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Why is Jodhpur the Perfect Wellness and Heritage Travel Retreat ?

The state of Rajasthan is complete with the royal city of Jodhpur. Not just one, but there are many interesting stories associated with this town that makes it a must-visit. Jodhpur is also having different names like Blue city, Sun city, Royal town, and many more. There’s reason for its various names that has its significance.  

Jodhpur is a culturally rich city that yields lots of positive energy. It’s a tiny city that makes it very simple as well. There’s a lot that can be explored in the heritage town within a short span of three days also.  After coming back from here, you will realize how pleasant you are feeling. Some specific ways by which you can seek wellness in this city are:-    

  • Pollution Free Air and Pleasant Ecosystem
  • Less Traffic and Pleasant Drive
  • Rich Cultural  Heritage
  • Meeting a Group of People with Similar Mindset
  • Brainstorm on any Burning Issue in Fresh Environment and Find Solution

Attractions that the city has are indeed an icing on the cake. You can visit them that can also act as a perfect therapy to your current state of mind. Even if you don’t have any apparent issue, the break from monotony can prove to be quite productive.  

Jodhpur Must Visit Excursion

Mehrangarh Fort 

Jaswant Thada

Umaid Bhawan

Mandore Garden

Local Restaurants


How Can You Plan to Commute From Delhi?

A few bunch of solo travelers are leaving again on 3rd January, Friday from Gurgaon by road from Innova or tempo travelers based on group size.  Second day, i.e., 14th, we will check in to hotels, have breakfast on our own. After taking rest, we will visit Mehrangarh Fort, and on the way back to Jaswant Thada.

While coming back, we will have lunch and visit the ancient clock room. Third day, i.e., 5th  January , Sunday, we will wake up fresh in clean air. Have breakfast in the hotel and then leave for another excursion.

We can plan to visit Umaid Bhawan and Mandore garden.  After that, we can try Jodhpur special thali in one of their famous restaurants. In the evening we can go for shopping and souvenirs.

Dinner, we can dutch somewhere out or plan to have it in the hotel itself.  After a refreshing day, we can have a relaxed sleep. 6th January, Monday, we can pack out bags, have breakfast, and come back to Delhi.    

Do you wish to travel with the bunch? Then we the part of community Travel Solo and Smart. Trust me; once you are back to your home, you will feel the positive and productive difference.

More than anything else, you will feel more connected to yourself with better self-awareness. Well, that’s the real charm of any wellness trip. Since prevention is better than cure, it’s better to manage your health in the most natural well. 

Once you understand how travel can uniquely help, you can save a lot of your money. The dirt-cheap price of this trip is nothing in comparison to the hefty amount of doctor fee you may pay in any of the known hospitals. If you have any further queries feel free to reach me at write@travesoloandsmart.com or What’sApp@+919910014871.

Corporate junkie smitten by wanderlust ever since I started my solo travelling expedition.


  1. Bharat Taxi · February 16, 2020 Reply

    Jodhpur is an awesome place to visit in any season .. Rajasthan is a fully colorful state and Jodhpur is like a crown on its head. Thanks for sharing great useful information with us.

  2. Bharat Taxi · February 17, 2020 Reply

    Jodhpur is an awesome place to visit in any season .. Rajasthan is a fully colorful state and Jodhpur is like a crown on its head. Thanks for sharing great and useful information with us.

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