous food here.  

    Asia Bistro, Cuisine: Japanese/Seafood

    Are you on a hunt for most famous restaurants in the world? Then your search will end at Asia Bistro. It is known to delight you with vintage Japanese and seafood delicacies along with some world famous Asian cuisines.  

    Punjabi Indian Restaurant

    When Indians are everywhere why not the restaurant that serves best Indian food? This fine dining is indulged to give the best experience to all its visitors.  

     Wan Li , Chinese Cuisine

    Savour the best Chinese food in the world by dropping it to Wan Li in Beijing. With one of the best rating, it’s famous to serve superior Peking duck along with some of the well known Asian cuisine.

    Before packing your bags to China shortlist the list of restaurant you wish to visit as per your preferred cuisine. Good food can definitely make your trip complete.  

    10 Differences Between a Traveller and a Tourist That You Must Know

    There are broadly two types of travelers; a Traveler and a Tourist. Difference between a tourist and a traveler may be bleak, but someone who understands what is travelling can easily spot the same. To make it simple all you may need to know is the difference between trip and tour to get clear about whether you are a tourist or a traveler.  Traveller and tourist difference is further clarified with the help of this article.

    Difference Between Traveller and Tourist

    Tourist Prefers Leisure, Traveler is an Explorer

    Tourists are the ones who usually plan their tour whenever they got ample time and budget. They may call it a vacation or a holiday. For these categories of people traveling is done just for leisure and is good short term break, they may lose the essence of what actually traveling is.

    Traveler, on the other hand, is ready for the trip throughout the year. Taking leave may not be an issue. They can even take an expedition at any weekend. They set up a traveling goal in advance to get the real feel of their journey.

    A Tourist Wants Comfort, Traveler Moves out of a Comfort Zone

    A tourist also wants to make their travel as comfortable as possible. In order to do so, they may make a very restrictive plan. They may be phobic in trying something new while any of their journey. On the other hand, a traveler is always willing to move out of their comfort zone. They will intentionally plan their itinerary in such a way that pushes them off the limits.

     Their real purpose of taking a trip might be to explore the world besides their comfort. The traveler is the one who understands what he or she can bring back home after taking an unusual adventurous trip. They literally live on the edge and come back as an evolved person. Such kind of experience is missed by a typical tourist.    

    Tourist Prefers Their Typical Food, Traveler Hunts for Local Cuisine

    A tourist might be least interested in altering his or her eating habits while visiting a new city. A traveler makes his trip complete only by trying some of the famous local cuisine available in the city.

    It would not be to say that a tourist might be little phobic in trying the food that they have never tasted in their life. While a traveler is excited to give some jerk to their taste buds. Even if they find the taste in the city travelled different they would relish it at the end of the day.

    Tourist is Busy Checking Sight-Seeing, Traveler wants to Connect with Locals  

    One of the ways you can spot a Difference between a tourist and a traveler between a tourist and a traveler is by checking their travel plans. A tourist might only be keen on visiting the sights whereas a traveler would always like to know more and more about the locals in the city he or she visits.

    A Tourist is Restricted to a Fixed Itinerary, Traveler Breaks the Monotony

    Since a tourist hardly likes to skip their comfort zone, they are least interested in following any itinerary. All they want a planned Journey. Whereas traveler would always like to make all possible tweak and twist itinerary even if he takes a package. Later strives to plan their own itinerary anytime.

    Tourist Travel in a Group, Traveler is Good with a Solo Trip as Well

    You will always notice tourist would always like to play safe by traveling in a group. Traveler believes in breaking the monotony by choosing to travel solo. This way they don’t have any dependency and can rome anytime anywhere.

    Most of the females who really wish to transition into traveler are concerned about this safety in a new city. To make their life easier they can always go through the book “How to travel like a Diva”. All they need to do is take that first step and miracle starts happening.

    Tourist Chooses  a Comfortable Dress, Traveler Adds Style to Their Attire

    Another way of differentiating between a tourist and a traveler is by way of their dressing. Tourist will always pack the dress that is convenient. A traveler will get the style to the same dress by adding some selected travel accessories.

    A Tourist Takes Time to Pack, A Traveler Packs Like a  Backpacker Even for the Luxury Trip

    One of the daunting tasks for any tourist is how to pack for their next tour. They may take lots of time in selecting their comfort dress and packing it up. A traveler is a subject matter expert in this task.

    Packing clothes may be the last thing they would like to try. For them, it will not be less than a piece of cake. They may take a few minutes and get ready like backpackers for any trip domestic, international, luxury or otherwise.

    A Tourist Brings Back Items and Pictures, Traveler Brings Back Themselves Along With Other Materialistic Items


    Tourist will always be keen on shopping the costliest items from the city travelers and try to take some cool selfies to flaunt. Traveler believes in experiencing with their entire trip. They understand what impact any trip can have on their personality.

    Along with the pictures of beautiful memories clicked they bring back their own self-awareness from any trip. Traveling for a traveler is an unparalleled therapy.

    Tourist Can Never Step in the Shoe of a Traveler Unless They Change

    Last but not the least, a tourist can never understand a traveler unless he becomes one. Traveler, on the other hand, is always flexible to step into any shoes. A solo traveler can play the role of tourist once in a group of friends and always be themselves when traveling alone.

    After understanding the difference between a tourist and a traveler do you still want to be a tourist? Since now you know who is a traveler, you may now not have to pretend how to not look like a tourist. All you need to do is plan next trip and be a traveler, not a tourist. To understand the benefits of a traveler you can try to travel like they do.

    The skills that you can acquire through travelling are explicitly mentioned in this article “7 Skills We Can Acquire Through Experiential Travelling”. If you want to know more then you can check some more articles by clicking on this link:- Travelling Facts.

    Hope you had fun reading this, would like to know your thoughts on the same in the comments below. 

    3 Untold Secrets of Making your Solo Travelling Luxurious

    The best step you could take for your growth is overcoming your fear and facing the challenges. The second step is not to deprive yourself of any kind of privilege that people in a relationship or in a group may have.  We all are social animals but often the space that is required to understand is forgotten. As a result, choose the wrong people who may not be right for you. 

    The only way of analyzing our actual call or purpose is by taking a journey inward which may be easier said than done.  Funny thing is the way to go in is from outside and traveling is key to unlock that. For some old schools solo traveling may be an act of looser however for them grapes may just be sour. 

    People who have already chosen and experienced solo traveling are way more blessed and smart. Many still aspire to take that first step but stuck somewhere. That initial step of starting your solo travel journey need to be started by you. Once taken you will be smitten by the bug of travel that will push you to travel again and again.

    Challenge that any solo-traveler may find is to make their journey more interesting and comfortable. When you travel with someone you may not bother what to do and where to stay as you have your partner in crime. However, if you are traveling solo then the biggest challenge may be choosing the place to stay and to make their journey full of fun.

    Many backpackers may have found their comfort staying in a hostel unless they explore other places. The idea of traveling solo is to find your space but if you have to deal with space crunch while you travel may make you lose focus. Hostel as per me is a spoiler for any trip, especially for a solo traveler. After all, why do you have to compromise with your privacy with anyone?

    Few reasons solo travelers may be reluctant in choosing private space or better property can be as follows.

    • Safety
    • Price
    • Fear of being Judged or ill-treated
    • Hygiene

    One of the most common among them is the price. You may have to pay much more price while you choose a private space. Safety can be dealt with if the property that you choose got a decent rating and is of good standards. Fear of judged and ill-treatment need to be overcome. This is something related to your skill that you need to work on.

    You will meet all kinds of people while you travel and they may judge you for no reason whether you travel solo or with someone. However, chances of judged by traveling solo may be high as you might find yourself more vulnerable. Now, this is one of the biggest challenges that many successful celebrities might be struggling with. I am talking about managing your vulnerabilities which you can learn by traveling solo gradually. By choosing good property 3 start and above you don’t have to worry about hygiene as well.

    The biggest challenge that you need to manage and overcome is Price which will be elaborated here.

    Revealing 3 Untold Secrets of Making Your Solo Trip Luxurious

    One of the biggest myth or constraint which people face in making their trip luxurious is the limitation of funds. You may never have enough money to cover that dream destination unless you give yourself positive affirmations.  It will just take you a few little steps that can bring you closer to your desired travel style. Let luxury travel not just be the heritage of those few who are born with a silver spoon. You can change your destiny just need to believe in yourself.

    Set up your Travel Goals

    Do you set your personal goals or just go with the flow?  If your answer is yes to personal goals then you are on the right track. On the other side if you believe in going with the flow then you are like a dead fish as only she can do it perfectly.  

    You must have heard many times “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”.  One of the common rules of any successful people is to set up their goals. Setting your goals helps you visualize many things and helps you preparing or the challenges ahead. If you really wish to travel then you must include it in your goal sheet as well. Once your traveling goals are set you know how to plan and where to land.

    This may be little daunting task for female solo-travelers.  To make your job easier I have recently launched a book that you can download free on kindle. This book is “Untold Blessings of Solo Traveler Diva” . If you want to take paperback edition that you can click on the link “Be a Travel Diva” . Hope this book motivates you enough to take frequent trips without any inhibitions and makes you strong and smart.

    Manage Your Finances Well

    Next step after setting up your traveling goals is how to arrange required funds for your next trip.  You can set as much budget for your trip as you want, there’s no limit to that. It is also based on the kind of traveler. If you are backpacker then you can travel in the cheapest way. A luxurious traveler may have a different preference.

    You can try both but with proper allocation of your funds. If you plan to travel in a luxurious way then also you need to have some figure in mind to spend. There is again no limit to how much luxurious you want to be. It also depends on the funds at your disposal. If you plan your trip in advance then managing the finance may be the piece of cake.

    Choose the right profession 

    It’s very important that you should love the job you are in. Let traveling not be the escape from the stress of your profession. You can enjoy the fun and status of luxurious travel if people around you support and appreciate rather than judge you. If you are in the right role then traveling will be the icing on the top. Making your trip luxurious will be the icing on the top. On the contrary, if your current profession is a burden then it will spoil even your exorbitant trip.

    First you will have hassle in taking the leave; secondly, you might be worried to get the business calls during your trip too. You should rather look out for a job or business that can give you work-life balance.  The first step to land up in that dream job or business is by creating your resume or portfolio. To make it simpler for you here’s a link to the book that I recently published:- How to Create Impressive Resumes and land up in Your Dream Job ?

    This copy is free for travel solo and smart community. All you need to do is just subscribe to the newsletter. If you don’t receive your free E-book within 2 days then you can write at

    Hope you plan to take your dream luxurious trip soon and share your stories with us. 

    Why Bali is Dream Destination and How to Plan your Trip?

    Bali , Indonesia , Island , Travel , Trip , Solo-Traveler , Traveling , Destination , Vacation, Holiday

    Indonesia is a country which got thousand of Islands.  Bali is one of the world popular Islands in Indonesia country in Asia continent.  It’s famous for its beautiful landscape and many other things. It will not be wrong to say is one of the crowned gems of south-east Asia. It’s one of the most visited places due to a couple of reasons.

    Some of the popular destinations people choose to stay are Seminyak , Canggu , Nusa Pendia , Ubud etc . Tulamben is another hidden gem in the northeast coast of Bali. It is often visited by the divers into water adventure sports. If you haven’t visited Bali then it’s never too late. Even if you have visited here it’s worth traveling again and again.

    7 Facts Why People Love to Travel in Bali

    Some of the famous reasons Bali is so popular across the globe are as follows. 

    Beaches are the Ultimate Source of Happiness

    As per the recent survey, visiting a beach can give you immense happiness. The ultimate essence of life is to lead a happy life. Money, status, and power are really important.  But few things that can’t be brought from any of the sources is happiness. This needs to be explored.  Usually, the core source of happiness lies within. Visiting a beach can help you reaching your true self.

    It’s one of the Most Beautiful Island on the Planet  

    Reason, why so many people across the globe want to visit Bali, is no secret.  This beautiful Island in Asia continent is popular for its landscape and tranquility. Bali is the place that hosts so many islands. You can choose the one that you like the most. It’s worth visiting this place quite often to explore all the islands.

    Bali is a Hub for Water Adventure Sports

    People who have an inclination towards adventure sport have lots of options here. This place Is a hub for various kinds of water sports on the planet.   From Snorkeling to under waters you can try all in the best price with best gears and experts. You can also get PADI certification for scuba here.

    Bali Hosts one of the Best Resorts  in the World

    Bali got many small villages with beautiful properties. You can choose the place of your choice without burning hole in your pocket. 4 start properties with villa are the hallmark of this Island city.

    Bali is a Shopping Hub for Bohemian Artifacts

    One of the specialties of Bali is it has got some of the unique products. You get some articulated Bohemian bag that adds to your style quotient in the best possible fashion.

    Explore Best Villages  with Young Vibes in Bali

    Bali got lots of beautiful villages that can make you feel quite soulful. Though Ubud is most of the most popular one there are many unexplored ones as well. Before visiting here you can choose to visit the village of your choice and connect with the locals. 

    Bali Offers one of the Best Spas in the Continent

    One most important thing not to be missed in this city of beach is its world famous spa.  Almost all the resorts offer you some unique spa. You can research well before choosing the spa service that may be most suitable for you.

    Sno. Why Bali?
    1.   Explore Beaches
    2.   Water Sports
    3. Best Island
    4. Best Resorts
    5. Best Spa

    How to Plan your Trip to Bali?

    There are many ways you can go to Bali. First preference is approaching their peers. However, challenge comes when you are not able to coordinate your time with friends and plan never materializes. One thing that can never ditch your plan is by planning a solo trip. To make it little interesting you can always join a group of solo travelers. 

    You can always plan your budget and customize your itinerary accordingly. There might be some fixed expenses that you can’t ignore like airfares. But you can always plan your stay and other expenses according to your budget. There is no limit of money that you can add in your trip to make it more luxurious.

    If you don’t know how to plan a trip to Bali then you can always take help of travel agent as well. A good travel agent can ease your pain of managing trivial and tedious things like airfares, stay etc. You can always get your trip customized as per your plan.

    Try to choose a travel partner with whom you are comfortable with. Nowadays there are community travel planners who can give you many add-on benefits with minimum cost. You may need to get along with the community but it turns out to be a lot more fun.

    Some of the Benefits of such Solo community Trips are Highlighted Below :-

    1. Dual benefits of traveling solo yet with the group
    2. Sense of Belonging
    3. Socializing
    4 . Networking
    5. Cost Sharing
    6. Staying Safe
    7. Knowledge Sharing

    Some Popular Visiting Spots in Bali:-

    1. Ubud Village
    2. Tanah Lot Temple
    3. Handara Gate (Gate of Heaven)
    4. Nusa Penida
    5. Uluwatu Temple (Be aware of monkeys)
    6. Virgin Beach
    7. Gilli Island
    8. Canggu
    9. Seminyak
    10. Tirta Gangga 
    11. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

    Visa & Currency in Bali

    The currency of Bali is an Indonesian Rupiah. You can exchange it outside the airport to get a cheaper exchange. Bali facilitates tourist, with visa on arrival facility. It is free from some of the countries including India and few others.

    Budget for Bali

    The most important question that may be pestering people might be how to plan your budget for any trip.  Your budget also depends a lot on the kind of traveler you are.  If you are backpacker then you just have to worry about the flight rest all can be managed with ease. You can stay in a hostel and plan your itinerary.

     But if you want to make your journey little comfortable or luxurious then you can always customize it as per your requirement.  Talking about Bali, you can easily visit this place within a budget of Rs. 40,000 only if you go with customized tour planners.

    Property that can be expected in this cost can be equivalent to 3 stars. Amount also depends on duration of your stay in Bali. The cost that is mentioned is about a basic trip of 4 days & 3 nights.  At times booking, your trips through a travel agent make the process quite convenient of course not without some extra penny. Whatever way of travel you may choose you must come back with more developed individual.

    To join Bali trip join our community . There are some offers where you trip can be sponsored, for details please comment or like our page Travel Solo and Smart and inbox.