10 reasons we should travel every quarter

Traveling has no age limit . However If you are above 18 years then you are legally entitled to stretch your wings to any part of the world. Money for traveling is never a constraint if planned in advance. There are so many smart kinds of solo  Travel plans that we can adopt to make it more fun .  Here I am referring to  solo  journey most importantly ;  that’s altogether different fun.  Going out of the city once in a month or quarter  is all you need for the reasons mentioned below. Solotravel trip can be additional  luxury for lifestyle & photography as well.


 1.) To become Independent.

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Any journey is an experience. Dealing & managing the stay makes us better manager. While planning any trip there are lots of decision we need to take. Starting  from the attire we choose to carry; packing & bag we choose. All these small little things like selecting our clothes; shoes etc not only gives us a sense of excitement but assists in a subtle way to make us more free from any outside control. Preferably going on tour alone or with the group that manages a community of solo traveler is the best journey. It not only makes the journey more adventurous but fun too. This is because there is a lot of thrill of sharing a place with unknown souls also gives us a chance of dealing with new people. All this gives us another way to make us more independent.

2.)To explore World & connect with locals

Travel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravelTravel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravel

More we travel more we understand people around. We get insight of the different culture. What may be acceptable in one may be criticized in another. Furthermore, this helps in improving our general knowledge. At the same time we get flavors  of different cuisines  even while travelling within the country . Specially if we talk about India  we got lots of different variations within culture also privilege of having special delicacies in every city .

3.)To know yourself better

Travel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravel

Contingencies that any outdoors offers is unparalleled  within the  city. While we are exposed to ad-hoc situations we are able to get more self-aware about our own skills. This kind of mindfulness comes only if we choose to travel more often.

4.)Candid shots & Travelling Photography

So if you are selfie freak than traveling got additional offerings. It’s indeed delight for professional photographers and  people passionate about photography. Take it from your DSLR or smart  phones  you will get the best version of yourself. As while traveling  we are in relaxed state  and happy mode . Below  there are some pocket friendly  cameras & mobile gadgets that may help you get some good shots . It’d good for beginners  as well.Also listed some useful tarvel accessories .

5.)Develop Better Managerial Skills:-

During travel there are lot of adhoc situations that come across .It may tests us patience and other skills head to toe .From dealing with people to managing nitty-gritty things helps developing many skills. These skills are not only helpful personally but professionally as well.At times we may be clueless or dumbstuck about how to manage it but  it’s good learning for  future . Such kind of awareness comes only if plan to travel more often .

6.)Face your fears:-

At times traveling can prove to be adventurous as well. Like in one of my journey I remember when I traveled solo with group another 3 female solo travelers in Inova there was a truck that was chasing us on the top of it tyre of the truck went flat. We were scared but still, we faced it boldly by planning to face it; called the cops who immediately came to our rescue.

7.)Make Friends:-

Travel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravel

Making new friends is the best part of the journey always. The friends we make while traveling sharing common liking. The bond that we form with them is unparalleled as we share a common passion.


We can meet people from any field in our travel journey. It helps us to connect people from all walks of life and may be beneficial in one way or other.

9.)Managing Sabbatical

Travelling is the best way to use the time when we are in between job. It not only helps in improving skills for managing contingencies; dealing with ad-hoc situations but networking as well.

10.)Leisure & Fun:-

Travel ; Solo; Smart ; Traveling ; Photography ; Lifestyle ; Luxury ; Journey ; Trip ;solotravel

Last but not the least most of the people travel for leisure & fun. Traveling to chosen destination is the best way of leisure. Furthermore, we can persue passion of our choice. It may be as shopping; adventure sports or traveling to a new destination can also be the passion for many.

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