3 Untold Secrets of Making your Solo Travelling Luxurious

The best step you could take for your growth is overcoming your fear and facing the challenges. The second step is not to deprive yourself of any kind of privilege that people in a relationship or in a group may have.  We all are social animals but often the space that is required to understand is forgotten. As a result, choose the wrong people who may not be right for you. 

The only way of analyzing our actual call or purpose is by taking a journey inward which may be easier said than done.  Funny thing is the way to go in is from outside and traveling is key to unlock that. For some old schools solo traveling may be an act of looser however for them grapes may just be sour. 

People who have already chosen and experienced solo traveling are way more blessed and smart. Many still aspire to take that first step but stuck somewhere. That initial step of starting your solo travel journey need to be started by you. Once taken you will be smitten by the bug of travel that will push you to travel again and again.

Challenge that any solo-traveler may find is to make their journey more interesting and comfortable. When you travel with someone you may not bother what to do and where to stay as you have your partner in crime. However, if you are traveling solo then the biggest challenge may be choosing the place to stay and to make their journey full of fun.

Many backpackers may have found their comfort staying in a hostel unless they explore other places. The idea of traveling solo is to find your space but if you have to deal with space crunch while you travel may make you lose focus. Hostel as per me is a spoiler for any trip, especially for a solo traveler. After all, why do you have to compromise with your privacy with anyone?

Few reasons solo travelers may be reluctant in choosing private space or better property can be as follows.

  • Safety
  • Price
  • Fear of being Judged or ill-treated
  • Hygiene

One of the most common among them is the price. You may have to pay much more price while you choose a private space. Safety can be dealt with if the property that you choose got a decent rating and is of good standards. Fear of judged and ill-treatment need to be overcome. This is something related to your skill that you need to work on.

You will meet all kinds of people while you travel and they may judge you for no reason whether you travel solo or with someone. However, chances of judged by traveling solo may be high as you might find yourself more vulnerable. Now, this is one of the biggest challenges that many successful celebrities might be struggling with. I am talking about managing your vulnerabilities which you can learn by traveling solo gradually. By choosing good property 3 start and above you don’t have to worry about hygiene as well.

The biggest challenge that you need to manage and overcome is Price which will be elaborated here.

Revealing 3 Untold Secrets of Making Your Solo Trip Luxurious

One of the biggest myth or constraint which people face in making their trip luxurious is the limitation of funds. You may never have enough money to cover that dream destination unless you give yourself positive affirmations.  It will just take you a few little steps that can bring you closer to your desired travel style. Let luxury travel not just be the heritage of those few who are born with a silver spoon. You can change your destiny just need to believe in yourself.

Set up your Travel Goals

Do you set your personal goals or just go with the flow?  If your answer is yes to personal goals then you are on the right track. On the other side if you believe in going with the flow then you are like a dead fish as only she can do it perfectly.  

You must have heard many times “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”.  One of the common rules of any successful people is to set up their goals. Setting your goals helps you visualize many things and helps you preparing or the challenges ahead. If you really wish to travel then you must include it in your goal sheet as well. Once your traveling goals are set you know how to plan and where to land.

This may be little daunting task for female solo-travelers.  To make your job easier I have recently launched a book that you can download free on kindle. This book is “Untold Blessings of Solo Traveler Diva” . If you want to take paperback edition that you can click on the link “Be a Travel Diva” . Hope this book motivates you enough to take frequent trips without any inhibitions and makes you strong and smart.

Manage Your Finances Well

Next step after setting up your traveling goals is how to arrange required funds for your next trip.  You can set as much budget for your trip as you want, there’s no limit to that. It is also based on the kind of traveler. If you are backpacker then you can travel in the cheapest way. A luxurious traveler may have a different preference.

You can try both but with proper allocation of your funds. If you plan to travel in a luxurious way then also you need to have some figure in mind to spend. There is again no limit to how much luxurious you want to be. It also depends on the funds at your disposal. If you plan your trip in advance then managing the finance may be the piece of cake.

Choose the right profession 

It’s very important that you should love the job you are in. Let traveling not be the escape from the stress of your profession. You can enjoy the fun and status of luxurious travel if people around you support and appreciate rather than judge you. If you are in the right role then traveling will be the icing on the top. Making your trip luxurious will be the icing on the top. On the contrary, if your current profession is a burden then it will spoil even your exorbitant trip.

First you will have hassle in taking the leave; secondly, you might be worried to get the business calls during your trip too. You should rather look out for a job or business that can give you work-life balance.  The first step to land up in that dream job or business is by creating your resume or portfolio. To make it simpler for you here’s a link to the book that I recently published:- How to Create Impressive Resumes and land up in Your Dream Job ?

This copy is free for travel solo and smart community. All you need to do is just subscribe to the newsletter. If you don’t receive your free E-book within 2 days then you can write at write@travelsoloandsmart.com.

Hope you plan to take your dream luxurious trip soon and share your stories with us. 

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