Why Everyone on Planet Wants to Party in Goa?

Goa is known for its sun, sea, beaches but mostly for its lively and throbbing nightlife scene and beach parties that go all night long. It is known as the country’s rave and dance music destination for a reason. It isn’t a joke when people say that Goa is a land of party animals from in and around the world. It is literally one of the happening cities of India. People are attracted to the ‘Party Capital of India’ because of a wide and variety of reasons.

For starters, and I guess the most important thing for a party person, is that the parties here are lit. The parties here are literally “NEVER ENDING”. You can party the whole night round with your friends, dance to some really loud music, drink as much as you can without any restrictions. This place has top notch clubs which will satisfy the party animal in you.

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The clubs are accessorized with laser lights, colored images, fog machines, visual effects glow sticks to make the ambiance seem like a party haven. Goa is known for top-notch DJs who play world-class music across different genres. There are always on toes to create vibrant vibes alive in any pub and that’s what makes the city even more popular for parties.

From funky and electro punk to trance, techno, EDM, Indian and pop they have all collection to persuade you to get your groove on. Beaches like Baga, Candolim, and Calangute are famous for their ever famous night parties which aren’t like any other party in the world. An added advantage is that these parties take place along the beachside. So you get a perfect reprieve from the usual party scene.

Secondly, Goa is a destination where the most vibrant and fun-filled festivals like sunburn, carnivals, new year fiesta,vh1 supersonic are conducted which attract a huge crowd all around the year. The festivals are set to dazzle with color, costumes, foot tapping music, soul stirring extravaganza and is set to give you an out of the body experience. The new year fiesta is the most vibrant party of all. The party is celebrated with fun and frolic. The atmosphere reverberates with the cordial happy new year and attracts tourist from all around the world.

Thirdly, the tickets to the best parties in the country are quite economical. If you book in advance, the entries to these clubs,  rave parties cost under 1-2k with the provision of booze and food. Even if you haven’t booked your entry to these parties, in most of the clubs there is a provision to avail free entry for couples, free entry as a woman, yay feminism. The booze, accommodation is cheap due to the huge demand from the tourists. So you can party under a budget.

The most awaited EDM parties like sunburn, vh1 supersonic are no less. These festivals are lit with electronic dance music providing electrifying beats aimed to make you dance to your heart’s content, live performances from famous bands all around the world featuring an array of both International and Indian artists. These festivals are a dream come true for party peeps as they go on for two to three days continuously.

Finally, and the most promising reason of all,  after you are done partying hard, dancing till your feet are sore and are hurting with a deadly hangover. You come to appreciate the beauty of Goa. You get to wake up on the white sand beaches looking at the scenic beauty in and around you. You get to form beautiful bonds with a diverse set of people from locals to foreigners who have traveled like you to this happening city. All in all, you are left with some unforgettable memories, memorable moments that you will cherish for life. No wonder people love to party here.

Last but not least, go to shacks in the evening, get the flavor of the beach then enter the Tito lane and enjoy pub crawling throughout the night. 

So it is true when people say that if you haven’t partied in Goa, you haven’t really lived. However,  you can explore much more in the city too. You got all types of beaches ranging from North to South Goa. Besides that, there are much more to explore.

Other Reasons to Pack Your Bags to Goa

Visiting Beaches

As per recent survey, Beaches are the best source of happiness.

 Some of the popular beaches worth visiting here are:-

Beach in  North Goa:- Anjuna; Arambol; Calangute; Baga; Dona Paula

Beach in  South Goa:-  Varca ; Agonda ; Butterfly; Cola; Palolem

There are lots that can be done on these beaches. From just playing football to any water sport like parasailing to snorkeling it offers it all. If nothing then you can just relax to the beautiful sounds of waves here with some local delicacies there. 

Taking a Cruise

Goa has got a beautiful cruise that plays a live band. You can loose to the beats of music in the middle of the sea. Sounds of music, tapping feats and the picturesque view in the middle of one of those beaches in Goa is breathtaking.

Drive to “Dil Chahta Hein” movie Fort

Who can forget the famous movie about  the road trip to Goa? This one movie Dli Chahta Hein every youth can relate with. Irrespective of age, whenever you will watch this movie you will feel nostalgic and would wish to drive down to Chapora Fort. Best way to reach here is take a rented bike, get the feel of the city and enjoy the beauty.

Play Casino, that is very much legal in Goa

Goa is one of those few limited places in India where you can play casino without any legal hassles. There are lots of cruises that have casinos on the sea. You can choose a property that has casinos as well. My personal favorite is a game of slots which is just fun without any risk of losing millions.

Shopping  in Goa

Goa got a lot of attraction to shop from. You can get some clothes at a dirt cheap price. Besides that, it is also known for some of the unique cashew and local alcohol named Fenny. You also get some rum chocolates that are not less than a shot of tequila.


There are lots of attractions to be explored across Goa. From churches to the picturesque site where you can get most glamorous shots you have all there. Some of the popular destinations to visit there are; St. Augustine Tower, Aguada Fort, Dudhsagar Waterfall, Dona Paula, etc.

Best Time to Travel to  Goa

Goa is one of the cities where you would like to visit throughout the year. Its also known for the glitterati and liveliness at the time of new year evening. People usually book their travel and stay six months in advance for the new year evening as it gets impossible to get accommodation during that time.

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3 Untold Secrets of Making your Solo Travelling Luxurious

The best step you could take for your growth is overcoming your fear and facing the challenges. The second step is not to deprive yourself of any kind of privilege that people in a relationship or in a group may have.  We all are social animals but often the space that is required to understand is forgotten. As a result, choose the wrong people who may not be right for you. 

The only way of analyzing our actual call or purpose is by taking a journey inward which may be easier said than done.  Funny thing is the way to go in is from outside and traveling is key to unlock that. For some old schools solo traveling may be an act of looser however for them grapes may just be sour. 

People who have already chosen and experienced solo traveling are way more blessed and smart. Many still aspire to take that first step but stuck somewhere. That initial step of starting your solo travel journey need to be started by you. Once taken you will be smitten by the bug of travel that will push you to travel again and again.

Challenge that any solo-traveler may find is to make their journey more interesting and comfortable. When you travel with someone you may not bother what to do and where to stay as you have your partner in crime. However, if you are traveling solo then the biggest challenge may be choosing the place to stay and to make their journey full of fun.

Many backpackers may have found their comfort staying in a hostel unless they explore other places. The idea of traveling solo is to find your space but if you have to deal with space crunch while you travel may make you lose focus. Hostel as per me is a spoiler for any trip, especially for a solo traveler. After all, why do you have to compromise with your privacy with anyone?

Few reasons solo travelers may be reluctant in choosing private space or better property can be as follows.

  • Safety
  • Price
  • Fear of being Judged or ill-treated
  • Hygiene

One of the most common among them is the price. You may have to pay much more price while you choose a private space. Safety can be dealt with if the property that you choose got a decent rating and is of good standards. Fear of judged and ill-treatment need to be overcome. This is something related to your skill that you need to work on.

You will meet all kinds of people while you travel and they may judge you for no reason whether you travel solo or with someone. However, chances of judged by traveling solo may be high as you might find yourself more vulnerable. Now, this is one of the biggest challenges that many successful celebrities might be struggling with. I am talking about managing your vulnerabilities which you can learn by traveling solo gradually. By choosing good property 3 start and above you don’t have to worry about hygiene as well.

The biggest challenge that you need to manage and overcome is Price which will be elaborated here.

Revealing 3 Untold Secrets of Making Your Solo Trip Luxurious

One of the biggest myth or constraint which people face in making their trip luxurious is the limitation of funds. You may never have enough money to cover that dream destination unless you give yourself positive affirmations.  It will just take you a few little steps that can bring you closer to your desired travel style. Let luxury travel not just be the heritage of those few who are born with a silver spoon. You can change your destiny just need to believe in yourself.

Set up your Travel Goals

Do you set your personal goals or just go with the flow?  If your answer is yes to personal goals then you are on the right track. On the other side if you believe in going with the flow then you are like a dead fish as only she can do it perfectly.  

You must have heard many times “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”.  One of the common rules of any successful people is to set up their goals. Setting your goals helps you visualize many things and helps you preparing or the challenges ahead. If you really wish to travel then you must include it in your goal sheet as well. Once your traveling goals are set you know how to plan and where to land.

This may be little daunting task for female solo-travelers.  To make your job easier I have recently launched a book that you can download free on kindle. This book is “Untold Blessings of Solo Traveler Diva” . If you want to take paperback edition that you can click on the link “Be a Travel Diva” . Hope this book motivates you enough to take frequent trips without any inhibitions and makes you strong and smart.

Manage Your Finances Well

Next step after setting up your traveling goals is how to arrange required funds for your next trip.  You can set as much budget for your trip as you want, there’s no limit to that. It is also based on the kind of traveler. If you are backpacker then you can travel in the cheapest way. A luxurious traveler may have a different preference.

You can try both but with proper allocation of your funds. If you plan to travel in a luxurious way then also you need to have some figure in mind to spend. There is again no limit to how much luxurious you want to be. It also depends on the funds at your disposal. If you plan your trip in advance then managing the finance may be the piece of cake.

Choose the right profession 

It’s very important that you should love the job you are in. Let traveling not be the escape from the stress of your profession. You can enjoy the fun and status of luxurious travel if people around you support and appreciate rather than judge you. If you are in the right role then traveling will be the icing on the top. Making your trip luxurious will be the icing on the top. On the contrary, if your current profession is a burden then it will spoil even your exorbitant trip.

First you will have hassle in taking the leave; secondly, you might be worried to get the business calls during your trip too. You should rather look out for a job or business that can give you work-life balance.  The first step to land up in that dream job or business is by creating your resume or portfolio. To make it simpler for you here’s a link to the book that I recently published:- How to Create Impressive Resumes and land up in Your Dream Job ?

This copy is free for travel solo and smart community. All you need to do is just subscribe to the newsletter. If you don’t receive your free E-book within 2 days then you can write at write@travelsoloandsmart.com.

Hope you plan to take your dream luxurious trip soon and share your stories with us. 

Why Is Budapest Best Destination for Women Solo Travelers?

Women solo vacation is synonymous of independence, freedom, and wanderlust. The world is too big and if you wait for someone to accompany then you are going to miss out on once in a lifetime experiences.

Every now and then, we come across Instagram news feeds with pics of female solo adventures taking on the world, going from one spectacular holiday destination to another. This is what might have poked the traveller within you to set out on a solo trip.

So, ready to explore the world on your own terms? But deciding on the place to holiday for your first solo trip can prove to be a baffling task. Hopefully, here I may solve this problem of many by introducing them to Budapest, Hungary’s capital.

Knows as the “City of Spas,” Budapest is a natural marvel in Europe that has a spectacular series of idyllic thermal baths. In addition to natural wonders to discover, Budapest is no short of stunning architecture and lively nightlife. Whether you want peace away from all the city noises or take a dive into the vibrant European culture, Budapest is a destination that must be in your bucket list of cities to visit in your lifetime.

6 Key Reason for all Solo Women Travelers’ to pack your Bags to Budapest

One of the most important reasons why any women solo traveler should choose Budapest safety.  This city has got minimal crime rates and spiritual vibes that make it popular for women.  Ladies have the privilege to wonder like a child, even during the odd hours of the days. The locals are friendly, there are here to help you out always. Here, you can dress the way you want without any fear of being judged. 

Safest Destination for Women

Get Empowered by Budapest History

There is nothing more fascinating as a first-time solo woman traveler to visit a historic city like the Budapest. Apart from being a picturesque city, Budapest has a lot to offer in terms of historic places.

Did you know this capital of Hungary is right on the Danube? The Danube ages back was the home to the human race during the Stone Age. Also, The Buda castle and the river flowing in the Budapest, both are recognized as the UNESCO world heritage site.

Explore Your Taste Buds  

No matter, how much calorie conscious you might, but we all ladies are foodie from within. We love to diverse cuisines and savoring different foods. If you are one of them, then Budapest is perfect woman solo trip destination.

Budapest has a long food history, get goes back to centuries. Here, you get to have the broadest assortment of local dishes and international cuisines. Not just the lavish restaurants and cafes go out and go shopping for farm-fresh fruits and veggies. Also, Budapest is also top-rated by solo travellers worldwide for bakery food. Did it put water in your mouth?

Budget Considerations

If you are women travelling for the first time as a solo-traveler on your own terms, money considerations might come in your way.  Good news is Budapest is ladies budget-friendly destination. Unlike, many other Europe holiday destinations, Budapest is a splendid place for your first solo women trip, if you are on a tight budget.

This a cost-friendly tourist place where you can comfortably find accommodation within any budget. Travel site Orbitz reported that hotel rooms in Budapest were cut down by 25%.   Compare more than one travel sites to select the best Budapest vacation package based on your monetary limitations and expectations. Of course, little bit planning in advance before your trip can help you even better in managing your finances.

Explore the Culture and Traditions with Local Festivals

Budapest isn’t just glamour all the way, the different festivals celebrated throughout the years is something which will leave you with memories for life. The Budapest film festival is a globally recognized event.  People from various parts of world land here to witness the city culture on the big screen.
The summer festivals celebrated during the hottest months of the year is an occasion to wine and enjoy delectable local food.  During Christmas Eve, you can easily come across the Santa Claus roaming around the streets. Food, holidays and gifts, everything is just festive here.

A Shopping Paradise

If you fall into the category of women those who love to do a lot of shopping, then Budapest is perfect for your first solo-woman trip.  Many famous international fashion brands incubated in this city. You also have plenty of local Street markets to explore.

Last but not the least the transportation connectivity in the city makes it easy to roam around at reasonable prices safely. Many of the attractions at the Budapest are near one and another, and you won’t find any sort of inconvenience to get from one place to another.

So, Girls, why think or rethink, plan your solo trip to Budapest now. Besides good memories, you will bring back better you. To gain more you just have to plan your trip. To make your journey even smooth you can consultant a Travel consultant. 

Seven Beautiful facts about Tirthan Valley Worth Exploring

Found in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh at over 1600 meters above the sea level, Tirthan valley is named after the Tirthan River, which stretches through the valley. The immaculate river arises from the icy cold glacial spring of Hanskund, a snow-capped peak in the verdant Great Himalayan National Park. It indeed is traveller’s paradise and a hidden gem.

Tirthan valley has something to offer for everyone and is an offbeat destination. The mesmerizing valley is ideal for trekking, hiking, fishing, exploring wildlife- birding, driving to locals and discovering the villages. The best time to visit is from March to June and then from October to December. Monsoon season between July and August must be avoided as the paths are slippery and landslides may occur.

Tirath Trek (source of Tirthan River)

Tirath trek is a rocky trail through forests, meadows and goes along the river gorges. This trek follows the Tirthan River from Gushaini till its source at Tirath and offers alluring mountain scenery as well as possesses some of the most pristine and unique ecosystems in the world.

Serolsar Lake

The amazing verdant meadows with flowers in full bloom (also the Bramh Kamal), Himalayan blue sheep, Ibex, Himalayan black bear, birds like- Himalayan Griffon, Rock Bunting, Himalayan Snowcock and Snow Partridge can be the highlights. The trail is moderate to difficult type and takes around 7 days. Backpackers may get sense of achievement after covering this terrain.

This serene lake situated among nature and surrounded by thick forest is ideal for camping and trekking during summers. In winters, the snow sheet covers the surrounding forest and the lake get frozen. This unveils another level of beauty of the magnificent lake. The locals believe that the lake possesses medicinal properties and a small temple of Buddhi Nagin situated nearby is believed as the goddess of all snakes..

Local food of Tirthan Valley

Siddu, the favorite delight of Pahari (hilly region) people is a must try local cuisine. It is a simple food cooked with minimal spices and consist of local steamed croissants, filled with mashed potatoes, onions, walnuts and served with melted ghee (clarified butter) and walnut chutney. The river water used for cooking also adds nutrition and an incredible taste to the dish.

Angling / Fishing for Rainbow Trouts

Gushaini region in the Tirthan valley is the major place in India to enjoy Trout fishing. Rainbow trouts and brown trouts are the major species found in the stream of this valley. The heavenly surroundings of the valley create a perfect ambiance for fishing enthusiasts to enjoy this leisure activity. They catch their own fish and get it cooked at the home-stay, however, the locals are better aware to cook it tasty.

The license from the forest department gives the consent to enjoy fishing in 45 km stretch of the river and there are many places where a fishing fanatic can set the base of angling. Due to this reason, the Himachal Government has declared Tirthan River as an angling reserve and have decided not to set up any hydro project to preserve nature.

Traditions and marvel architecture of the temples

The locals of the valley live in the traditional way by maintaining their ancient customs and following age-old rituals. People believe in self-sustainability and are very approachable and warm by nature. The Chehni Kothi temple is the tallest standing structure in the entire Western Himalayas which was constructed for dual purpose.

Another temple dedicated to Lord Shringa, the ruling deity of the valley, is the Shringi Rishi Temple. It contains the idols of Lord Shringa and goddess Shanta. The intricate wood carvings that depict the 24 different births of God is a must watch for travelers. Built by the local king Dhadhu in the 17th century, the temple is made out of local stone and deodar wood. It is believed that the temple act as a vantage point for guarding villagers against attack from the strangers.

Village hopping

Village hopping is one of the memorable experience in the midst of the mystifying beauty of nature. Various villages mark the landscape of Tirthan Valley, such as Gushaini, Sai Ropa, Shoja, Banjar and Nagini.

Birding and hidden waterfalls

The residents of these villages offer local accommodations which provide a scenic view of rolling mountains and terrace farms with different shades of green. Village hopping is an experience to view the basic lifestyles of the inhabitants.

Walking around the Valley explores the exotic species of Himalayan birds such as- Paradise-flycatcher, Verditer flycatchers, Black bulbuls, Magpies, and Himalayan Griffon. They can be spotted either on the trees or on the riverside.

Other colorful species like Cheer pheasant, Kaleej Pheasant, Western Tragopan, Monal pheasant can be spotted from the Hamlets height. The jewel of the hidden waterfall in the forested valley can be a rewarded sight if uphill hike from the Rolla village is taken.

Take a solo trip or join travel community but must visit this beautiful county in the lap of nature.

How to make Your Japan Trip Complete with 9 steps? 

Aptly named as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, the country of Japan is a strato-volcanic archipelago made up of more than 6800 small and big islands. Placed on the eastern coast of the Asian continent, Japan is the second most populous island country in the world. This country is in bucket list of travelers for so many reasons.

Known for its rich heritage culture, the country is perfectly balanced between spacious natural parks and some of the most modern cities in the world. Although susceptible to many natural calamities, the city of Japan has a predominantly temperate climate throughout the different regions.

So if you are a solo backpacker or are a large group of explorers, here are some places that you can’t ignore.

Visit the country’s highest active volcano

Yes, you read it right! We are asking you to climb on Mount Fuji, an active volcano and enjoy some breath-taking views from one of the peak camps. A sacred mountain to the people of Shinto religion, the mountain also has numerous snow activities at its base station. Take a trip with tour expert to make bumpy rides smooth.

Experience the festivities of the Cherry blossom festival

If you are lucky enough to be anywhere in Japan in the starting weeks of the spring season, you will be able to experience the delightful views of the Hanami festival. A time when the whole of the country jumps into a festive mood, make sure you spend an evening of food, drinks, and music under the cherry blossom trees with the locals.

Attain serenity at the Nijo Castle

Built somewhere around the early 17th century, the Nijo Castle is the only castle to have been built at the ground level in Japan. Of the many picturesque landscapes around the palace, make sure you take a walk around the garden full of Sakura, maple and ginkgo trees to experience nature at its best.

Immerse yourself in this Shinto Shrine

One of the holiest shrines in Kyoto district, the place lets you experience an out of the world experience. With vermillion colored shrine gates places along the pathway as long as one can see, the place is a must visit for those who are stopping in Kyoto.

Indulge yourself in Local Cuisines

Home to the world famous Wasabi and Macha plants, the country offers some savoury and delicious dishes that must be enjoyed in their traditional and most exceptional form. For those who are seafood enthusiasts, your taste buds will sure go for a roller coaster ride around the city!

Cross the Busiest Intersection in the World

Pegged to be the busiest intersection in the world, the Shibuya crossing truly represents the spirit of Tokyo. Make sure you watch out for those drifting cars while crossing the intersection!

Located only a few kilometers outside the bustling city of Kyoto, the lands of Arashiyama offer a much needed relaxing environment within its vast bamboo groves. And if you get your timing right, you might just be able to experience the vastness of the jungle during the Hanatoro festival.

Walk Through the Calm Bamboo Forests

Relive the Aftermath of Nuclear Devastation

 An incident which shocked the world, the nuclear bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still remembered for the monstrous atrocities it caused during World War II. To honor those who died in the incident, the Japanese government established the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum to spread awareness about the repercussions of such destructive weapons.

Explore the Nightlife

Finally, for those who like to explore the party culture of various places, Tokyo offers a show like none other! Visit all kinds of robot restaurants, Karaoke bars, ramen restaurants, and nightclubs placed all over Tokyo. Indulge yourself in the local cuisines while gulping down sake all night!

So, what may seem like a small country on the world map, is actually a land filled with all kinds of opportunities for every kind of traveller who wants to explore the city. So what are you waiting for now? Pack your bags and travel to the land of opportunities! Koni-Chi-Wa! 

How Many Days Do you need to Cover Entire USA?

USA, New York , Perto Rico , Arizona, Colorado , California , Solo Traveler , Backpacker , States , Trip , United States of America

Do you know America’s travel & tourism industry is USD 1.6 Trillion towards the country’s economy for the fiscal year 2015?

The United States of America has invariably been a splendid, buzzing tourist destination. Each year millions of people from various parts of the world land in the US to witness the man-made marvels and charismatic beauty of natural wonders here. 

And, it doesn’t stop here the vibrant culture and great traditions of the residents, couple that with rejuvenating nightlife, it is a perfect seventh-heaven vacationer spot for solos, couples, and families.

Travelling Solo in Unites States

The United States of America is truly a class-apart, a destination which is at another level. The soothing weather, the diversity of landscapes to explore and breathtaking adventure activities, this tourist destination tops the list of idyllic travel solo places. The US is one incredible nation, here you get to trek to the peak of the highest mountain tops, the glaciers of Alaska, and Hawaii beaches, and the list is just about endless.

Number of Days Required to Cover Entire USA

Now, coming to the million dollar question that how many days one needs to cover the entire US in the shoes of a solo traveler. It is a great question with no conclusive answer. Some say it will take your entire lifetime to explore the US since it has 50 states and 400+ nature sites and parks throughout this world superpower. While many suggest it is a matter of two or three days. But, we will go with 14 days and below present a comprehensive blueprint of your trip, the spending and much more.

Top US Cities You Must Visit Before Your Last Breathe

1.    San Juan in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is counted amongst the world’s best island vacation spot with so much to offer, spanning to exquisite beaches, the lavish hotels, and the whole ambiance is so peaceful you will be unhooked from your life worries and stresses. This city presents once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a tropical vacation. Here, you can go try local shopping along the Condado Beach or you explore some of the scrumptious dishes popular in this part of the world. $164 on an average you require to travel in Puerto Rico, $28 on meal one day and $212 is the cost of a hotel room for a couple.

2.    Scottsdale in Arizona


This is one heck of a tourist destination without which your US tour is incomplete; even a day’s visit will make you fall in love for this place. Here, you can do a whole lot of fun, enthralling activities; right from golfing, salt River rafting or just relax your mind at a lavish local spa. It doesn’t stop here; at Scottsdale, you can take time to explore the local culture at places such as the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter home and Taliesin West.

The cost of Scottsdale holiday can easily be managed, as this city has a wide spectrum of options with regards to a solo-traveller accommodation. You can either book a room in a seven-star to have great leisure with yourself or discover the true beauty of nature by opting for a countryside accommodation.

3.    Boulder, Colorado


With a mere population of 105,420 residing on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Colorado is a unique US city away from all the glam & glitz, but a perfectly cozy and refreshing place to visit on your solo trip. The stunning overall scenery, multifold of outdoor recreational activities,

Colorado is power-packed with reasons to pay a quick visit in 2019. Skiing and snowboarding are two such activities that will fascinate any solo-travel freak. And, not to mention is the Flatirons which has the iconic walls that overlook the entire city. $104 is the average daily spending over travelling, $21 is the food cost in one day, and $109 is the average hotel room cost in Boulder.

4. Santa Clara, California

Just 45 miles from San Francisco, this is a popular tourist itinerary destination, celebrated for warm weather, sporting events throughout the year, shopping, and delectable local cuisine.  It is a place best suited for solo travelers based on the diversity of landscapes, the energizing nightlife, and low crime rate. 

You can become a local when you root for team San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium. Though the cost of holidaying in Santa Clara is slightly on the higher side, it is still worth every dollar.

5. Buffalo, New York

New York

New York, the financial capital of the United States of America has a jewel and it goes by the name Buffalo city. Just a 30 minutes’ drive from the Niagara Falls, you will fall in love with the architectural heritage of this city.  Some of the top activities in Buffalo include having a special time with your solo mate or all alone.

You can enjoy the outdoor movie screening, many adventure sports, Elevator Alley etc , the list is just about endless. For further details browse different Buffalo vacation packages and pick one in line with your budget.

As a matter of truth, it is next to impossible to scale every inch of the United States, but if you tour the above five cities you can easily announce your US trip is complete. You would end up having all the life-changing experiences in mere 14 days.

How to Explore Paris, Capital City of France in Europe within 3 Days?

How to Explore Paris, capital city of France in Europe within 3 Days?

Hey all, I am so happy to talk about one of my personal favorite cities in the world, Paris, Capital of France. As famously rumored and tagged all across the globe, it is the city of lights and romance.

The place with cobblestone landmarks, and uncountable museums and historical places is such a sight to behold that one cannot simply ever forget their trip to this land.

Approximate Budget

Though Cost of trip to Paris may  vary from country to country. However You can easily manage your trip within less than 1000 Euros for a short trip of  3 days . Your budget will also be directly proportionate to choose airlines and stay .

Things You Must  Know about  Paris Before planning your Trip


Since 1992 French is the official and most dominant language of France, especially Paris. French is both archaic and modern, speaking volumes about the romance and culture in its pronunciations and also belongs to the Indo-European family.

Although the French Grammar is pretty tough for the beginners as French people are deemed to take their language very seriously, it’s the most essential tip for the Solo-travelers to purchase a French-English dictionary at the start of your vacation plans.


Paris is one of the global cities that is culturally rich. There are imprints of fashion, music, architecture as well as amazing historic tales.  Celebrities like Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo have been appreciated for decades.

There are more than 60 active museums in Paris and hundreds of parks already add to its sparkling beauty. Moreover, this city drives the sentiments of various leading ballets and operas, performing live in the theatres for the audience to gasp in its subtle charm.

Don’t miss out on the scrumptious croissants, chocolaty and mouth-watering macrons, and blissful homemade cookies at the locale cafes by the banks of River Seine with a sizzling glass of perfectly aged wine.

Minimum Number of Days Required To Explore Paris

Paris is a wonderful city that cannot be devoured by the backpackers in a single day, so at least 3-4 days are required.

Travelers can purchase the most famous Paris City Pass in case they are on a short-trip visa for 3-6 days. This pass is a pleasurable therapy for those who want to see more in a budgeted schedule as it offers free of cost travel via available public transports from Zone 1-3 in the city as well as free visits to 60 attractions.

How to Plan Your Itinerary for Paris  with Best Place ?

Here’s a brief Itinerary for newbie travelers for a short trip to Paris.

Day 1:

Any beginner’s trip to Paris is incomplete without visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower. The nearest metro stations are Bir-Hakeim on Line 6 and Champ de Mars on RER C.

The sanctum-sanctorum, Notre-Dame Cathedral (our lady of Paris) that was completed in 1260 is the medieval period church on the 4th arrondissement. It will take around 4-5minutes to reach using RER C from the Eiffel Tower.

Other nearby attractions like Musée du Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Musée Rodin, Musée de l’Arméewill put an easy end to the first day.

Day 2:

It will be the perfect time for a stroll around well-known avenues like Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe—at the far end of the avenue for a birds-eye view of the whole city.

Locale cafes at Trocadéro—the nearby province—must be visited at the end by. Across the bank of Seine river, take in the view of the quaint orange sky in summers, watch the Parisian artists showcase their talents in addition to the bookstores, handicraft and souvenirs shops.

Day 3:

At the upper side of the city, Montmartre is an artists’ village with cathedrals like Sacré-Coeur; Cimetiere de Montmartre where famous graves of medieval artists rest for wanderlusts to ponder over.

It has parks: Square Joel le Tac, City Park, and Square Louise-Michel to test your photography skills followed by the nightlife of Paris. It would be a stark mistake to overlook the fun surrounded by the Montmartre.

There numerous pubs, bars, and café to explore in this village.

Where To Stay?

With a mind frame of discovering a greater side of Paris in the little amount of time, it is better to stay somewhere near the central part of the city. Many of the attractions and avenues would be close to the hotel and will require lesser traveling.

Around the the vicinity of Eiffel Tower, travelers can get affordable hotels at 40-50 Euros.

Other Cities Nearby:

Within 15-20 kms around Paris, there are some amazing communes like Nanterre, Neuilly-sur-Seine, and Clinchy for yummy choices of continental restaurants and zoos in sight. Roam around these streets and blend in the crowd like a local.

Paris Visa Process

There are different types of Visa for tourists. Short-trip visas are for travelers who intend to stay in France for less than 90 days. And it cannot be renewed once expired without going back home.

You can click here to know more about the visa requirements like documents or consult a visa service agency for hassle-free procedures.

With this simple guide hope you enjoy even a short yet enriched solo- trip to your dream city Paris.  

Why Bali is Dream Destination and How to Plan your Trip?

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Indonesia is a country which got thousand of Islands.  Bali is one of the world popular Islands in Indonesia country in Asia continent.  It’s famous for its beautiful landscape and many other things. It will not be wrong to say is one of the crowned gems of south-east Asia. It’s one of the most visited places due to a couple of reasons.

Some of the popular destinations people choose to stay are Seminyak , Canggu , Nusa Pendia , Ubud etc . Tulamben is another hidden gem in the northeast coast of Bali. It is often visited by the divers into water adventure sports. If you haven’t visited Bali then it’s never too late. Even if you have visited here it’s worth traveling again and again.

7 Facts Why People Love to Travel in Bali

Some of the famous reasons Bali is so popular across the globe are as follows. 

Beaches are the Ultimate Source of Happiness

As per the recent survey, visiting a beach can give you immense happiness. The ultimate essence of life is to lead a happy life. Money, status, and power are really important.  But few things that can’t be brought from any of the sources is happiness. This needs to be explored.  Usually, the core source of happiness lies within. Visiting a beach can help you reaching your true self.

It’s one of the Most Beautiful Island on the Planet  

Reason, why so many people across the globe want to visit Bali, is no secret.  This beautiful Island in Asia continent is popular for its landscape and tranquility. Bali is the place that hosts so many islands. You can choose the one that you like the most. It’s worth visiting this place quite often to explore all the islands.

Bali is a Hub for Water Adventure Sports

People who have an inclination towards adventure sport have lots of options here. This place Is a hub for various kinds of water sports on the planet.   From Snorkeling to under waters you can try all in the best price with best gears and experts. You can also get PADI certification for scuba here.

Bali Hosts one of the Best Resorts  in the World

Bali got many small villages with beautiful properties. You can choose the place of your choice without burning hole in your pocket. 4 start properties with villa are the hallmark of this Island city.

Bali is a Shopping Hub for Bohemian Artifacts

One of the specialties of Bali is it has got some of the unique products. You get some articulated Bohemian bag that adds to your style quotient in the best possible fashion.

Explore Best Villages  with Young Vibes in Bali

Bali got lots of beautiful villages that can make you feel quite soulful. Though Ubud is most of the most popular one there are many unexplored ones as well. Before visiting here you can choose to visit the village of your choice and connect with the locals. 

Bali Offers one of the Best Spas in the Continent

One most important thing not to be missed in this city of beach is its world famous spa.  Almost all the resorts offer you some unique spa. You can research well before choosing the spa service that may be most suitable for you.

Sno. Why Bali?
1.   Explore Beaches
2.   Water Sports
3. Best Island
4. Best Resorts
5. Best Spa

How to Plan your Trip to Bali?

There are many ways you can go to Bali. First preference is approaching their peers. However, challenge comes when you are not able to coordinate your time with friends and plan never materializes. One thing that can never ditch your plan is by planning a solo trip. To make it little interesting you can always join a group of solo travelers. 

You can always plan your budget and customize your itinerary accordingly. There might be some fixed expenses that you can’t ignore like airfares. But you can always plan your stay and other expenses according to your budget. There is no limit of money that you can add in your trip to make it more luxurious.

If you don’t know how to plan a trip to Bali then you can always take help of travel agent as well. A good travel agent can ease your pain of managing trivial and tedious things like airfares, stay etc. You can always get your trip customized as per your plan.

Try to choose a travel partner with whom you are comfortable with. Nowadays there are community travel planners who can give you many add-on benefits with minimum cost. You may need to get along with the community but it turns out to be a lot more fun.

Some of the Benefits of such Solo community Trips are Highlighted Below :-

1. Dual benefits of traveling solo yet with the group
2. Sense of Belonging
3. Socializing
4 . Networking
5. Cost Sharing
6. Staying Safe
7. Knowledge Sharing

Some Popular Visiting Spots in Bali:-

  1. Ubud Village
  2. Tanah Lot Temple
  3. Handara Gate (Gate of Heaven)
  4. Nusa Penida
  5. Uluwatu Temple (Be aware of monkeys)
  6. Virgin Beach
  7. Gilli Island
  8. Canggu
  9. Seminyak
  10. Tirta Gangga 
  11. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Visa & Currency in Bali

The currency of Bali is an Indonesian Rupiah. You can exchange it outside the airport to get a cheaper exchange. Bali facilitates tourist, with visa on arrival facility. It is free from some of the countries including India and few others.

Budget for Bali

The most important question that may be pestering people might be how to plan your budget for any trip.  Your budget also depends a lot on the kind of traveler you are.  If you are backpacker then you just have to worry about the flight rest all can be managed with ease. You can stay in a hostel and plan your itinerary.

 But if you want to make your journey little comfortable or luxurious then you can always customize it as per your requirement.  Talking about Bali, you can easily visit this place within a budget of Rs. 40,000 only if you go with customized tour planners.

Property that can be expected in this cost can be equivalent to 3 stars. Amount also depends on duration of your stay in Bali. The cost that is mentioned is about a basic trip of 4 days & 3 nights.  At times booking, your trips through a travel agent make the process quite convenient of course not without some extra penny. Whatever way of travel you may choose you must come back with more developed individual.

To join Bali trip join our community . There are some offers where you trip can be sponsored, for details please comment or like our page Travel Solo and Smart and inbox.

How a Solo Trip Can Make Female More Liberated and Empowered ?

Travelling is not less than therapy as known by many. What is still not talked about is how liberating it can be.  We live in the era of Women Empowerment. Lots of events are conducted to make women special. Women’s day is celebrated like never before.  An unconventional topic like menstrual cycles, pelvic cancers is discussed openly with ease.  Special workshops and marathons are conducted to spread awareness about breast cancers and other similar issues which were never talked before. Our society has definitely come across a long way. However many miles still needs to be achieved. 

Today’s women feel quite liberated and the entire ecosystem is quite supportive as well. Global Campaigns like #Metoo has also enabled us to discuss anything in the world. This movement has helped many women to let out their pent up emotions against the people who barged in their vulnerabilities at some point when they were helpless. But is that all? Have we really achieved the status that we deserve? Has our society evolved from their judgmental mindset?

Recently there was a video on the social media that just went viral, highlighting still persistent mindset of society. The Irony was the thinking of the middle age female who blamed young girls for encouraging rape because of their short dress. This may still be the mindset of many which still need to be changed. But how to nail it is the biggest challenge.


Another concern is how often women are celebrated in their day to day life? Are the divorces or single women over 35 still accepted? What about the females who are in marriage but don’t have kids over 40? Is our society friendly to them or they just oblige former by their fake sympathy? Are all the women really happy to see the glory of others? Or they only are the main culprit of plotting against each other. Last but not least how many females are there in leadership? Still just less than 3% as per the latest statistics. 

There are so many questions that still need to be addressed. But do you or me need to wait till everything is perfect? Or shall we accept the still existing plight? Where women are slut-shamed if they decide to be independent and live the life she wants. It’s high time unless you take the first step you will always stay in your own cocoon. 

One step towards women liberalization could be to stop depending for your decision on anyone. Especially when it comes to traveling many females are still waiting to be accompanied. One of the major reasons could be the fear of judgmental society. Another may be the safety concerns. These issues do not only exist in developing countries, but women across the globe from most developed countries are also struggling with it. A solo trip may be a nightmare for many females. Fact is it’s much more empowering than it sounds. All you need to do is just take the first step.

To stay safe you can join some safe female only trips or community where you feel a little comfortable. You can also join a mixed solo group, not all men are bad and at times just a female group makes it boring and little catty too. Irrespective of the channel of traveling you may choose, the ultimate objective is to give yourself wings and explore the world. You don’t have to restrict yourself from traveling because of anyone. Neither depending upon anyone for your trip should be the option. Travel as much as you can and as far as possible and witness the freedom yourself.

Travelling can benefits you in so many better ways that you can’t imagine. People may go for luxurious vacations often but they may still not get the real essence of traveling. The trip that connects you to your soul is the best. Solo-travelling in itself is an experience. You learn at every stage. Your horizon becomes broader and your perspective is more real and rational.

Solo traveling can also help you in getting rid of chronic cliché mindset. It can give you a jerk to challenge your own thought process. Those who often take solo trips know how elevated they are as compared to others. So if you have already made up your mind to take a solo trip then hold your horses and do your homework first. Don’t just take an impulsive decision; do thorough research about the place. You can also educate yourself about how to stay safe and what are the likely challenges you can get while traveling solo. Taking a solo trip may be thrilling but it can be equally tough as well. With the right strategy, you can always make it a success.

A solo trip is fantasy and desire of many. But haven’t you heard if “Wishes were horsed than beggars would ride them“.  To make it part of your lifestyle you need to hone the skills that can make you a smart solo traveler. It’s great to adapt to the traveling lifestyle by traveling solo. A solo trip can help you grow in a much faster way. As a matter of fact, the solo trip may be the only way to make you reach your inner glow.

Last but not the least :-The best part of any trip is when you are back home you will wonder everything is the same then why you are feeling a change. When you dig deeper you will realize it’s you who have evolved into a butterfly from the caterpillar.  I hope more and more females pledge to take a solo trip quite often and achieve a phenomenon of growth in their personality and above all life.