How to make Your Japan Trip Complete with 9 steps? 

Aptly named as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, the country of Japan is a strato-volcanic archipelago made up of more than 6800 small and big islands. Placed on the eastern coast of the Asian continent, Japan is the second most populous island country in the world. This country is in bucket list of travelers for so many reasons.

Known for its rich heritage culture, the country is perfectly balanced between spacious natural parks and some of the most modern cities in the world. Although susceptible to many natural calamities, the city of Japan has a predominantly temperate climate throughout the different regions.

So if you are a solo backpacker or are a large group of explorers, here are some places that you can’t ignore.

Visit the country’s highest active volcano

Yes, you read it right! We are asking you to climb on Mount Fuji, an active volcano and enjoy some breath-taking views from one of the peak camps. A sacred mountain to the people of Shinto religion, the mountain also has numerous snow activities at its base station. Take a trip with tour expert to make bumpy rides smooth.

Experience the festivities of the Cherry blossom festival

If you are lucky enough to be anywhere in Japan in the starting weeks of the spring season, you will be able to experience the delightful views of the Hanami festival. A time when the whole of the country jumps into a festive mood, make sure you spend an evening of food, drinks, and music under the cherry blossom trees with the locals.

Attain serenity at the Nijo Castle

Built somewhere around the early 17th century, the Nijo Castle is the only castle to have been built at the ground level in Japan. Of the many picturesque landscapes around the palace, make sure you take a walk around the garden full of Sakura, maple and ginkgo trees to experience nature at its best.

Immerse yourself in this Shinto Shrine

One of the holiest shrines in Kyoto district, the place lets you experience an out of the world experience. With vermillion colored shrine gates places along the pathway as long as one can see, the place is a must visit for those who are stopping in Kyoto.

Indulge yourself in Local Cuisines

Home to the world famous Wasabi and Macha plants, the country offers some savoury and delicious dishes that must be enjoyed in their traditional and most exceptional form. For those who are seafood enthusiasts, your taste buds will sure go for a roller coaster ride around the city!

Cross the Busiest Intersection in the World

Pegged to be the busiest intersection in the world, the Shibuya crossing truly represents the spirit of Tokyo. Make sure you watch out for those drifting cars while crossing the intersection!

Located only a few kilometers outside the bustling city of Kyoto, the lands of Arashiyama offer a much needed relaxing environment within its vast bamboo groves. And if you get your timing right, you might just be able to experience the vastness of the jungle during the Hanatoro festival.

Walk Through the Calm Bamboo Forests

Relive the Aftermath of Nuclear Devastation

 An incident which shocked the world, the nuclear bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still remembered for the monstrous atrocities it caused during World War II. To honor those who died in the incident, the Japanese government established the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum to spread awareness about the repercussions of such destructive weapons.

Explore the Nightlife

Finally, for those who like to explore the party culture of various places, Tokyo offers a show like none other! Visit all kinds of robot restaurants, Karaoke bars, ramen restaurants, and nightclubs placed all over Tokyo. Indulge yourself in the local cuisines while gulping down sake all night!

So, what may seem like a small country on the world map, is actually a land filled with all kinds of opportunities for every kind of traveller who wants to explore the city. So what are you waiting for now? Pack your bags and travel to the land of opportunities! Koni-Chi-Wa! 

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