How to Plan 5 Days Dubai Trip in just 365 USD?

One of my resolutions this year was to take a solo trip aboard. I hail from India, where solo travelling for females is still at a nascent stage. Dubai was my third international solo trip for the year 2019.

Feeling after completing the trip is not less than an accomplishment. You feel all the more elevated when you plan the entire itinerary. Additionally, it gives you space to customize your vacation.

What made it even better was resisting the temptations to opt for Dubai trip packages . Not only I can save more money but was able to leverage maximum excursions within a short duration.

All in all , my Dubai trip was one of the best with so many pleasant memories to cherish. I would certainly recommend this emirates for all the travelers , even for the ones who wish to plan their first solo trip.

This article covers everything starting from its history, stay, commute, and other attractions. Hopefully , this write up may expedite your Dubai trip plan.  


Dubai History

Stay & Commute in Dubai

Dubai Excursions

Dubai Tourist Visa Cost from India

Air Tickets from India

Dubai Culture

Solo Travelling Advantages and Challenges

Common FAQs

Dubai History, Politics, Citizenships

About Dubai

A layperson may mistake Dubai to be a country, but a traveler knows that it’s one of the emirates of UAE in Asia.

Political Scenario: Dubai follows the monarchy. The Arabian Sheikhs and their dynasty rule it.

Citizenship & Benefits: – Well, the Dubai government doesn’t grant citizenship to any other nationals. The locals enjoy special privileges. Besides free education & medical benefits, they get a hefty cash amount as a gift on their marriage.

Cost of Stay & Commute in Dubai


You can make your stay comfortable by selecting an average property that will cost you anywhere between Rs. 3,500-4,000 per night, including breakfast. Besides the amount you spent on booking a hotel on your own, be ready to pay for per day Dubai tourism tax.

The hidden cost of an additional tax amount was surprising to me as I never paid it during any of my domestic or international journeys. I made my booking through make my trip and choose Hotel Royal Falcon.

When they asked me about the last-minute tax, I was shocked. None of my previous visit demanded me to pay such hidden charges.

Royal Falcon Hotel
Hotel Royal Falcon, Dubai

On the one hand, I was annoyed at the customer care of online booking site and at the same time with hotel staff. Later on, I realized this is the city tax that is levied by the Dubai government.

Another interesting fact is you will see the pictures of their Sheiks in every hotel that is mandatory to place. In spite of all these shocking facts, my stay was very peaceful and relaxing.        


Before landing in Dubai airport, you can either pre-book your airport transfers or take a cab after arrival. The taxi cost from the airport will be around 15 USD.  However coming back to the airport for departure. It will be less around 10 USD.

If you plan your excursions with experts, then you can get pick and drop through cab from your hotel. You can customize your itinerary as per your convenience as well. Metro can be one of the cheaper options that you may consider, but you may have to walk a few miles to catch it.  

Popular Dubai Excursions

Burj Khalifa on the Top


Day 1- Dubai City Tour   Marina Dhow Cruise – Rs. 3300- Rs. 4000

Day 2 – Burj Khalifa at the Top, Prime Hours – Rs. 4100- Rs. 5000

Day 3- Desert Safari – Rs. 3300- Rs. 5000

Day 4 – Shopping & Souvenirs’ – Adhoc

Additional Attractions & Cost:-

  • Abu Dhabi Trip- Mosque & Ferrari World
  • Miracle Gardens
  • Atlanta Water Parks
  • Burj Al Arab Brunch

Total Cost without Airfares & Visa

Cost of Stay for five days without Tax: – 120 USD

Average cost of popular Dubai Excursions including transport:- 145 USD

Average Food Cost: – 100 USD (excluding breakfast & excursions)

Total Cost without Airfares from any Continent: – 120+ 145+100 = 365 USD is approximate

Total Dubai trip price from India may differ from other countries according to the air tickets and visa.

Dubai Tourist Visa Cost from India

Visa Cost

If you are holding an Indian passport, then you need to process your visa in advance before visiting Dubai. There’s no visa on arrival benefits unless you have a US visa or passport. The average cost for 15 days can cost you anywhere from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 6,000.

Many agents can make your process swift and simple. You can check some of the reliable ones online. Before choosing the right one, you can always have words with them over the call. Alternatively, do check their reviews and ratings as well.

Documents that you need to submit are passport, return tickets, ID proofs, and at times your current company ID card if you are employed. Certain flights may need an “ok to board” visa that can be easily granted by your agents. You can check about the same with the airlines that you booked for your trip.

Air Tickets

Many flights go to Dubai daily. I booked Kuwait airways and had a decent experience. The screen in front of my seat exposed me to outside few; in addition, I was able to watch one of the latest blockbusters.

Meals served were fresh and yummy. All was perfect except just one of the crew member who was a little clumsy while serving food. However, I prefer to ignore these trivial things and focus on positives.

Dubai Culture and Solo Traveling Experience

Dubai Culture

Solo traveling is safe in Dubai. However, if you wish to have some group fun, then join the travelling communities. You may be able to cherish one of the best Dubai vacation trips with people of the same wavelength around.

What Can You Learn From My Experience?

Solo Travel

I planned my trip during Diwali between 26th to 30th October from India. It was a fantastic experience with a few leanings as well. Here’s a brief snippet of my takeaways, both good and bad.

Dubai Attractions:-

Dubai is full of surprises. Besides the paid excursions, you have the privilege to access many free facilities, as well. Some of them are the magnificent Infrastructure, which is the viewers’ delight.

Unknown Facts of Dubai:-

Now you may be surprised if I talk about it, but that’s fact. It’s none other than Burj Khalifa on the top. All hype and no fun. There are different slots you can choose to visit here. It’s better to go during the prime hours as its dark, and you can see some lighting. 

The minimum ticket for the same is Rs. 4100, which is not at all worth. It is super crowded, at least when I visited. As soon as you enter, there will be professional photographers occupying half of the space, and they will push you for clicks. Surprise will knock you when they tell you the cost of one picture that is not less than Rs. 4,000.  

Another bad experience I had was with the maid on the 124th  Floor, she was frustrated with her job and looked like Chinese or Thai citizen. While I was using one of the washroom, she was least considerate and didn’t bother even when the water sprinkle on my floor. It all happened when she was cleaning the toilet using the jet.

When I asked about it, she was not at all apologetic. Do you come on the top of Burj to face all this shit? I informed the manager Akbar when I went down, not too sure if any action is taken or not.

Last but not least, what I was surprised about was the tourist tax they take on your stay in the hotel. The cost may not be much as compared to what you spend on the entire trip.

Nevertheless, you feel cheated about that. As such, Dubai, 60% of revenue comes from tourists on the top. They are charging more on stay. You feel as if this emirate is obliging your visit. High time the rick Sheikhs should found some alternatives for earning money.

In spite of these few negative experiences, positive ones are good enough to compensate for the better. I wish you a pleasant trip to Dubai. I am a professional Trip organizer, stay connected with me on WhatsApp @+91-9910014871 for any upcoming trips.

I manage a small community of solo travelers. It will help you connect with like-minded solo travelers that can make your travel more fun. Besides the best Dubai trip deals, my passion is to create a platform for like-minded solo travelers.    

Common FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a transit visa in the connecting flight?

If your layoff is less than 7 hours, then you don’t need it at all.  However, it may vary from airline. For the same reason, its advisable to check from them before you book.    

Is there VOA (visa on arrival) Facility?

If you are traveling from India, then there’s no visa on arrival. However, if you hold the US visa, then criteria is different.

What are the documents required in the VISA?

You may need few mandatory documents like your passport, written tickets, passport size pic, and ID card from current employer.

Besides that you may be asked to provide any alternative ID proof that may depends upon the source you are applying and the type of VISA as well.     

What if your name is mismatching in the passport and flight tickets?

Your name must be the same in the passport. Even if your surname is different, you should get it changed. At times you may be able to manage if your surname is missing. But to stay safe better to change it as soon as possible.

Is it mandatory to get “ok to board” Visa ?

Ok to board visa is mandatory in some flights. It’s an additional clause that is required along with your standard visa. You can check with your airlines, whether it’s needed or not. If they need it then you can get it as little extra cost along with your regular visa.  

Do you need to get Travel Insurance?

In the case of Dubai, travel Insurance is not mandatory. However, travel insurance can be beneficial in many other ways.

Is an international SIM better or roaming on your existing connection?

This can be a personal choice. If you don’t expect any urgent calls, then you can always activate international roaming on your existing SIM. However, if you want to use unlimited data or calling, then buy local SIM from there.  

How to choose the best excursions in the limited time?

It may be much more daunting than it sounds like planning the right itinerary. You can always customize it as per your preference.

Is it wise to travel with travel communities?

Yes, why not, especially when you can save a lot by choosing the right travel partner. You may not even have to pay more for the same. At times with organized groups you can save a lot of your time and money.

How to pack the right outfits for the Dubai trip?

Dubai is a urban hub. You may not have to worry about your dressing at all. Especially if you are female, then pack easy. You can wear anything casual as per your destination to visit. Nevertheless don’t forget to use your common sense to avoid any trouble.

Hope all your doubts related to Dubai trip are answered and you are all set to fly. Do you need more information or wish to execute your journey in a fast way than join this private community – Travel Solo and Smart.

To sum up, Dubai is the place to visit even if you can on budget . Furthermore, you can subscribe to the blog and stay updated with Dubai trip booking to reserve your spot in the upcoming trip.

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