Why Solo Travelling is Latest Fad Among Females?


Women are excelling in every field like never before. It’s commendable to see how they have broken all the shells and made space for themselves. They no longer wish to settle down for society or a rich husband.

When we talk about women in India, they are much smarter and sorted now. What has added in their personality is a solo travel expedition to places around the globe. There are spreading wings everywhere. It is one of the factors that has made them more independent and liberated as well.

What have helped women are their initiatives of joining the travelling communities that are not just limited to women-only groups.

Off lately, some of the favorite places in the recent past have been Austria, Hungary, Rome, Bhutan, Prague, Dubai, Bali, and many more. These countries are not only safe but help us, Indian women, to give us global exposure to where we stand as a nation.

There’s a lot to explore in the back home in India too. Some of the safest places are Mumbai, Kerala, and Goa, where you can roam without a second thought.

If you want to add some taste and fun to your trip, then there is no harm in joining the travel groups. It can not only assist you in planning your trip but can save your money and time as well. Besides, you get the chance to meet many other solo travelers.

According to the famous international travel blogger, every year, the number of female solo travelers is increasing. Credit, to a great extent, goes to not only women-only travel groups but other communities as well.

By joining the group of your choice, you take a smart move. There are many advantages of joining solo traveling groups. The best ones are you are getting a platform to connect with like-minded solo travelers. Secondly, you are traveling solo but differently.

If you are looking out for some solo traveling expedition soon this year in India, then without a second thought, you can consider some of these options.

Jibhi, Tirthan Valley

Jibhi is a small place in Tirthan valley, Kullu. It’s one of unexplored gem in the HP. Even if you stay here for two days, you can come back rejuvenated. There’s a lot to do there. Explore the trek, visit the locals, try native cuisines, and enjoy the scenic beauty.

You can also plan a bonfire at your hotel to add some glamour to your trip. It’s always fun to plan your trip with the group who can offer you some experiential traveling. If you want to know more about Tirthan valley than please read my blog (Things to Explore in Tirthan)

If you are already planning to visit here, then join this meetup and check out details about How to Get Rejuvenated at Luxurious Trip to Tirthan Valley (Jibhi)


Jodhpur, the royal city of Rajasthan, is also worth exploring, not just once but many times. This blue city is famous for so many attractions. The best part I like about this place is it doesn’t have much traffic and pollution. You can get some fresh air in the royal heritage like Mehrangarh fort, Umaid Bhawan, Jaswant Thada, and many other places here.

What can leave you even more enchanted is its traditional food here. Some of the famous restaurant you can visit here is gypsy. If you are looking out for a customized trip, then exploring this itinerary- Jodhpur. Oh, are you not able to access it? It may be because of a group privacy setting.

Nevermind, join this elite group by sending the request. If you fit the criteria, you will be instantly approved. You can enjoy many perks by joining this group. Some of them are an addition to the free WhatsApp group.

Others are special discounts, access to some of the exclusive local events. Furthermore, socialize and network with fellow travelers who may be your lifetime buddy and connections. Leverage it the way you wish by joining now.


Can you think of a better place to party other than Goa? Not just limited to nightlife, this Western hub is one of the travel excursions. For the same reason, people like to visit here repeatedly.

At the time of the New Year, its huge craze as well. It becomes a hub for party lovers from all over the world. This year it’s even more popular because of the sunburn festival. To explore more, you can check some details by joining TSS Club.

There could be many other places that you can explore, but at least begin with some. You can certainly bring many more memories back home and bid adieu this year with grace.  Year can be best winded at different locations by partying out loud and paying warm welcome to the coming year. I wish you a great travel lifestyle that can bring you closer to life.

15 Best Benefits of Joining Travel Communities

Travel Solo and Smart - Meetup

So are you a solo traveler or aspire to take the trip alone but could never gather courage? Then you may not worry, there are many like you. Be different and choose the smarter options. Thanks to the solo travel communities, that has made our life easy.

Have you heard about the MeetUp or other offline social groups? These are perhaps one of the most happening communities worldwide that can help you build some real connections.

You can socialize, network, meet your life goals, travel goals, and much more. Most importantly, it gives you that push to never give up.

There are many unparalleled takeaways that you can leverage by joining these communities like below.

Access to Free Events

You can check many local events happening in these groups on a daily or weekly basis.  Some sites specialize in clubbing all the get-together in the towns. Individuals or groups may host events.

Some of the universal social sites are Meetups, LBB, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are other popular sites like BookMyShow that have exciting events, but you need to pay for the same.

 However, if you wish to leverage the benefits of free, then it’s prudential to join other offline social platforms like Meetups.    

Meet Like-Minded People

Do you know in most of these free events you will be getting some of the smartest people? As these are the groups catering to working professionals or entrepreneurs who are internet savvy and got decent communication. Some of the people may take these platforms for granted, but you always have a choice of choosing the group wisely.

Try to accept it as per your interest. There are practically all kinds of groups available online. The ones that have got stringent filters or are private may be the right choice.        

Stay Updated with Current Affairs

While you plan to attend any of these events, one thing for sure that can be guaranteed is staying aware of the current affairs in the town.

Once you engage with fellow members, you come to know their opinion and perspective. As a result, you will end up understanding the entire dichotomy of current topics.

Plan your Solo Trips with Strangers

So you must have been planning a trip to your dream destination, but it didn’t materialize. Besides, the financial constraint, the primary reason could be apprehensive of going solo.

But after enrolling through these travel groups, you get wings to your aspirations. You get many benefits, firstly you get a planned trip, and secondly, you can have a safe solo journey with similar people.

Make Friends for Lifetime

Since like mind thinks alike, you can connect best with people who are of your kind. Going to such an event, you will be surely able to meet people who match your wavelength.

Get Free Therapies

The therapy you can get by outstation excursion is unparalleled. Talking about the travelling events that organize local get-togethers, you can leverage tremendous benefits.

At times, you may not even realize how it helps as it has got very subtle effects. However, once you are back gradually, you can experience the difference.

Platform for Networking

Travelling with fellow solo travelers may be the most suitable way to network with people. You can get to know many people from different industries.

Most of the people who come here are well educated. Especially talking about the curated solo travelling private groups, you can get the best experience.    

Set Life Goals

When you plan to take a trip, you are choosing yourself. It can undoubtedly give you more clarity about your bigger goals in life. It can help to connect with the real purpose of life. There’s no other way you can get such explicit exposure to real life.  

Rejuvenate Over the Weekdays or the  Weekend

By attending these meetups, you will find yourself refreshed and relaxed as compared to doing nothing over the weekend.    

Beat The Rate Race

If you are in the same bandwagon as any other corporate employee, then this is the best escape route.  

Manage the Recession Blues

Recession is a catastrophe of mismanagement of the economy that can hit anyone. One thing that can ease you during such turbulent times is these communities. You can get the space to discuss your concerns and get a subtle support as well.

Self-Awareness and Motivation

While taking a travel expedition with such groups, you are in a situation where you have to make many ad-hoc decisions. It can certainly bring you closer to yourself.

As a perk, you feel more connected to yourself and clear of your true calling. As a result, you get good self-motivation.

Leverage many other Avenues 

You can leverage the group the way you wish. There are so many key takeaways. Travel being the core, there are a lot of other benefits that emerge out of it as well. More you experience better, you know.

Stress Management

With high competition, stress is inevitable. Instead of rushing to a counselor or getting panic, you can always join these groups. After attending any event or taking a trip, you will witness anxieties vanishing magically. On the contrary, you will come back with many positive solutions.

Better Interpersonal Skills

While dealing and traveling with so many versatile people, you will see a drastic shift in your people management skills. You will be able to gain so many soft skills that can help you grow like never before.

As a crux, you can get a lot by joining such online communities. You can avail of all the benefits mentioned above, i.e., socialize, network, heal, and above all, travel smart.

Solo traveling is a way to go, but it may be even better when you plan to travel with other solo travelers. Your online group can make it possible effortlessly.

We humans have a natural urge to socialize. By joining these groups, you can meet all your social needs. Besides that, it acts as a support system by not letting us feel lonely.

Last but not least, you can manage your apprehension of travelling solo by joining these communities. So if you are ready to take your next trip, then join TravelSoloandSmart Meetup and get set going.  

Why to Join Travel Solo and Smart Meetup?

Meetup is a platform where you will find many groups. Most of them are commercialized. However, Travel Solo and Smart (TSS) mission is to create a better ecosystem. Other benefits you can expect are as follows:-


TSS is a private group. So the content shared by the members of the events will not be visible to the non-members, unlike other groups.

Verified Members

At TSS, we validate every member and approve only those who fit in the criteria. So certainly can expect exclusiveness here.

Security & Comfort

Even after moving out of your comfort zone, you need to stay safe and smart. TSS is the only group that can assure you that. We try to establish a personal connection with the members. As a result, many first time members have joined this and thoroughly enjoyed all the events.    

Travel Ecosystem

We help you plan your trip with ease. You get access to many informative articles in exclusive Travel blogs and videos. Furthermore, hear out the reviews from some of the members who have attended the events earlier.    

Candid Space

We appreciate people who put across their opinion in positive way. Every feedback is taken constructively and discussed. Its natural of different perspective be it related to trips, local events or cost and the comparison is inevitable.

However, we ensure that whatever trip is planned is thoroughly researched and price is kept as competitive as possible. But still if you think differently and have backpacking mindset then feel free to share. Trust you will understand the essence of trips and what you can take way from such trips.

Your value-add is the most important prerogative at TSS. If you feel ambiguous about it than bring it on till you are convinced before making an opinion. As at times it’s more convenient to stay in myth rather than confronting the facts.

Need I say more, come and experience yourself by joining me on my journey only at Travel Solo and Smart.

How to Join the Travel Solo and Smart Meetup?

If you are new to the concept of offline social events, then it may not be a concern. The process is quite easy. Follow simple steps, and you are ready to rock.

Step 1:- Download the Meetup App

Step 2:- Signup with your Credentials

Step 3:- Search for Travel Solo and Smart

Step 4: Follow all the details, as it’s an essential prerequisite for the verification. If you miss any, then there are high chances your membership may not be approved.

Step 5: Wait for approval. Usually, within a week, you can be part of the community. In case there is a delay, you can always enquire about the reason from the organizer.

Step 6: RSVP for the next trip.

Step 7: Get yourself added to WhatsApp group

Step 8: Book your slot and get ready to bring back lovely memories and friends.

It’s also advisable to keep your trip organizer informed if you are getting stalked or harassed by fellow members. However, this may be the rare case as most of the members are elite and decent.

In most of the cases, the experience of joining these communities has been splendid. Stay smart and open to experience the best things coming your way in present and future. Some of the beautiful candid moments can be checked in this small video below.

Travel Solo and Smart Meetups & Trips

Meetup Video

Travel Solo and Smart- Meetups & Trips

5 Things You Should Not Miss in Rome

5 things to Explore in Rome

Haven’t you heard in Rome live like Romans? Indeed, the popularity of this city has produced this proverb. Rome is an ancient city in Europe known for its historical facts and other artifacts. There is a lot to explore in this gorgeous capital town of Italy.

Quintessential things that you must try here could be unparalleled. However, in the limited time of your travel, you must prioritize what not to miss. To make it simple, presenting you the top 5 must things to do.

1. Sightseeing Excursion

There are so many places to visit here. You may need to have more than a week to view them all. Some of the best ones are as follows:-

ü  Vatican City Exclusive Tour

Vatican City is a small inhabitant within Rome. It’s a popular place to visit for so many reasons, one of them is its cultural connection. Visit famous church St. Peter, the Sistine Chapel, is a place that is known as the home of the pope. Don’t miss the remarkable Vatican City museum here.

ü  Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the must-visit places in Rome. It’s the largest Amphitheater standing on the stones.  The monument is well equipped to accommodate thousands of tourists visiting here daily.

ü  Roman Forum

If you want to know a little more about the history of the city, than visit this ancient monument. You will get familiar with many of the traditional practices with the transition to the modern civilization.

ü  Alter of the Fatherland

The Alter of the Fatherland is a magnificent building that was once the home of the Italian king. To enjoy the panoramic view of the city, you can move to the terrace. Keep your camera ready to capture some picturesque sight. 

ü  Trevi Fountain

Trevi is one of the most famous fountains in the world. With a stunning view, it has got some earnest belief. Visitors trust to come back to Rome after getting lucky with the coin hitting the fountain. They need to do this act by facing backward from the direction of the water.  To cherish its peculiar beauty, include it in your itinerary

2.   Staying in the Best Hotel and Resort

ü  Aldrovandi Villa Borghese

Borghese is a 5-star property in the romantic city of Rome. If you wish to make your travel luxurious, then book your stay here. You will be awestruck with the hospitality and epicurean cuisines. 

ü  Lord Byron

Make your stay iconic by choosing another excellent property. Lord Byron is the name to reckon for the choicest 5-star destinations. Not only will it leave you mesmerized but will give you out of the world feeling.

ü  Hassler Roma

You can plan the best city tour by selecting this hotel.  Its prime location makes it easier to choose any of the famous sights nearby. Besides that, they specialize in making your occasion special by arranging it in spending style.

ü  Rome Cavalieri

Resort can be the way to land in the gorgeous city of Rome, as well.  Have some memorable moments for the lifetime with signature finger-licking meals.

ü  Campo de’ Fiori

Another popular place to stay in the boutique hotel Campo de’ Fiori located in the heart of the city. Stay cozy and plan your city tour within the premises of this property.

3.   Cuisines, Drinks & Nightlife

ü  Gelato

The world-famous Gelato desserts got its roots in Italy. Goes without saying its taste is unparalleled in the street of Rome.

ü  Pizza Al Taglio

Pizza is another invention of this country that has pampered the whole world. To enjoy a variety of gourmet slices with local cheese and sauces, you must try this dish. You can enjoy it in two of the famous outlets in Rome. The taste you will get will be authentic.

ü  Signature Wines & Cocktails

Try some of the vintage and sophisticated wines and cocktails readily available in many pubs and fine dining in Rome.

ü  Barbeque and Nightlife

To enjoy the nightlife you can explore sophisticated bars & Lounges. Footloose with the gang of party lovers with some scrumptious barbeques.

ü  Maritozzi

Maritozzi is a mouth-watering dessert of Romanians. Enjoy the delicacy with chocolate chips. Order with espresso and get ready for another expedition in Rome.

4.   Public Transport

You may be able to know the city a little better by travelling in their public transport at least for a day. Some of the modes of transportation that you can plan could be as follows.

ü  Bus

ü  Tram

ü  Metro

ü  Taxi

ü  Urban Railway

5.   Connecting with the Locals

The essence of travel these days is to experience it intrinsically. Route to that is by understanding the local culture of the place. There are many ways you can do so; some of the natural and popular methods are.

ü  Experience the Flea Market & Buy Special Sovereign

ü  Understanding Few Slangs in their Language

ü  Hire a  Local Host

ü  Visit the Suburbs

ü  Take a Bike Tour

We wish you to have the best trip to Rome. Feel free to share your experience or inputs in the comments.

When Tara Met Sutra in Pangot, Nainital

Travel Story

Pangot is a small village in Nainital. It’s one of those unexplored places that many solo-travelers love to visit. Lots of adventure sports are organized there to attract travelers. The real story started in 2013 when a group of friends organized a trip to this remote yet intrepid destination.

Gang leader Tara was the one who executed this travel plan. She’s all of 20 yet dreams of being a globe trotter. She’s on a traveling spree even since she turned 18. Her group is a mix of all age groups. She’s also running her small meet up group where she tries to collage all the strangers.

So while she was hanging out with her cool group in the streets of Pangot, she was approached by a solo traveler, Sutra. He was staying in staying in the same camp where Tara had planned her stay. Sutra wanted to be part of the Tara group.

Tara felt some strange connection with Sutra as if he was his age-old buddy, but she couldn’t recall anything. She kept that feeling on hold and started thinking about the request of Sutra to join her group.

Though Tara was young, she was not vulnerable. When it comes to her traveling group, she is all the more particular. She was astonished yet impressed with the audacity of Sutra to contact her with such ease. However, Tara was smart enough not to let any stranger intervene just like that in her gang.

After all, she took all the responsibility of managing the group, and safety was the prime concern. She outrightly rejected the proposal of Sutra and warned the group members to stay away from him. Tara’s travel group never dared to go against her, not because they were scared of her, but they had deep respect and love for her.

The next day Tara and her group plan an itinerary to go for a steep trek of 5 km along with some adventure sports. It was a sheer coincidence that Sutra also had a similar schedule. So while Tara and the group were having fun on the trek, Sutra focused on his trekking and reached the adventure spot much faster.

There were many sports on the top of the trek. Some of them were like zip-lining, rock climbing, river climbing, and many more.  Sutra started doing it like a pro. By the time Tara gang reached, Sutra had finished all of them and was ready to do it again.  

There were around eight members in the Tara group, and all were a bit nervous about taking those activities. She had a hard time convincing the members. Sutra can see that from a distance and wanted to help Tara somehow. To motivate her team, Tara planned to go first for the most robust adventure. She planned to do the steep rock climbing though she never did it early.

Sutra, who was 25, was awestruck to see the daring side of this young girl. No one realized, while Tara was taking a rock climbing, there was landslide and rock was about to fall on Tara. It was them when Sutra got a chance to show his heroic side, and he rescues Tara by taking the lead by risking his own life. They both landed safely, and Tara was short of words to thanks Sutra.

She was feeling embarrassed and guilty about how could she not take Sutra in her gang. The kind side of Sutra reminded her of one of Tara’s old friends in Jaipur. To enquire, Tara asked Sutra, from where he hailed? Sutra was also feeling a similar connection and was eager to reply.

Tara’s doubt was right. He was the same childhood teenage crush she left in her hometown. After all, how she could have guessed? She didn’t even bother to ask Sutra’s name before he rescued her.

Now Sutra became not only part of the Tara travelers group but his life partner also and they are leading happy married life.  After six years of their memorable adventure trip to Pangot, they still cherish those moments over a cup of tea in the evening.  They feel proud of sharing some important details of the trips with the travel groups.

 Distance of Pangot from Delhi

Panghot, a small town in Nanital, is roughly 340 km away from the capital city of Delhi. For the same reason, it’s one of the most preferred weekend gateways.  

Best time  to Visit this Place

You can always plan to visit anytime between October to June. Avoid going between July to September as its rainy season and heavy rainfall might be accepted.

How to Commute?

If you are planning a trip from Delhi, then the road trip is the best way. However, if you are traveling from far of places, then you can mix it with air, train & road.

Activities  in Pangot

There’s a lot you can experience in the beautiful village of Panghot. Start with the mini trek, hire an adventure sports guy to experience some zip-lining, rock climbing, etc.

Cost of the Entire Trip

The best and only way to stay in Panghot is in camps or cottage. It can cost you anywhere between Rs. 6000- 7000 if you are going in a big group. The price includes your commuting & meals too.  Within this much amount, it isn’t a bad deal. In fact, for Tara & Sutra, this trip was as priceless as they are for each other. Now they believe a lot can happen over travel.                            

Are you looking out for similar trips in the future? Then comment below and share your thoughts.