Why You Must Plan At Least One Solo Trip Every Year?

A solo trip a year will keep your inhibitions at bay. Sounds interesting? Why not, after all, a solo trip is the way to go and one of the tried and tested routes to personal growth. This, in fact, is the best opportunity to be a new version of yourself that you can experiment anywhere anytime. You may plan to take a day out or a one-week solo trip, the choice will be yours. Take a solo trip, and come back as an evolved person besides setting a trend.

Why Solo Trip Is Becoming a Trend These Days?

  • Breaks Your Comfort Zone

One of the best replies to clear the doubts on why go on a solo trip is that traveling alone frees you from your insecurities and pull you out of your comfort zone. The things you can do easily at your home town are not necessarily done or thought in the same manner in another location.

  • Self-Esteem Kicks In Like Never Before

If you haven’t learned to stand up for yourself yet, going places will turn that nature round about. When you are stuck in predicaments while traveling solo, the high degree of pressure to fight or flee teaches you a lot.

  • You Become More Self-Aware

As you travel alone, there’s nobody to poke their nose in your itinerary. No one will be there to ask a question about why to choose a particular spot. You will be in complete charge during the entire journey. The only person to decide your limits will be you.

It, in turn, will definitely inculcate a better sense of responsibility as well. For example, Goa is famous for its hip culture and nightlife, but maybe its beach life is what that has compelled you to visit that state. This realization will occur only on a solo trip; in short, you will become much more self-aware.

  • Sense of Freedom and Liberty

On a one-day solo trip from Delhi, you are the only decision maker on what kind of things you want to do. There is no one stopping you and you learn how to be responsible and accountable for the plans you make for yourself.

  • Privilege to Taste Distinctive Cuisines & Culture

This added advantage breaks all the doubts when a question like why the solo trip is good is asked. For example, India is a cultural hub and every state has its own food & festival times around the year. A solo trip to your favorite states is a good fortune to educate yourself about the budding tastes and thrilling festivals being celebrated around the corner. Moreover, you even get a chance to dress, talk, and eat like the natives while you are visiting culture-rich states like Karnataka, Kerala, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, etc.

How to Start Your First Solo Trip?

If you plan to go for a solo trip for the very first time then it’s not a bad idea to start from the place that’s close by. Assuming you stay in Delhi or NCR you can always explore some of the places around the capital city itself. Some ideas about a few places in and around Delhi for Solo trips that can keep you amazed are as follows.

  • Visiting Historical Places

For the most loved one-day solo trip from Delhi, you needn’t hesitate to visit places like Parwanoo, Kuchesor Mud Fort, Alwar, Kurukshetra and few more.

  • Explore Weekend Getaways

Delhi is adorned with picturesque cities nearby that you must travel to for a one-week solo trip. This breaks your mundane routine and gives you time to refresh and jumpstart your life again. For example, you can plan a trip to Agra, Vrindavan, Neemrana, Jaipur, etc. for a relaxing week ahead.

  • Murthal & Old Rao – Pampering Your Tasting Buds

A one-day trip solo to either of these places will provide you with numerous options of the traditional as well as continental cuisines. While Murthal has a slew of restaurants like Amrit Sukhdev, Gulshan Dhaba; Old Rao is one of the famous chains for Rajasthani cuisines on the NH-8, Delhi-Jaipur Expressway. All these places can be visited en route any of the chosen destinations.

  • Solo Trip for a Day

So if you are not yet ready for a night stay you can plan a day trip within Delhi. The city got lots of options. From famous historical monuments like Qutub Minar, International Doll Museum, Indian Air Force Museum to some old exotic places for food and shopping like Chandni Chowk, Rajouri Garden, Connaught Place you have it all.

Benefits of a Short Solo Trip

  • An Easy & Quick Break From Daily Life

One-day trip solo is a befitting example to break free from the whole month’s stress of studies or work. You can come back to your house within hours after going to a different place and meet a new caravan of travelers from different walks of life. This may be a good practice to break the monotony of your comfort zone too. 

  • A Second-To-None Escapade For New Travelers

If you are one of the new solo travelers or wish to become one, start from visiting the places near your town or state from where you can come back home within a day at max. Doing so will prepare you for long travel trips and give a full proof answer to why do a solo trip when you can travel in groups.

  • Make New Friends

As you will meander around your hometown, foreigners might seek help from you and odds turn into your favor to make new friends and learn about their journey and upbringing too. This will make you much more confident as well.

  • You Know You Are Not Far Away From Home

Anytime while traveling, you can connect a call back home easily to check up on your family or friends because you know you are not far away. The place must be like 1-5 hours away, which gives you a belief that you are safe to venture into traveling solo for now. You will be managing the inertia of venturing in something new like a solo trip in phenomenon fashion this way.

There are many kinds of solo trips worth exploring as per your travel appetite. Taking a one-week solo road trip is a beautiful experience that many travelers have been lauding about for years. Some others may prefer a luxurious me time at the side of beach or a mountain.

You can encash such experiences if you are willing to go on a wonderful solo trip every year. Trust one trip will be enough to caught you with travel bandwagon of traveling every month . Frequent solo travelers have vouched of coming back home with added confidence, survival skill set, and an exotic annual traveling bag of memories.

How to Make Your Solo Trip Safe in India?

Are you planning your next solo trip to India? Then you are fortunate that it’s the fielding season for solo travelers to get on the road and explore the best cities in India.

Firstly, let’s talk about how to plan your stay on your next solo trip in India safely.

What Is Your Budget Going To Be?

As a solotraveler, you need to keep in mind your budget. There wouldn’t be any companion while you are on the road. Therefore, before searching for the best cities in India online, decide your budget in advance to avoid breaking the bank.

How Long Do You Want To Stay For?

Cities like Chandigarh can be explored within 1-2 days while states like Goa and Kerala need to be given at least 5-7 days. You need to find a perfect balance of your money aligned with the number of days you want to allot to your next solo trip in India.

Know The Infamous Travel Scams

Every country has infamous travel scams which you need to be aware of especially when you are traveling solo. For example, unknown tour guides exploit money out of you, the taxi driver might say that his meter is not working or that he wants you to pay in cash instead of connecting your ride with digital taxi services so that he can demand more than necessary.

Talk To Travel Agents And Seal The Best Possible Deal

Check out the top travel agents in India and compare the package quotes along with the itinerary provided by them. See how much each of the agents is charging and what’s the least single supplement if you have to pay to be on the safer side.

Join Solo Traveling Communities and make your trip safest

Search for solo traveling communities and groups on the social media platforms that you use often and send the request to join. These communities are so open, especially for the women solo travelers. People engage actively and give a handful of tips on what to look out for when you are traveling in a city.

You will definitely meet some of the Indian solo travelers who will be happy to share their personal experience. It’s one of the best sources to make your solo trip in India safe and sound—if you are a beginner—to make new wayfarer friends whom you can trust and share your doubts with.

Moving on, we will talk about the best cities in India for traveling alone. In fact, the cities talked about below are the safest in India for any kinds of travelers; backpackers or luxurious.


Goa all time favorite destination is bifurcated  in  two zones – North and South Goa. While North Goa is famous for its nightlife, South Goa is the place to bask in the beaches. Portuguese historical evidence can be discovered in many wonderful beaches like Colva, Agoda & Cavelossim and others. You can visit here anytime however its better to ditch the summers. This place is one of the safest for all kinds of solo travelers.


The dream city of India, where people desire to go at least once in their lifetimes is none other than Mumbai. The entire city is actually mapped on a straight line geographically. You must explore the aesthetic monuments and beaches like Juhu-Chaupati, Aksa, and Versova. The Nariman Point though is a business district in Mumbai but is well-known for tourists hoarding across the sea line and clicking selfies. Also, take a ferry ride that hails from the Gateway of India to visit the Elephanta Caves. Female solo traveler will love to discover it as one of the safest city to visit.


The state is known by its tagline—God’s Own Country. It’s also straight geographically and has been divided into 14 districts. It runs 580 KM around the most amazing Arabian Sea and most famous for the naturally blessed environment like its tea and coffee plantations, Colonial heritage cities like Kochi. The preferred time to explore the Queen of The Arabian Sea is between October to March and it’s just an overnight journey by train for many nearby cities. People here are quite courteous and even if you travel alone you will never feel lonely . Places like Munnar and Allepy are must visit without any concerns for a solo traveler.

Gangtok, Sikkim

There are myriad of things in Gangtok, a place of a peaceful bunch of monasteries like Rumtek, scenic pleasure and the Himalayan range on the eastern side. Annually, the International Flower Festival is held in May. Visit Kanchenjunga from Tashi Viewpoint and play safely at Casino Mahjong. Safety has never been a concern in this mini Switzerland of India.

Andaman Island

A solo trip to Andaman may cost around Rs 38,000 for 5-6 days stay in a decent property. Go to local markets, visit beaches like Corbyn’s Cove and Radha Nagar Beach with the pleasant & cerulean sea view. You can try water sports on North Bay Island like jet-ski, snorkeling, glass boat riding, and underwater scuba diving. A solo traveler will not only feel safe but will be as delighted to visit here like any international beach destination.

Once in a while, you must go for a solo trip in India; to a city, you have never been to. Talk to people who have traveled more to be safe and look like you know your deal when you are traveling.

40 Countries You Must Visit Before You Turn 40


We have collated 40 countries name below which you must not miss at any cost if you are seeking to feed the curious traveler inside you. Moreover, we will be listing 40 countries and their currency as well to be on the more informative side and help enrich your worldwide knowledge.

Europe Continent

The countries of this content use the EURO as their prime currency; where some countries do have another currency as well, which will be exclusively mentioned.

  • France

One of the prime 40 countries in the world you have to visit; the famous Paris being its official capital. You must go to France for fine dining, wining, and also the Eiffel Tower!

  • Italy

Rome is its official capital and Italian is one of the romantic languages in the world spoken here. Again, this country is famous for wine and architecture.

  • Ireland/United Kingdom

If you are one of the history buffs, you will definitely have to visit these two countries side by side. They are an awesome blend of historical and modernized infrastructure, full of castles, monuments, churches, supermarkets, and cobblestone roads. Dublin and London are their official capitals which you should visit first.

  • Netherlands/Germany

These countries are touted to be one of the safest countries to travel. With minimal traveling requirements and top-notch infrastructure and the friendliest crowd, you must go to these two countries out of the 40 countries and their capitals before you are 40.

  • Greece

 Athens is its revered capital city. Reasons to go to this country are for unique beaches, water sports, quaint villages, and nightlife around Santorini.

  • Slovenia/Montenegro/Croatia

To make the most of these countries, it is most advisable to plan a private tour for world-class beaches, markets, clubs, and seaside towns like Dubrovnik, Split, Koper, Trieste, Budva, etc.

Asian Continent

  • United Arab Emirates

Visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the best traveling experience with amazing beaches, monuments, and mosques. The currency UAE Dihram is widely used here.

  • Turkey

Go to Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya to define your own vision of Turkey. This country is like a gateway that transpires between Asia and Europe. Lately, even Turkish dramas have gained momentum across the world because of the beautiful decks, ports, beaches and protruding mountains.

  • India

Reasons to travel down to India are cultural diversification, exploring the vast world history as well as thousands of cuisines and moments to explore. You can easily roam in India with Indian Rupees as the currency.

  • Thailand, Malaysia, & Singapore

These 3 countries are quite famous for the honeymoon and marriage destination amongst the young couples.The currency of Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore: Thai Baht/Malaysian Ringgit/Singapore Dollar.

  • Indonesia/Cambodia

Places like Bali, Indonesia, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia are top tourist spots for travelers. These two counties have a vast green environment and pagodas, Buddhist temples. You can rejuvenate your soul in these two countries. Indonesian Rupiah and Cambodian Riel are the currencies of these countries.

African Continent

  • South Africa/Madagascar

For weekend getaway tours, wildlife tourism, scrumptious continental dishes, scenic beaches and the fourth largest island in the world (Madagascar) you should visit these two African countries together.

  • Egypt

Egypt is known for the most exotic pyramids, desert rides, citadels, and budget travel diaries. This country is a must to peruse before life takes a toll.

  • Seychelles

If you wish to relish endless beaches with water sports as well as a country sit and back relax, Seychelles is the best option amongst the 40 countries name list. You will love snorkeling here.

  • Morocco:

This seaside country has everything in store for a traveler. From mountains to lovable and winding roads. You will be the hints of European and Asian history in a marvelous country.. Morocco Dirham is the official currency, whereas Rabat is the capital.

  • Botswana

 This country is the crown of African Wildlife. Chobe National Park and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve are for the wonderful safari experiences and wildlife photography.

North America Continent

  • The United States Of America/Canada/Mexico

For ultimate lifetime traveling experience and testing your survival and lingual skills, you have to visit these major 3 countries. You need 1-3 months to explore everything in these 3 out of the 40 countries in the world. From Mexico City, Niagra Falls, Ottawa, Washington DC, to skyscrapers of Chicago and New York to hip nightlife in Vancouver, you will be overwhelmed with the sea of people you meet in each and every state and city in these counties.

  • Cuba, Puerto Rico, & Jamaica

The pair of Greater Antilles has three countries stored. While stepping into these lands, you will feel getting transported back in time. Most importantly, these islands can be explored on a budget journey with ease.

  • Costa Rica, Honduras, & Nicaragua

The best beaches, wildlife, greenery, and the Caribbean Sea view are one of the top reasons for you to explore these countries out of the 40 countries before 40 together.

South America Continent

  • Paraguay

This country is in a prime location sharing its geographical boundaries with other South American countries like Brazil & Bolivia. Revel in the national beauty and exotic birds while visiting Paraguay.

  • Peru, Chile, & Argentina

Incan infrastructure, Incan cities, Amazon Jungle, and its trail, and voracious waterfalls are the reason for a package deal of visiting the combo of these 3 effervescent countries when you are enough to trek and hike even.

  • Colombia

Museums, Arts, Music and everything else that’s hippy and bohemian pulls the crowd from across the world to this country.


  • Australia & New Zealand

These two island countries share many of the components like water sports, amazing food culture, giant rock monuments, national parks, and aesthetic wildlife. You need to have Australian Dollar & New Zealand Dollar for traveling expenditures here.

Travelers can never be satiated guys, but exploring 40 countries before 40 is a lifetime achievement on its own that you’ll always keep close to your heart.

Is Solo Traveling Really Your Cup Of Tea?

Worldwide solo traveling has gained momentum amongst the people from different walks of life. If you are wondering that is solo travel a good idea, then read along this feature to clear all your doubts on what all is solo traveling about?

Some of the myths are laid down below that may clear your insights about much talked about Solo Traveler and Trips.

Will I be Able to Enjoy on My Trip Solo?

Of course, it is that Aha moment you step outside your house with a backpack or luxury destination as you may wish. You will definitely get the chills to see what you can do when no one else is watching. End of the trip anyone taking a solo trip will come back more liberated and groomed. This experience is indeed unparallel not taught in any university. To add more fun element you can join the solo travelling communities as well.

Is Solo Trip Scary?

If you have not prepared for a solo trip to your next destination with proper arrangements, then it can be a dangerous venture. For example, suppose a city is endangered because of the war or any natural calamity, then it is sheer stupidity to tour around that place without knowing the news in advance. Other than that, solo traveling is the most exhilarating escapades for travelers across the globe. So basically a well planned and researched trip leave no scope of fear.

Is it Really Worth to Travel Solo?

Like any other new things in life, traveling alone opens the gates for numerous opportunities. You get to meet new people, learn different languages, do more odd jobs and what not. Though, without making an effort this change wouldn’t occur on its own. You have to make it happen and that is what makes solo travel worth it.

Why Do You Need to Plan a Solo Trip?

Truth be told, you need to be honest to yourself while you are planning and executing a trip for yourself. Once your purpose is clear then your solo trip will make more sense to you. As was shown in the movie eat, pray and love how the lead female plan her itinerary to travel the whole world and come back as a much more sorted person. The reason is more or less similar to the movie, you may need a solo trip to discover yourself more and listen to your true calling. To know it better you just need to plan your next solo trip with all the heart and guts.

Is Solo Travel Lonely?

You need to understand the in-depth meaning of traveling solo before deciding a place of your choice. The major purpose of the traveling alone is to discover yourself without anyone else interfering in between of your decisions. Moreover, you will definitely meet other solo travelers on the journey. So, there will hardly be a time when you feel lonely, given that, you are open to new experiences and adventures, even it includes getting to know a stranger at a local restaurant.

Is it Good to Plan a Solo Trip in India?

We need to seriously break the stereotypes here people because India is one of the leading holiday as well as travel destinations for foreigners. In fact, according to the ibeg.org website, Indian tourism has generated up until $8.4 Million Dollars of revenue solely from travelers from abroad.

The same is expected to rise up to $ 20 Million Dollars in 2020. India holds the count of 30 World Heritage Sites and 25 Bio-Geographic Zones, making an ideal destination to explore oneself as well as the history behind the making of what India is today. So to say, the answer to the question, is solo travel in India safe? In simple words is; definitely, with clear cut itinerary and coordination with the travel agents, you will have a rocking trip in India. You will love it so much that you would like to visit here again and again.

Will it be Weird to Plan a Solo Trip?

The definition of weird can be weird. Confused? Well, traveling solo has become a norm and a tradition in many of the places, including India. There is nothing weird or whimsical about it anymore. Earlier it might have been considered as an excuse to elope, but with tight security and travel policies recently, solo traveling is now super attractive and desirable. As recently, even the honorable Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal announced his plans to make public transport traveling free for women in Delhi soon. Hence, we believe that doubts like is solo travel weird become null and void.

Is Solo Travel A Good Idea?

Traveling alone is always a good idea with a set mind. What’s more beguiling is that while you are on the road, you can keep your friends and family connected with blogs and live sessions. To your advantage, they will be less worried and more entertained along with you. Even more so than that, you will definitely meet new people who later might be your new found love or best travel buddies. So, when next time a question like is solo travel a good idea occurs in your mind, think about the endless memories you can make on the road.

How Safe is Solo Traveling?

Solo trips will be the safest when you are hyper-aware and don’t leave everything on its own. Have no doubts regarding your responsibilities because traveling by yourself demands on time attention to keep yourself at bay from the unwanted issues in a city you have never traveled before.

If you are thinking is solo travel for me or is solo travel safe, all you have to do is make up your mind, research a lot about the place, read the daily news, talk to people about, and be ready like a native when you reach there. To know more about solo travelling you can always read more about it from the top blogs on solo travelling.

How to Plan Your International Trip in August?


Around the world, the best way to plan an international travel itinerary definitely falls in the month of August—a mid-monsoon season. A perfect time to enjoy cool weather and greenery worldwide. This is the starting of the peak seasons for the Globetrotters for sure.

In fact, catch us fabricating a perfect feature below on making your international trip worthwhile in August 2019.

Best Way to Plan Your International Trip

  • Research About The Best Places In August To Visit First

 If you are too tensed about how to plan your international trip, then don’t be. The answer simply lies in knowing about the best places visited places at this time. Though Europe may be your dream destination but many of the natives move off to other cities for enjoying their holidays. Some of the preferred places to travel worldwide are Bali, Amsterdam, Mauritius, Macau and many more. 

  • Ask Reviews From Experienced Travelers Or Your Colleagues, Friends, & Family

To enjoy the most of it, seek better and legit reviews from those who have already traveled to that particular place.

  • Start Sorting All Your Documents In One Suitcase

From your passport, visa, to personal and financial information statements, keep them sorted in one place and also check which ones are expired or not up-to-date. If there is any, get those documents reviewed and rectified.

  • Read The Current News

One of the best ways to plan international travel is to be aware of the country as much as you can. The current news gives you a brief about the latest happenings, especially in August, which can be some local festival or carnival also.

  • Compare Itinerary From Travel Agents And Encash Those That Promise You The Best Experience

Choose the best itinerary that can make your trip complete. The smart way of selecting your trip advisor will be after understanding your travel flavor.  You need to decide whether you are a backpacker or prefer a plan luxurious trip.

  • Keep A Check On The Travel Accessories & Your Favorite Gadgets

For an amazing international trip in August, don’t you want to make it memorable and post those #throwbackaugust pictures on your social media accounts? You do, right? So, prepare your backpacks, start hoarding the accessories like going on a mission and keep your followers updated.

  • Study The Local City Map

Searching for ideas about how to plan an international trip can be daunting and confusing, though this solution is quite compulsory for the first or second-time visitors. Once you are familiar with the map of a city, whether you are alone doesn’t matter anymore. You will look like you know where to go and strangers or scammers will fail to lure you to unknown locations.

  • Check Your Wallet

Last but not the least before even planning any international trip it’s good to plan about the likely expenses. No matter how much you cut short your expenses you will have to bear a minimum. You can always plan a budget for the chosen destination and decide about the itinerary accordingly. 

In short, this is the month to explore the streets, roads, towns, and natural beauties. August is the grandeur month promoting Nature Tourism wherein you can take-in what is so special about each international city and country you step into. Seaside towns like Santorini, Dubrovnik, Bali & Split will sweep you off your feet in no time. Moreover, globally recognized cities like Rome, Athens, Asilah, and Berlin are the best to travel for basking in world history.

How Far In Advance to Plan International Trip?

Things that Can Take Up To 6 Months:

  • Taking care of the passport verification and visa application in case your passport needs to be renewed.
  • Having all the documents ready like financial statements to show the proof to the other countries that you will be able to have a safe and sound international trip.
  • Keeping a check on the cheapest flight rates to book them in advance.
  • Starting your savings, especially for leisure or business trips.

Things that Can Take Up To 3 Months:

  • Checking whether if there is any special requirement of limited permits or on-entry visas.
  • Checking the social trend of the country you wish to go to. Avoid any time where there are any heated elections, riots, protests going on.
  • You start looking for hotels and make a profitable reservation in advance to get the best prices available for your international trip.

Things that Might Take Up To a Month:

  • Seeking permission for leaves from your office.
  • Planning or postponing the current commitments which can be fulfilled after your international trip.
  • Making a checklist of all the essential items like the medical kit, sanitary items, others clothes and accessories according to the upcoming weather conditions in that country, as in some places August can be a bit cool or too rainy.
  • Confirming the booking of your flight, accommodation and other reservations you are planning or have already made for a perfect and smooth stay.

Consider traveling to international cities or countries as a fun and adventurous project for August. Start working on it now to treat yourself in the best possible way. Even many world travelers say that they invest ample time in planning an international journey to experience the best trip. 

If you follow step by step procedure, keeping in mind time management; it’s then easy to think how far in advance to plan an international trip. If you want to make your search easy then click on some of the upcoming tours on the – “Travel communities” .

How to Make Your Solo Trip Smart by Joining Solo Traveling Communities?

Solo Trip

Hey Guys!

Have you ever wondered over the thought of getting out of your town and exploring something that’s uncertain? Obviously, you must have. But there are restrictions levied, especially, if you are a female.

So, this week we are focusing on how to make your solo trip smart as well as a memorable journey, all thanks to the existing solo travel communities. And today, many of your worries will be sacked. Amazed? Just sit back and relax while reading along the informative bytes we have on solo traveler communities.

Awesome Benefits of a Solo Traveler Community

  • A Free Guide To Safe Tips & Tricks

Solo travelers share their helpful experiences, giving you tips and necessary guidance in advance which prepares you mentally for things to watch out for.

  • Meeting New Travelers

More often than not solo travelers’ communities believe in catching up to educate each other and also make new friends on the go. You become a part of their lives and vice versa.

Being a part of a solo travel community takes you a step ahead to know which location you must travel next. Accordingly, you can plan your luxurious or budgeted travel itinerary combing over the live examples being shared by other solo trippers.

  • You Can Also Avoid Picking Wrong Places At The Right Time

Not every country is always safe for solo travelers. Some are too wild and adventurous that you may want to avoid, especially, if you are traveling alone for the first time. For such cities these communities are a blessing for beginners, trust us on that. They can also give you free tips on the culture and what travel accessorizes you should carry for that trip.

Finding & Joining a Solo Travel Community

You will find many traveling communities—wayfarers are signing up to, occasionally. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there’s a bundle of these safe communities especially for females planning to travel alone.

Apart from the former, there are numerous websites available online for you to check out and be a part of by subscribing to their newsletters as well as latest notifications on the updated posts. Travelers engage there by commenting and reviewing.

Meetup App

Your Google Play or App Store will definitely have some of the meet-up apps for the travelers. With regular face to face meetings, personal inhibitions are shown the way out to never return.

How to Plan First Solo Trip?

  • Take at least a week to study everything about the place: reviews, famous itineraries, famous places and sports, pubs, cafes. This also includes talking to travelers from solo travel communities you have joined.
  • Decide what kind of a trip you wish to conquer; which could be a luxurious one or a budgeted trip, even a weekend getaway.
  • Arrange your funds and keep a buffer for emergencies as well.
  • Talk to your family and friends about your plans, convince them if need be, and book the tickets.
  • Lastly, if you keep thinking about how to plan for your first solo trip, it wouldn’t magically happen. You need to be real and get all the mentioned things done because you totally deserve it.

How to Make a Friend on a Solo Trip?

  • Join The Solo Travelers’ Community In Advance.

Like a month before, start joining these communities to get to know the solo travelers in these communities better. Take your time to see how people are engaging daily.

  • Be Active

Making a friend on a solo trip wouldn’t be easy the first time because of the lack of confidence which actually can be improved if you have been talking one on one with the community members.

  • While You Are Traveling To A New City Or Country, Request Local Community Members To Meet.

Now, this step can only happen once the former two have been done. At this moment, you wouldn’t have to worry about how to make a friend on a solo trip anymore. If you have been participating in traveling member communities, you will be known amongst them and people will remember your name. Therefore, new people wouldn’t hesitate to meet you even they are traveling alone to that particular city themselves.

  • You Can Even Go To The Already Planned Meet Up In The City You Are Traveling To.

Go to the meet-up points that your solo traveler community has already planned. Doing so, you will automatically meet more people at once to be friends with.

How to plan your solo trip” has pretty easy answers if you are an active member of the solo travelers’ communities. They keep you safe, aware and entertained. In exchange of which, you get to visit so many places from your bucket list without a hole in your pocket with professional trip adviser.

10 Travelling Accessories That Can Make Your Trip Complete

When you are traveling, there’s a fat chance that you will never face any difficulty. For that, you need to be always prepared with a small traveling kit. The top traveling accessories help you complete your trip with almost no hiccups while hitting the road.

Here’s What We Have In Store For You To Pack Your Small Traveling Kit:

Traveling Kits

You need to be able to sort the necessary items first in your traveling kit. There is a wide range of smart handling bags on shopping websites that you must carry along your trip. Few examples of necessities in your traveling kits are:

Different bags fulfil various traveling purposes. There’s a list of some of the hand-picked smart handling bags which you can consider in contrasting situations.

Smart Bags

Anti-Theft Bags

These bags often have smart pockets, inbuilt charges to boost your gadgets, waterproof features, extra hidden zips. They are the best fit for your solo trips.

Campaign Bags and Rucksacks


With features like shock resistant, lightweight, and waterproof, you can serve the purpose of hiking and trekking easily.

GPS Built Smart Suitcases

3G Atlantis Smart Series USB 17 inch Laptop Roller Case Cabin Size 4 Wheel Business Travel Trolley Suitcase Luggage 

With excellent elements like GPS locator, automatic lock system and spacious room, you can go on your usual business and casual leisure trips.

Packing Light Clothes

Better to keep in mind while you are planning for a weekend getaway for solo trips or trekking joints, is that you need to take only the necessary pair of clothes. Choose comfortable clothes over trendy ones. Pack only for yourself and not for others as you need to be able to move around while strolling the streets or hiking the mountains.

Travel Jackets

Travel Jackets

On smart travel websites, these travel jackets are in vogue. If you are going on a one-day trek, you might not even need to carry any bag with you, if you have already purchased a Travel Jacket. Usually, there are myriad of pockets serving most essential purposes of a backpacker. With amazing choices like ergonomic pillows for you have a shut-eye whenever required on the way.

You can even keep your documents safe in a diverse section of the pocket spaces. Moreover, they are waterproof, possessing sunglass and earphones spaces as well.

Compression Socks

When you decide to go on for a long stroll to explore local markets and tourist attractions, Compression Socks are a better choice to circulate blood effortlessly to and from the heart. You can purchase them from any drugstore nearby you as they are easily available at economical prices.

Light Pair Of Shoes

To make your travelogue meaningful with wonderful memories, you need to own approximately two comfortable pair of shoes and one pair of sandals. We often think it’s a necessity to glamorize our shoe selection, but the best advice is about packing light. Therefore, choose the shoes according to the purpose of your visit.

Infinity Scarfs With Secret Pockets

Travel Scarf, Infinity Scarf with Secret Hidden Zipper Pocket, Fish Bone Pattern, 180 * 50cm / 70.87 * 19.69″

Small traveling kits always are updated with the latest technology and travel fashion. Infinity scarfs with secret pockets are one of the smartest choices while you are self-traveling to a new city. These scarfs are useful to pocket your essentials like passport, identification proofs, wallets, etc.

They do come in different colors too and look classy to wear around your neck, especially in winters. Therefore, you can keep your documents safe and come across as someone trendy both at the same time. We wouldn’t miss this style for anything, you shouldn’t either. Plus, they are so light that you wouldn’t even feel the weight of your documents and can enjoy your trip without further worry.

Universal Adapter

On international trips, to stay connected with your family back home, attend business calls, and to reply to important emails and notifications, a Universal Adapter is a brilliant pick. Various countries have different style out outlets which will obviously become a hassle to charge your gadgets when in need. These adapters make traveling to foreign locations pretty easy.

They are like Rs 180-Rs 200 INR which is not more than $2.60-2.89 USD.

Pocket Size Mat/Beach Blanket

Beach Blankets/GOSFRID with GF LOGO Water-Resistant Outdoor Cotton Blanket -Large

Tapestry Lovers Cotton Mandala Round Beach

This is one item in your small traveling kit that marvellously completes your trip down to remote areas, campaign stations, and beaches. With a pocket size feature, it’s a must-have traveling accessory for solo travelers. They are easily washable and compact. At 98 cm, these blankets are an excellent accoutrement for packing light.

LifeStraw Water Filter

You can drink water anywhere and stay hydrated all the time whenever you are trekking or backpacking in the woods. There must be a river or a stream around somewhere. With the two-layer design, this bottle can filter up to 1,000 liters of bad water quality.

We hope this blog is helpful for you to prioritize the traveling accessories so you can have a safe and amazing journey ahead. Travel paraphernalia that has been mentioned above is useful specially if you are travelling solo.

Now, it’s your turn to provide us with your feedback. We would be happy to hear your viewpoints.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In July Across The Globe?

Looking for a way to make summers exciting? Jump on the bandwagon and tour the best places across the globe this July.

July is the shoulder season in Switzerland. If you are someone to fall in love with nature, at first sight, it’s a perfect time. Moreover, the traveling crowd is much lesser with cheaper rates during this month, which saves from going broke. Hence, you will be able to enjoy places like Zurich by yourself.

Stay 5 days on a budgeted trip in hotels excluding aeroplane ticket: USD 920.

  • Croatia, South-East Europe

Wondering where to for adventurous July in Europe? Croatia is that country for you. Cities like Zadar inhabit water sports, outdoor activities for boosting your adrenaline rush. These sports are kayaking, boating, and river rafting. Also, pack your summer swimsuits and bask in the sun with the hidden beaches in Croatia like Makarska Riviera Beaches.

Stay for 5 days at USD 540 per trip with B&Bs, avoiding major cities like Split.

  • Santorini, Greece, Europe

This is a mesmerizing crescent-shaped island on the right side of Greece, part of the Cyclades Islands, inhabiting in the Aegean Sea. The best city and holiday spot in Europe in July is its nickname. The sparkling architecture donned in blue and white colors is a sight to behold for the visitors.

July is actually the peak season where there are numerous travelers you can encounter at the beaches like Perivolos, Oia, Kamari, Thera, and Perissa. Though at this time the prices of the hotel stay will be costly.

Average cost if you pick good hostel accommodation, not including the flight expense will be USD 450 for 4-5 days.

  • Cambodia, Asia

Cambodia is one of the desired places in Asia to travel in July for relaxation and enjoy the sightseeing. The climate will be quite rainy in Cambodia with dry and cool mornings. Though, as it’s not the peak season to travel to this country in July, you will obviously meet lesser people and enjoy the reclusion from the world of travelers. At this time, Angkor Wat will be the best place to visit in the scenic greenery amidst the slight drizzle.

You find the partying crowd in Sihanoukville while visiting Kep for silent enjoyment at the beaches. Other intricate cities to explore during your stay are Kampong Cham for lively evidence of French era, Kampot for beautiful river banks, and Koh Keng for trekking.

Stay: 7 days.

Cost: USD 350tour package with hotel accommodation that excludes ticket rates.

  • Vietnam, Asia

July is the wettest season of Vietnam and yet it’s still the best season for you to have your budget travel in one of the most underrated countries in Asia. The Northern cities like Hanoi, NinhBinh, and Mai Chau experience the middle of summers at this time with lesser crowd.

For the love of white sandy beaches, head over to Con Dao Island and watch the amazing nesting season of the reptiles found near the beach like baby turtles.

Hoi An is a brilliant town with ancient footprints evident from the infrastructure and idyllic streets. Roam around the local markets, visit beaches and meet natives to know more about their ancient history as the people are friendly.

Budget Trip Cost with B&Bs: USD 200. Standard charges for flights will be extra.

Planned Stay: 7 to 10 days.

  • Cape Town, South Africa

For an adventurous journey, try visiting Cape Town in early July. This is the best time for hikers and trekkers to explore the hidden forests and greenery of Cape Town. Whereas, you can bask in the enjoyment of food walks and food safaris starting from late July.

This is not a peak season. You will chance upon off-peak rates if you contact the travel agents in your locality now.

Stay: 7-10 days.

Your trip cost in hostels: 462 USD. (Your flights charges are not added.)

  • Australia

For your knowledge, July lightens up the journey of Australian’s winters and an equal opportunity for travels to go to their desired destination in Australia before it gets too chilly too soon.

If you love the water, go swimming for sharks and eat scrumptious seafood at Exmouth. Go for cool swimming with the world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark and snorkeling at the Ningaloo Reef.

Cost per trip of 5-7 days is up to 607 USD. Pick a travel package or backpackers hostel. Keep in mind it doesn’t include the airfare.

  • UAE

Traveling to UAE emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi is best for taking full advantage of the water sports and exuberant beaches. As it’s not usually the ideal season for travelers to hoard the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you will be able to avail discounts and offers which otherwise becomes a feat to achieve at the end of the year.

Stay: 4-5 days

Cost per average budget vacationing in hotels: USD 216-252. Air fares are not calculated.

All in all, these cities are appealing to the eyes but not limited as there are many more to explore as well. But during peak seasons, costs are quite higher. Though, if you talk to travel agents and consultants, compare the quotes shared by them, you can prepare the best itinerary that doesn’t drill holes in your budget as well as one that promises fuller enjoyment on your international stays.

At the same time if wish to avail comfort of planned itinerary with much lesser cost then your time and inconvenience contact your trip advisor. You may plan a solo trip to any of the country above or any other place of your choice.

How to Avoid Visa Rejection Before you Plan Your next Trip to Any Continent?

Due to different trade policies and political situation between countries, the VISA processes are in some places rather stringent, making it difficult for the Visa-seeker to get access.

We will be providing you an excessive Visa guide below to clear all your doubts about the Visa processes for different countries.

Stay with us and enjoy the Visa knowledge bank ahead.

What Exactly Is A Visa?

It is a government issued document that allows you as a bearer to enter into the country who’s Visa you have applied to or wish to apply for.

How Many Types Of Visa Exists?

There are multiple Visas to fulfill your purpose to enter into a country. Certain types of are Work Visa, Student Visa, Travel/Tourist Visa, etc.

Visa Fees

It depends on country to country. The charges might change over time, and for further details, you must get in touch with the embassy in your country of the country you are planning to visit.

The Things to Be Taken Care before Planning a Trip to a Foreign Country

  • Is there a visa application required for the country you are intending to visit?
  • Can you with your current employment status travel to that country?
  • You must have all the required documentation prepared, whether it’s financial statements or identification papers.
  • You must plan a proper itinerary before applying for a visa.
  • Your passport must be up to date and have at least 5-6 empty pages as a buffer.
  • You must make a proper budget and know beforehand how many days are you going to spend in a particular country for feeding your purpose.

Furthermore, we have divided country wise visa information for your ease, in case you are applying for a particular continent or a country.

Indian Visa India has a vast variety of Visa for fulfilling the different purposes of tourists travelling to India.

Indian Visa

Visa Provision:

Tourist, Business, and Student Visa grant 5-year period access to foreigners or travellers in India. Some of which have a single access while others have multiple entry provisions.

Processing Time: At least 3 days.

Visa Fee: numerous Visa applications levy charges differently in India. It can be a special fee, basic fee, processing fee.

Singaporean Visa – Many countries like the USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom don’t even require an E-Visa for the purpose of traveling to Singapore.

Singapore Visa

Documents required otherwise for applying for the E-Visa are a current valid passport, a credit or debit card otherwise, a PayPal account, and a digital snap of the applicant which should not be older than 3 months.

Validity: Singapore e-Visa is valid for 90 days after it’s issued with a maximum 30 days of stay.

Other Singapore Visa information:

The Singapore High Commission does not accept any walk-in applicants, you have to contact approved Singapore visa agencies mentioned in the form given in the official government website.

Indonesian Visa – No Visa is required for the stay up to 30 days, but there are certain requirements that are to be met if the stay in Indonesia is going to be less than 30 days which are:

  • Your passport must be valid for the next six months with at least two blank pages for the visa.
  • You need to have evidence of your to and from flight details.
  • You should have evidence of the sufficient funds in your bank account to justify the needed stay in Indonesia.

In case the stay is intended to be more than 30 days, there are stringent documentary and compliance requirement that needs to be met which can be browsed through the official website of Indonesia.Visa

Europe – Schengen -Applying for Europe Visa is one of the toughest tasks for international travelers, though, with the right kind of knowledge and on-time submission of the application, the process can be less stringent.Schengen consists of the passport-free zones of the 26 European countries. You might apply for this visa from their  official website.

There are various types of Visa falling under the Schengen Visa defining the purpose of the trip of the traveler which are transit, tourism, visit for visiting family or friends, business visa, visa for culture sports, study visa, visa applied for medical reasons, etc.

Travel Documents Required:

  • Your passport must be valid for the next three months after you have left Europe after your trip.
  • Travel insurance policy.
  • Proof of round trip or properly planned itinerary of visiting mentioned countries in Europe.
  • Accommodation proof for the mentioned hotels.
  • Proof of financial soundness to be able to finance your own trip during your mentioned stay.
  • Evidence that you have paid the visa fees.

There are more documentation and verification’s required depending upon the purpose of the traveler’s visit to Europe. If you are a student or an employee, both situations will solicit different kind of versification.

Also, the Schengen Visa for European countries is granted on the basis of your number of intended visits like single-entry visa, double or multiple-entry visa.

Validity: Schengen visa is valid up to 90 days.

Visa fees: $70 for adults and you can view a proper list of visa charges from European Visa Site

South African Visa -Currently, a traveler needs to apply for a visa in person as the E-visa system is still to be updated on the official South African government website.

South African Visa

Visa Requirements:

  • You must provide biometric data.
  • You must have a valid passport which must be valid for at least one more month after you depart from South Africa, completing your trip.
  • The passport must have at least two blank pages left.


  • Currently, there are about 48 countries in the world, the citizens of which can enter South Africa without applying for a Visa for their trips for up to 90 days. Such countries are the USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia, etc.
  • There are 28 countries in the world, the citizens of which can enter South Africa without any visa, though; their tenure of the visit must be up to 30 days. Such countries are South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, etc.

Types of Visa:

At present, South Africa has 9 types of visas namely tourist, visit, work, medical, study, relative’s, exchange, and retired persons’.

For more details on the offline application of South African Visa, it’s best you find the South African consulates or agents in your area.

Australian Visa

Australian Visa

Types of Visa:

Visit and tourism, work, study, joint partner or family, for the purpose of permanent residency, etc.

Processing Time:

20-28 days

Stay Limit:

Most of the time, the tourist visa in Australia is valid for 12 months at max, though the Australian government can grant the same for 3 or 6 months too.

Visa Fees:

Tourist Visa Fees is to AUD 140 or $ 97 USD.

Though, you can use the Australian Visa finder web page for knowing more about the kind of visa you will be eligible for.

You can view more information about the Australian visa and immigration knowledge on its official website.

In conclusion, different countries have different rules and regulations which depend upon their interrelations that affect the visa application for a normal tourist. With time, if you do your research and contact a trustworthy agency in your country, you will be able to get the desired visa stamp on your passport in no time.

Why You Must Visit Dubai At The Time Of Diwali?

Dubai is the juncture that connects the crowd of three continents Asia, Europe, and Africa at its land. It’s the most luxurious city and the emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Epicureans like you travel to this city throughout the year for multiple opportunities in Dubai to feed their curiosity to explore the well-document Arabic emirate.

Things You Must Know Before Planning Your Trip to Dubai

Dubai is a vast city with high-end connectivity and impressive modern infrastructure. Here are a few things that will help you update your knowledge quotient. You will be well equipped with what to expect when you reach Dubai.

  • Dubai has an impressive range of transport system, be it the roads connecting seamlessly to the GCC, air or water, which attracts most of the tourists around the globe.
  • Its state-of-the-art highways link other seven emirates of UAE; therefore, while you are planning to take a trip down to Dubai, you can extend your trip to nearby emirates too.
  • Dubai is well planned and connected, so the majority of your hotel destinations will be within 30 minutes of your drive from the Dubai International Airport.
  • Taxi drivers are readily available for an easy commute when you arrive at the airport. In Dubai, you will find Uber and a local Dubai taxi service named Careem that you can avail easily. You must know that Taxi drivers accept your credit cards, especially which are MasterCard and Visa cards.
  • In reference to its local transport, you will find that Dubai has the Metro where red lines are widespread around the city and famous business locations are the busiest stops like the World Trade Center.You must purchase a prepaid NOL travel card that works for Metro, Taxi, Bus, and Trams and can be bought from the selected bus stations or from any metro station near your location.

How to Reach Dubai?

Dubai, UAE, is easily accessible by air, water, and land. It has robust airline connectivity with the two-thirds of the population. There are around 125 flights that commute to Dubai from across the globe. So, no matter which continent you are, you will surely find direct or one-stop flights on your regional travel websites.

You can even talk to one of the travel agents in your country that can help you with the cheapest rates of the flights at the moment. Meanwhile, the residents of the GCC can either travel by road or air to reach Dubai in a matter of hours. Also, the residents or tourists in any of the nearby emirates of the UAE can reach Dubai easily via linked highways.

How Long Should Your Stay Be in Dubai?

An average hotel with necessary facilities can cost up to $33-$50 USD a night per person which equates to 2310-3500 INR per night per person. Given that Dubai is a small city, and is directly connected to the other seven emirates, you can easily plan 2-5 days stay in this exuberant city.

The minimal prices for eating per day per person equates to around $ 40. Keep a buffer of around $ 100 USD for tickets to be able to enter tourist attractions like Burj Khalifa & Desert Safari. In total for 5 days, your budget to stay in Dubai and nearby will cost you $ 550 USD or around 38,000 INR, excluding the flight ticket cost.

Tourist Attractions & Nearby Emirates That Dubai Is Famous For

It’s a city that you will only trust exists when you visit it on your own. From the skyrocketing skyscrapers to islands protruding at the coastlines, to the amazing nightlife and vibrant communities residing in Dubai, the air of its land feels like you are living in a paradise.

  • Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

One of the best attractions in Dubai is Burj Khalifa. It’s world tallest tower, standing at 828 meters of height. It has an observation at the 124th floor and an opulent Top Sky Lounge on the 148th floor. In fact, most of the first-time tourists thrive to visit Burj Khalifa more than anything else in the city.

  • Desert Safari
Desert Safari

Desert Safaris are one of the must visit place in Dubai. There are so many types of Safari that you can choose from. Some of the popular one’s are Premium Red Dunes, Rub Al Khali, and Al Khaznah and many more. You may choose to take it in morning or evening. Most of the people prefer to take it on Sand dunes to get the feel of Arabian Desert. You can club it with Dhow Cruise with some sumptuous barbeque dinner in the night.

  • Abu Dhabi

As the capital of the UAE, you must visit this land where Arabic culture and modernization can be seen at once. It’s famous for its luxury, Infrastructure, famous monuments, exotic memories and mesmerizing sightseeing. Moreover, it is merely one and a half hour away from Dubai.

  • Ferrari-World
Ferrari World

The world’s first Ferrari-themed park located at Yas Island is in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It hosts up to 37 thrilling Ferrari rides under its big red roof. You should step down to this park for feeding the adventurer in you for the world’s best rides ever. It will be an experience which you can live with your family and friends and remember together for the years to come.

  • Mosque

Most famous mosque of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed is a place you cannot afford to miss. It’s free to enter and one of the most giant mosques residing in Abu Dhabi.

  • The Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is located outside of the Dubai Mall and at the foot of the mesmerizing Burj Khalifa. It’s accredited to be the world’s largest choreographed fountain system as the water streams spikes as high as 150 meters above the ground.

  • Palm Jumeirah

When you see the pictures online of this palm-shaped island, you will too question yourself the architecture of this beauty. It’s, in fact, one of the largest artificial islands in the world.

Dubai Visa Procedure

Visit the official website of Dubai E-visa to select which country are you from and where are you currently living. Dubai has various kinds of visas that you can apply for; minimum is for 14 days—single entry. The visa is valid to all the UAE emirates, namely Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.It takes around 24-72 hours to process and $179 USD is the current for 14 days visa. You can hire a travel agent to make the process convenient. It’s advisable to apply for tourist visa one month in advance only as you need to plan your travel within this period.

Why You Should Plan Your Trip in Dubai During Diwali?

During October to March, it’s the best time you can visit Dubai, moreover, Diwali is one of the major celebrations that lightens up the city with the crowd from all over the world around November.

The colourful fireworks near the Burj Khalifa are famous around the Diwali festival. The whole area gets illuminated with cheers of happiness, joy and bright lights. Even at night, the skyline is the best to watch out for when the creative fireworks burst to pay tribute to the Hindu festival of Diwali that is more or less celebrated around whole Dubai and other emirates of UAE, including Abu Dhabi.

The biggest Diwali celebrations can be enjoyed with your family at Bollywood Parks Dubai on 9 and 10 November. The resort will entertain you with chilling rides, scrumptious street food, fantastic live music and dance performances from Bollywood artists as well.

You will be welcomed with Diwali inspired delicacies at many of the local Indian-themed restaurants in Dubai at amazing discounts, especially at Trèsind.

Shopping In Dubai:  What And From Where?

  • The Dubai Mall

It’s one of the largest malls in the world. If your aim is to purchase the best fashionable items, you can try The Fashion Avenue for that.

  • Mall of the Emirates
Mall of Emirates


Mall of the Emirates , another popular mall in Dubai , offers more 500+ international brands. It caters to all different buying needs of the shoppers.

  • Gold Souk
Gold Souk – Dubai

Dubai is known for selling the purest Gold in the world. You may not get the cheapest gold but huge variety unavailable anywhere.

  • Local Shops : Electronics Products , Dates & Other Specialities

You can also expect cheapest and best electronic products in Dubai . You can visit any nearby local shop plaza in the Emirate and you will not be disappointed with the pricing or the variety. An emirate of Dubai is also known for world famous dates. You must buy it for yourself or to gift to your friends or folks.

This was an extensive guide to make your Dubai Trip around Diwali worthwhile and enjoyable. Do not forget to share your Dubai memories with us in the comments down below. If you planning a trip in Diwali than this is the right time to book your slot now. You can join our community of travelers at an exclusive Traveling Community . Just click on this link – MEET UP and join the Dubai Trip.

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