Why Is Budapest Best Destination for Women Solo Travelers?

Women solo vacation is synonymous of independence, freedom, and wanderlust. The world is too big and if you wait for someone to accompany then you are going to miss out on once in a lifetime experiences.

Every now and then, we come across Instagram news feeds with pics of female solo adventures taking on the world, going from one spectacular holiday destination to another. This is what might have poked the traveller within you to set out on a solo trip.

So, ready to explore the world on your own terms? But deciding on the place to holiday for your first solo trip can prove to be a baffling task. Hopefully, here I may solve this problem of many by introducing them to Budapest, Hungary’s capital.

Knows as the “City of Spas,” Budapest is a natural marvel in Europe that has a spectacular series of idyllic thermal baths. In addition to natural wonders to discover, Budapest is no short of stunning architecture and lively nightlife. Whether you want peace away from all the city noises or take a dive into the vibrant European culture, Budapest is a destination that must be in your bucket list of cities to visit in your lifetime.

6 Key Reason for all Solo Women Travelers’ to pack your Bags to Budapest

One of the most important reasons why any women solo traveler should choose Budapest safety.  This city has got minimal crime rates and spiritual vibes that make it popular for women.  Ladies have the privilege to wonder like a child, even during the odd hours of the days. The locals are friendly, there are here to help you out always. Here, you can dress the way you want without any fear of being judged. 

Safest Destination for Women

Get Empowered by Budapest History

There is nothing more fascinating as a first-time solo woman traveler to visit a historic city like the Budapest. Apart from being a picturesque city, Budapest has a lot to offer in terms of historic places.

Did you know this capital of Hungary is right on the Danube? The Danube ages back was the home to the human race during the Stone Age. Also, The Buda castle and the river flowing in the Budapest, both are recognized as the UNESCO world heritage site.

Explore Your Taste Buds  

No matter, how much calorie conscious you might, but we all ladies are foodie from within. We love to diverse cuisines and savoring different foods. If you are one of them, then Budapest is perfect woman solo trip destination.

Budapest has a long food history, get goes back to centuries. Here, you get to have the broadest assortment of local dishes and international cuisines. Not just the lavish restaurants and cafes go out and go shopping for farm-fresh fruits and veggies. Also, Budapest is also top-rated by solo travellers worldwide for bakery food. Did it put water in your mouth?

Budget Considerations

If you are women travelling for the first time as a solo-traveler on your own terms, money considerations might come in your way.  Good news is Budapest is ladies budget-friendly destination. Unlike, many other Europe holiday destinations, Budapest is a splendid place for your first solo women trip, if you are on a tight budget.

This a cost-friendly tourist place where you can comfortably find accommodation within any budget. Travel site Orbitz reported that hotel rooms in Budapest were cut down by 25%.   Compare more than one travel sites to select the best Budapest vacation package based on your monetary limitations and expectations. Of course, little bit planning in advance before your trip can help you even better in managing your finances.

Explore the Culture and Traditions with Local Festivals

Budapest isn’t just glamour all the way, the different festivals celebrated throughout the years is something which will leave you with memories for life. The Budapest film festival is a globally recognized event.  People from various parts of world land here to witness the city culture on the big screen.
The summer festivals celebrated during the hottest months of the year is an occasion to wine and enjoy delectable local food.  During Christmas Eve, you can easily come across the Santa Claus roaming around the streets. Food, holidays and gifts, everything is just festive here.

A Shopping Paradise

If you fall into the category of women those who love to do a lot of shopping, then Budapest is perfect for your first solo-woman trip.  Many famous international fashion brands incubated in this city. You also have plenty of local Street markets to explore.

Last but not the least the transportation connectivity in the city makes it easy to roam around at reasonable prices safely. Many of the attractions at the Budapest are near one and another, and you won’t find any sort of inconvenience to get from one place to another.

So, Girls, why think or rethink, plan your solo trip to Budapest now. Besides good memories, you will bring back better you. To gain more you just have to plan your trip. To make your journey even smooth you can consultant a Travel consultant. 

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