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When Tara Met Sutra in Pangot, Nainital

Pangot is a small village in Nainital. It’s one of those unexplored places that many solo-travelers love to visit. Lots of adventure sports are organized there to attract travelers. The real story started in 2013 when a group of friends organized a trip to this remote yet intrepid destination.

Gang leader Tara was the one who executed this travel plan. She’s all of 20 yet dreams of being a globe trotter. She’s on a traveling spree even since she turned 18. Her group is a mix of all age groups. She’s also running her small meet up group where she tries to collage all the strangers.

So while she was hanging out with her cool group in the streets of Pangot, she was approached by a solo traveler, Sutra. He was staying in staying in the same camp where Tara had planned her stay. Sutra wanted to be part of the Tara group.

Tara felt some strange connection with Sutra as if he was his age-old buddy, but she couldn’t recall anything. She kept that feeling on hold and started thinking about the request of Sutra to join her group.

Though Tara was young, she was not vulnerable. When it comes to her traveling group, she is all the more particular. She was astonished yet impressed with the audacity of Sutra to contact her with such ease. However, Tara was smart enough not to let any stranger intervene just like that in her gang.

After all, she took all the responsibility of managing the group, and safety was the prime concern. She outrightly rejected the proposal of Sutra and warned the group members to stay away from him. Tara’s travel group never dared to go against her, not because they were scared of her, but they had deep respect and love for her.

The next day Tara and her group plan an itinerary to go for a steep trek of 5 km along with some adventure sports. It was a sheer coincidence that Sutra also had a similar schedule. So while Tara and the group were having fun on the trek, Sutra focused on his trekking and reached the adventure spot much faster.

There were many sports on the top of the trek. Some of them were like zip-lining, rock climbing, river climbing, and many more.  Sutra started doing it like a pro. By the time Tara gang reached, Sutra had finished all of them and was ready to do it again.  

There were around eight members in the Tara group, and all were a bit nervous about taking those activities. She had a hard time convincing the members. Sutra can see that from a distance and wanted to help Tara somehow. To motivate her team, Tara planned to go first for the most robust adventure. She planned to do the steep rock climbing though she never did it early.

Sutra, who was 25, was awestruck to see the daring side of this young girl. No one realized, while Tara was taking a rock climbing, there was landslide and rock was about to fall on Tara. It was them when Sutra got a chance to show his heroic side, and he rescues Tara by taking the lead by risking his own life. They both landed safely, and Tara was short of words to thanks Sutra.

She was feeling embarrassed and guilty about how could she not take Sutra in her gang. The kind side of Sutra reminded her of one of Tara’s old friends in Jaipur. To enquire, Tara asked Sutra, from where he hailed? Sutra was also feeling a similar connection and was eager to reply.

Tara’s doubt was right. He was the same childhood teenage crush she left in her hometown. After all, how she could have guessed? She didn’t even bother to ask Sutra’s name before he rescued her.

Now Sutra became not only part of the Tara travelers group but his life partner also and they are leading happy married life.  After six years of their memorable adventure trip to Pangot, they still cherish those moments over a cup of tea in the evening.  They feel proud of sharing some important details of the trips with the travel groups.

 Distance of Pangot from Delhi

Panghot, a small town in Nanital, is roughly 340 km away from the capital city of Delhi. For the same reason, it’s one of the most preferred weekend gateways.  

Best time  to Visit this Place

You can always plan to visit anytime between October to June. Avoid going between July to September as its rainy season and heavy rainfall might be accepted.

How to Commute?

If you are planning a trip from Delhi, then the road trip is the best way. However, if you are traveling from far of places, then you can mix it with air, train & road.

Activities  in Pangot

There’s a lot you can experience in the beautiful village of Panghot. Start with the mini trek, hire an adventure sports guy to experience some zip-lining, rock climbing, etc.

Cost of the Entire Trip

The best and only way to stay in Panghot is in camps or cottage. It can cost you anywhere between Rs. 6000- 7000 if you are going in a big group. The price includes your commuting & meals too.  Within this much amount, it isn’t a bad deal. In fact, for Tara & Sutra, this trip was as priceless as they are for each other. Now they believe a lot can happen over travel.                            

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