Weekend Trip to Jim Corbett

How to Plan a Long Weekend Trip to Jim Corbett?

Jim Corbett is part of the Ramnagar district in the Uttrakhand state of India.  With a distance of 240 km from Delhi, it takes around 5 hours to reach here. Undoubtedly this is one of the favorite destinations of most of the weekend travelers.

Jim Corbett is famous for luxurious resorts besides many attractions. Jim Corbett National Park is the most popular place to visit here. It’s one of the best gateways for extended weekends in 2019 and hopefully in the coming years as well.  

You can explore a lot in the city. Besides Tigers, Jim Corbett National Park River is also famous for candid shots. However, usually, people come here to relax and leisure.

 It’s imperative to understand where you can stay and what all you can do here. Jim Corbett National Park location is easy to locate from any of the popular resorts here. This article covers many other places to visit in the city.

All-in-all Jim Corbett is the perfect city for October long weekend in 2019 from Delhi. You can hunt for some of the best stays at a discounted price here. Hang on, before jumping to resorts with costs & itineraries it’s good to understand the days you need and the best time to visit here.

At the same time, how to plan your commute here? If you wish to make your trip a little more organized, then you can also search for Jim Corbett Jeep Safari Online Booking along with the stay for the best pricing.  

To make your journey better, this article attempts to cover all your concerns as listed below:-

How to Reach Jim Corbett?

Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett

Places to Visit in Jim Corbett

Top 10 Resorts in Jim Corbett with Itineraries and Cost

Backpacking Budget Trip to Jim Corbett

3 Affordable Travel Accessories that can make your Trip Complete

Jim Corbett- itinerary

How to Reach Jim Corbett by Bus/Train/Car/Flight?

Jim Corbett is a popular weekend destination from Delhi. So if  you plan to travel from the capital city than there are four ways to commuting.

By Train: – Nearest Railway Station is Ramnagar; from there you can take buses or cab to your resort to Jim Corbett. There are only two available trains; you can reach between 5 to 8 hours to your destination.  

By Bus: – There are very few buses that too will drop you to Ramnagar. Commuting time is more or less the same as the train, i.e., 6 to 8 hours.    

By Cab: – Time – 6 to 8 hours – Cost – Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000

By Flights – Time 1 hour, Cost Rs 10,000

Minimum Return Cost (To & Fro)

Train ( Ac 2 Tier)  – Rs. 2,000 Shared Cabs ( If going in a group)  – Rs. 5,000
Bus – Rs. 1,500 Flights –  Rs. 10,000

Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett

October   to  April (Best Time)

The perfect time to visit Jim Corbett is during this time.

  • May /June ( Summers)

It is hot during this time, but still, it may be peak season due to summer vacations of children.

  • July to September (Monsoons)

This quarter is not an excellent time to visit the city, as you may not be able to access a few places. Therefore avoid visiting during this time because of scorching heat, rains & humidity as well.    

Places to Visit in Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the major attraction in the city of Corbett, Ramnagar. People visit here to try their luck on discovering the tigers. They don’t mind taking multiple rides in the hope of seeing the king of the forest.

If you wish to get lucky to discover Tiger, then you must lookout for the right zone. One of the most popular ones is Dhikala. You can easily book your ride online.

Dhikala safari online booking is readily available on many sites.  Bijrani Zone Corbett National Park is another famous lane to enter in this wildlife century.

Jim Corbett national park has vast acres of land that help in creating several zones for the visitors. Choose your preferred area and book your tickets. You can check Jim Corbett national park timings quickly from the resort you are staying or online as well.

Kosi  River 

Another popular place in Jim Corbett in the famous Kosi River. Natural water leaves you fresh and relaxed. There are many resorts where this river passes flawlessly. You may plan to make a special trip to visit here as well.


You can also rejuvenate with the sight of the waterfall here. View itself may be splendid, try planning some fun activity here, and you will end up feeling amazing.

Elephant Ride

If you feel very compassionate about animals, then you can avoid it. However, at times, the elephant may feel obliged to serve their guests with a ride.

View at the echelon from top of the elephant trunk may be gorgeous. Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett is a popular spot to visit for the same reason.  

River Rafting

For the adventure lovers, there’s a hidden gem in the heart of Corbett. You can get the experience of river rafting differently here. It may not be the best like other destinations, nevertheless will not disappoint you either.


People who love art can walk those extra miles to visit the museum here. You will know many historical facts, Jim Corbett, including its foundation. If at the end of your artifacts around you wish to shop, then you will have few options here. 


The city is the delight of all those religious souls out there too. 2-3 famous temples will uplift your spiritual connection with your God.

You can always customize your itinerary according to the place you wish to visit. Map it with the number of days you want to spend in the city.    

Top 10 Resorts in Jim Corbett with Itineraries and Cost

Jim Corbett is one of the most preferred weekend gateways from Delhi. You can make it as luxurious as possible as per your pocket. 

The total cost of the trip is calculated based on the following parameters:-  

  • Duration:- 3 Days  & 2 Nights with Breakfast
  • Itinerary (You can customize  as per your choice)
  • 1st  day -Jungle Safari & Other Sight seen like Kosi
  • 2nd day – 2 other attractions like Waterfall or Elephant rides
  • Other meals – Lunch & Dinner
  • Travel – By Cab or Own Vehicle as preferred by many 

*The Total cost may be approximate and may vary with the month of booking. In the peak season expect more variations.

**Inclusive price– Includes your transport, Stay, Meals & Sight Seeing

Some of the top resorts with popular itineraries and costs are listed below.

Ahana Resort

Ahana resort is a popular 5-star property in Jim Corbett.  In breakfast, you can relish platter of best delicacies. Other meals are equally good. Besides mouth-watering cuisines, you can take a nature walk in their large area.  

There are battery cars available to take you around the vicinity as well. Last but not least, chill at the poolside or relax in luxurious cottages; you will be delighted either way.    

Cost Per Person *

1. Stay with Breakfast – Rs. 20,000

2. Itinerary: – Jungle Safari & Sight Seen (Kosi/Elephant Ride/Museum) – Rs. 2,000

3. Food – Lunch/Eve Snacks & Dinner – Rs. 5,000

4. Commuting by Cab – Rs. 5,000

 Total Cost – 1+2+3+4 = Rs. 32,000

Den Corbett

The Den Resort is famous as it hosted the reality show MTV Splits villa. Spread across a large area, it has got a gym and big dining place. There are multiple options to choose your stay as per your budget.    

Cost of stay with breakfast along with sight seen for two days will be – Rs. 10,000

Club Mahindra

Club Mahindra is known for offering world-class amenities. It will not disappoint you even here. To book your stay here, you need to be their member.

Cost– Membership + Rs. 10, 000 (Cab + Food+ Sight Seeing)

Taj Corbett Resort & Spa

Another luxurious property is the famous Taj. Like other cities, its visual delight here too. The cost you pay is worth the comfort you can expect.

All-Inclusive cost** – Rs. 27,000

The Grand Gajraj

To have some different experience try this place. Book this place at least a month in advance to enjoy the best rooms.  

Inclusive Cost** – Rs. 25,000

Dhikala Jungle Resort & Lodge

Dhikhala is inside the Jim Corbett Jungle resort.  To stay here, you may not have to worry about the cost. You have to wait long to get your turn. Dhikala forest rest house booking may be fruitful if tried some months in advance.  

Usually, forest reserve officials are given preference to stay here so there may be hardly any luck if tried on the spot. For more details, please visit Jim Corbett National Park Official Website.  

All-Inclusive cost** – As per availability + Rs. 10,000 (Cab/Food/Sight Seeing)

The Golden Tusk

The Golden Tusk is another resort famous for its luxury. Usually, in peak seasons, it’s difficult to get a reservation here even if you are willing to pay more. Better to book it month or more before you plan to visit.

Inclusive Cost** – Rs. 20,000

Infinity Resort

If you wish to make your stay comfortable and gorgeous, then this is the place you should plan to stay.

Inclusive Cost** – Rs.17, 000


Namah is another beautiful resort known for its architecture design. If you are lucky, then you may be able to get a place here.

Inclusive Cost**   – Rs. 30,000

The Solluna Resort

You may instantly get tempted to stay here because of lush greenery. However, you have to get lucky to get accommodation here.

Inclusive Cost**    – Rs. 20,000

Trip to Jim Corbett

Many people these days opt for a budget trip to save money for others destinations. The best part of traveling is there is something for everyone. Like not all size fits all, similarly not all plan suit all the travelers. You can customize it as per your style.

Simple Itinerary for backpackers is as follows:-

Commute by Sleeper Train – Cost – Rs. 500

Stay – Camps – Rs. 2,000

Food – Rs. 1,000

Local Travel & Sight Seeing- Rs. 2,000

Total Cost – Rs. 5,500

Choose cheap backpacking travel or classy trip, end of the day; it’s all about your travel style and experience.

I hope, with this article, you can plan your trip to Jim Corbett easily.  If you wish to design a similar weekend trip with solo travel communities, then join my meet up group by clicking on Travel Solo & Smart.

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Wishing you a good trip and great travel lifestyle. For any queries feel free to comment and reach out to me. Sharing a short video of my Jim Corbett trip

Jim Corbett- Weekend Trip

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