Why Solo Travelling is Latest Fad Among Females?

Women are excelling in every field like never before. It’s commendable to see how they have broken all the shells and made space for themselves. They no longer wish to settle down for society or a rich husband.

When we talk about women in India, they are much smarter and sorted now. What has added in their personality is a solo travel expedition to places around the globe. There are spreading wings everywhere. It is one of the factors that has made them more independent and liberated as well.

What have helped women are their initiatives of joining the travelling communities that are not just limited to women-only groups.

Off lately, some of the favorite places in the recent past have been Austria, Hungary, Rome, Bhutan, Prague, Dubai, Bali, and many more. These countries are not only safe but help us, Indian women, to give us global exposure to where we stand as a nation.

There’s a lot to explore in the back home in India too. Some of the safest places are Mumbai, Kerala, and Goa, where you can roam without a second thought.

If you want to add some taste and fun to your trip, then there is no harm in joining the travel groups. It can not only assist you in planning your trip but can save your money and time as well. Besides, you get the chance to meet many other solo travelers.

According to the famous international travel blogger, every year, the number of female solo travelers is increasing. Credit, to a great extent, goes to not only women-only travel groups but other communities as well.

By joining the group of your choice, you take a smart move. There are many advantages of joining solo traveling groups. The best ones are you are getting a platform to connect with like-minded solo travelers. Secondly, you are traveling solo but differently.

If you are looking out for some solo traveling expedition soon this year in India, then without a second thought, you can consider some of these options.

Jibhi, Tirthan Valley

Jibhi is a small place in Tirthan valley, Kullu. It’s one of unexplored gem in the HP. Even if you stay here for two days, you can come back rejuvenated. There’s a lot to do there. Explore the trek, visit the locals, try native cuisines, and enjoy the scenic beauty.

You can also plan a bonfire at your hotel to add some glamour to your trip. It’s always fun to plan your trip with the group who can offer you some experiential traveling. If you want to know more about Tirthan valley than please read my blog (Things to Explore in Tirthan)

If you are already planning to visit here, then join this meetup and check out details about How to Get Rejuvenated at Luxurious Trip to Tirthan Valley (Jibhi)


Jodhpur, the royal city of Rajasthan, is also worth exploring, not just once but many times. This blue city is famous for so many attractions. The best part I like about this place is it doesn’t have much traffic and pollution. You can get some fresh air in the royal heritage like Mehrangarh fort, Umaid Bhawan, Jaswant Thada, and many other places here.

What can leave you even more enchanted is its traditional food here. Some of the famous restaurant you can visit here is gypsy. If you are looking out for a customized trip, then exploring this itinerary- Jodhpur. Oh, are you not able to access it? It may be because of a group privacy setting.

Nevermind, join this elite group by sending the request. If you fit the criteria, you will be instantly approved. You can enjoy many perks by joining this group. Some of them are an addition to the free WhatsApp group.

Others are special discounts, access to some of the exclusive local events. Furthermore, socialize and network with fellow travelers who may be your lifetime buddy and connections. Leverage it the way you wish by joining now.


Can you think of a better place to party other than Goa? Not just limited to nightlife, this Western hub is one of the travel excursions. For the same reason, people like to visit here repeatedly.

At the time of the New Year, its huge craze as well. It becomes a hub for party lovers from all over the world. This year it’s even more popular because of the sunburn festival. To explore more, you can check some details by joining TSS Club.

There could be many other places that you can explore, but at least begin with some. You can certainly bring many more memories back home and bid adieu this year with grace.  Year can be best winded at different locations by partying out loud and paying warm welcome to the coming year. I wish you a great travel lifestyle that can bring you closer to life.

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