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How Can Travelling Help You in Healing?

The frequency of your travel may not give you real essence of traveling unless you experience some change within. Any trip can help you in transformation in a subtle way. It can be more relevant if you do the conscious traveling.  You will then realize that your every trip is not less than an investment. Returns you get on any trip may be unparallel to the amount you spent on same. In this era of budget travel, you can checklist any city of your choice within the country. Trust me the little cost that you end up paying is more than compensated through multifold benefits that you witness.

  What is Healing?

Travelling, Traveling, Trip, Healing, Therapist, holiday , vacation, Challenge , fear

Healing is one of the most profound terms used these days.  The irony is this is the most underrated term as well. Many people know the concept at a very superficial level or take it little casually. The real meaning of healing can be understood only if you experience it completely.  To get yourself healed you need some great strength of acceptance at a much deeper level. Often our issues are subtle that gets reflected in some form of triggers or phobias. You may ignore it temporarily but it will keep bugging you unless you do a root cause analysis. In fact, this introspection only can help you heal your wounds that you may not be aware of.

How Travelling can Help in the Healing Process?

  • Help you Connect with Your Solitude

Travelling, Traveling, Trip, Healing, Therapist, holiday , vacation, Challenge , fear

You must have heard this often that staying single is not the same as staying lonely. Choosing me time is often a choice where as feeling lonely is another perspective all together. You may feel lonely even in the company of others.  Once you spend some time with yourself you will understand things in a broader way. Your problem-solving ability will be enhanced to a much better level.  Your acceptance level will be higher. This could be possible as while traveling you are in a more relaxed state of mind. When you move to a different city there is no one to judge you. All the more if you take the journey yourself than you are a free bird. It’s all about you and yourself. This phase can surely help you connecting you better than with yourself.

  • Makes you Better Manager

While you choose a solo traveling as a journey you don’t even know how much you are learning at an unconscious level. You only realize it when you can see yourself coping much better than others.  This is possible because while you choose to travel by your own you are managing every nitty-gritty things yourself. From booking, packing and planning your itinerary its all your game now.  You end up coming much smarter and skillful person.

Travelling may sound like a fun but at times there may be some challenges while you choose to take a trip. This is true when you plan to take not so comfortable trip.  Accomplished people may choose to do it deliberately to come out of their comfort zones. This may give them the feeling of exuberance when they are back from the journey.

  • Revives your Youth

Travelling, Traveling, Trip, Healing, Therapist, holiday , vacation, Challenge , fear

If there’s any recipe of staying young than don’t look out for science just make a plan to travel. Age is just a number you start feeling old with your thought process. If you have that spiritual knack than you can never get old. It’s just your body that starts aging, you will stay as young as you feel in your mind irrespective of you are a man or women.

  • You can face your fears

Travelling, Traveling, Trip, Healing, Therapist, holiday , vacation, Challenge , fear

An experiential traveling that’s taken to unexplored places by you can bring home anything. You can expect the unexpected and have no other option than to deal with it all by yourself. Eventually, you end up facing your fears. However it can break you down completely and you may tend to do some blunder to overcome that stint but eventually, you will get all the strength to manage it and come up as a stronger person.

  • Strength to face challenges

Travelling, Traveling, Trip, Healing, Therapist, holiday , vacation, Challenge , fear

Initially when you face your fears you may be devasted but lately, you will start enjoying it all the more. The root cause of all your issues lies within.  You have an undiscovered powerhouse of energy inside. Travelling can be the key to unlock that treasure.  While you travel your only focus is yourself as you are not distracted by any other stress.  This time of yours can help you strategize in how to deal with any atrocities of past, present or future.  As soon as you learn to deal with your challenge its ultimate path to reach your destination through the journey of life.

What you spend on traveling is nothing in comparison to what you get. I read somewhere shopping is cheaper than a therapist. However, after choosing traveling as a way of my life can surely say, it is priceless and cheaper than any other luxury. Can there be anything more precious than your life and above all you? Haven’t you heard winning yourself is most important in life? You can cherish this triumph only by choosing traveling as a way of life. Travel once in quarter or every month but take a trip for sure that can keep you alive. Earning money is really important but leading the life way you want is even more important. Before you loose yourself in the mad race of keep yourself alive by taking small trips frequently. Stay happy and travel as much and as far and as much as you can.







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