How Kim Got Passport Through Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance takes the least preference among other insurance because people are ignorant about its benefits. On the contrary, a suitable Travel Policy is quintessential for any traveler like Term, Endowment, Health, etc.

That is what happened when Kim, an Anglo-Indian was on bon voyage to Europe. As soon as she reached Paris, she realized one of her handbag was missing. She was skeptical whether she forgets at a food joint in India or someone stole it during the security check. Kim felt her trip was spoiled, more than that her inhibition was how she will sail through in a foreign land.

She suddenly recalled the travel insurance policy she has taken from her agent. Her presence of mind made her call him and she was assisted with the instant support. She was not only able to apply for a duplicate passport but was aided with all the related expenses as well.

Can you image yourself in the shoe of Kim? How will you handle such situation? The best way will be to play safe like her and get your travel insurance whenever you are planning your next trip.

What Exactly is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a policy that can guarantee you a smooth and safe trip. You may be aware of the benefits of traveling but how much are you aware of travel safety essentials? One must thing for any trip to ensure a safe journey is buying a Travel policy. You can choose between many types of Insurance for travel. When it comes to choosing travel insurance international then it has all the more benefits.

However before paying your insurance premium you must go through the travel insurance brochure to read the several benefits that it offers. Certainly domestic insurance is also good to consider along with your travel insurance overseas.  

Above all, Travel Insurance is the policy that can guarantee you a safe and secure journey. After buying a good policy for your travel, you can be relieved of any unnecessary stress. Insurance for travel is taken for so many reasons, one of the most popular is travel insurance medical policy.

This may be taken primarily for ensuring any health hazards during your journey. However, there are many others types of travel policies that can be considered. One of the myths in traveler’s mind is they may not need travel insurance Europe policy as this continent is developed.

This is especially the case with the local travelers within many countries of Europe. However, this may just be a myth, travel insurance in 2020 is expected to get many leads from this region as well. Hope with the small overview of the travel policy you know what exactly is the meaning of Travel Insurance.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

With so many unparalleled benefits that your Travel Insurance can provide, you must be certainly convinced to buy one for you. Furthermore, you can have a glance at more benefits as depicted in the info-graphic below.

Travel Insurance Essentials

Besides the benefits listed in the image above, there could be many other reasons you may need to have travel Insurance. You can always consult a travel coach or an agent for better clarity. Life Insurance cover is usually a basic ingredient of any travel insurance plan.

Various Types of Travel Insurance

While buying a travel insurance you will come across many types , here is a list of few of the best.

Types of Travel Insurance

Most importantly, before buying an Insurance plan for your trip you must check their features and select the one that is most suitable and budget friendly.

What is the Cost of Travel Insurance?

Many may not be aware but the fact is the cost of travel insurance may be less than 1% of your entire trip. The exact price may vary from the type of insurance you may prefer for your travel. More coverage may lead to a hike in the price of the insurance. You can always check all the features and decide about what kind of travel insurance plan will be suitable for your requirements.

Alternatively, you can check the insurance web aggregators that can help you compare various insurance before buying. If you have a preference for any brand then you can buy from them directly.

On the other hand, If you wish to get some additional services then you can always catch hold of insurance agents directly. Any method of buying your insurance for travel may have one benefit or the other. You can choose the one that is most suitable as per your needs. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance

Out of many players who offers you travel insurance plan you may be wondering what is the right platform to buy your travel policy. Before even deciding about your Insurance partner for your travel policy you can consider a few things as explained below.


Your Travel Insurance can have as much coverage as you may wish to have. You can take additional benefits by paying some additional money. Some of the add-ons in your travel policy that can be beneficial could be recovering stolen money, 100% medical aid and many more. You can always analyze your need and check with your travel insurance agent about the same.


The cost of your basic travel policy can be very low. However, it also depends upon the features of the policy and from whom you are buying it. You can always check all the attributes of travel insurance before buying it.  

Days of Travel

More your days of travel more will be the reason you must buy decent insurance for your travel. It takes time to adapt to the new culture and you may likely be prone to few ailments. At the same time, you might be the prey of some mischief mongers who can ruin the trip by tricking you and stealing your stuff. The only thing that can come to your rescue you in the good travel policy.

Above all, along with the above criteria don’t forget to check the customer feedback on specific travel policy. Most importantly analyze what kind of insurance will suit you. If you are a solo traveler than your insurance requirements will be quite different from student or family.

How to Buy Your Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance Companies

Many insurance companies can offer you the travel insurance plan of your choice. You may plan to visit them at their centers or can buy from them directly online.

Some of the noteworthy Insurance companies are:-

  • Religare

Religare is a trusted branded with over 74 offices pan India. In the space of Travel Insurance, it has got many options. You can select the one you want and contact them.

With the base of crores of happy customers, HDFC ERGO has established itself as a popular brand. Furthermore, for any enquiry about the insurance, they may just be a call away.  As a result , they are one of the preferred brand of many travelers.

  • Iffco Tokio

To check out some more variations in Travel Insurance you can browse the options from popular brand Iffco Tokio. Certainly like other players, they got lots of variations in their travel insurance policies. Therefore you must consider buying your policy from them.

Online Insurance Aggregators

The digital world has made life easier by the advent of online insurance aggregators. They can not only help you compare various plans but assure you the best rates as well. As a result, we have many players booming up in this niche. So to make your life easy we have listed few.             

Policy Bazaar is one of the oldest and leading players when it comes to any kind of Insurance. Certainly it leads In the travel insurance domain as well. . Furthermore, you can check various plans from their site as well.

  • Insurance Pandit

Another e-commerce insurance player that is just a call away is Insurance Pandit. You can always get your travel policy as per your budget from here. Above all, they can help you with the customize plan , to know more visit their website.  

  • Cover Fox

Cover fox is another leading player in the web insurance aggregator space. Besides the comparison, you can get the travel insurance plan of your choice with just a click of the mouse.

Agents or Brokers

Agents or Brokers are the individuals whom you can consult to buy your chosen Travel Policy. Furthermore, they are the third party who can facilitate you with the best travel insurance plan. Certainly, they can be an individual or a firm. For instance and to clarify some are:-

  • Your International Sim provider
  • Transport Partner
  • Trip Advisor
  • Individual Agents

 Now that you know the importance of travel insurance, you must buy a suitable travel policy to have a fun-filled trip.

How Sara Became Solo Traveler After Khajuraho?

Sara- Khajuraho


Khajuraho is a city of temples that depicts so many stories. Traveling is a pleasure any time of the year in this city of temples. Little did Sara know that she will create a story while her journey from Delhi to Khajuraho. It’s Sara enchanting story of her solo traveling expedition hidden someone in the soul of Khajuraho. More than the city you will fall in love with an adventurous yet interesting story of Sara & Rohit.

Trip– Delhi to Khajuraho

It’s about the year 2014 when Sara was planning a trip to the beautiful city of Khajuraho with the group of solo travelers. For a girl who was divorcee and 33 years of age, traveling was the best escape from a bunch of judging people all around. The journey seems to be thrilling as all strangers could connect very well.

Age group was also the same from 25 to 35 years.  Sara was all excited but bit nervous too as she just started her solo traveling expedition.  Though she preferred to land in Khajuraho airport from Delhi but she decided to explore the road trip. She didn’t consult any travel agents in Delhi for this trip rather she used meetup app.

So group of around 15 odd people that Sara choose began their journey from CP. Almost all were unfamiliar unless they met in the restaurant in Delhi before the trip.  Sara was feeling little shy as all guys were trying to hit on her as she was as innocent as a cow and pretty as a flower.  On one side, she wanted to be friendly another side there was something that was stopping here.  

As their tempo traveler took off there was this guy whom she was exchanging the looks invited her to his seat. Since she was sitting alone she trusted her instincts and joined him over a pint of beer. There was no other comfortable place then the seat next to this handsome stranger named Rohit, for her.

They both had some cozy chat, who in life would know that this will take a different turn after the trip. For Sara, it was just overcoming her divorce blues with this guy. There was another guy Deepak who became an agony aunt who accompanies Sara thought in Metro but to his bad luck, she ignored him.

This gang of young people landed in Khajuraho in 3 star resorts after a tiring journey of 12 hours from Delhi to Khajuraho. While they were chilling out at night on the beats of DJ, Rohit asked Sara to go out for a walk. They both were sloshed and walking holding each other’s arm had some intense conversation. Innocent Sara started falling for him while Rohit was sharing his sad story. He revealed all except that he was married.  

Sara & Rohit – Some Good Time in  Khajuraho

They both were declared as a couple in the group as they looked amazing together as if they were made for each other. In the trip of 5 days, they had time of their life. Nevertheless, they still were not so close that they forget their limit and slept with each other. It was just those intimate moment s like a lovey-dovey that they were sharing. Sara felt nostalgic while her kissing and cuddling time with Rohit, she recalled her past relationship and also was trying to move on from there.

It was like another courtship and honeymoon period for her. Before she could know Rohit well trip was over. She was sad and felt as if life has come to an end. Rohit behaved little weird at the end of the trip. He hardly bid goodbye in the way she expected. Rather he was in a hurry to escape as if he has stolen something.  Of course, Sara felt cheated as her heart was a little broken.  

Back to Delhi

The story doesn’t end here worst is yet to come. So all these travelers were connected with what’s app group. They all were very cool and friendly. Rohit and Sara were in the same group. The trip was so good that hangover was not over for most of them. They were desperate to meet each other again. So all of them planned a night out in Delhi.  

Sara was really happy as it was another chance for her to meet Rohit. She got ready but was not sure whether Rohit was coming or not. She pinged to check, where he sounded little tentative. She could sense something fishy about Rohit even since their short trip was ended. After her constant pursue, Rohit got ready and these strangers who become friends meet again in Haus Khas.  

It was a good night out for the gang Sara also became quite outgoing and had a ball with the group and Rohit. All was well unless she discovered after that outing that Rohit was not only married but had a kid. All her happiness become standstill, after this hangout, she felt like a victim and went in depression.    

Khajuraho Hangover & Aftermath

While she was trying to cope up with her rough phase she got a call from Rohit’s sister. She was surprised and curious at the same time. Sara was told that Rohit is missing from home and they anticipated him to be with her. Her world seems to be shaking as she didn’t know how to handle that. Her fellow travelers asked her to met his family once and convince that she is clueless.

For her it was draining as she was not yet over with the emotional hurt by Rohit, on the top she has to justify something she never did. Since Sara didn’t want to land in any trouble met them and assured them it was not because of her their brother or son has run. She was now worried and wondering where Rohit has gone. The Love story that never began was more painful than any gain now. Sara was reified when she came to know Rohit is back. 

Lesson Learnt From Khajuraho Trip

With this trip, Sara took a resolution not to get friendly with strangers and took it as a learning lesson. Above all traveling helped her grow holistically that motivated her to take many such trips in the future. She became smart and cautious traveller who never fell for guys like Rohit .When she looks back now when she’s 38 she still recalls why you must visit Khajuraho and what all you can visit there.

Places to Visit in Khajuraho

For those who don’t know Khajuraho is the district in Madhya Pradesh and hub of many mythological and religious temples. This city will certainly connect you with ancient time stories.

Lakshman Temple

Kandariya Mahadev Temple

Adinath Temple

Mantangeshwar Temple

Raney Falls

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Panna National Park

Beni Sagar Dam

Archaeological Museum

Ajaigarh Fort

To Sum up, Sara since that time feels the exposure she got from her Khajuraho trip was more than compensation to her bad experience with Rohit. Now she has set herself free and become a world traveler.

If you also feel life is not going your ways or getting trapped in mundane routine then it’s time to empower yourself by taking a trip to your dream destination. Would like to know what are the challenges you have in taking a solo trip.

Please share your story in the comment below, our team will reach out for any rescue. One of the book that you can read to know about traveling is :- The Shooting Star: A Girl, Her Backpack and the World 

Unexplored Terrains of the Western Ghats in India

The Western Ghats has attracted me ever since my childhood for so many good reasons. First of all the pleasant climate in and around this belt is very soothing. Secondly, scenic natural beauty is just mesmerizing.  Western Ghats map will take you to so many interesting places. Some of them could be Kerala backwaters, Sahyadri hills, biodiversity hotspots in India, Western Ghats Mountains and above all Sahyadri Mountain. 

Sahyadri is another name of Western Ghats and consist of the belt of Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. Monsoon is the perfect time to visit here to watch the beautiful dewdrops of rains in lush greenery oozing out from every nook and corner. Some of the places are most suitable to be visited in the monsoon season. You must know a little bit more about them and pack your bags to land there.  

6 Must Visit Unexplored Places in the Western Ghats

Climb to Anamudi


Not to be missed is one of the highest peaks of Western Ghats, Anamudi. This mountain is located in the south India state of Kerala in Munnar. Location of the hills is favorable to many wildlife attractions like Gaur, Nilgiri & Elephants. If you are lucky, you may be able to view some endangered species in India as well.  For the same reason, it is also an ecological hotspot of India which is still unexplored. With the height of 2695 meters above the ground, this hilltop will keep you hooked with its dazzling charm.  

Go Trekking in Paithalmala


Paithalmala is one of the unexplored places in the middle of the beautiful city of Coorg on one side and Kannur on the other. It is a good trekking gateway for travelers across the world. You can always take a trekking guide for the better directions though it may not be a compulsion. The clear direction all over this mini walk-through for backpackers makes it easy to navigate. Enjoy the trek for the fresh oxygen and land up at a juncture of some stunning scenic beauty of nature all around.  

Visit the Coffee Plantations in Sakleshpur

Want to smell special coffee in the lands of south then got to Saleshpur. It is located in western ghat belt of Karnataka. Besides visiting the coffee plantation there is a lot to explore in this hilly area. You can plat to visit some of the vintage forts, waterfall and much more. It is also good for camping with your friends with sharing some interesting stories at the bonfire. To make your trip even more fun,  try to visit here during monsoon to experience some of the best rainfalls. You can always plan a homestay to connect with locals and enjoy their handmade cuisines special to this part of India.

Enjoy the Scenic beauty  at Visapur

Trust you will be awestruck by visiting this unexplored felicitous village of some antique forts and other sight seen.  This hill station is situated at a height of 3556 feet in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, India. Western Ghats of Visapur has got some historical significance that can be very well evident while visiting beautiful forts here. Plan a trip en route Patan village to enjoy some local delicacies available especially in monsoon . Not far away from Pune, some of the travel communities have already discovered this hidden gem in India. If you are looking out for Ghats in Maharashtra then this is the place that you can’t miss.  

Try some Waterfalls  at Chorla Ghat

Best way to enjoy the waterfalls is in the rainy season. While you will get lots of options in all those well known commercial places, why not to visit some even better places in the Ghats of Western India. Now some of you may be surprised to know that this stunning ghat is situated in none other than party city of Goa in India. Plan your trip to get familiar with another side of Goa.

For enjoying monsoon in the best way you can plan to visit some of these places to leverage this season. Few of them are good to visit any time of the year. Both Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats are mysterious and sought out option to escape from hustle & bustle of the city. You can start your expedition from Western Ghats and then plan your itinerary to Eastern Ghats to enhance your travel bucket list and quench your wanderlust.

40 Best Heritage Forts and Palaces Worth Visiting in India

India is one of the cultural heritages of the world. One of the attractions that best depicts the legacy of its traditions are the famous palaces, some of which are converted into forts.

You can not only vouch the picturesque site there but get connected to the historical richness of the country. Indian once called as the golden bird has still retained many of these sculptures which are worth traveling.

It is interesting to know how the opulence of the kings from ancient India created grandeur sculptures of palaces through the best of artisans. Many of the royal palaces of India are converted into the world famous five-star hotels.

More than half of these beautiful forts can be found in the historical state of Rajasthan. Red city of India in Jaipur itself is surrounded by around 15 forts. You can explore some other amazing fort and palaces in and around India.

Best Forts & Palaces in India

1.) Orchha Fort, Madhya Pradesh

Travel to : Orchha Resort

Orchha got some of the peculiar styles of forts that are designed like an umbrella. To get some vintage Indian pictures through your lens you can plan to travel here.   

2.) Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Hawa Mahal is one of the palaces in India that got converted into a vintage museum.  You will be reminded of the attire of the then kings and warrior. You can also have a look at some of the vintage car there.

3.) Gwalior Fort, Gwalior

This fort is one of the precious possessions of the Mughals because of its strong and secure structure. The then emperor doesn’t consider it less than a pearl among the huge palaces they possess.  

4.) Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan  

Kumbhalgarh got the second biggest fort in the Rajsamand district of the Rajasthan. UNESCO has already declared Kumbhalgarh Fort as one of the heritage site.

5.) Mysore Palace, Mysore

One of the major attractions in the city of Mysore is one of the grand India palaces known as Amba Vilas Palace also called as Mysore Palace. It’s so huge that you may need at least 2-3 hours to cover the entire area.

6.) Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

The beautiful fort of Golconda is located approximately 9 km above the famous Hussain Sagar Lake. This castle in India is known for the sound echo even from the bottom.

7.) Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort : Jodhpur

Beautifully structured Mehrangarh fort is one of the biggest forts located in Jodhpur. It’s spread over the huge areas and got lots of activities happening inside the fort. One of which is the classical Rajasthani music by the locals.  

8.) Fatehpur Sikri, Agra  

One of the oldest and popular Fort lies in the Agra. The Fort of Fathepur Skiri is well known for many religious reasons as well. If you are wondering what to put inside a fort then you must know it’s just about the tying the knot there. People often do that to get their wish fulfilled. Once they are able to get what they asked for, they are supposed to open this thread

9.) Red Fort, Delhi  

Red Fort is one of the most popular attractions in the capital city of Delhi. This place is known to conducts many workshops that talk about the history of this Fort.

10.) City Palace, Jaipur

City Palace is another popular tourist spot in Jaipur. You will just get mesmerized by seeing the beautiful artworks now converted in the museum inside the palace.

11.) Agra Fort, Agra

Agra is known for Taj Mahal but many also visit to watch the architectural masterpiece of King Ashoka i.e Agra Fort. It was created way back in 1573 but still well maintained to leave the travelers astonished by its world-class sculptures.

12.) Neemrana Palace Fort, Alwar  

Neemrana is known for its beautiful palace. It is one of the Indian palaces for sale for its beautiful property to stay and dine. It also hosts a couple of adventure sports for which people like to visit here.  

13.) Lohagarh Fort, Bharatpur

Few would know that besides famous Bharatpur bird century this city also has a hidden gem of Lohagarh Fort. It is indeed one of the cultural heritage you can witness here.  

14.) Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan

Fort of Sindhudurg is an Iconic landscape located on Arabian Sea. Whenever you planning a trip to Sindhudurg include in your itinerant.

15.) St. Angelo Fort, Kerala

Kerala is heaven on earth, with the fort of St. Angelo in it’s Kannur you got all the more reason to visit here.

16.) Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Fort of Jaisalmer is well known to display all the cultural epics of the city. This place is not only good to visit for shopping but for some vintage Indian pictures as well.

17.) Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad

Do you know that the fort of Daulatabad was the capital of Tughlaqs? To dig deep down in the history you must visit here.  

18.) Ranthambore Fort,  Rajasthan

To connect more with the history of Rajasthan it’s worth taking a trip to Ranthambore Fort in Rajasthan.  

19.) Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh  

Chittorgarh Fort is one of the biggest forts that exists in the city of Chittorgarh. This city is known for the number of forts but fort of Chittorgarh is one of the must visit.  

20.) Rampur Fort, UP  

Rampur is one of the connecting cities in UP to famous traveling destinations. Enroute to your ultimate destination you can visit the Rampur fort to make your journey complete.

21.) Amer Fort, Jaipur

Amer fort also called as Amber Fort is another well-known place to visit in Jaipur. Trekking down to this place is worth an effort to enjoy the sculptural artifacts of this place.  

22.) Ramnagar Fort, Varanasi  

Ramnagar Fort is good to visit to see the ancient weapons at the era of emperors. This fort can be covered within 30-45 minutes.  

23.) Warangal Fort, Telangana

Warangal Fort in Telangana leaves the traveler stunned by its foundation on a single rock. Unique architectural beauty that is good to go for any trip.

24.) Anegundi Fort, Hampi  

Hampi is Karnataka is coming in limelight and is becoming a famous tourist attraction because of the historical heritage. Fort of Anegundi is one of the must visit place here.

25.) Bandra Fort, Mumbai

If you are planning your next trip to Mumbai and want to take a photo walk then you can keep Bandra Fort as one of the options.

26.) Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort is another feather in the cap of the fort collections in the pink city of Jaipur.

27.) Chapora Fort, Goa

This is the fort where the famous movie of Dil Chahta Hein was shooted. People visit here to experience some peaceful me time as well. 

28.) Sisupalgarh Fort, Orissa

If you are planning to take a trip to Orissa then you may add Sisupalgarh fort in your itinerary.

29.) Rajmachi Fort, Maharashtra

Rajmachi is known to be hill station fort of Lonavala. You can get some of the best vintage Indian pictures because of serene beauty in and around.  

30.) Visapur Fort, Pune

Visapur fort is another tourist spot on the land of Maharashtra. To know more about it you can click here:- Fort of Visapur.

31.) Bhangarh Fort, Alwar  

Bhangarh is declared as one of the most haunted places in the world. People like to visit the fort to get the thrill and prove their bravery.

32.) Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

Nahargarh Fort is one of the popular picnic spots in the city of Jaipur. Its roll coaster landscape keeps the visitors curious.

33.) Fort Aguada, Goa

To experience the beach city of Goa differently you can travel to the beautiful fort of Aguada.    

34.) Lake Palace, Udaipur

This beautiful palace in Udaipur will make you wonderstruck with its serene beautiful now surrounded by the lake all around. It is one of the Indian places for sale that’s now converted into five-star properties and hosts many destinations weddings.  

35.) Taragarh Fort, Bundi

Another fort in the State of Rajasthan is Taragarh known for one or the other reason. To get some experiential traveling you can visit here.

36.) Murud Janjira Fort, Maharashtra  

Not many have heard of but there is another unexplored fort in Maharashtra by name of Janjira. Go solo or with family and some of the best clicks.

37.) Junagarh Fort, Bikaner

If you plan to take a trip to Bikaner then do plan to cover Junagarh fort famous for its cultural heritage.

38.) Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Rambagh Palace has been converted into a commercial luxurious property that people prefer to stay during their stay in Jaipur. Ancient interiors of this palace get all the attention of the guests.

39.) Cooch Behar, West Bengal  

Many may not be aware of the beautiful fort of Cooch Behar in West Bengal. Whenever you plan to visit the state of West Bengal do visit here.

40.) Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhavan is one of the palaces that is partially converted into the five-star property by Taj. It is among the best palaces in India with the eye-catching site all around and beautiful décor inside the palace.  

Hope you are ready to pack your bags to the chosen forts and palaces. To get the best deal to book your stay in any of the commercial forts converted into palaces can be checked online from sites like Make My Trip, Ibibio and many others. Wishing you all the best in your travel expedition for the best forts and palaces within India.

Top 20 Restaurants in China That You Must Visit

People from all over the world visit China for one or other reasons. It is one of the popular cities across the globe in East Asia. There are lots to be explored by a globe trotter while visiting this city. One of the best parts of this city the variations of cuisines across the popular cities in China.  Though there are a lot of cities worth visiting in this country, however, some of the most popular are Hongkong, Macau, Beijing & Shanghai. You can explore a lot in all of them. 

Out of all the attractions offered by these popular towns don’t forget to have popular delicacies in the popular dining places here. It may not just be about the Chinese food here you can expect many types of cuisines besides the famous Chinese restaurant. Some of the popular restaurants in China are listed in the article. Experiencing the finest dining in China can enrich your traveling experience here.

Best Restaurants & Cuisines in the Popular Cities of China

Before even going through the famous restaurants in China you must know what all are the cuisines they serve. Some of the best restaurants in China can bring on your plate chef special delicacies. Chinese fine dining restaurant can offer you a wide variety of Chinese, Steakhouse, Japanese, Portuguese, Sushi, Thai, Seafood, Italian, American & even Indian food. Now let’s explore the best places to eat in China.  

Restaurants in Shanghai

Jin Xuan, Chinese Restaurant 
Jin Xuan

If you are discovering the best places to eat in China then you will not be disappointed by visiting Jin Xuan. You can experience Chinese fine dining here. Furthermore, you can also taste some selected local cuisines of China here.

Flair Rooftop – Japanese Cuisine

To relish some Japanese delicacies at the spending ambiance you must visit  Flair Rooftop in Shanghai.  This is one of the best restaurants in Shanghai, China where you can varieties of Japanese & other Asian cuisines. With the stunning rooftop view, this dining place is certainly the most beautiful restaurant in the world.  

Vedas Indian Restaurant

If you are from Indian or a vegetarian then Vedas will be the best places to eat in China. You will get to taste lots of chef special items at a very affordable price.

Shintori – Sushi Special Dining

To try some of the world class Sushi, Shintori is the place to check in. Some of the best of China delicacies can also be experienced here.  You can also get gluten-free food if you are on some special diet.    

Chenglonghang – Seafood

This seafood restaurant is one of the top-rated places in almost all the food review sites including the trip advisor. You will get some delicious crabs here along with other famous Chinese and Asian cuisines.  

Fine Dining in Macau

International Trip China : Dining Places Macau
Urban Kitchen, Cuisine: Portuguese

If you wish to give a jerk to your taste buds by some classy Portuguese meal then this is the place you must visit.  In fact, this is the place where you have the privilege to order continental food of your choice.

Goa Nights, Indian Restaurant

The best thing about restaurants in China is, it got lots of cuisines to choose from. When it comes to the food for breakfast, lunch or dinner some countries prefer only vegetarian. This may not be only because of some special diet plans but due to religious reasons as well. Goa nights is one such dining place in Macau that can serve the best of the vegan food.  

Dynasty 8; Cuisine: Chinese

If you want to try the best Chinese restaurants in the world then you must visit this place. You can expect lots of varieties of dimsums, crispy chicken and many other items that can make your day.

Tatsumi Japanese Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant can definitely be visited again and again for its mouth-watering dishes. Not just limited to its serving this restaurant is good to visit to experience some fine dining in China.  

 Lotus Palace : Cuisine:  Seafood/Asian/Seafood

This restaurant in China is a delight to the visitors. If you are a seafood lover then you should not miss this place. If you are exploring authentic Chinese food in China then just drop into this eatery without a second thought.

Eating Places in Hongkong

Tin Lung Heen : Cuisine: Chinese
Trip Hongkong: Tin Lung Heen

Well known for its dimsums this is one of the popular dining places in Hongkong. You can get some scrumptious Chinese food that is worth the amount you spend here.  If you are looking out for some of the peculiar yummy food like Peking ducks, shrimp toast, baked cod fish then you must visit here.  Their signature dimsums are only available on the weekends. To enjoy the food of your choice you must book your place in advance by calling them or through their website.  

Gaylord Indian Restaurant: Indian Restaurant in Hongkong

Indians always struggle to find the right place to eat during an International trip especially if they are vegetarians. Since I am an Indian can empathize with most of them. However many may not be aware that they do have choice of restaurant to choice while they are in China or any other place.

Gaylord is one of the top reviewed Indian restaurants in Hongkong. It’s a delight for the vegetarians, you can get lot of varieties to choose from. You can get anything from selected barbeque to some juicy lambs with an Indian touch. Vegetarians can select from a wide variety of basmati to the best bread options they serve. After knowing about this restaurant you don’t have to worry about your food for a vegetarian member in your family including yourself. 

Nabe Dokoro Sessyu: Japanese Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant in Hongkong is known for the best food and service. You can enjoy many specialties from Japan besides varieties of Sushie’s.

The Ocean by Olivier Bellin : Cuisine: Seafood

With the gorgeous interiors and lavish seafood, this is the place then you can’t miss in Hongkong.  

Chachawan: Thai Restaurant

This dining in China will mesmerize you by offering some of the premier Thai delicacies.  Check their menu and you will be awestruck with wide varieties of food options you will get.

Must Try Food in Beijing

Travel Beijing
Blue Frog : Cuisine: American

To get some American flavor in China you can visit Blue Frog.  Form brunch, lunch, dinner you can pick up your preferred time to taste some fantabulous cheese burgers.

Ristorante Niko Romito, Cuisine: Italian

While your excursion in Beijing, the capital city of China you can get the feel of Europe by visiting this Italian restaurant. You can get candid with your friends at Sunday brunch with huge varieties of sumptuous food here.  

Asia Bistro, Cuisine: Japanese/Seafood

Are you on a hunt for most famous restaurants in the world? Then your search will end at Asia Bistro. It is known to delight you with vintage Japanese and seafood delicacies along with some world famous Asian cuisines.  

Punjabi Indian Restaurant

When Indians are everywhere why not the restaurant that serves best Indian food? This fine dining is indulged to give the best experience to all its visitors.  

 Wan Li , Chinese Cuisine

Savour the best Chinese food in the world by dropping it to Wan Li in Beijing. With one of the best rating, it’s famous to serve superior Peking duck along with some of the well known Asian cuisine.

Before packing your bags to China shortlist the list of restaurant you wish to visit as per your preferred cuisine. Good food can definitely make your trip complete.  

10 Differences Between a Traveller and a Tourist That You Must Know

There are broadly two types of travelers; a Traveler and a Tourist. Difference between a tourist and a traveler may be bleak, but someone who understands what is travelling can easily spot the same. To make it simple all you may need to know is the difference between trip and tour to get clear about whether you are a tourist or a traveler.  Traveller and tourist difference is further clarified with the help of this article.

Difference Between Traveller and Tourist

Tourist Prefers Leisure, Traveler is an Explorer

Tourists are the ones who usually plan their tour whenever they got ample time and budget. They may call it a vacation or a holiday. For these categories of people traveling is done just for leisure and is good short term break, they may lose the essence of what actually traveling is.

Traveler, on the other hand, is ready for the trip throughout the year. Taking leave may not be an issue. They can even take an expedition at any weekend. They set up a traveling goal in advance to get the real feel of their journey.

A Tourist Wants Comfort, Traveler Moves out of a Comfort Zone

A tourist also wants to make their travel as comfortable as possible. In order to do so, they may make a very restrictive plan. They may be phobic in trying something new while any of their journey. On the other hand, a traveler is always willing to move out of their comfort zone. They will intentionally plan their itinerary in such a way that pushes them off the limits.

 Their real purpose of taking a trip might be to explore the world besides their comfort. The traveler is the one who understands what he or she can bring back home after taking an unusual adventurous trip. They literally live on the edge and come back as an evolved person. Such kind of experience is missed by a typical tourist.    

Tourist Prefers Their Typical Food, Traveler Hunts for Local Cuisine

A tourist might be least interested in altering his or her eating habits while visiting a new city. A traveler makes his trip complete only by trying some of the famous local cuisine available in the city.

It would not be to say that a tourist might be little phobic in trying the food that they have never tasted in their life. While a traveler is excited to give some jerk to their taste buds. Even if they find the taste in the city travelled different they would relish it at the end of the day.

Tourist is Busy Checking Sight-Seeing, Traveler wants to Connect with Locals  

One of the ways you can spot a Difference between a tourist and a traveler between a tourist and a traveler is by checking their travel plans. A tourist might only be keen on visiting the sights whereas a traveler would always like to know more and more about the locals in the city he or she visits.

A Tourist is Restricted to a Fixed Itinerary, Traveler Breaks the Monotony

Since a tourist hardly likes to skip their comfort zone, they are least interested in following any itinerary. All they want a planned Journey. Whereas traveler would always like to make all possible tweak and twist itinerary even if he takes a package. Later strives to plan their own itinerary anytime.

Tourist Travel in a Group, Traveler is Good with a Solo Trip as Well

You will always notice tourist would always like to play safe by traveling in a group. Traveler believes in breaking the monotony by choosing to travel solo. This way they don’t have any dependency and can rome anytime anywhere.

Most of the females who really wish to transition into traveler are concerned about this safety in a new city. To make their life easier they can always go through the book “How to travel like a Diva”. All they need to do is take that first step and miracle starts happening.

Tourist Chooses  a Comfortable Dress, Traveler Adds Style to Their Attire

Another way of differentiating between a tourist and a traveler is by way of their dressing. Tourist will always pack the dress that is convenient. A traveler will get the style to the same dress by adding some selected travel accessories.

A Tourist Takes Time to Pack, A Traveler Packs Like a  Backpacker Even for the Luxury Trip

One of the daunting tasks for any tourist is how to pack for their next tour. They may take lots of time in selecting their comfort dress and packing it up. A traveler is a subject matter expert in this task.

Packing clothes may be the last thing they would like to try. For them, it will not be less than a piece of cake. They may take a few minutes and get ready like backpackers for any trip domestic, international, luxury or otherwise.

A Tourist Brings Back Items and Pictures, Traveler Brings Back Themselves Along With Other Materialistic Items


Tourist will always be keen on shopping the costliest items from the city travelers and try to take some cool selfies to flaunt. Traveler believes in experiencing with their entire trip. They understand what impact any trip can have on their personality.

Along with the pictures of beautiful memories clicked they bring back their own self-awareness from any trip. Traveling for a traveler is an unparalleled therapy.

Tourist Can Never Step in the Shoe of a Traveler Unless They Change

Last but not the least, a tourist can never understand a traveler unless he becomes one. Traveler, on the other hand, is always flexible to step into any shoes. A solo traveler can play the role of tourist once in a group of friends and always be themselves when traveling alone.

After understanding the difference between a tourist and a traveler do you still want to be a tourist? Since now you know who is a traveler, you may now not have to pretend how to not look like a tourist. All you need to do is plan next trip and be a traveler, not a tourist. To understand the benefits of a traveler you can try to travel like they do.

The skills that you can acquire through travelling are explicitly mentioned in this article “7 Skills We Can Acquire Through Experiential Travelling”. If you want to know more then you can check some more articles by clicking on this link:- Travelling Facts.

Hope you had fun reading this, would like to know your thoughts on the same in the comments below. 

How to Prepare For Your Dream Trip to the Continent of Europe?

When we talk about any kind of travel or traveler, Europe top the charts. People who have already been there had vouched for it as one of their best travel trips. You may get numerous advices on travel tips to European countries.  When you come across so many Europe trip advice online and offline planning a trip to Europe become quite easy.

However if still, you are exploring about how to prepare for a Europe trip you will have a lot to search. You may like to check international air travel tips, backpack travel tips while seeking tips for Europe tour. While understanding how to prepare for a Europe trip you may be keen to know the best things for travel international. 

Important things for traveling of any kinds is researching about the place thoroughly, the same goes for Europe. Few things that you must check while planning your trip to Europe are how to travel through ship within the European countries.  You can also explore aeroplane travel information to travel through the best airlines at a decent price. 

Since Europe is the place where some countries climate go in negative degrees you may also like to check winter travel tips for this continent.  Airplane travel tips can be easily seen online on any airplane travel website. After searching for the basic information about Europe you can carry on with the broad search. Some of the important and essential ones are explained below.

Where All You Can Visit in Europe?

Europe is huge, inhabiting close to 50 countries, most of which are known for a higher standard of living as compared to other continents. Before even planning your trip here you must be well equipped with all the bifurcated areas to decide about which countries to visit. Basically, Europe is classified into four zones based on the proximity of countries.

While taking your Europe trip advice from the experts don’t forget to explore these zones i.e. West, East, North & South. At times certain parts of west, east & south are merged to form central Europe as well. Some other areas are clubbed to constitute north-west or southeast areas.  After taking some of the best travel tips to European countries you can choose few that can be covered at once. Some of the most popular cities, countries, zones across Europe that you may like to know more about are as follows.

Santorini, Greece


Greece in southern Europe is the country of many islands.  Almost all of them are worth visiting. One of the most popular known for its dazzling beauty is the island of Santorini. This town painted in white and blue makes it blend perfectly with the sea surrounding it. People visiting here are just mesmerized by the outstanding picturesque delight that they witness around the island city.



This country is in the west side of Europe is one of the most developed nations in the entire world. People love to visit here not just one but for a couple of reasons. One of the most known reasons is the scenic beauty and the vibes you get on this side of the country. There may be many more for all that its one of the most preferred country to plan your trip in Europe.

Paris, France


It’s good to plan your trip to the entire country of France known for its Mediterranean beaches. Paris capital city of France is one of the most popular across the globe for its fashion and lifestyle. You can expect to get collections from some of the top designers here. Other then fashion city of Paris is also famous for the Eiffel Tower.



Another popular western European country is Germany. It’s land of rivers, mountains, and other scenic attractions. You can visit many places here. Some of the must visit attraction here are Museum Island, Fairytale Castle, Miniature Wunderland among others.



To experience the Renaissance period you must visit this beautiful country of Belgium. Besides helping you explore some of the ancient monuments it is also known for its world famous chocolates.

Budapest, Hungary


Hungary is the perfect blend of cultural heritage and historical landmarks. Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is one of the must visit place here. Some of the popular places good to visit here are Lake Balaton, Pasha Qasim Mosque, Hungarian, and many others.

Italy, Milan, Rome

Venice, Italy

Italy in itself is a stand-alone country that may take a couple of days to cover. This country consists of some of the most popular cities in the world of Rome & Milan and few more. While booking your airplane travel to any city in Italy you will get many options to choose from. You can plan to directly fly to Rome and cover other nearby cities through a ferry or road.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


To experience some wonderful artwork you can plan a visit to Amsterdam i.e. capital city of the Netherlands. You can plan to visit one of the popular surrounding town of Jordaan or choose to explore some of the popular museums here.

UK, England, London


The United Kingdom is one of the popular hubs in the northwestern part of Europe. It consists of many countries worth visiting. Some of the most popular is England. Europe trip advice is incomplete without referring about the city of London that is the capital of England and is known for many tourist attractions as well.

Some of the other must visit countries in Europe are Croatia, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Denmark, the Czech Republic & Iceland. You can create your bucket list and plan to travel in the country of your interest.

What is the Best Time to Visit Europe?

Europe has got three different kinds of climate Mediterranean, Oceanic, and Continental. Climate differs in different zones. Mediterranean & Oceanic climates are mostly found in West & South side of Europe. Continental climate can be experienced in the North & East side of Europe. Winters in some parts of Europe are extremely chilly, the temperature even goes down in negative.

You must check winter travel tips before exploring airline travel information during this time that usually begins in October and ends in April.  If you plan to travel from May to September then you may be more keen to know about backpack travel tips or any other tips for Europe tour to make your trip best. 

How to Plan Your Itinerary For Europe?

After deciding about the countries and month to visit in Europe it’s time to plan your itineraries. Hope even before hunting how to prepare for a Europe trip you are clear about the number of days you plan to spend in Europe.  Your entire depends upon your tenure in Europe. Another basic and yet important deciding factor of other parts of your trip is based on your funds. You may plan a luxurious or a typical backpack trip while planning your travel tour to Europe.

 It may be advisable to take a guided tour to make your journey hassle free. You can plan to join several travel communities to make some friends in your solo expedition to Europe as well. To experience the best trip to Europe that can be pocket-friendly yet luxurious, plan at least six months in advance. This will give you a good time to research about the European countries and help you in getting the best airlines and stay at an affordable price.

What is the Cost to Plan Your Trip to Europe?

The minimum cost for a budget stay in hostels along with air tickets for a week may be anywhere between 1500 US dollars. The cost may vary based on the airline & stay you choose as well. If you plan to travel through the ship in Europe then cost will be definitely different and perhaps more. Usually, there are special crews that ensure to give you a luxurious experience while you plan your trip to Europe. Airplane travel is one of the most preferred and economical ways of reaching Europe from any part of the world.

Assuming now you are clear about how to prepare for a Europe trip it’s time to do the booking to your dreamland. To understand the Visa process in this continent, you can click on this link:- “Visa Application Process