How Many Days Do you need to Cover Entire USA?

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Do you know America’s travel & tourism industry is USD 1.6 Trillion towards the country’s economy for the fiscal year 2015?

The United States of America has invariably been a splendid, buzzing tourist destination. Each year millions of people from various parts of the world land in the US to witness the man-made marvels and charismatic beauty of natural wonders here. 

And, it doesn’t stop here the vibrant culture and great traditions of the residents, couple that with rejuvenating nightlife, it is a perfect seventh-heaven vacationer spot for solos, couples, and families.

Travelling Solo in Unites States

The United States of America is truly a class-apart, a destination which is at another level. The soothing weather, the diversity of landscapes to explore and breathtaking adventure activities, this tourist destination tops the list of idyllic travel solo places. The US is one incredible nation, here you get to trek to the peak of the highest mountain tops, the glaciers of Alaska, and Hawaii beaches, and the list is just about endless.

Number of Days Required to Cover Entire USA

Now, coming to the million dollar question that how many days one needs to cover the entire US in the shoes of a solo traveler. It is a great question with no conclusive answer. Some say it will take your entire lifetime to explore the US since it has 50 states and 400+ nature sites and parks throughout this world superpower. While many suggest it is a matter of two or three days. But, we will go with 14 days and below present a comprehensive blueprint of your trip, the spending and much more.

Top US Cities You Must Visit Before Your Last Breathe

1.    San Juan in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is counted amongst the world’s best island vacation spot with so much to offer, spanning to exquisite beaches, the lavish hotels, and the whole ambiance is so peaceful you will be unhooked from your life worries and stresses. This city presents once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a tropical vacation. Here, you can go try local shopping along the Condado Beach or you explore some of the scrumptious dishes popular in this part of the world. $164 on an average you require to travel in Puerto Rico, $28 on meal one day and $212 is the cost of a hotel room for a couple.

2.    Scottsdale in Arizona


This is one heck of a tourist destination without which your US tour is incomplete; even a day’s visit will make you fall in love for this place. Here, you can do a whole lot of fun, enthralling activities; right from golfing, salt River rafting or just relax your mind at a lavish local spa. It doesn’t stop here; at Scottsdale, you can take time to explore the local culture at places such as the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter home and Taliesin West.

The cost of Scottsdale holiday can easily be managed, as this city has a wide spectrum of options with regards to a solo-traveller accommodation. You can either book a room in a seven-star to have great leisure with yourself or discover the true beauty of nature by opting for a countryside accommodation.

3.    Boulder, Colorado


With a mere population of 105,420 residing on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Colorado is a unique US city away from all the glam & glitz, but a perfectly cozy and refreshing place to visit on your solo trip. The stunning overall scenery, multifold of outdoor recreational activities,

Colorado is power-packed with reasons to pay a quick visit in 2019. Skiing and snowboarding are two such activities that will fascinate any solo-travel freak. And, not to mention is the Flatirons which has the iconic walls that overlook the entire city. $104 is the average daily spending over travelling, $21 is the food cost in one day, and $109 is the average hotel room cost in Boulder.

4. Santa Clara, California

Just 45 miles from San Francisco, this is a popular tourist itinerary destination, celebrated for warm weather, sporting events throughout the year, shopping, and delectable local cuisine.  It is a place best suited for solo travelers based on the diversity of landscapes, the energizing nightlife, and low crime rate. 

You can become a local when you root for team San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium. Though the cost of holidaying in Santa Clara is slightly on the higher side, it is still worth every dollar.

5. Buffalo, New York

New York

New York, the financial capital of the United States of America has a jewel and it goes by the name Buffalo city. Just a 30 minutes’ drive from the Niagara Falls, you will fall in love with the architectural heritage of this city.  Some of the top activities in Buffalo include having a special time with your solo mate or all alone.

You can enjoy the outdoor movie screening, many adventure sports, Elevator Alley etc , the list is just about endless. For further details browse different Buffalo vacation packages and pick one in line with your budget.

As a matter of truth, it is next to impossible to scale every inch of the United States, but if you tour the above five cities you can easily announce your US trip is complete. You would end up having all the life-changing experiences in mere 14 days.