How a Solo Trip Can Make Female More Liberated and Empowered ?

Travelling is not less than therapy as known by many. What is still not talked about is how liberating it can be.  We live in the era of Women Empowerment. Lots of events are conducted to make women special. Women’s day is celebrated like never before.  An unconventional topic like menstrual cycles, pelvic cancers is discussed openly with ease.  Special workshops and marathons are conducted to spread awareness about breast cancers and other similar issues which were never talked before. Our society has definitely come across a long way. However many miles still needs to be achieved. 

Today’s women feel quite liberated and the entire ecosystem is quite supportive as well. Global Campaigns like #Metoo has also enabled us to discuss anything in the world. This movement has helped many women to let out their pent up emotions against the people who barged in their vulnerabilities at some point when they were helpless. But is that all? Have we really achieved the status that we deserve? Has our society evolved from their judgmental mindset?

Recently there was a video on the social media that just went viral, highlighting still persistent mindset of society. The Irony was the thinking of the middle age female who blamed young girls for encouraging rape because of their short dress. This may still be the mindset of many which still need to be changed. But how to nail it is the biggest challenge.

Another concern is how often women are celebrated in their day to day life? Are the divorces or single women over 35 still accepted? What about the females who are in marriage but don’t have kids over 40? Is our society friendly to them or they just oblige former by their fake sympathy? Are all the women really happy to see the glory of others? Or they only are the main culprit of plotting against each other. Last but not least how many females are there in leadership? Still just less than 3% as per the latest statistics. 

There are so many questions that still need to be addressed. But do you or me need to wait till everything is perfect? Or shall we accept the still existing plight? Where women are slut-shamed if they decide to be independent and live the life she wants. It’s high time unless you take the first step you will always stay in your own cocoon. 

One step towards women liberalization could be to stop depending for your decision on anyone. Especially when it comes to traveling many females are still waiting to be accompanied. One of the major reasons could be the fear of judgmental society. Another may be the safety concerns. These issues do not only exist in developing countries, but women across the globe from most developed countries are also struggling with it. A solo trip may be a nightmare for many females. Fact is it’s much more empowering than it sounds. All you need to do is just take the first step.

To stay safe you can join some safe female only trips or community where you feel a little comfortable. You can also join a mixed solo group, not all men are bad and at times just a female group makes it boring and little catty too. Irrespective of the channel of traveling you may choose, the ultimate objective is to give yourself wings and explore the world. You don’t have to restrict yourself from traveling because of anyone. Neither depending upon anyone for your trip should be the option. Travel as much as you can and as far as possible and witness the freedom yourself.

Travelling can benefits you in so many better ways that you can’t imagine. People may go for luxurious vacations often but they may still not get the real essence of traveling. The trip that connects you to your soul is the best. Solo-travelling in itself is an experience. You learn at every stage. Your horizon becomes broader and your perspective is more real and rational.

Solo traveling can also help you in getting rid of chronic cliché mindset. It can give you a jerk to challenge your own thought process. Those who often take solo trips know how elevated they are as compared to others. So if you have already made up your mind to take a solo trip then hold your horses and do your homework first. Don’t just take an impulsive decision; do thorough research about the place. You can also educate yourself about how to stay safe and what are the likely challenges you can get while traveling solo. Taking a solo trip may be thrilling but it can be equally tough as well. With the right strategy, you can always make it a success.

A solo trip is fantasy and desire of many. But haven’t you heard if “Wishes were horsed than beggars would ride them“.  To make it part of your lifestyle you need to hone the skills that can make you a smart solo traveler. It’s great to adapt to the traveling lifestyle by traveling solo. A solo trip can help you grow in a much faster way. As a matter of fact, the solo trip may be the only way to make you reach your inner glow.

Last but not the least :-The best part of any trip is when you are back home you will wonder everything is the same then why you are feeling a change. When you dig deeper you will realize it’s you who have evolved into a butterfly from the caterpillar.  I hope more and more females pledge to take a solo trip quite often and achieve a phenomenon of growth in their personality and above all life. 

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