How to Avoid Visa Rejection Before you Plan Your next Trip to Any Continent?

Due to different trade policies and political situation between countries, the VISA processes are in some places rather stringent, making it difficult for the Visa-seeker to get access.

We will be providing you an excessive Visa guide below to clear all your doubts about the Visa processes for different countries.

Stay with us and enjoy the Visa knowledge bank ahead.

What Exactly Is A Visa?

It is a government issued document that allows you as a bearer to enter into the country who’s Visa you have applied to or wish to apply for.

How Many Types Of Visa Exists?

There are multiple Visas to fulfill your purpose to enter into a country. Certain types of are Work Visa, Student Visa, Travel/Tourist Visa, etc.

Visa Fees

It depends on country to country. The charges might change over time, and for further details, you must get in touch with the embassy in your country of the country you are planning to visit.

The Things to Be Taken Care before Planning a Trip to a Foreign Country

  • Is there a visa application required for the country you are intending to visit?
  • Can you with your current employment status travel to that country?
  • You must have all the required documentation prepared, whether it’s financial statements or identification papers.
  • You must plan a proper itinerary before applying for a visa.
  • Your passport must be up to date and have at least 5-6 empty pages as a buffer.
  • You must make a proper budget and know beforehand how many days are you going to spend in a particular country for feeding your purpose.

Furthermore, we have divided country wise visa information for your ease, in case you are applying for a particular continent or a country.

Indian Visa India has a vast variety of Visa for fulfilling the different purposes of tourists travelling to India.

Indian Visa

Visa Provision:

Tourist, Business, and Student Visa grant 5-year period access to foreigners or travellers in India. Some of which have a single access while others have multiple entry provisions.

Processing Time: At least 3 days.

Visa Fee: numerous Visa applications levy charges differently in India. It can be a special fee, basic fee, processing fee.

Singaporean Visa – Many countries like the USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom don’t even require an E-Visa for the purpose of traveling to Singapore.

Singapore Visa

Documents required otherwise for applying for the E-Visa are a current valid passport, a credit or debit card otherwise, a PayPal account, and a digital snap of the applicant which should not be older than 3 months.

Validity: Singapore e-Visa is valid for 90 days after it’s issued with a maximum 30 days of stay.

Other Singapore Visa information:

The Singapore High Commission does not accept any walk-in applicants, you have to contact approved Singapore visa agencies mentioned in the form given in the official government website.

Indonesian Visa – No Visa is required for the stay up to 30 days, but there are certain requirements that are to be met if the stay in Indonesia is going to be less than 30 days which are:

  • Your passport must be valid for the next six months with at least two blank pages for the visa.
  • You need to have evidence of your to and from flight details.
  • You should have evidence of the sufficient funds in your bank account to justify the needed stay in Indonesia.

In case the stay is intended to be more than 30 days, there are stringent documentary and compliance requirement that needs to be met which can be browsed through the official website of Indonesia.Visa

Europe – Schengen -Applying for Europe Visa is one of the toughest tasks for international travelers, though, with the right kind of knowledge and on-time submission of the application, the process can be less stringent.Schengen consists of the passport-free zones of the 26 European countries. You might apply for this visa from their  official website.

There are various types of Visa falling under the Schengen Visa defining the purpose of the trip of the traveler which are transit, tourism, visit for visiting family or friends, business visa, visa for culture sports, study visa, visa applied for medical reasons, etc.

Travel Documents Required:

  • Your passport must be valid for the next three months after you have left Europe after your trip.
  • Travel insurance policy.
  • Proof of round trip or properly planned itinerary of visiting mentioned countries in Europe.
  • Accommodation proof for the mentioned hotels.
  • Proof of financial soundness to be able to finance your own trip during your mentioned stay.
  • Evidence that you have paid the visa fees.

There are more documentation and verification’s required depending upon the purpose of the traveler’s visit to Europe. If you are a student or an employee, both situations will solicit different kind of versification.

Also, the Schengen Visa for European countries is granted on the basis of your number of intended visits like single-entry visa, double or multiple-entry visa.

Validity: Schengen visa is valid up to 90 days.

Visa fees: $70 for adults and you can view a proper list of visa charges from European Visa Site

South African Visa -Currently, a traveler needs to apply for a visa in person as the E-visa system is still to be updated on the official South African government website.

South African Visa

Visa Requirements:

  • You must provide biometric data.
  • You must have a valid passport which must be valid for at least one more month after you depart from South Africa, completing your trip.
  • The passport must have at least two blank pages left.


  • Currently, there are about 48 countries in the world, the citizens of which can enter South Africa without applying for a Visa for their trips for up to 90 days. Such countries are the USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia, etc.
  • There are 28 countries in the world, the citizens of which can enter South Africa without any visa, though; their tenure of the visit must be up to 30 days. Such countries are South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, etc.

Types of Visa:

At present, South Africa has 9 types of visas namely tourist, visit, work, medical, study, relative’s, exchange, and retired persons’.

For more details on the offline application of South African Visa, it’s best you find the South African consulates or agents in your area.

Australian Visa

Australian Visa

Types of Visa:

Visit and tourism, work, study, joint partner or family, for the purpose of permanent residency, etc.

Processing Time:

20-28 days

Stay Limit:

Most of the time, the tourist visa in Australia is valid for 12 months at max, though the Australian government can grant the same for 3 or 6 months too.

Visa Fees:

Tourist Visa Fees is to AUD 140 or $ 97 USD.

Though, you can use the Australian Visa finder web page for knowing more about the kind of visa you will be eligible for.

You can view more information about the Australian visa and immigration knowledge on its official website.

In conclusion, different countries have different rules and regulations which depend upon their interrelations that affect the visa application for a normal tourist. With time, if you do your research and contact a trustworthy agency in your country, you will be able to get the desired visa stamp on your passport in no time.

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