40 Countries You Must Visit Before You Turn 40


We have collated 40 countries name below which you must not miss at any cost if you are seeking to feed the curious traveler inside you. Moreover, we will be listing 40 countries and their currency as well to be on the more informative side and help enrich your worldwide knowledge.

Europe Continent

The countries of this content use the EURO as their prime currency; where some countries do have another currency as well, which will be exclusively mentioned.

  • France

One of the prime 40 countries in the world you have to visit; the famous Paris being its official capital. You must go to France for fine dining, wining, and also the Eiffel Tower!

  • Italy

Rome is its official capital and Italian is one of the romantic languages in the world spoken here. Again, this country is famous for wine and architecture.

  • Ireland/United Kingdom

If you are one of the history buffs, you will definitely have to visit these two countries side by side. They are an awesome blend of historical and modernized infrastructure, full of castles, monuments, churches, supermarkets, and cobblestone roads. Dublin and London are their official capitals which you should visit first.

  • Netherlands/Germany

These countries are touted to be one of the safest countries to travel. With minimal traveling requirements and top-notch infrastructure and the friendliest crowd, you must go to these two countries out of the 40 countries and their capitals before you are 40.

  • Greece

 Athens is its revered capital city. Reasons to go to this country are for unique beaches, water sports, quaint villages, and nightlife around Santorini.

  • Slovenia/Montenegro/Croatia

To make the most of these countries, it is most advisable to plan a private tour for world-class beaches, markets, clubs, and seaside towns like Dubrovnik, Split, Koper, Trieste, Budva, etc.

Asian Continent

  • United Arab Emirates

Visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the best traveling experience with amazing beaches, monuments, and mosques. The currency UAE Dihram is widely used here.

  • Turkey

Go to Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya to define your own vision of Turkey. This country is like a gateway that transpires between Asia and Europe. Lately, even Turkish dramas have gained momentum across the world because of the beautiful decks, ports, beaches and protruding mountains.

  • India

Reasons to travel down to India are cultural diversification, exploring the vast world history as well as thousands of cuisines and moments to explore. You can easily roam in India with Indian Rupees as the currency.

  • Thailand, Malaysia, & Singapore

These 3 countries are quite famous for the honeymoon and marriage destination amongst the young couples.The currency of Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore: Thai Baht/Malaysian Ringgit/Singapore Dollar.

  • Indonesia/Cambodia

Places like Bali, Indonesia, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia are top tourist spots for travelers. These two counties have a vast green environment and pagodas, Buddhist temples. You can rejuvenate your soul in these two countries. Indonesian Rupiah and Cambodian Riel are the currencies of these countries.

African Continent

  • South Africa/Madagascar

For weekend getaway tours, wildlife tourism, scrumptious continental dishes, scenic beaches and the fourth largest island in the world (Madagascar) you should visit these two African countries together.

  • Egypt

Egypt is known for the most exotic pyramids, desert rides, citadels, and budget travel diaries. This country is a must to peruse before life takes a toll.

  • Seychelles

If you wish to relish endless beaches with water sports as well as a country sit and back relax, Seychelles is the best option amongst the 40 countries name list. You will love snorkeling here.

  • Morocco:

This seaside country has everything in store for a traveler. From mountains to lovable and winding roads. You will be the hints of European and Asian history in a marvelous country.. Morocco Dirham is the official currency, whereas Rabat is the capital.

  • Botswana

 This country is the crown of African Wildlife. Chobe National Park and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve are for the wonderful safari experiences and wildlife photography.

North America Continent

  • The United States Of America/Canada/Mexico

For ultimate lifetime traveling experience and testing your survival and lingual skills, you have to visit these major 3 countries. You need 1-3 months to explore everything in these 3 out of the 40 countries in the world. From Mexico City, Niagra Falls, Ottawa, Washington DC, to skyscrapers of Chicago and New York to hip nightlife in Vancouver, you will be overwhelmed with the sea of people you meet in each and every state and city in these counties.

  • Cuba, Puerto Rico, & Jamaica

The pair of Greater Antilles has three countries stored. While stepping into these lands, you will feel getting transported back in time. Most importantly, these islands can be explored on a budget journey with ease.

  • Costa Rica, Honduras, & Nicaragua

The best beaches, wildlife, greenery, and the Caribbean Sea view are one of the top reasons for you to explore these countries out of the 40 countries before 40 together.

South America Continent

  • Paraguay

This country is in a prime location sharing its geographical boundaries with other South American countries like Brazil & Bolivia. Revel in the national beauty and exotic birds while visiting Paraguay.

  • Peru, Chile, & Argentina

Incan infrastructure, Incan cities, Amazon Jungle, and its trail, and voracious waterfalls are the reason for a package deal of visiting the combo of these 3 effervescent countries when you are enough to trek and hike even.

  • Colombia

Museums, Arts, Music and everything else that’s hippy and bohemian pulls the crowd from across the world to this country.


  • Australia & New Zealand

These two island countries share many of the components like water sports, amazing food culture, giant rock monuments, national parks, and aesthetic wildlife. You need to have Australian Dollar & New Zealand Dollar for traveling expenditures here.

Travelers can never be satiated guys, but exploring 40 countries before 40 is a lifetime achievement on its own that you’ll always keep close to your heart.

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