It was New Year eve of 2017 and I had only 1 city in my mind to wind up and that's Rajasthan blue city; Jodhpur. Being from Delhi at times you
Traveling has no age limit . However If you are above 18 years then you are legally entitled to stretch your wings to any part of the world. Money for
1.)Pondicherry – French Colony  Pondicherry is one of the beautiful city on shores of the west of Bengal. It’s a small city  reflecting
Journey starts after deciding   where to travel solo . I have been doing solo travelling now for couple of years . Covered many parts of Ind
Any Journey  ;  holiday or vacation is much more than visiting place . Real fun is healing yourself in leisure .Or in another words ; Travel
We need a vacation from daily routine for so many reasons. Therapy and healing may be the biggest reason. Being a Solo traveler is the best option as
You may be a weekend traveler; occasional travel; budgeted  or luxury traveler. Whatever the case may be  traveling is always fun. However, the only
Solo travelling is all together different fun . Besides reducing dependency on anyone it also helps in assisting in developing so many skills which we
North India is known for its liveliness besides its loudness across country . Another good thing that makes it even more popular  is the richness
Hi , I am Srishti ; founder of Travel Solo and Smart . It’s almost decade I  have been  traveling solo of course with the like minded comm