Top 20 Restaurants in China That You Must Visit

People from all over the world visit China for one or other reasons. It is one of the popular cities across the globe in East Asia. There are lots to be explored by a globe trotter while visiting this city. One of the best parts of this city the variations of cuisines across the popular cities in China.  Though there are a lot of cities worth visiting in this country, however, some of the most popular are Hongkong, Macau, Beijing & Shanghai. You can explore a lot in all of them. 

Out of all the attractions offered by these popular towns don’t forget to have popular delicacies in the popular dining places here. It may not just be about the Chinese food here you can expect many types of cuisines besides the famous Chinese restaurant. Some of the popular restaurants in China are listed in the article. Experiencing the finest dining in China can enrich your traveling experience here.

Best Restaurants & Cuisines in the Popular Cities of China

Before even going through the famous restaurants in China you must know what all are the cuisines they serve. Some of the best restaurants in China can bring on your plate chef special delicacies. Chinese fine dining restaurant can offer you a wide variety of Chinese, Steakhouse, Japanese, Portuguese, Sushi, Thai, Seafood, Italian, American & even Indian food. Now let’s explore the best places to eat in China.  

Restaurants in Shanghai

Jin Xuan, Chinese Restaurant 
Jin Xuan

If you are discovering the best places to eat in China then you will not be disappointed by visiting Jin Xuan. You can experience Chinese fine dining here. Furthermore, you can also taste some selected local cuisines of China here.

Flair Rooftop – Japanese Cuisine

To relish some Japanese delicacies at the spending ambiance you must visit  Flair Rooftop in Shanghai.  This is one of the best restaurants in Shanghai, China where you can varieties of Japanese & other Asian cuisines. With the stunning rooftop view, this dining place is certainly the most beautiful restaurant in the world.  

Vedas Indian Restaurant

If you are from Indian or a vegetarian then Vedas will be the best places to eat in China. You will get to taste lots of chef special items at a very affordable price.

Shintori – Sushi Special Dining

To try some of the world class Sushi, Shintori is the place to check in. Some of the best of China delicacies can also be experienced here.  You can also get gluten-free food if you are on some special diet.    

Chenglonghang – Seafood

This seafood restaurant is one of the top-rated places in almost all the food review sites including the trip advisor. You will get some delicious crabs here along with other famous Chinese and Asian cuisines.  

Fine Dining in Macau

International Trip China : Dining Places Macau
Urban Kitchen, Cuisine: Portuguese

If you wish to give a jerk to your taste buds by some classy Portuguese meal then this is the place you must visit.  In fact, this is the place where you have the privilege to order continental food of your choice.

Goa Nights, Indian Restaurant

The best thing about restaurants in China is, it got lots of cuisines to choose from. When it comes to the food for breakfast, lunch or dinner some countries prefer only vegetarian. This may not be only because of some special diet plans but due to religious reasons as well. Goa nights is one such dining place in Macau that can serve the best of the vegan food.  

Dynasty 8; Cuisine: Chinese

If you want to try the best Chinese restaurants in the world then you must visit this place. You can expect lots of varieties of dimsums, crispy chicken and many other items that can make your day.

Tatsumi Japanese Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant can definitely be visited again and again for its mouth-watering dishes. Not just limited to its serving this restaurant is good to visit to experience some fine dining in China.  

 Lotus Palace : Cuisine:  Seafood/Asian/Seafood

This restaurant in China is a delight to the visitors. If you are a seafood lover then you should not miss this place. If you are exploring authentic Chinese food in China then just drop into this eatery without a second thought.

Eating Places in Hongkong

Tin Lung Heen : Cuisine: Chinese
Trip Hongkong: Tin Lung Heen

Well known for its dimsums this is one of the popular dining places in Hongkong. You can get some scrumptious Chinese food that is worth the amount you spend here.  If you are looking out for some of the peculiar yummy food like Peking ducks, shrimp toast, baked cod fish then you must visit here.  Their signature dimsums are only available on the weekends. To enjoy the food of your choice you must book your place in advance by calling them or through their website.  

Gaylord Indian Restaurant: Indian Restaurant in Hongkong

Indians always struggle to find the right place to eat during an International trip especially if they are vegetarians. Since I am an Indian can empathize with most of them. However many may not be aware that they do have choice of restaurant to choice while they are in China or any other place.

Gaylord is one of the top reviewed Indian restaurants in Hongkong. It’s a delight for the vegetarians, you can get lot of varieties to choose from. You can get anything from selected barbeque to some juicy lambs with an Indian touch. Vegetarians can select from a wide variety of basmati to the best bread options they serve. After knowing about this restaurant you don’t have to worry about your food for a vegetarian member in your family including yourself. 

Nabe Dokoro Sessyu: Japanese Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant in Hongkong is known for the best food and service. You can enjoy many specialties from Japan besides varieties of Sushie’s.

The Ocean by Olivier Bellin : Cuisine: Seafood

With the gorgeous interiors and lavish seafood, this is the place then you can’t miss in Hongkong.  

Chachawan: Thai Restaurant

This dining in China will mesmerize you by offering some of the premier Thai delicacies.  Check their menu and you will be awestruck with wide varieties of food options you will get.

Must Try Food in Beijing

Travel Beijing
Blue Frog : Cuisine: American

To get some American flavor in China you can visit Blue Frog.  Form brunch, lunch, dinner you can pick up your preferred time to taste some fantabulous cheese burgers.

Ristorante Niko Romito, Cuisine: Italian

While your excursion in Beijing, the capital city of China you can get the feel of Europe by visiting this Italian restaurant. You can get candid with your friends at Sunday brunch with huge varieties of sumptuous food here.  

Asia Bistro, Cuisine: Japanese/Seafood

Are you on a hunt for most famous restaurants in the world? Then your search will end at Asia Bistro. It is known to delight you with vintage Japanese and seafood delicacies along with some world famous Asian cuisines.  

Punjabi Indian Restaurant

When Indians are everywhere why not the restaurant that serves best Indian food? This fine dining is indulged to give the best experience to all its visitors.  

 Wan Li , Chinese Cuisine

Savour the best Chinese food in the world by dropping it to Wan Li in Beijing. With one of the best rating, it’s famous to serve superior Peking duck along with some of the well known Asian cuisine.

Before packing your bags to China shortlist the list of restaurant you wish to visit as per your preferred cuisine. Good food can definitely make your trip complete.  

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