Why You Must Plan At Least One Solo Trip Every Year?

A solo trip a year will keep your inhibitions at bay. Sounds interesting? Why not, after all, a solo trip is the way to go and one of the tried and tested routes to personal growth. This, in fact, is the best opportunity to be a new version of yourself that you can experiment anywhere anytime. You may plan to take a day out or a one-week solo trip, the choice will be yours. Take a solo trip, and come back as an evolved person besides setting a trend.

Why Solo Trip Is Becoming a Trend These Days?

  • Breaks Your Comfort Zone

One of the best replies to clear the doubts on why go on a solo trip is that traveling alone frees you from your insecurities and pull you out of your comfort zone. The things you can do easily at your home town are not necessarily done or thought in the same manner in another location.

  • Self-Esteem Kicks In Like Never Before

If you haven’t learned to stand up for yourself yet, going places will turn that nature round about. When you are stuck in predicaments while traveling solo, the high degree of pressure to fight or flee teaches you a lot.

  • You Become More Self-Aware

As you travel alone, there’s nobody to poke their nose in your itinerary. No one will be there to ask a question about why to choose a particular spot. You will be in complete charge during the entire journey. The only person to decide your limits will be you.

It, in turn, will definitely inculcate a better sense of responsibility as well. For example, Goa is famous for its hip culture and nightlife, but maybe its beach life is what that has compelled you to visit that state. This realization will occur only on a solo trip; in short, you will become much more self-aware.

  • Sense of Freedom and Liberty

On a one-day solo trip from Delhi, you are the only decision maker on what kind of things you want to do. There is no one stopping you and you learn how to be responsible and accountable for the plans you make for yourself.

  • Privilege to Taste Distinctive Cuisines & Culture

This added advantage breaks all the doubts when a question like why the solo trip is good is asked. For example, India is a cultural hub and every state has its own food & festival times around the year. A solo trip to your favorite states is a good fortune to educate yourself about the budding tastes and thrilling festivals being celebrated around the corner. Moreover, you even get a chance to dress, talk, and eat like the natives while you are visiting culture-rich states like Karnataka, Kerala, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, etc.

How to Start Your First Solo Trip?

If you plan to go for a solo trip for the very first time then it’s not a bad idea to start from the place that’s close by. Assuming you stay in Delhi or NCR you can always explore some of the places around the capital city itself. Some ideas about a few places in and around Delhi for Solo trips that can keep you amazed are as follows.

  • Visiting Historical Places

For the most loved one-day solo trip from Delhi, you needn’t hesitate to visit places like Parwanoo, Kuchesor Mud Fort, Alwar, Kurukshetra and few more.

  • Explore Weekend Getaways

Delhi is adorned with picturesque cities nearby that you must travel to for a one-week solo trip. This breaks your mundane routine and gives you time to refresh and jumpstart your life again. For example, you can plan a trip to Agra, Vrindavan, Neemrana, Jaipur, etc. for a relaxing week ahead.

  • Murthal & Old Rao – Pampering Your Tasting Buds

A one-day trip solo to either of these places will provide you with numerous options of the traditional as well as continental cuisines. While Murthal has a slew of restaurants like Amrit Sukhdev, Gulshan Dhaba; Old Rao is one of the famous chains for Rajasthani cuisines on the NH-8, Delhi-Jaipur Expressway. All these places can be visited en route any of the chosen destinations.

  • Solo Trip for a Day

So if you are not yet ready for a night stay you can plan a day trip within Delhi. The city got lots of options. From famous historical monuments like Qutub Minar, International Doll Museum, Indian Air Force Museum to some old exotic places for food and shopping like Chandni Chowk, Rajouri Garden, Connaught Place you have it all.

Benefits of a Short Solo Trip

  • An Easy & Quick Break From Daily Life

One-day trip solo is a befitting example to break free from the whole month’s stress of studies or work. You can come back to your house within hours after going to a different place and meet a new caravan of travelers from different walks of life. This may be a good practice to break the monotony of your comfort zone too. 

  • A Second-To-None Escapade For New Travelers

If you are one of the new solo travelers or wish to become one, start from visiting the places near your town or state from where you can come back home within a day at max. Doing so will prepare you for long travel trips and give a full proof answer to why do a solo trip when you can travel in groups.

  • Make New Friends

As you will meander around your hometown, foreigners might seek help from you and odds turn into your favor to make new friends and learn about their journey and upbringing too. This will make you much more confident as well.

  • You Know You Are Not Far Away From Home

Anytime while traveling, you can connect a call back home easily to check up on your family or friends because you know you are not far away. The place must be like 1-5 hours away, which gives you a belief that you are safe to venture into traveling solo for now. You will be managing the inertia of venturing in something new like a solo trip in phenomenon fashion this way.

There are many kinds of solo trips worth exploring as per your travel appetite. Taking a one-week solo road trip is a beautiful experience that many travelers have been lauding about for years. Some others may prefer a luxurious me time at the side of beach or a mountain.

You can encash such experiences if you are willing to go on a wonderful solo trip every year. Trust one trip will be enough to caught you with travel bandwagon of traveling every month . Frequent solo travelers have vouched of coming back home with added confidence, survival skill set, and an exotic annual traveling bag of memories.

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