10 Differences Between a Traveller and a Tourist That You Must Know

There are broadly two types of travelers; a Traveler and a Tourist. Difference between a tourist and a traveler may be bleak, but someone who understands what is travelling can easily spot the same. To make it simple all you may need to know is the difference between trip and tour to get clear about whether you are a tourist or a traveler.  Traveller and tourist difference is further clarified with the help of this article.

Difference Between Traveller and Tourist

Tourist Prefers Leisure, Traveler is an Explorer

Tourists are the ones who usually plan their tour whenever they got ample time and budget. They may call it a vacation or a holiday. For these categories of people traveling is done just for leisure and is good short term break, they may lose the essence of what actually traveling is.

Traveler, on the other hand, is ready for the trip throughout the year. Taking leave may not be an issue. They can even take an expedition at any weekend. They set up a traveling goal in advance to get the real feel of their journey.

A Tourist Wants Comfort, Traveler Moves out of a Comfort Zone

A tourist also wants to make their travel as comfortable as possible. In order to do so, they may make a very restrictive plan. They may be phobic in trying something new while any of their journey. On the other hand, a traveler is always willing to move out of their comfort zone. They will intentionally plan their itinerary in such a way that pushes them off the limits.

 Their real purpose of taking a trip might be to explore the world besides their comfort. The traveler is the one who understands what he or she can bring back home after taking an unusual adventurous trip. They literally live on the edge and come back as an evolved person. Such kind of experience is missed by a typical tourist.    

Tourist Prefers Their Typical Food, Traveler Hunts for Local Cuisine

A tourist might be least interested in altering his or her eating habits while visiting a new city. A traveler makes his trip complete only by trying some of the famous local cuisine available in the city.

It would not be to say that a tourist might be little phobic in trying the food that they have never tasted in their life. While a traveler is excited to give some jerk to their taste buds. Even if they find the taste in the city travelled different they would relish it at the end of the day.

Tourist is Busy Checking Sight-Seeing, Traveler wants to Connect with Locals  

One of the ways you can spot a Difference between a tourist and a traveler between a tourist and a traveler is by checking their travel plans. A tourist might only be keen on visiting the sights whereas a traveler would always like to know more and more about the locals in the city he or she visits.

A Tourist is Restricted to a Fixed Itinerary, Traveler Breaks the Monotony

Since a tourist hardly likes to skip their comfort zone, they are least interested in following any itinerary. All they want a planned Journey. Whereas traveler would always like to make all possible tweak and twist itinerary even if he takes a package. Later strives to plan their own itinerary anytime.

Tourist Travel in a Group, Traveler is Good with a Solo Trip as Well

You will always notice tourist would always like to play safe by traveling in a group. Traveler believes in breaking the monotony by choosing to travel solo. This way they don’t have any dependency and can rome anytime anywhere.

Most of the females who really wish to transition into traveler are concerned about this safety in a new city. To make their life easier they can always go through the book “How to travel like a Diva”. All they need to do is take that first step and miracle starts happening.

Tourist Chooses  a Comfortable Dress, Traveler Adds Style to Their Attire

Another way of differentiating between a tourist and a traveler is by way of their dressing. Tourist will always pack the dress that is convenient. A traveler will get the style to the same dress by adding some selected travel accessories.

A Tourist Takes Time to Pack, A Traveler Packs Like a  Backpacker Even for the Luxury Trip

One of the daunting tasks for any tourist is how to pack for their next tour. They may take lots of time in selecting their comfort dress and packing it up. A traveler is a subject matter expert in this task.

Packing clothes may be the last thing they would like to try. For them, it will not be less than a piece of cake. They may take a few minutes and get ready like backpackers for any trip domestic, international, luxury or otherwise.

A Tourist Brings Back Items and Pictures, Traveler Brings Back Themselves Along With Other Materialistic Items


Tourist will always be keen on shopping the costliest items from the city travelers and try to take some cool selfies to flaunt. Traveler believes in experiencing with their entire trip. They understand what impact any trip can have on their personality.

Along with the pictures of beautiful memories clicked they bring back their own self-awareness from any trip. Traveling for a traveler is an unparalleled therapy.

Tourist Can Never Step in the Shoe of a Traveler Unless They Change

Last but not the least, a tourist can never understand a traveler unless he becomes one. Traveler, on the other hand, is always flexible to step into any shoes. A solo traveler can play the role of tourist once in a group of friends and always be themselves when traveling alone.

After understanding the difference between a tourist and a traveler do you still want to be a tourist? Since now you know who is a traveler, you may now not have to pretend how to not look like a tourist. All you need to do is plan next trip and be a traveler, not a tourist. To understand the benefits of a traveler you can try to travel like they do.

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Hope you had fun reading this, would like to know your thoughts on the same in the comments below. 

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