Interesting  facts of  Solo Travelling …

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Journey starts after deciding   where to travel solo . I have been doing solo travelling now for couple of years . Covered many parts of India in all zones i.e North ; South ; West &  East  and international as well . Travelling has been my  cardio which keeps me motivated and healthy.

Here I would like to share few interesting facts about solo travelling that makes it even more fun  .

5 Things to remember while travelling solo .


1.)Choose a Community  that you can resonate with .

Holiday  can be made fun if we choose right community of like minded souls . To find solo travelers who share similar interests  like us   we may enquire about the fellow members  on the trip.There can be lots of ways that can be done either offline or online . It can help us getting  more credibility about the solo travelers community as well . Rest we can  also check  profile of their members . If  it matches with us than it’s right group to join . As it’s said well began is half done same goes for choosing right Travel communities.

2.)Checking the Itinerary

Its always  good to check the Itinerary  in advance to  reach venue on time . Adventure holidays for solo travelers begins from packing  the bags as per the plan .Infact it makes vacation more convenient  . Like if its trekking trip than we should carry shoes  ; whereas if it’s for any festival like Sunburn or sand-dunes than we should customize it accordingly .


3.)Clarity about additional Expenses

While we may have paid for our travel but at the same time we should be clear what all additional expenses if any we have to bear . It can not only save us from embarrassment but can also make our travel hassle free . Like we  plan to go for any adventure trip like rafting than we should be clear about  whether cost of rafting is included . At the same time if there’s any additional sports  like bungee jumping  or zip liner is included or not . It not only helps in managing it better but also assist in rescuing us  from any last minute arrangements . Best thing to do is carry a memo note to keep the track of the same.


4.)Have contact numbers of group captain or coordinator .

Most essential thing to remember is to have contact details of group caption or any coordinator of these groups . It now only helps us in connecting better with complete plan but keep us well informed  about the timings and place to visit in that city . Even the best destinations for solo female travelers like Vegas or bali can be even better  if we have contact numbers of  concerned people.Make sure you carry good phone with efficient power backup . You may carry power backup too for better charging .

5.)Share the contact numbers of  coordinators with the family  or friends

If we plan to travel solo with any group its advisable to share contact number of concerned person to someone in family . It will not  only relax them but will make us more comfortable as well.

6.) Packing the Right attire – 

Plan the apparels as per the days of the stay and purpose of visit . If its trek than always carry some comfortable wearing and good trek shoes. However if its luxury travel than you may choose to carry stuff as per your lifestyle .


5 benefits  of Travelling solo

1.)Of-course you become more independent

One of the biggest advantage of travelling solo is ; it makes us more independent . We don’t have to wait for that pricey friend for our next trip . We can choose the place as per our free will. Moreover we can hunt  for some good places for solo travel  to make it memorable as well .

2.)Become Smarter & Skillful

Travelling solo can always make us more independent and smarter in our choice. We are able to make better choices for ourselves. Also learn the ability to say no so that help us improving our interpersonal skills to great level.

3.)Self-awareness is  Icing on  the top

Self Awareness is the state which needs lots of introspection. Usually people achieve it with lots of healing practice and deep meditation . However with travelling solo it comes easier. As while travelling on our own we have to be cautious . We can be one by becoming more self-aware . At times it comes automatically when we have to deal with difficult people or situation on the journey which may be inevitable. In-fact some fun solo trips can only be possible if we are more aware about  our needs and wants .

4.)Culture & cuisines of new city is additional perks .

India is land of diversity so are other countries . Even while travelling within motherland we may encounter so much cultural shift and of-course delicacies within same zone . That itself is worth exploring . Ex within north we have so many different cultures and cuisine to explore that  is so delighting . And we travel down East ; South or West than they are not less than other countries in times of culture as well as cuisines . Furthermore ;  a solo traveler has advantage of cherishing it even more because of their  freedom to choose any time and place as they aspire .

5.)Relaxed state of mind is unparalleled in travelling

Travelling is leisurely activity . Whenever we plan for any holiday or vacation one thing we want is peace of mind . And when we travel solo at times its every more pleasure as we get that charm of solitude which may not be possible in mundane life . When  I say solitude I don’t mean loneliness its all about me time and connecting with self more and more to evolve and become better .

To Sum up from backpacking alone  to visiting any destination solo  is  unique and awesome experience . Once we take such trips we will surely end up coming as more groomed up in our skills and personality .