How Kim Got Passport Through Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance takes the least preference among other insurance because people are ignorant about its benefits. On the contrary, a suitable Travel Policy is quintessential for any traveler like Term, Endowment, Health, etc.

That is what happened when Kim, an Anglo-Indian was on bon voyage to Europe. As soon as she reached Paris, she realized one of her handbag was missing. She was skeptical whether she forgets at a food joint in India or someone stole it during the security check. Kim felt her trip was spoiled, more than that her inhibition was how she will sail through in a foreign land.

She suddenly recalled the travel insurance policy she has taken from her agent. Her presence of mind made her call him and she was assisted with the instant support. She was not only able to apply for a duplicate passport but was aided with all the related expenses as well.

Can you image yourself in the shoe of Kim? How will you handle such situation? The best way will be to play safe like her and get your travel insurance whenever you are planning your next trip.

What Exactly is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a policy that can guarantee you a smooth and safe trip. You may be aware of the benefits of traveling but how much are you aware of travel safety essentials? One must thing for any trip to ensure a safe journey is buying a Travel policy. You can choose between many types of Insurance for travel. When it comes to choosing travel insurance international then it has all the more benefits.

However before paying your insurance premium you must go through the travel insurance brochure to read the several benefits that it offers. Certainly domestic insurance is also good to consider along with your travel insurance overseas.  

Above all, Travel Insurance is the policy that can guarantee you a safe and secure journey. After buying a good policy for your travel, you can be relieved of any unnecessary stress. Insurance for travel is taken for so many reasons, one of the most popular is travel insurance medical policy.

This may be taken primarily for ensuring any health hazards during your journey. However, there are many others types of travel policies that can be considered. One of the myths in traveler’s mind is they may not need travel insurance Europe policy as this continent is developed.

This is especially the case with the local travelers within many countries of Europe. However, this may just be a myth, travel insurance in 2020 is expected to get many leads from this region as well. Hope with the small overview of the travel policy you know what exactly is the meaning of Travel Insurance.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

With so many unparalleled benefits that your Travel Insurance can provide, you must be certainly convinced to buy one for you. Furthermore, you can have a glance at more benefits as depicted in the info-graphic below.

Travel Insurance Essentials

Besides the benefits listed in the image above, there could be many other reasons you may need to have travel Insurance. You can always consult a travel coach or an agent for better clarity. Life Insurance cover is usually a basic ingredient of any travel insurance plan.

Various Types of Travel Insurance

While buying a travel insurance you will come across many types , here is a list of few of the best.

Types of Travel Insurance

Most importantly, before buying an Insurance plan for your trip you must check their features and select the one that is most suitable and budget friendly.

What is the Cost of Travel Insurance?

Many may not be aware but the fact is the cost of travel insurance may be less than 1% of your entire trip. The exact price may vary from the type of insurance you may prefer for your travel. More coverage may lead to a hike in the price of the insurance. You can always check all the features and decide about what kind of travel insurance plan will be suitable for your requirements.

Alternatively, you can check the insurance web aggregators that can help you compare various insurance before buying. If you have a preference for any brand then you can buy from them directly.

On the other hand, If you wish to get some additional services then you can always catch hold of insurance agents directly. Any method of buying your insurance for travel may have one benefit or the other. You can choose the one that is most suitable as per your needs. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance

Out of many players who offers you travel insurance plan you may be wondering what is the right platform to buy your travel policy. Before even deciding about your Insurance partner for your travel policy you can consider a few things as explained below.


Your Travel Insurance can have as much coverage as you may wish to have. You can take additional benefits by paying some additional money. Some of the add-ons in your travel policy that can be beneficial could be recovering stolen money, 100% medical aid and many more. You can always analyze your need and check with your travel insurance agent about the same.


The cost of your basic travel policy can be very low. However, it also depends upon the features of the policy and from whom you are buying it. You can always check all the attributes of travel insurance before buying it.  

Days of Travel

More your days of travel more will be the reason you must buy decent insurance for your travel. It takes time to adapt to the new culture and you may likely be prone to few ailments. At the same time, you might be the prey of some mischief mongers who can ruin the trip by tricking you and stealing your stuff. The only thing that can come to your rescue you in the good travel policy.

Above all, along with the above criteria don’t forget to check the customer feedback on specific travel policy. Most importantly analyze what kind of insurance will suit you. If you are a solo traveler than your insurance requirements will be quite different from student or family.

How to Buy Your Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance Companies

Many insurance companies can offer you the travel insurance plan of your choice. You may plan to visit them at their centers or can buy from them directly online.

Some of the noteworthy Insurance companies are:-

  • Religare

Religare is a trusted branded with over 74 offices pan India. In the space of Travel Insurance, it has got many options. You can select the one you want and contact them.

With the base of crores of happy customers, HDFC ERGO has established itself as a popular brand. Furthermore, for any enquiry about the insurance, they may just be a call away.  As a result , they are one of the preferred brand of many travelers.

  • Iffco Tokio

To check out some more variations in Travel Insurance you can browse the options from popular brand Iffco Tokio. Certainly like other players, they got lots of variations in their travel insurance policies. Therefore you must consider buying your policy from them.

Online Insurance Aggregators

The digital world has made life easier by the advent of online insurance aggregators. They can not only help you compare various plans but assure you the best rates as well. As a result, we have many players booming up in this niche. So to make your life easy we have listed few.             

Policy Bazaar is one of the oldest and leading players when it comes to any kind of Insurance. Certainly it leads In the travel insurance domain as well. . Furthermore, you can check various plans from their site as well.

  • Insurance Pandit

Another e-commerce insurance player that is just a call away is Insurance Pandit. You can always get your travel policy as per your budget from here. Above all, they can help you with the customize plan , to know more visit their website.  

  • Cover Fox

Cover fox is another leading player in the web insurance aggregator space. Besides the comparison, you can get the travel insurance plan of your choice with just a click of the mouse.

Agents or Brokers

Agents or Brokers are the individuals whom you can consult to buy your chosen Travel Policy. Furthermore, they are the third party who can facilitate you with the best travel insurance plan. Certainly, they can be an individual or a firm. For instance and to clarify some are:-

  • Your International Sim provider
  • Transport Partner
  • Trip Advisor
  • Individual Agents

 Now that you know the importance of travel insurance, you must buy a suitable travel policy to have a fun-filled trip.

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