What Are The Best Places To Visit In July Across The Globe?

Looking for a way to make summers exciting? Jump on the bandwagon and tour the best places across the globe this July.

July is the shoulder season in Switzerland. If you are someone to fall in love with nature, at first sight, it’s a perfect time. Moreover, the traveling crowd is much lesser with cheaper rates during this month, which saves from going broke. Hence, you will be able to enjoy places like Zurich by yourself.

Stay 5 days on a budgeted trip in hotels excluding aeroplane ticket: USD 920.

  • Croatia, South-East Europe

Wondering where to for adventurous July in Europe? Croatia is that country for you. Cities like Zadar inhabit water sports, outdoor activities for boosting your adrenaline rush. These sports are kayaking, boating, and river rafting. Also, pack your summer swimsuits and bask in the sun with the hidden beaches in Croatia like Makarska Riviera Beaches.

Stay for 5 days at USD 540 per trip with B&Bs, avoiding major cities like Split.

  • Santorini, Greece, Europe

This is a mesmerizing crescent-shaped island on the right side of Greece, part of the Cyclades Islands, inhabiting in the Aegean Sea. The best city and holiday spot in Europe in July is its nickname. The sparkling architecture donned in blue and white colors is a sight to behold for the visitors.

July is actually the peak season where there are numerous travelers you can encounter at the beaches like Perivolos, Oia, Kamari, Thera, and Perissa. Though at this time the prices of the hotel stay will be costly.

Average cost if you pick good hostel accommodation, not including the flight expense will be USD 450 for 4-5 days.

  • Cambodia, Asia

Cambodia is one of the desired places in Asia to travel in July for relaxation and enjoy the sightseeing. The climate will be quite rainy in Cambodia with dry and cool mornings. Though, as it’s not the peak season to travel to this country in July, you will obviously meet lesser people and enjoy the reclusion from the world of travelers. At this time, Angkor Wat will be the best place to visit in the scenic greenery amidst the slight drizzle.

You find the partying crowd in Sihanoukville while visiting Kep for silent enjoyment at the beaches. Other intricate cities to explore during your stay are Kampong Cham for lively evidence of French era, Kampot for beautiful river banks, and Koh Keng for trekking.

Stay: 7 days.

Cost: USD 350tour package with hotel accommodation that excludes ticket rates.

  • Vietnam, Asia

July is the wettest season of Vietnam and yet it’s still the best season for you to have your budget travel in one of the most underrated countries in Asia. The Northern cities like Hanoi, NinhBinh, and Mai Chau experience the middle of summers at this time with lesser crowd.

For the love of white sandy beaches, head over to Con Dao Island and watch the amazing nesting season of the reptiles found near the beach like baby turtles.

Hoi An is a brilliant town with ancient footprints evident from the infrastructure and idyllic streets. Roam around the local markets, visit beaches and meet natives to know more about their ancient history as the people are friendly.

Budget Trip Cost with B&Bs: USD 200. Standard charges for flights will be extra.

Planned Stay: 7 to 10 days.

  • Cape Town, South Africa

For an adventurous journey, try visiting Cape Town in early July. This is the best time for hikers and trekkers to explore the hidden forests and greenery of Cape Town. Whereas, you can bask in the enjoyment of food walks and food safaris starting from late July.

This is not a peak season. You will chance upon off-peak rates if you contact the travel agents in your locality now.

Stay: 7-10 days.

Your trip cost in hostels: 462 USD. (Your flights charges are not added.)

  • Australia

For your knowledge, July lightens up the journey of Australian’s winters and an equal opportunity for travels to go to their desired destination in Australia before it gets too chilly too soon.

If you love the water, go swimming for sharks and eat scrumptious seafood at Exmouth. Go for cool swimming with the world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark and snorkeling at the Ningaloo Reef.

Cost per trip of 5-7 days is up to 607 USD. Pick a travel package or backpackers hostel. Keep in mind it doesn’t include the airfare.

  • UAE

Traveling to UAE emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi is best for taking full advantage of the water sports and exuberant beaches. As it’s not usually the ideal season for travelers to hoard the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you will be able to avail discounts and offers which otherwise becomes a feat to achieve at the end of the year.

Stay: 4-5 days

Cost per average budget vacationing in hotels: USD 216-252. Air fares are not calculated.

All in all, these cities are appealing to the eyes but not limited as there are many more to explore as well. But during peak seasons, costs are quite higher. Though, if you talk to travel agents and consultants, compare the quotes shared by them, you can prepare the best itinerary that doesn’t drill holes in your budget as well as one that promises fuller enjoyment on your international stays.

At the same time if wish to avail comfort of planned itinerary with much lesser cost then your time and inconvenience contact your trip advisor. You may plan a solo trip to any of the country above or any other place of your choice.

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