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Some wonderful cities  worth visitng down south & West.

1.)Pondicherry – French Colony 

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Pondicherry is one of the beautiful city on shores of the west of Bengal. It’s a small city  reflecting  French community. Some of the must-visit places here are Paradise Beach; Chunnambar Boat House. Others are  Church of the sacred heart of Jesus; West Bengal sea side etc . Besides this, there are many temples with great architects which make this place worth visiting. Solotraveling experience is  amazing here .


2.)Goa — Favorite; anytime destination 

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Goa is favourite city of many . Apart from being the most popular tourist destination; has got so many places to visit. It’s a big city  having  two parts South Goa and North Goa. Both got its own attraction. North is more of tourist attraction whereas the south is more of luxury and relaxation. This city is anytime visit because of its happening night life and casinos as well.

Because of glamorous life in  this city people pack their bags anytime and try to rush here .

3.)Coorg –Scotland of India

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

One of the must visit place   down south i.e. Koorg in Karnataka. Also Popular as   Scotland of India because of its serene environment. Another name for this city is  Kodagu.

Some of the places worth visiting here are Dubare Elephant Camp; Abbey Falls ; Nagarhole National Park; Golden temple; Talacauvery.

Abbey falls is most popular because of the beautiful view and free-flowing water.  This city  got lots of good  resorts  to stay as well Like Orange County ; Club Mahindra etc   . However I choose Misty Resorts due to many reasons .  It  not only offers beautiful cottage stay but has in-house trek and waterfall too . Because of it’s pleasant environment this is must visit hill station for  any traveller .


4.)Kerala –City of Backwaters

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Kerala; the city known for its backwaters got so many places to visit. Usually, its good to visit here throughout the year but the best time is between August to March .  This is because from April to June it’s usually rainy here . However the latter is best time for ayurvedic therapies.

Not limited to backwater it’s also known for some of the best hill station and religious place. One such city is Munnar also known as Kashmir of the south. Other must visit places in Kerala are Alleppey; Kochi; Wayanad etc.Cochin is best known for their backwaters.  Wayanad on the other hand is known for its greenery. Surely ; No place will leave us disappointed rather will rejuvenate and offer best of vacation.

To Sum up  ; Kerala  is paradise which got lot of beautiful cities.

5.)Khajuraho – Historical beauty

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Khajuraho city in Madhya Pradesh is  known for its mesmerizing architectural beauty.One of the favorite tourist destination because of its beautiful monuments and couple of places to visit. It hosts lots of religious temples that familiarizes us with ancient culture. It is also known as one of the seven wonders of the world. It has lots of beautiful temples to visit few such are  Adinath temple; Lakshmana Temple; Kandariya Mahadeo Temple; Matangeshwar Temple.

Besides temples, there are many other places which can offer some picturesque beauty and candid shots. One such place is Raney Falls ; there are many more. Also not to be missed is   Ajaigarh Fort; Panna National Park; Ken Gharial Sanctuary etc.This remains dry in some seasons .For the same reason best time to visit it is at times of monsoons.



6.)Ooty – Tea Garden & Home Made chocolate city

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Ooty land of tea plantation is one of the beauties in the Tamil Naidu state of India. One of the major attraction here is Nilgris hills which also offers Tea Viewpoint. We can visit here and get some complimentary authentic tea.

Apart from that, there are many other places to visit here as well. Few such are Madhumalai which is one of the first wildlife centuries in the south. Another beauty is Ooty lake also known as Ooty boathouse to spend some serene time in nature. Other attractions are Doddabetta where we can take a closer glimpse of this beautiful city.Also not to miss  is Pykara falls which offers  beautiful waterfall and  boat ride.

Last but not the least Ooty offers one of the best handmade chocolates because of its in-house coffee plantation as well.Furthermore ; The best time to visit this place is between March to June.

7.)Mysore – Tipu Sultan heritage

Pondhichery ; Goa ; Coorg ; Kerala ; Khajurao ; Ooty ; Mysore ; Travel ;solotravel ; trip

Mysore city in Karnataka is famous  for famous Tipu Sultan  palace. This  beautiful fort  takes  around 2-3 hours to cover.  Another must  visit place here is  Vrindavan Garden. Best time to visit here is from October to February. Also, they got one of the best Dussahera hosted ; so it’s even more worth visiting at that time.


To Conclude  ; the above cities should be part of our Traveling goals .

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