Top 8 Reasons You Must Visit Sri Lanka in the Year 2020

The enchanting land of Sri Lanka beckons all to visit with its beautiful landscape, rich heritage, warm hospitality, and mind-blowing beaches. It is the regality of the place with a touch of incredible views that has transformed Colombo into one of the most sought after tourist attractions of the world. No wonder why travelers globally are intriguing about the Srilanka tour packages.

If you wish to soak in the flavor of the country and bask in its essence, all you have to do is scroll and see places to visit that will surely be a treat to your eyes.  Sri Lanka happens to be an exotic travel destination that finds its way on pretty much everyone’s bucket list. For the same reason, people are busy planning their Sri Lanka itinerary.

An island located in the Indian Ocean, right to the south of India, Sri Lanka was previously known as Ceylon and is best known for its ancient civilization, tea plantation, rubber, exquisite golden beaches, coconut palms, and Buddhist temples.

This small island nation is an intriguing blend of urbanization along with well-preserved heritage and culture. It is no brainer that this island country has eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites dotted across the country.

Ranked by Lonely Planet as the top destination to travel in  2019, Sri Lanka trip can offer a wide range of things to do, no matter what your holiday interests are. The gorgeous country is not just a hit with couples, honeymooners and family holiday makers, but is also a hot favorite among solo travelers.


The ideal time to visit this country is throughout the year as it offers the tropical climate. Tourists can experience sunny, bright days with almost little or no rain. The average temperature is usually around 20-30 degrees Celsius. Due to its pleasant weather conditions, travelers are continually looking out for Sri Lanka tour packages price from all over the world.

Beaches & Water Sports

Srilanka Beaches
Srilanka Beach

Sri Lanka is a beach lovers’ paradise. Its endless coastline is punctuated with sun-kissed, white sand, and tranquil beaches. Bentota, Arugam Bay, Hiriketiya, Mirissa, and Uppuveli are just some of the spectacular beaches in the country that any beach bum can ill afford to miss.

You can try various water activities as well that can make your trip fulfilling. The presence of picturesque beaches in the country can promise you the best Sri Lanka vacation.


Considered as sacred pilgrimages for Hindus, Sri Lanka, the land of Shiva, boasts of many temples. You get in awe with the architectural beauty of Pancha Ishwarams and Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple alike. Some of the temples that you can visit to make your Sri Lanka tour itinerary complete are as follows.

The Dambulla Cave Temple

It’s a popular destination in Lanka, which you must visit. It’s the largest temple complex having five rooms housing the statues of Lord Buddha of 12th Century AD in various poses. It is located on a black rocky mountain and offers a  panoramic view. 

Sita Amman Temple

The Sita Amman temple is dedicated to Sita and is located in the hills of Nuwara Eliya. It is one of the prime destinations among Hindu devotees. According to history, Ravana held Sita captive in this very location. Devotees also like to believe that the place holds footprints of Lord Hanuman. Many legends surround this temple and renders a mystical significance.

Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple

The Hanuman temple was built by the Chinmaya mission of Sri Lanka. Legend has it that Lord Hanuman looked for Sita in the jungles around this time after her abdication. You will also find the ‘Chariot Path,’ on which Ravana took Sita to Ashok Vatika. The temple holds a granite statue of Lord Hanuman, which is about 40 feet tall.

Srilanka Temple
Srilanka Temple

National Parks

A vacation to Sri Lanka will allow you to see a diversity of animals, some of which are on the endangered species list.  All of these animals are unique to Sri Lanka.  If you visit some of Sri Lanka’s 26 animal parks and two marine parks, you will see such wonders as birds and the mugger crocodile.

 A venture out to the coastline will afford views of up to five different species of sea turtles. A few places that you can choose to visit in 3 nights 4 days Sri Lanka package can be as follows.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is a must to visit place for tourists who are in love with wildlife and adventure. It is home to different wildlife creatures and birds and offers safari rides to take you on tour to meet and greet the rare of the rarest animals in its possession.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is situated in the village of Pinnawala. The orphanage was primarily established to render care and protection to a large number of orphaned elephants. Elephants bathing happens to be the main attraction of this place. There are timings for different activities, too, like bottle feeding, herd leaving to the river, returning, etc.

Udawalawe Elephant Safari

Safari and Sri Lanka are synonymous. Your trip to Sri Lanka would be incomplete without an exciting safari. Udawalawe Elephant safari lets you enjoy the view of free-roaming elephants.

Sight Seeing & City Tours

A holiday to Sri Lanka is not complete without exploring the picturesque Hill Country. A  riveting array of things to do here include a train ride between Nuwara Eliya and Ella, a  hike to Little Adam’s Peak or Ella Rock, Lipton’s Seat, or a tea plantation visit.

A ride from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya is a brilliant idea with beautiful waterfalls appearing at every turn of the drive. There are so many beautiful places, cities, attractions, sights, and sounds to explore. You may need to plan a Sri Lanka itinerary for 1 week to enjoy all the excursions. Some of them are listed below

Tea factory/Tea processing

The Pedro tea factory in Nuwara Eliya lets you have an authentic experience of tea plucking and tasting. You can join the tea workers and go to the field and involve yourself in tea plucking. You will also be given a guided tour of the tea factory and learn the whole mechanism of tea processing. At last, you can round off the trip with a cup of pure Ceylon tea at the factory.

Horton plains

Horton plains are supposedly Sri Lanka’s coldest and windiest locations. It consists of a vibrant ecosystem such as grasslands, marshy lands, aquatic ecosystems, and Montane evergreen forests. It houses some of the unique plants and animal species. It has a trekking trail that covers a circular path of Horton plains. It is about 9km long and could be finished in 3 hours.

New Zealand Farms

The New Zealand farm is one of the most extensive grasslands of Sri Lanka and is also a part of the Amabewala farm. Your Sri Lanka trip can be more charming after visiting here.

Gregory Lake

Gregory Lake was named after Sir William Gregory and was chiefly created for the purpose of providing electricity. You can take a paddleboat ride or relax by its serene shore. It pulls a large number of visitors every year.

Ravana Ella Waterfalls

The Ravana Ella waterfalls come under some of the must-visit places of Sri Lanka. Natural beauty abounds this place. The waterfall is about 82 ft high and falls from an oval-shaped rock. You can even go for a chilled bath here, but safety must be considered.

Historic Places

Srilanka History
Srilanka History

There are many unique places to visit in Srilanka to experience history. One of the iconic places that can remind you of the ancient times is “The Old Dutch City”. It happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. It offers you a slice of 17th century Europe, with its range of Dutch buildings and several Dutch churches.

You will stumble upon this quaint town while visiting the old city of Galle. The fortifications and the battlements can be viewed from the top, and it looks stunning. This little town is a must-see in Sri Lanka.

The Galle Fort or the Dutch Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most important architectural and historical monuments that reflect European influence on South East Asia. The fort is an exciting blend of European architecture and Southeast Asian traditions.

Food, Nightlife & Shopping

Sri Lanka is a land for marine view lovers. A marvelous open space and a shimmering coastline of about 500 meters, Galle Face Green is a paradise for nature admirers. The presence of a huge casino is yet another attraction for the tourists.

Cross-Cultural Exposure

Sri Lanka Culture
Sri Lanka Culture
The tourists are always intrigued by an insight into the rich cultural heritage at the National Museum of Colombo. Galleries that are full of intricate carvings, unique masks of demons, and other art collection provide a fascinating insight into the colonial era.                                                                                             

With a plethora of vibrant culture, adventurous water-sports, beautiful sunsets, electric night-life, an abundance of wildlife, everybody has a lot to do in Sri Lanka trip. If you are looking for some solitude among nature or a breathtaking experience amalgamated with culture and adventure, Sri Lanka will top the list of choices to visit.

Now you must be curious to know about the Sri Lanka trip cost from India or any other country. That is obvious because, with so many attractions, the gorgeous island country of Sri Lanka is a must-visit holiday destination for anyone. Come gear up to explore its mystical charm and magical beauty!

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