How Jodhpur is Perfect City to Travel During New Year Eve?

Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling

Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling


It was New Year eve of 2017 and I had only 1 city in my mind to wind up and that’s Rajasthan blue city; Jodhpur. Being from Delhi at times you feel like escaping chilling winters in December during New Year time. As its equally cold and foggy which act as a hindrance in celebration. However; down north-west here the climate is worth cherishing during that time.

Traveling in itself is fun though we may face many challenges; nevertheless comes back close to life. One such trip I can recall is visiting Jodhpur in December 2017.  Planning your solo vacation may sound little challenging but after a journey, we come back as a better person.

In this article, I am going to share how I had a great time in this magnificent city. This was possible by planning in advance from stays; conveyance ; places to visit and items to carry. Details are mentioned below.

Since any journey starts with packing the bags. Will start the article with the same.

What to pack while traveling  for  Party &  local travel

Packing all required items contributes in half of your journey. Being a female it’s important to carry the  basic things  which we may need. It may start from accessories to right apparels; flip-flops; sanitary pads; safety pins to pepper spray or any other important gadget.

Here  I will be sharing all of them. In case you are planning to travel and don’t have some then I have selected few which you can order now. The best part is they are available at great prices and can save a lot of your time.

  • Luggage Bag

One of the essential parts of traveling is to have good luggage bag. It comes in different sizes; shapes & styles. We can choose the same as per our budget and preference. Sharing some of the options below from some of my affiliate network ; hope you like it.  Alternatively please inform about your choice in the comment; will customize and  mention in  my next post.

Inte Enterprises (Expandable) red699 Duffel Strolley Bag

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  • Travel Accessories

There are so many variations in travel accessories from small pouches to basic utility items there can be many to choose from. To make it easy has selected few which are not only pocket friendly but quiet useful as well . Please click on the link below for further details .

  • Trendy Apparels & Accessories 

We know the best place for excellent shots is somewhere outdoors. Good apparels add to your beauty and place. Ensure to pick right apparel in  the least possible cost. In Context of the small city like Jodhpur try to carry some traditional clothes as well along with some comfortable jeggings and night suits.  However, there’s no limit; choose as per your comfort.

  • Right Footwears

For visiting local destinations within the city like forts etc it’s advisable to wear sneakers or sports shoes as it will comfort your feet and give additional support to cover extra miles. We can select from lots of options available online . Sharing few below hope it helps in the selection.

  • Electronic Gadgets

Always carry  all important electric gadgets which can act as savior in any travel trip . Some of the must carry items are chargers ; battery ; camera ; speakers as per need etc. Listed below some of the useful items that are handy and economical as well .

  • Electronics Items

Though  may not be mandatory bit definitely can bring charm to any trip . Some of the utility items can be electric kettle ; mugs ; portable cylinder etc .

Things to remember before deciding on the place.

  • Deciding about the stay

New year eve is the time when even a normal hotel becomes unavailable if not planned in advance. This is the time ; not only to have  good vacation but bid-adieu to passing year and welcoming new year with the bang. So most of the places are gone just in a blink of an eye. Selecting the place of my choice and booking in advance served my purpose.Sharing the picture of the place below where I stayed .

Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling

  • Budget Planning

The journey becomes easy; smooth & convenient once we are sure how much we can spend on the entire itinerary. Since I am traveling freak I set my traveling goals well in advance. Finances play a good role in making choice and deciding best possible option.

  • Planning the duration

If you are salaried then you may have to take some prior approval for the leave. However, if you are self –employed than look out for your commitment to the client.

  • Booking the transport.

When I was traveling to Jodhpur  I booked everything in advance from departure to arrival.  That not only saved my time but give me that added comfort of the journey.

Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling

  • Ready for  contingency  plans

At times there may be an issue in the transport or stay. Always, have alternatives ready to execute. Like in my case my Volvo got canceled just two days before my departure. Luckily I was in touch with another agent who made train booking easier.


Places to visit in Jodhpur.


  • Meherangarh Fort

Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; TravellingSolo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling

Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling

One of the most exotic forts I have visited. It reminds me of Egyptian monuments. Huge & magnificent in size yet beautiful enough to take best clicks. It’s designed in most luxurious ways. This is one of the biggest forts you can witness in North. Besides its beauty, it also has some iconic views & good museums. At the same time, they have some local artists playing traditional instruments with latest songs sharing some of them as below. To visit entire fort you need at least 1 to 1.5 hrs to cover the entire place. It’s advisable to start a journey from this place as others can be covered easily.

Above all they got great cafes to serve some delicious cookies; tea & coffee once we are back after visiting the fort.


  • Jaswant Thada

Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling

En route Mehrangarh fort is another beautiful picturesque tomb Jaswant Thada. It may remind you of Taj Mahal the way its built with White marbles. Constructed beautifully; surrounded by the city it feels good to spend some time sitting here. The best place I liked is the view of the city that’s visible from this place. Last but not the least you can hear sounds of  Nawaz in the evening clearly that act as healing. Entire place can be covered with 20-30 minutes.

  • Umaid Bhawan

Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling

Another beautiful place to visit in this historic city is another fort converted into a museum now i.e. Umaid Bhavan. There are some magnificent eyes treat artifacts. From vintage cars to ancient clocks; home decors it has got all items on the display. Another half of this place is converted into Taj hotel; 5 start property as we all know. So if you wish to take a lunch or evening break you make rest there. Approx time to cover this place is 30-45 minutes.

  • Mandore Garden

    Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling

It’s hub of lots of monuments within one garden. Unlike other gardens, it is a replica of city heritage. There are  4-5 historical architect in the same hub. If you wish to capture some beautiful shots than this may act as an additional place.

  • Clock Tower (Ghantaghar ) Jodhpur

Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; TravellingSolo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling

Located in middle of market  this place has one of the oldest clock  which runs on traditional scientific rule . Ticket available at just rs. 10 ; only the cost is of climbing almost  three steep stairs . Interesting thing is the old men who is maintaining this place with so much passion . He claims to be  quiet often searched  person on the net .  Since he insisted to take his click and spread message for him doing the honors. It was good to hear the technicalities from him about how the clock bangs twice in an hour or may be every quarter . So if you are history freak and want to dig deeper you can spare some 10-15 minutes to  visit this place too .


  • Local Cuisines – Gypsy & On the Rocks 

Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; TravellingSolo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; TravellingSolo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling Solo ; Trip ; Jodhpur ; Traveler ; Journey ; Holiday ; vacation ;Rajasthan ; City ; Travelling

How after covering few places tasting some local city cuisine. Rajasthan is known for serving some bets delicacies. Even if you are non-vegetarian you can have the privilege of tasting their authentic local cuisines. There are many mouth-watering delicacies in this city.

Some of them are Rajasthani thali served in a couple of local restaurants. Also, there are famous sweet shops that also serves one of the best mouth-watering local specialties.

To Sum up, Jodhpur should be must visit city on anyone’s bucket list. Best time to visit this place is from October to February when the climate is moderately good.

10 reasons we should travel every quarter

Travel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravel

Traveling has no age limit . However If you are above 18 years then you are legally entitled to stretch your wings to any part of the world. Money for traveling is never a constraint if planned in advance. There are so many smart kinds of solo  Travel plans that we can adopt to make it more fun .  Here I am referring to  solo  journey most importantly ;  that’s altogether different fun.  Going out of the city once in a month or quarter  is all you need for the reasons mentioned below. Solotravel trip can be additional  luxury for lifestyle & photography as well.


 1.) To become Independent.

Travel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravel

Any journey is an experience. Dealing & managing the stay makes us better manager. While planning any trip there are lots of decision we need to take. Starting  from the attire we choose to carry; packing & bag we choose. All these small little things like selecting our clothes; shoes etc not only gives us a sense of excitement but assists in a subtle way to make us more free from any outside control. Preferably going on tour alone or with the group that manages a community of solo traveler is the best journey. It not only makes the journey more adventurous but fun too. This is because there is a lot of thrill of sharing a place with unknown souls also gives us a chance of dealing with new people. All this gives us another way to make us more independent.

2.)To explore World & connect with locals

Travel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravelTravel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravel

More we travel more we understand people around. We get insight of the different culture. What may be acceptable in one may be criticized in another. Furthermore, this helps in improving our general knowledge. At the same time we get flavors  of different cuisines  even while travelling within the country . Specially if we talk about India  we got lots of different variations within culture also privilege of having special delicacies in every city .

3.)To know yourself better

Travel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravel

Contingencies that any outdoors offers is unparalleled  within the  city. While we are exposed to ad-hoc situations we are able to get more self-aware about our own skills. This kind of mindfulness comes only if we choose to travel more often.

4.)Candid shots & Travelling Photography

So if you are selfie freak than traveling got additional offerings. It’s indeed delight for professional photographers and  people passionate about photography. Take it from your DSLR or smart  phones  you will get the best version of yourself. As while traveling  we are in relaxed state  and happy mode . Below  there are some pocket friendly  cameras & mobile gadgets that may help you get some good shots . It’d good for beginners  as well.Also listed some useful tarvel accessories .

5.)Develop Better Managerial Skills:-

During travel there are lot of adhoc situations that come across .It may tests us patience and other skills head to toe .From dealing with people to managing nitty-gritty things helps developing many skills. These skills are not only helpful personally but professionally as well.At times we may be clueless or dumbstuck about how to manage it but  it’s good learning for  future . Such kind of awareness comes only if plan to travel more often .

6.)Face your fears:-

At times traveling can prove to be adventurous as well. Like in one of my journey I remember when I traveled solo with group another 3 female solo travelers in Inova there was a truck that was chasing us on the top of it tyre of the truck went flat. We were scared but still, we faced it boldly by planning to face it; called the cops who immediately came to our rescue.

7.)Make Friends:-

Travel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravel

Making new friends is the best part of the journey always. The friends we make while traveling sharing common liking. The bond that we form with them is unparalleled as we share a common passion.


We can meet people from any field in our travel journey. It helps us to connect people from all walks of life and may be beneficial in one way or other.

9.)Managing Sabbatical

Travelling is the best way to use the time when we are in between job. It not only helps in improving skills for managing contingencies; dealing with ad-hoc situations but networking as well.

10.)Leisure & Fun:-

Travel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravel

Last but not the least most of the people travel for leisure & fun. Traveling to chosen destination is the best way of leisure. Furthermore, we can persue passion of our choice. It may be as shopping; adventure sports or traveling to a new destination can also be the passion for many.

Some wonderful cities  worth visitng down south & West.

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

1.)Pondicherry – French Colony 

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Pondicherry is one of the beautiful city on shores of the west of Bengal. It’s a small city  reflecting  French community. Some of the must-visit places here are Paradise Beach; Chunnambar Boat House. Others are  Church of the sacred heart of Jesus; West Bengal sea side etc . Besides this, there are many temples with great architects which make this place worth visiting. Solotraveling experience is  amazing here .


2.)Goa — Favorite; anytime destination 

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Goa is favourite city of many . Apart from being the most popular tourist destination; has got so many places to visit. It’s a big city  having  two parts South Goa and North Goa. Both got its own attraction. North is more of tourist attraction whereas the south is more of luxury and relaxation. This city is anytime visit because of its happening night life and casinos as well.

Because of glamorous life in  this city people pack their bags anytime and try to rush here .

3.)Coorg –Scotland of India

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

One of the must visit place   down south i.e. Koorg in Karnataka. Also Popular as   Scotland of India because of its serene environment. Another name for this city is  Kodagu.

Some of the places worth visiting here are Dubare Elephant Camp; Abbey Falls ; Nagarhole National Park; Golden temple; Talacauvery.

Abbey falls is most popular because of the beautiful view and free-flowing water.  This city  got lots of good  resorts  to stay as well Like Orange County ; Club Mahindra etc   . However I choose Misty Resorts due to many reasons .  It  not only offers beautiful cottage stay but has in-house trek and waterfall too . Because of it’s pleasant environment this is must visit hill station for  any traveller .


4.)Kerala –City of Backwaters

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Kerala; the city known for its backwaters got so many places to visit. Usually, its good to visit here throughout the year but the best time is between August to March .  This is because from April to June it’s usually rainy here . However the latter is best time for ayurvedic therapies.

Not limited to backwater it’s also known for some of the best hill station and religious place. One such city is Munnar also known as Kashmir of the south. Other must visit places in Kerala are Alleppey; Kochi; Wayanad etc.Cochin is best known for their backwaters.  Wayanad on the other hand is known for its greenery. Surely ; No place will leave us disappointed rather will rejuvenate and offer best of vacation.

To Sum up  ; Kerala  is paradise which got lot of beautiful cities.

5.)Khajuraho – Historical beauty

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Khajuraho city in Madhya Pradesh is  known for its mesmerizing architectural beauty.One of the favorite tourist destination because of its beautiful monuments and couple of places to visit. It hosts lots of religious temples that familiarizes us with ancient culture. It is also known as one of the seven wonders of the world. It has lots of beautiful temples to visit few such are  Adinath temple; Lakshmana Temple; Kandariya Mahadeo Temple; Matangeshwar Temple.

Besides temples, there are many other places which can offer some picturesque beauty and candid shots. One such place is Raney Falls ; there are many more. Also not to be missed is   Ajaigarh Fort; Panna National Park; Ken Gharial Sanctuary etc.This remains dry in some seasons .For the same reason best time to visit it is at times of monsoons.



6.)Ooty – Tea Garden & Home Made chocolate city

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Ooty land of tea plantation is one of the beauties in the Tamil Naidu state of India. One of the major attraction here is Nilgris hills which also offers Tea Viewpoint. We can visit here and get some complimentary authentic tea.

Apart from that, there are many other places to visit here as well. Few such are Madhumalai which is one of the first wildlife centuries in the south. Another beauty is Ooty lake also known as Ooty boathouse to spend some serene time in nature. Other attractions are Doddabetta where we can take a closer glimpse of this beautiful city.Also not to miss  is Pykara falls which offers  beautiful waterfall and  boat ride.

Last but not the least Ooty offers one of the best handmade chocolates because of its in-house coffee plantation as well.Furthermore ; The best time to visit this place is between March to June.

7.)Mysore – Tipu Sultan heritage

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Mysore city in Karnataka is famous  for famous Tipu Sultan  palace. This  beautiful fort  takes  around 2-3 hours to cover.  Another must  visit place here is  Vrindavan Garden. Best time to visit here is from October to February. Also, they got one of the best Dussahera hosted ; so it’s even more worth visiting at that time.


To Conclude  ; the above cities should be part of our Traveling goals .

Interesting  facts of  Solo Travelling …

solo ; travel ; traveler ; adventure ; holiday ; travellers ; trip ; backpacking ; places ; destinations

Journey starts after deciding   where to travel solo . I have been doing solo travelling now for couple of years . Covered many parts of India in all zones i.e North ; South ; West &  East  and international as well . Travelling has been my  cardio which keeps me motivated and healthy.

Here I would like to share few interesting facts about solo travelling that makes it even more fun  .

5 Things to remember while travelling solo .


1.)Choose a Community  that you can resonate with .

Holiday  can be made fun if we choose right community of like minded souls . To find solo travelers who share similar interests  like us   we may enquire about the fellow members  on the trip.There can be lots of ways that can be done either offline or online . It can help us getting  more credibility about the solo travelers community as well . Rest we can  also check  profile of their members . If  it matches with us than it’s right group to join . As it’s said well began is half done same goes for choosing right Travel communities.

2.)Checking the Itinerary

Its always  good to check the Itinerary  in advance to  reach venue on time . Adventure holidays for solo travelers begins from packing  the bags as per the plan .Infact it makes vacation more convenient  . Like if its trekking trip than we should carry shoes  ; whereas if it’s for any festival like Sunburn or sand-dunes than we should customize it accordingly .


3.)Clarity about additional Expenses

While we may have paid for our travel but at the same time we should be clear what all additional expenses if any we have to bear . It can not only save us from embarrassment but can also make our travel hassle free . Like we  plan to go for any adventure trip like rafting than we should be clear about  whether cost of rafting is included . At the same time if there’s any additional sports  like bungee jumping  or zip liner is included or not . It not only helps in managing it better but also assist in rescuing us  from any last minute arrangements . Best thing to do is carry a memo note to keep the track of the same.


4.)Have contact numbers of group captain or coordinator .

Most essential thing to remember is to have contact details of group caption or any coordinator of these groups . It now only helps us in connecting better with complete plan but keep us well informed  about the timings and place to visit in that city . Even the best destinations for solo female travelers like Vegas or bali can be even better  if we have contact numbers of  concerned people.Make sure you carry good phone with efficient power backup . You may carry power backup too for better charging .

5.)Share the contact numbers of  coordinators with the family  or friends

If we plan to travel solo with any group its advisable to share contact number of concerned person to someone in family . It will not  only relax them but will make us more comfortable as well.

6.) Packing the Right attire – 

Plan the apparels as per the days of the stay and purpose of visit . If its trek than always carry some comfortable wearing and good trek shoes. However if its luxury travel than you may choose to carry stuff as per your lifestyle .


5 benefits  of Travelling solo

1.)Of-course you become more independent

One of the biggest advantage of travelling solo is ; it makes us more independent . We don’t have to wait for that pricey friend for our next trip . We can choose the place as per our free will. Moreover we can hunt  for some good places for solo travel  to make it memorable as well .

2.)Become Smarter & Skillful

Travelling solo can always make us more independent and smarter in our choice. We are able to make better choices for ourselves. Also learn the ability to say no so that help us improving our interpersonal skills to great level.

3.)Self-awareness is  Icing on  the top

Self Awareness is the state which needs lots of introspection. Usually people achieve it with lots of healing practice and deep meditation . However with travelling solo it comes easier. As while travelling on our own we have to be cautious . We can be one by becoming more self-aware . At times it comes automatically when we have to deal with difficult people or situation on the journey which may be inevitable. In-fact some fun solo trips can only be possible if we are more aware about  our needs and wants .

4.)Culture & cuisines of new city is additional perks .

India is land of diversity so are other countries . Even while travelling within motherland we may encounter so much cultural shift and of-course delicacies within same zone . That itself is worth exploring . Ex within north we have so many different cultures and cuisine to explore that  is so delighting . And we travel down East ; South or West than they are not less than other countries in times of culture as well as cuisines . Furthermore ;  a solo traveler has advantage of cherishing it even more because of their  freedom to choose any time and place as they aspire .

5.)Relaxed state of mind is unparalleled in travelling

Travelling is leisurely activity . Whenever we plan for any holiday or vacation one thing we want is peace of mind . And when we travel solo at times its every more pleasure as we get that charm of solitude which may not be possible in mundane life . When  I say solitude I don’t mean loneliness its all about me time and connecting with self more and more to evolve and become better .

To Sum up from backpacking alone  to visiting any destination solo  is  unique and awesome experience . Once we take such trips we will surely end up coming as more groomed up in our skills and personality .



How to set up Travelling Budget & Goals for  year

Travel ; Travelling ; Journey ; money ; Lifestyle ; Trip ; Therapy ; healing ; vacation ; holiday

Any Journey  ;  holiday or vacation is much more than visiting place . Real fun is healing yourself in leisure .Or in another words ; Traveling  is not less than therapy besides relaxation. However it’s much more than that. Trip to any place can offer so many things which money can’t buy.

First of all the kind of emotional connect it provides is unparalleled to any richest place & best networking event where we can have privilege to get  best exposure. It gives you the comfort of your own space. Often in mundane life, we forget to value our life as we are surrounded by people’s energy which is constantly trying to change us. And we tend to mallow down as we may not have that inner strength; motivation or adequate control. However, when we travel we are exposed to so many contingencies that we are able to reconnect with our vibes  and to any unattended issues at subconscious level.

The major constraint for many who want to travel is how they travel to places. Especially when they don’t have anyone to accompany. Another problem is what kind of money they should allocate for meeting traveling goals. Many are restricted to travel within the state because of financial issue forget international.

But Trust me traveling can offer so much that it’s indeed an Investment of your time & money.

Setting up Budget for Travelling weather you have the money or not is not a big task. All you need to do is think about a place where you want to visit domestic or International.

How to decide about the places to visit in a Year:-

Deciding about the place also depends upon what kind of traveler you are. It may take sometime to decide on the same. At times just travel to discover your traveling appetite. Some people like trekking whereas others are in adventure sports; however few others just want to go for luxury trips.

Cost & budget If  planned  in advance can be manageable. At times it drives us to earn more to set allocated budget for travel.


How to decide the budget for Travelling:-

While preparing goals for traveling itself can give you good insight of yourself. Infact it can bring you closer to the purpose of your life. Traveling essentially should be to bring you closer to yourself. So while you are planning to travel you are also getting more self-awareness. Planning budget for traveling also will make us more mindful of our lifestyle. While preparing the same it will give us motivation to improve our life to meet our travelling needs.

If you are not financially independent yet than you may have to shrink the budget to adjust trip goals. But trust me once you start travelling it will expand a lot of horizon of life and you will start taking it seriously enough to earn more money and become more independent to choose the place you wish to travel rather than driven by budget.

It’s just the first step which is difficult. But once you start allocating the budget and made your first travel it will be a vicious positive circle and you will soon be rubbed with travel hangover.


How to choose good Travelling Group or How to travel solo


Nowadays there are many communities of travelers that can not only make traveling cheaper but safer especially for solo travelers. With the expert guide who can plan a complete itinerary, you can go with ease to the place by paying a nominal fee. They can also save a lot of time by doing the required coordination and management for travel to and fro and arranging the stay.

But it’s important to choose right group so that money you mint on these group is worth spending and you can have blast at the same time.

The best way of checking about the group is there’s social media presence. A lot can be inferred with the same. Just check where they have been earlier. Also what kind of members are there in the community.What’s their educational background; they are from which city etc. As unless you travel with like-minded people there’s no fun of traveling with the group.  By choosing the right group you not only get the benefit of traveling solo but can make journey fun with like mind fellas.

Having said that there may not be any perfect group. Its all about connecting with the vibes in the community. For exploring that we should try to attend any local events if possible by any of these groups and decide accordingly.

Jist is setting up traveling goals can help us making our journey more enriched . At the same time  leverage our trip  even better by connecting with people outside and inside within ourselves.   Moreover, by allocating some budget in advance we can always make traveling very much part of our lifestyle as well.

Furthermore, it can help us set some major life goals focused towards vacation that can drive us to earn money accordingly.





When are you planning your next Travelling Therapy?

TTravelling ;Solo ; traveler ; Holiday ; vacation ;trip ; Therapy ; meditation ; healing ; Heal

We need a vacation from daily routine for so many reasons. Therapy and healing may be the biggest reason. Being a Solo traveler is the best option as we can plan it all ourselves. Holiday or trip is itself a meditation. Travelling can always help us connect with ourselves in the best possible way.


How can we get Healed from the journey:-


  • Connecting to Self

While we go out to any destination we are able to get some much required  “me time “. Duration can be as less as weekend; a week or a month. In the mundane routine, we are so much busy with something or other that we forget what we actually need and get stressed. However while on travel break we are able to pay entire focus on ourselves. This can further help in connecting with any problem that may be pestering us at the unconscious level. Many of us have that triggers and some irritating thought that may be difficult to manage even after avoiding. That may be because we are not able to dig deeper into ourselves. It may not be as easy as it sounds. We may need state of Meditation to understand that. In traveling experience, it’s easier to achieve that inner peace that we want. Holiday trip is no less than meditating in fact. Try planning vacation every quarter if possible to witness that inner change.


  • Away from Toxins

Within the city, there may be lots of physical and mental toxins that we need to deal with which we may not be aware. It can include dealing with negative people or getting affected by pollution which may harm us in a very subtle way. If we take traveling break than it can make us more Mindful of what we are going through. Furthermore, it can help improve our coping mechanism to deal with all these problems.


  • Organic Treatment

There are a lot of tourist destinations which can provide some authentic delicacies and spas which can help us rejuvenate faster. Therapy from organic product and food can be an Instant healer. We can choose to take spa’s or take some organic food from the farms and it can do the magic. Best way to feel is doing it practically. When we take such organic trips we can be at best state of mind.


  • A relaxed state of Mind

In daily routine, our mind is occupied with one thing or other. This may be because of work pressure or unhealthy family life or any other reason. Once we take traveling break we are not bothered or required to deal with any of the unwanted things or situation. That can help us achieve relax state of mind. To sum up, can assist in healing and can be the best therapy.

Solo traveler got better access to any traveling as they can plan anytime without depending on anyone. The best trip can be planned with like-minded solo souls. That can not only act as therapy but social networking as well in a very subtle way.



How can you make Travelling as your Permanent Lifestyle?

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You may be a weekend traveler; occasional travel; budgeted  or luxury traveler. Whatever the case may be  traveling is always fun. However, the only thing that is missing is right travel itinerary or company.

With the advent of solo traveling culture lot has already changed. There are lots of groups which are taking people places. But what these groups miss out is customization.

Most of them make your stay in camps or some below average hotel which is the roadblock of entire fun. However thanks to graphics they make it sounds as if you are going to stay in some heaven.

But reality checks come when you actually go and stay with them. Be aware of such gimmicks. Let traveling be an activity that can touch your soul & heal all your wounds.

Enticing the customers with dirt cheap price which is even lesser while going out in a city may be a trap at times. Another groups you will witness is the women’s only group.

Sounds good to single women but are we really so vulnerable that have to restrict to women only group unless we have other sexual preference.

As a woman for our holistic growth, we should always look out for opportunities to grow us completely. One way is to travel with like-minded people and not gender. We should be smart enough to protect & deal with any situation.

Travelling – Lifestyle & Awareness

When we say traveling is a lifestyle it doesn’t always mean that you have to travel with any or everyone it has great depth to it. Nowadays anyone can travel anywhere. But the idea is to really understand the complete essence of traveling.

Before proceeding ahead we should analyze what kind of travelers are we. Do we like adventure or just need some freshness. Also, its imperative to realize what kind of traveling do we need does it need to be camp style; decent stay or just luxury.

When I talk about luxury, it’s doesn’t have to exorbitant always.It’s just smart style of traveling and right curated group you can choose that can make your travel as comfortable and luxurious as well.

We can always set up traveling goals including an allocated budget for the same and adjust according to our travel preferences. At the end of the day traveling has to be a fun-filled activity to make us grow a better person.

To Sum up, to make traveling  as part of our lifestyle we should plan it in advance  by setting the goals .Furthermore,  we can always  allocate certain budget so that funding is never a constraint in the trip.