Unexplored Terrains of the Western Ghats in India

The Western Ghats has attracted me ever since my childhood for so many good reasons. First of all the pleasant climate in and around this belt is very soothing. Secondly, scenic natural beauty is just mesmerizing.  Western Ghats map will take you to so many interesting places. Some of them could be Kerala backwaters, Sahyadri hills, biodiversity hotspots in India, Western Ghats Mountains and above all Sahyadri Mountain. 

Sahyadri is another name of Western Ghats and consist of the belt of Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. Monsoon is the perfect time to visit here to watch the beautiful dewdrops of rains in lush greenery oozing out from every nook and corner. Some of the places are most suitable to be visited in the monsoon season. You must know a little bit more about them and pack your bags to land there.  

6 Must Visit Unexplored Places in the Western Ghats

Climb to Anamudi


Not to be missed is one of the highest peaks of Western Ghats, Anamudi. This mountain is located in the south India state of Kerala in Munnar. Location of the hills is favorable to many wildlife attractions like Gaur, Nilgiri & Elephants. If you are lucky, you may be able to view some endangered species in India as well.  For the same reason, it is also an ecological hotspot of India which is still unexplored. With the height of 2695 meters above the ground, this hilltop will keep you hooked with its dazzling charm.  

Go Trekking in Paithalmala


Paithalmala is one of the unexplored places in the middle of the beautiful city of Coorg on one side and Kannur on the other. It is a good trekking gateway for travelers across the world. You can always take a trekking guide for the better directions though it may not be a compulsion. The clear direction all over this mini walk-through for backpackers makes it easy to navigate. Enjoy the trek for the fresh oxygen and land up at a juncture of some stunning scenic beauty of nature all around.  

Visit the Coffee Plantations in Sakleshpur

Want to smell special coffee in the lands of south then got to Saleshpur. It is located in western ghat belt of Karnataka. Besides visiting the coffee plantation there is a lot to explore in this hilly area. You can plat to visit some of the vintage forts, waterfall and much more. It is also good for camping with your friends with sharing some interesting stories at the bonfire. To make your trip even more fun,  try to visit here during monsoon to experience some of the best rainfalls. You can always plan a homestay to connect with locals and enjoy their handmade cuisines special to this part of India.

Enjoy the Scenic beauty  at Visapur

Trust you will be awestruck by visiting this unexplored felicitous village of some antique forts and other sight seen.  This hill station is situated at a height of 3556 feet in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, India. Western Ghats of Visapur has got some historical significance that can be very well evident while visiting beautiful forts here. Plan a trip en route Patan village to enjoy some local delicacies available especially in monsoon . Not far away from Pune, some of the travel communities have already discovered this hidden gem in India. If you are looking out for Ghats in Maharashtra then this is the place that you can’t miss.  

Try some Waterfalls  at Chorla Ghat

Best way to enjoy the waterfalls is in the rainy season. While you will get lots of options in all those well known commercial places, why not to visit some even better places in the Ghats of Western India. Now some of you may be surprised to know that this stunning ghat is situated in none other than party city of Goa in India. Plan your trip to get familiar with another side of Goa.

For enjoying monsoon in the best way you can plan to visit some of these places to leverage this season. Few of them are good to visit any time of the year. Both Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats are mysterious and sought out option to escape from hustle & bustle of the city. You can start your expedition from Western Ghats and then plan your itinerary to Eastern Ghats to enhance your travel bucket list and quench your wanderlust.

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