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Why Bali is Dream Destination and How to Plan your Trip?

Indonesia is a country which got thousand of Islands.  Bali is one of the world popular Islands in Indonesia country in Asia continent.  It’s famous for its beautiful landscape and many other things. It will not be wrong to say is one of the crowned gems of south-east Asia. It’s one of the most visited places due to a couple of reasons.

Some of the popular destinations people choose to stay are Seminyak , Canggu , Nusa Pendia , Ubud etc . Tulamben is another hidden gem in the northeast coast of Bali. It is often visited by the divers into water adventure sports. If you haven’t visited Bali then it’s never too late. Even if you have visited here it’s worth traveling again and again.

7 Facts Why People Love to Travel in Bali

Some of the famous reasons Bali is so popular across the globe are as follows. 

Beaches are the Ultimate Source of Happiness

As per the recent survey, visiting a beach can give you immense happiness. The ultimate essence of life is to lead a happy life. Money, status, and power are really important.  But few things that can’t be brought from any of the sources is happiness. This needs to be explored.  Usually, the core source of happiness lies within. Visiting a beach can help you reaching your true self.

It’s one of the Most Beautiful Island on the Planet  

Reason, why so many people across the globe want to visit Bali, is no secret.  This beautiful Island in Asia continent is popular for its landscape and tranquility. Bali is the place that hosts so many islands. You can choose the one that you like the most. It’s worth visiting this place quite often to explore all the islands.

Bali is a Hub for Water Adventure Sports

People who have an inclination towards adventure sport have lots of options here. This place Is a hub for various kinds of water sports on the planet.   From Snorkeling to under waters you can try all in the best price with best gears and experts. You can also get PADI certification for scuba here.

Bali Hosts one of the Best Resorts  in the World

Bali got many small villages with beautiful properties. You can choose the place of your choice without burning hole in your pocket. 4 start properties with villa are the hallmark of this Island city.

Bali is a Shopping Hub for Bohemian Artifacts

One of the specialties of Bali is it has got some of the unique products. You get some articulated Bohemian bag that adds to your style quotient in the best possible fashion.

Explore Best Villages  with Young Vibes in Bali

Bali got lots of beautiful villages that can make you feel quite soulful. Though Ubud is most of the most popular one there are many unexplored ones as well. Before visiting here you can choose to visit the village of your choice and connect with the locals. 

Bali Offers one of the Best Spas in the Continent

One most important thing not to be missed in this city of beach is its world famous spa.  Almost all the resorts offer you some unique spa. You can research well before choosing the spa service that may be most suitable for you.

Sno. Why Bali?
1.   Explore Beaches
2.   Water Sports
3. Best Island
4. Best Resorts
5. Best Spa

How to Plan your Trip to Bali?

There are many ways you can go to Bali. First preference is approaching their peers. However, challenge comes when you are not able to coordinate your time with friends and plan never materializes. One thing that can never ditch your plan is by planning a solo trip. To make it little interesting you can always join a group of solo travelers. 

You can always plan your budget and customize your itinerary accordingly. There might be some fixed expenses that you can’t ignore like airfares. But you can always plan your stay and other expenses according to your budget. There is no limit of money that you can add in your trip to make it more luxurious.

If you don’t know how to plan a trip to Bali then you can always take help of travel agent as well. A good travel agent can ease your pain of managing trivial and tedious things like airfares, stay etc. You can always get your trip customized as per your plan.

Try to choose a travel partner with whom you are comfortable with. Nowadays there are community travel planners who can give you many add-on benefits with minimum cost. You may need to get along with the community but it turns out to be a lot more fun.

Some of the Benefits of such Solo community Trips are Highlighted Below :-

1. Dual benefits of traveling solo yet with the group
2. Sense of Belonging
3. Socializing
4 . Networking
5. Cost Sharing
6. Staying Safe
7. Knowledge Sharing

Some Popular Visiting Spots in Bali:-

  1. Ubud Village
  2. Tanah Lot Temple
  3. Handara Gate (Gate of Heaven)
  4. Nusa Penida
  5. Uluwatu Temple (Be aware of monkeys)
  6. Virgin Beach
  7. Gilli Island
  8. Canggu
  9. Seminyak
  10. Tirta Gangga 
  11. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Visa & Currency in Bali

The currency of Bali is an Indonesian Rupiah. You can exchange it outside the airport to get a cheaper exchange. Bali facilitates tourist, with visa on arrival facility. It is free from some of the countries including India and few others.

Budget for Bali

The most important question that may be pestering people might be how to plan your budget for any trip.  Your budget also depends a lot on the kind of traveler you are.  If you are backpacker then you just have to worry about the flight rest all can be managed with ease. You can stay in a hostel and plan your itinerary.

 But if you want to make your journey little comfortable or luxurious then you can always customize it as per your requirement.  Talking about Bali, you can easily visit this place within a budget of Rs. 40,000 only if you go with customized tour planners.

Property that can be expected in this cost can be equivalent to 3 stars. Amount also depends on duration of your stay in Bali. The cost that is mentioned is about a basic trip of 4 days & 3 nights.  At times booking, your trips through a travel agent make the process quite convenient of course not without some extra penny. Whatever way of travel you may choose you must come back with more developed individual.

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