What Are the Top 51 Trekking Places to Visit in India?

If you are an adventure lover, then trekking should be on top of your bucket list. Get ready to disrupt your comfort zone, as here is a list of more than fifty trekking places worth exploring.

Chadar Trek

Chadar trek will present a wide range of challenges to you. You will also come across the frozen Zanskar River during winters. 


Trek of Rookund will leave you marveling at the stunning beauty of nature. It is particularly known for its mysterious presence of human skeletons at the bottom of the lake. 

Kedarkantha Trek

If you are just getting started, Kedarkantha is your ideal choice. Ascending through the valleys of Tons River and Govind National Park, you will come across some of the most exquisite views. 

Har Ki Dun

Known as hanging valley, Har Ki Dun is sure to overpower you with its mesmerizing beauty. 

Valley of Flower

This one promises a jaw-dropping view upon completion of the trek. It houses some of the rare and exotic flowers.

Rupin Pass Trek

This trek is full of surprises. From colorful meadows and stunning waterfalls, Rupin pass leaves you in awe of its majestic beauty. 

Hampta and Deo Tibba Pass

Hampta connects the Lahaul and Kullu valleys and takes you through alpine forests to the mighty Himalayan range. Deo Tibba leads you through various landscapes.

Pin Parvati

 Known as the “Valley of Gods,” this is one of the oldest Himalayan treks. 

Everest Base Camp

Everest is a world in itself for trekkers around the globe. It starts from Kathmandu and the trail take you through Himalayan ridges, rhododendron, and much more.

Brighu Lake

This trek will take you across the spectacular Rohtang Pass and lets you enjoy the panoramic views of Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar, and other peaks.

Beas Kund

Beas Kund provides favorable trekking conditions for trekkers of all ages. It begins with the glorious glimpses of Mt. Hanuman Tibba.

Chopta Chandrashila and Tunganath

Known as the ‘Switzerland of India,’ Chopta Chandrashila is one of the most enthralling treks. Equally beautiful is the Tunganath trek that takes you to the Tunganath temple. 

Goecha La and Dzongri Goecha La Trek

Goecha is your ideal trek if you wish to experience the mesmerizing views of the Kanchendzonga peak. Dzongri la starts from Yuksom and follows the enchanting Rathong valley. 

Dayara Bugyal

This trek originates from Uttarkashi and takes you to one of the highest meadows in the world. 

Dodital Lake

Dodital trek renders a friendly ambiance and renders exotic beauty. 


Popular as the origin point of the Ganges, this trek takes you through spectacular glaciers and craggy terrains.

Kareri and Parashar Lake 

Kareri Lake entices people from around the world because of its extraordinary landscape. Tucked away in the lap of Himalaya, Parashar lets you pass through dense forests and stunning villages.

Panchachuli, Neelkantha and Annapurna Base Camp

Panchachuli is synonym of fun, excitement, and thrill, and so is the Annapurna base camp. Neelkantha might be strenuous but offers an enticing adventure. 


This trek is on every ardent trekker’s list and is perhaps the best Himalayan treks in the world.

Khatling, Kafni & Milam Glacier

Khatling will give you some of the most stunning natural marvels of the Himalaya. Kafni is picturesque and offers magical views of Nandakot and Nandabhnar while Milam takes you to some of the remotest villages of Uttarakhand. 

Bhubu, Kuari, Sar and Borasu Pass

Bhubu offers a wholesome experience of captivating Indrasaan and Deo Tibba pass. Kuari provides a stunning view of peaks like Kamet, Trishul, and Nanda Devi. Sar is filled with scintillating trails while Borasu leads you to beautiful lush and flowery meadows.


A trek that resembles the tail of a ‘Bandar’, it takes you through glaciers and rivers like Yamuna, Tons, Ganga.

Sudarshan Parvat

Originating from Gangotri, it offers spectacular views of Mt Swetwarn, among others.

Padam Darcha Valley

This one will quench your thirst for natural beauty and is ideal for beginners as well as experts.

Snow Leopard & Stok Kangri

Snow Leopard and its beauty will give you an experience of a lifetime while tok Kangri offers mystical views of the Zanskar range, Indus valley and Leh.


The highest point of West Bengal, Sandakphu, offers the best panoramic views of Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu.

Nagtibba Trek

This trek lets you experience the impeccable beauty of the Himalayas and offers gorgeous views of Swargarohini.

Pathalsu Peak

Pathalsu trek is not less than a dream. The enticing path takes you through the magnificent villages like Shanag and Solang that can give you profound experience.

Markha, Panpatia Col & Parang La

Markha takes you to two of the highest altitude passes, Gandala and Kongmaru. Panpatia lets you visit two of the sacred shrines: Kedarnath and Badrinath that will make your journey more fulfilling. Parang la is amongst the newest Himalayan treks worth visiting.

Malana Chanderkhani

This trek is mainly known for its challenging trails, high-altitude, and narrow passes.

Kashmir Great Lakes

Along with the pristine beauty of the alpine forests, this trek takes you through four of the highest lakes in the country.

Homkund Ronti Saddle

Get to have an up-close experience of Trishul and Nanda Ghunti peaks in this trek.

Ghorepani Poon Hill

Witness the magical sunrise and the untouched beauty of Nepal with this trek and have an experience of a lifetime.

Bara Bhangal

Known as the Shepherd’s Tail trek, the captivating journey ends in the Bara Bhangal region of HP.

Kheerganga Trek

If you want to have a dose of adventure, then take a trip to Kheerganga in Kasol. It will take you through perilous steeps and dense forests where nature’s beauty will leave you in awe.

Triund and Serolsar

Triund trek is the best for the beginners. Though not so easy as the steep terrain is stretch for over 7 km. Another beautiful trek takes you to the Serolsar Lake in Kullu.

The shimmering crystal clear water is truly mesmerizing. Travelers from Travel Solo and Smart Community had a great time visiting both these places last year and this year as well.

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