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How Sara Became Solo Traveler After Khajuraho?


Khajuraho is a city of temples that depicts so many stories. Traveling is a pleasure any time of the year in this city of temples. Little did Sara know that she will create a story while her journey from Delhi to Khajuraho. It’s Sara enchanting story of her solo traveling expedition hidden someone in the soul of Khajuraho. More than the city you will fall in love with an adventurous yet interesting story of Sara & Rohit.

Trip– Delhi to Khajuraho

It’s about the year 2014 when Sara was planning a trip to the beautiful city of Khajuraho with the group of solo travelers. For a girl who was divorcee and 33 years of age, traveling was the best escape from a bunch of judging people all around. The journey seems to be thrilling as all strangers could connect very well.

Age group was also the same from 25 to 35 years.  Sara was all excited but bit nervous too as she just started her solo traveling expedition.  Though she preferred to land in Khajuraho airport from Delhi but she decided to explore the road trip. She didn’t consult any travel agents in Delhi for this trip rather she used meetup app.

So group of around 15 odd people that Sara choose began their journey from CP. Almost all were unfamiliar unless they met in the restaurant in Delhi before the trip.  Sara was feeling little shy as all guys were trying to hit on her as she was as innocent as a cow and pretty as a flower.  On one side, she wanted to be friendly another side there was something that was stopping here.  

As their tempo traveler took off there was this guy whom she was exchanging the looks invited her to his seat. Since she was sitting alone she trusted her instincts and joined him over a pint of beer. There was no other comfortable place then the seat next to this handsome stranger named Rohit, for her.

They both had some cozy chat, who in life would know that this will take a different turn after the trip. For Sara, it was just overcoming her divorce blues with this guy. There was another guy Deepak who became an agony aunt who accompanies Sara thought in Metro but to his bad luck, she ignored him.

This gang of young people landed in Khajuraho in 3 star resorts after a tiring journey of 12 hours from Delhi to Khajuraho. While they were chilling out at night on the beats of DJ, Rohit asked Sara to go out for a walk. They both were sloshed and walking holding each other’s arm had some intense conversation. Innocent Sara started falling for him while Rohit was sharing his sad story. He revealed all except that he was married.  

Sara & Rohit – Some Good Time in  Khajuraho

They both were declared as a couple in the group as they looked amazing together as if they were made for each other. In the trip of 5 days, they had time of their life. Nevertheless, they still were not so close that they forget their limit and slept with each other. It was just those intimate moment s like a lovey-dovey that they were sharing. Sara felt nostalgic while her kissing and cuddling time with Rohit, she recalled her past relationship and also was trying to move on from there.

It was like another courtship and honeymoon period for her. Before she could know Rohit well trip was over. She was sad and felt as if life has come to an end. Rohit behaved little weird at the end of the trip. He hardly bid goodbye in the way she expected. Rather he was in a hurry to escape as if he has stolen something.  Of course, Sara felt cheated as her heart was a little broken.  

Back to Delhi

The story doesn’t end here worst is yet to come. So all these travelers were connected with what’s app group. They all were very cool and friendly. Rohit and Sara were in the same group. The trip was so good that hangover was not over for most of them. They were desperate to meet each other again. So all of them planned a night out in Delhi.  

Sara was really happy as it was another chance for her to meet Rohit. She got ready but was not sure whether Rohit was coming or not. She pinged to check, where he sounded little tentative. She could sense something fishy about Rohit even since their short trip was ended. After her constant pursue, Rohit got ready and these strangers who become friends meet again in Haus Khas.  

It was a good night out for the gang Sara also became quite outgoing and had a ball with the group and Rohit. All was well unless she discovered after that outing that Rohit was not only married but had a kid. All her happiness become standstill, after this hangout, she felt like a victim and went in depression.    

Khajuraho Hangover & Aftermath

While she was trying to cope up with her rough phase she got a call from Rohit’s sister. She was surprised and curious at the same time. Sara was told that Rohit is missing from home and they anticipated him to be with her. Her world seems to be shaking as she didn’t know how to handle that. Her fellow travelers asked her to met his family once and convince that she is clueless.

For her it was draining as she was not yet over with the emotional hurt by Rohit, on the top she has to justify something she never did. Since Sara didn’t want to land in any trouble met them and assured them it was not because of her their brother or son has run. She was now worried and wondering where Rohit has gone. The Love story that never began was more painful than any gain now. Sara was reified when she came to know Rohit is back. 

Lesson Learnt From Khajuraho Trip

With this trip, Sara took a resolution not to get friendly with strangers and took it as a learning lesson. Above all traveling helped her grow holistically that motivated her to take many such trips in the future. She became smart and cautious traveller who never fell for guys like Rohit .When she looks back now when she’s 38 she still recalls why you must visit Khajuraho and what all you can visit there.

Places to Visit in Khajuraho

For those who don’t know Khajuraho is the district in Madhya Pradesh and hub of many mythological and religious temples. This city will certainly connect you with ancient time stories.

Lakshman Temple

Kandariya Mahadev Temple

Adinath Temple

Mantangeshwar Temple

Raney Falls

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Panna National Park

Beni Sagar Dam

Archaeological Museum

Ajaigarh Fort

To Sum up, Sara since that time feels the exposure she got from her Khajuraho trip was more than compensation to her bad experience with Rohit. Now she has set herself free and become a world traveler.

If you also feel life is not going your ways or getting trapped in mundane routine then it’s time to empower yourself by taking a trip to your dream destination. Would like to know what are the challenges you have in taking a solo trip.

Please share your story in the comment below, our team will reach out for any rescue. One of the book that you can read to know about traveling is :- The Shooting Star: A Girl, Her Backpack and the World 

2 thoughts on “How Sara Became Solo Traveler After Khajuraho?

  1. Very good post Srishti.

    Sara was very innocent and empathetic women.
    When Rohit shared his sad stories, she felt the pain behind that.
    But she was clueless that it was all lies.

    I don’t understand one thing, the drive for fulfilling their physical needs is so high that men like Rohit don’t feel Sara is someone’s daughter, sister.

    If someone had done the same thing with his sister, how would he felt about that?

    It is because of guys like Rohit, women don’t trust good men.

    Men should not only think from his head but also feel from the heart,
    it’s not impossible to understand women.

    In fact, it’s so simple that they can’t see that.

    Women want to be understood, heard, loved, cherished and protected by their man.
    She has mood swings, she is full of flaws, so does all the men and women in the world.

    While I was reading this, I put myself in Sara’s shoes and felt her pain.

    When trust breaks it doesn’t make sound, but the pain is felt all over the body, mind and even soul for days, even months.

    The only mistake Sara did was trusting him too quickly.
    I won’t blame her. Men use logic, women feel. She felt that his courtship is genuine and from the heart.

    Trust is something that needs to be earned not to be given for free.

    He managed to earn her trust and broke her heart in one trip.

    No one can earn my trust in a few days no matter how beautiful a woman is.

    For us men, we get easily attracted to beauty,
    it’s the way we’re made by mother nature.

    But one thing is crystal clear to me,
    it’s the beauty of the heart that matters the most.

    That’s why I take my time before I give my precious time to anyone.

    If I find a girl that is attractive, I try to know her better,
    why she is, the way she is.

    if I feel she is not the right one for me,
    I never indulge myself into something that can break her heart.
    I’ll keep her as a friend, if she wants to and won’t do or say anything that can give mixed signals.

    Sara if you’re reading my comment here, then listen to this.

    1) Never ever trust anyone for free, give them the opportunity to earn your trust first.
    People values what they earn, not what they get for free.

    2) Have no regrets. I admit openly that I did a lot of mistakes in my life but I learned from it. Now those mistakes are my priceless lessons. What happened to you on that trip? Think that it was a learning experience, It will not be easy, I know.

    3) Not all men are the same. Believe that.

    4) Love the person you see in the mirror. I say “I LOVE YOU” to myself every single day. Parents, lover, wife, kids, friends everybody will leave me one day.
    I’m the only person who is gonna stay with me forever.
    Love the person who is loyal to you since your birth.

    5) Practice gratitude every morning. I have a journal and I write things that I’m grateful for.

    6) Do meditation at least 15 minutes daily. Trust me on this, it’s a life-changer. Try it for 30 days and you’ll know what I mean.

    The reason I can feel the words and your story which was beautifully written by Srishti is that I can think clearly. I’m always at peace. It’s because of meditation.

    7) And most importantly, never search for the one who you feel complete.
    Search for the one with whom you can share your completeness.

    I hope this helped.

    If you need any help you can get in touch on Instagram. @surajholy

    Stay blessed.

    – Suraj Sharma

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