Is Solo Traveling Really Your Cup Of Tea?

Worldwide solo traveling has gained momentum amongst the people from different walks of life. If you are wondering that is solo travel a good idea, then read along this feature to clear all your doubts on what all is solo traveling about?

Some of the myths are laid down below that may clear your insights about much talked about Solo Traveler and Trips.

Will I be Able to Enjoy on My Trip Solo?

Of course, it is that Aha moment you step outside your house with a backpack or luxury destination as you may wish. You will definitely get the chills to see what you can do when no one else is watching. End of the trip anyone taking a solo trip will come back more liberated and groomed. This experience is indeed unparallel not taught in any university. To add more fun element you can join the solo travelling communities as well.

Is Solo Trip Scary?

If you have not prepared for a solo trip to your next destination with proper arrangements, then it can be a dangerous venture. For example, suppose a city is endangered because of the war or any natural calamity, then it is sheer stupidity to tour around that place without knowing the news in advance. Other than that, solo traveling is the most exhilarating escapades for travelers across the globe. So basically a well planned and researched trip leave no scope of fear.

Is it Really Worth to Travel Solo?

Like any other new things in life, traveling alone opens the gates for numerous opportunities. You get to meet new people, learn different languages, do more odd jobs and what not. Though, without making an effort this change wouldn’t occur on its own. You have to make it happen and that is what makes solo travel worth it.

Why Do You Need to Plan a Solo Trip?

Truth be told, you need to be honest to yourself while you are planning and executing a trip for yourself. Once your purpose is clear then your solo trip will make more sense to you. As was shown in the movie eat, pray and love how the lead female plan her itinerary to travel the whole world and come back as a much more sorted person. The reason is more or less similar to the movie, you may need a solo trip to discover yourself more and listen to your true calling. To know it better you just need to plan your next solo trip with all the heart and guts.

Is Solo Travel Lonely?

You need to understand the in-depth meaning of traveling solo before deciding a place of your choice. The major purpose of the traveling alone is to discover yourself without anyone else interfering in between of your decisions. Moreover, you will definitely meet other solo travelers on the journey. So, there will hardly be a time when you feel lonely, given that, you are open to new experiences and adventures, even it includes getting to know a stranger at a local restaurant.

Is it Good to Plan a Solo Trip in India?

We need to seriously break the stereotypes here people because India is one of the leading holiday as well as travel destinations for foreigners. In fact, according to the website, Indian tourism has generated up until $8.4 Million Dollars of revenue solely from travelers from abroad.

The same is expected to rise up to $ 20 Million Dollars in 2020. India holds the count of 30 World Heritage Sites and 25 Bio-Geographic Zones, making an ideal destination to explore oneself as well as the history behind the making of what India is today. So to say, the answer to the question, is solo travel in India safe? In simple words is; definitely, with clear cut itinerary and coordination with the travel agents, you will have a rocking trip in India. You will love it so much that you would like to visit here again and again.

Will it be Weird to Plan a Solo Trip?

The definition of weird can be weird. Confused? Well, traveling solo has become a norm and a tradition in many of the places, including India. There is nothing weird or whimsical about it anymore. Earlier it might have been considered as an excuse to elope, but with tight security and travel policies recently, solo traveling is now super attractive and desirable. As recently, even the honorable Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal announced his plans to make public transport traveling free for women in Delhi soon. Hence, we believe that doubts like is solo travel weird become null and void.

Is Solo Travel A Good Idea?

Traveling alone is always a good idea with a set mind. What’s more beguiling is that while you are on the road, you can keep your friends and family connected with blogs and live sessions. To your advantage, they will be less worried and more entertained along with you. Even more so than that, you will definitely meet new people who later might be your new found love or best travel buddies. So, when next time a question like is solo travel a good idea occurs in your mind, think about the endless memories you can make on the road.

How Safe is Solo Traveling?

Solo trips will be the safest when you are hyper-aware and don’t leave everything on its own. Have no doubts regarding your responsibilities because traveling by yourself demands on time attention to keep yourself at bay from the unwanted issues in a city you have never traveled before.

If you are thinking is solo travel for me or is solo travel safe, all you have to do is make up your mind, research a lot about the place, read the daily news, talk to people about, and be ready like a native when you reach there. To know more about solo travelling you can always read more about it from the top blogs on solo travelling.

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