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 Have You visited these cities in North ?

North India is known for its liveliness besides its loudness across country . Another good thing that makes it even more popular  is the richness of its tourism .

From Trekking ; Wildlife to Luxury it has it all . Every city has got its own delicacies and beauty . There are lots of places worth visiting not only for weekend but long stay as well .

We can plan a solo trip or smart solo travel with group who organize it .Before planning such journey sharing little glimpse of few cities.

Some such places are highlighted below :-

1.)Lansdowne – Garhwali city

Lansdowne is good place to take break on weekend .  Just 280 km from delhi shold not take more than 5-6 hours to reach the city  .That’s another reason people like to enjoy their weekend break here . It is hill station in Uttrakhand and  dominated by Gahwali community that’s why also addressed as Garhwal city .  It has few interesting places to vist . But more than that it has got some scenic beauty to explore that can give good weekend break from the city .  If you haven’t  got chance to visit this place than you got  great opportunity to  join community of solo travelers with Travel solo & smart . We are planning to take  group in April weekend . Trip will include To and fro in a cab and  stay in the city . Travelling within the city will be as per the actual  which I will try to announce before the trip . I am planning to freeze curated  members by first week of April . For further details  please  click on my meetup page Travel Solo & Smart or  Join  in Facebook page to register .

2.)Jim Corbett- Perfect Weekend Gateway  for Stay & wildlife

Travel ; Solo ; Smart ; Lifestyle ; Trip ; Lansdowne ; Jim-Corbett ; Orchha ; Jaislmer ; Chandigarh
Travelling Fun

Jim Corbett is one of the most sought out destination specially for  weekends . It not only good break from city hustle bustle but  is known for its wild life century . Best way to leverage  this city is to arrange stay either in resort or amidst the wild life centuary in the forest . However to have accommodation with Jim Corbett part may be little tedious . Nevertheless nearby resorts are also worth exploring . Sharing pics of one such 5 star resort i.e Ahana resort  below. This was taken in 2016 . Safari in Jim Corbett is good fun . Usually hotels nearby can arrange the ride and if we are lucky can spot tiger as well.


3.)Orchha – Historical delight in MP :- 

Travel ; Solo ; Smart ; Lifestyle ; Trip ; Lansdowne ; Jim-Corbett ; Orchha ; Jaislmer ; Chandigarh

Orchha is an unexplored historical town in heart of MP . With umbrella like monuments its  known for its sculptures . I remember going  way back  in 2013 with my friends . We stayed in Orchha resort in middle of Orchha history . This small place has lot  to offer besides   good break . There’s famous temple which has got mini shopping area . Also there’s one open theatre that will take you back in historical era . In 3-4 days this place is good to explore and  can offer lot of eye capturing moments for  photographers .

4.)Jaisalmer –  Sand Dunes Festival

Travel ; Solo ; Smart ; Lifestyle ; Trip ; Lansdowne ; Jim-Corbett ; Orchha ; Jaislmer ; Chandigarh

Jaisalmer is  one of the most popular city in Rajasthan . It’s proximity to  Thar desert & Sand dunes festival  makes it poplular destination even for foreigners . People travel  from all part of world to this beautiful city to spend months . It’s also known as Golden city  as its surrounded by gold sand & monuments everywhere . Ideal time to visit this place is during sand dune festival which happens usually in Feb . It’s prudential to book the camps near the festival for day or so . Rest  days stay can be managed  as per individual convenience . This city has all kinds of property from boutique hotels ; 5 star hotels to resorts . Make plan for atleast week and you will surely come back refreshed . This North Western part of India has great heritage touch besides historical glance .

5.)Chandigarh —  

Travel ; Solo ; Smart ; Lifestyle ; Trip ; Lansdowne ; Jim-Corbett ; Orchha ; Jaislmer ; Chandigarh

Most of us must have visited this well  planned city . This city is known of its poisness and great architecture .Besides what’s  best part of this city  is discipline traffic . In india this is the only city where we will find people civilized  enough to follow all traffic rules. Because of this travelling in Chandigarh become all the more fun . One of the favourite place  to visit here is  Rock Garden . The way waste has been arctified in sculptures is marvelous . Besides that there’s Sukhna Lake which  people like to visit . Timber Trail ; Rose Garden ; Japanese Garden are other attractions of the city  . There’s lot to explore around this city as well like Pinjore Garden ; Mansa Devi  ; Kasauli ; Shimla ; Kufri etc .


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