Why Orchha is Perfect Destination for Women Solo Travelers?

The majestic town of Orchha, tucked away on the banks of river Betwa, was founded in 16th century by the Bundela Rajput chief, Rudra Pratap. Many people don’t even know this place exists on the planet. However, this is one of the most relaxing and best heritage weekend trips.

The town stands as the epitome of the exquisite Bundeli building pattern with its array of monuments that have successfully managed to retain the grandeur till date. Orchha also happens to be the home of some of the most fascinating temples and palaces.

Infact this uncannily beautiful town seems to be frozen in time and gave birth to a wide range of folk arts, myths, traditions and literary works. It recently found its way into the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and apparently, for all the right reasons.

The proposal was sent by the Archaeological Survey of India on April 15.The town of Orchha harbors numerous points of interest like Jehangir Mahal, Raja Mahal,Ram Raja Temple, Chhatris, to name a few. 

Usually, the weekend is gone pubbing or dinning that cost you a bomb in city like Gurgaon. On the contrary, do you know what you can gain spending just half of your amount on this trip? (Rs. 6,999/- includes your commute, stay and local transport, and one breakfast).

Jerk from the Mundane Life

Space for Me time

You are traveling solo but smartly with strangers who may be sailing in the same boat

Bid goodbye to your loneliness and depression and make space for fresh energy

Meet that someone that you have been longing

Manage your socializing need

You never know when your connection can become your  business network

Know yourself more by getting into a new situation and ignite your cognitive energy

Last but not least take some memories and learning that can be transforming

Now to plan the trip may be a tedious task at times.

Orchha excursions that can uplift and lighten up your mood on a weekend trip are:-

Orchha Chatris

One of the unique parts of this city is cenotaphs that are shaped like an umbrella here. It will not only remind you of the sacrifice our soldiers have done but mesmerized you with picturesque sight this monument offers. Many photographers can capture some of the award-winning pictures here.

Light and Sound Show in Fort

After visiting here, you will feel that you have gone back to the era of emperors with the time machine. Show sounds so real that it will give you goose bumps to come back to reality. One of the must-attend places and popular tourist attractions as well.

Ram Raja Temple

Trust you will be awestruck if you will come to know about some of the astonishing facts of this magnificent temple. It is spread across a vast area and serene destination to spend some soulful time.

Rafting in River Betwa

Do you know that Orchha also hosts the rafting? Yes, if time permits, you can always plan to do this water sport on a small stretch. During your adventure, you will find some of the gorgeous monuments that are the specialty of the city.

Chaturbhuj Temple

This temple is the icon of Lord Vishnu and constructed in the most iconic way. It is one of the ancient temples built in 875 Ad by the Pratihara dynasty.

Jehangir Mahal

If you wish to dig deep into the archaeological facts of the city, then you can include this place in your itinerary. It will take you to the time when Mughal rule and give you a glimpse of their lifestyle. This palace was a constructed way in the 1500 century as an epitome of victory of the then emperor. 

Spa & Massages

Take some time out to experience some of the best massages offered in some of the well-known resort here. The price starts at a meager amount of just rs. 500 and increases as per your need and requirements

Shopping in Orchha

Orchha is a small city that can offer you some handcrafted, traditional souvenirs. You can gift that to your family and friends or keep with you as a memory

Local Food

You can get the authentic taste of the best spices in the food here. Especially the poori aloo is one of the staple diets that can be a delight to your taste buds.

When the city offers you so much, I don’t mind repeating my trip again and again. Last I went in the year 2013, now again plan to visit with the group of travelers.

Why and How  a Female can Plan a  Trip to Orchha?

Orchha is the perfect destination for the woman who loves to travel or planning their first solo trip. Now, if you are wondering how you can expect an ideal Orchha itinerary, then you can rely on the traveling communities.

Travel solo and smart is a group that organize’s tours for the solo travelers. However, they do it smartly by facilitating a platform where all the travelers can meet and plan their trip. With the motto of encouraging more females, they are coming up with Women Orchha Trip in February.

You can check the details here:- Women only Orchha Trip. To check the exact information, you must be a member of the private group. All you need to do is send the request at Travel Solo and Meetup. If you are women and have filled all the details, then your membership will be approved within a few hours or before.

The key to empowering yourself as a woman is to gather knowledge of our country’s heritage. Women Orchha Trip is all you may need to achieve more power . It is one of the culturally rich city that will help you familiarize with the historical artifacts of the age-old time.

If you wish to get healed with an Orchha Trip, then book your spot and get set going with Travel solo and smart. 

If you are looking out for Orchha Trip advisor or wish to travel with me, then  WhatsApp@+919910014871 – Srishti –Author, Traveler, and Wellness  Coach. 

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