How Tarishi is Healing her Life by Solo Travelling Expedition?

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Solo traveling is not everyone’s cups of tea. When it comes to females, it’s even more challenging to choose a safe travel destination. They may have to deal with the creepiest things on the planet when they decide to travel solo.

Few females deliberately plan their solo trips to enhance their skills in dealing with harsh realities. A solo trip at times can act as the best therapy as you get connected with your inhibitions. It leads to better self-awareness i.e. the first step in healing your journey. 

For Tarishi, her first solo trip turned out to be quite rewarding.  She took a smart move by planning the wellness travel with solo travel community.

How Tarishi Found Strength with Solo Travel Communities?

Since Tarishi is a depression survivor, she takes a calculative move for everything. She’s still dealing with a lot. Though her failed marriage and few unsuccessful relations, not less than a nightmare has taught her a lot. Her wellness trips are turning out to be quiet influential in her healing journey. 

The blunder she still regrets is exiting her marriage without taking alumni. As a result, she got stuck in a tremendous financial crisis. She never planned a traveling lifestyle; instead, it fell in her lap while she was on an expedition of discovering herself.

She could spare some money from her job, small business, and parental support to plan short trips initially. However, she never dared to travel solo unless she took a few trips with the specialized travel communities.

That’s how she discovered how traveling can act as a therapy. While the concept of experiential traveling was evolving, she connected with it differently.

For her, it was more about wellness and self-introspection. Tarishi has consulted some of the best doctors in India since her teenage time to cure her depression. Luckily her parents could afford the expenses. Nevertheless, nothing worked unless she started taking wellness excursion.

Why Travelling is the Best Therapy?

solo , travelling , expedition, destination
Jump of Joy

During her trips, she realized, psychiatrists and counselors are mere waste of time. The real change comes when you know your real worth and heal by loving yourself more. She got enlightened through her wellness vacations.

On her trip, she met many traveling therapists through solo travel groups. Her exposure to the real world during her trips made a huge difference. Earlier she was cut off from people due to the antidepressant pills that use to doze her off throughout the day. 

It was her resilient attitude and strong will power that pushed her to plan a solo trip. Since she wanted to stay safe and smart, she joined the best solo traveler meetup group. She found it to be much better than traveling alone due to many reasons.  Furthermore, Tarishi ended up making so many friends on the trip.

How Tarishi Became More Self-Aware with Her Solo Trips?

Deep Analysis

Tarishi’s traveling lifestyle helped her take the unparalleled inward journey. Eventually, she nailed the reason of her depression by meeting her inner child during one of her trips. Of course, she took the help of some healing practitioner that helped her familiarize herself with the term “inner child.”

Instead of investing more time and money with a healing therapist, she was intelligent enough to work practically on her limitations. She was lucky to get exposed to the transformation side of traveling by deciding to move out of her marriage.

Now she has established a different connection with her trips. It is more of healing and working on her self-growth progressively to discover her true calling.  It was in the year of 2019 that she planned many international trips as well. 

How a Solo Trip with Community Makes you More Liberated?

solo , travelling , expedition, destination

The reason she planned to select a solo trip was a conscious decision. She wished to feel liberated and make her own choice.  Solo international trips that she recently covered are Dubai, Amsterdam, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, etc.

She has learned a lot during her trips. The sad part of society that Tarishi has accepted now is people judge solo travelers for no reason. Some of them may go to the extent of thinking that you may be a slut to choose to travel solo.

After deeply analyzing, she realized that most people secretly aspire to travel solo. However, many couldn’t gather the courage to do so. As a result, few start labeling the ones who do because of their insecurities.

Tarishi doesn’t hesitate in recommending people to join the solo traveling community.  She proudly promotes the untold benefits of an experiential traveling that she learned from these travel groups.

To enjoy a safe trip, you can always join private solo traveling communities. To know more,   send your request here- Travel Solo and Smart.

How Karthik Honeymoon Got Affected by Coronavirus?


Karthik, eye candy, and heartthrob of every girl, finally choose the women he wanted to get married. His dream girl Myra now his wife, took seven years to get convinced to tie the knot. They plan their marriage in the middle of Jan 2020 along with honeymoon to Southeast Asia in Thailand and Bali.

Honeymoon dates were just a day after their marriage. Southeast Asia destinations are the most popular honeymoon spots for most Indians. Karthik and Neha were no different in choosing the same part of the continent. The newlywed couple was all thrilled for their two weeks trip.

coronavirus , Southeast Asia, Thailand , Bali

As soon as they landed in Bangkok, their excitement went numb. The reason for that was the news about the coronavirus that kills humans. It was the time when the epidemic just started. Now Karthik’s and Myra’s focus shifted in exploring “coronavirus causes what disease” instead of their honeymoon.

Myra had several panic attacks when she heard the news that it’s not safe to travel to Southeast Asia because of this virus. Though she knew the epidemic started in China, since Thailand is the closest neighbor, she was very anxious. Karthik was constantly checking about coronavirus signs and symptoms. He completely lost his interest in his honeymoon.

The young couple’s panic increased when they heard a few cases in Thailand too. They were not sure whether to move to Bali, their next planned excursion or India. Furthermore, they were regretting their decision to choose Southeast Asia, especially when they can afford Europe with their high paying jobs.

Looking at their anxiousness, the fellow India who booked from the same tour operator approached them and asked the couple to relax. These bunch of Indians further advised Karthik to know more about this new virus before drawing any conclusion. At the same time, these Indian buddies asked the newlywed not to let this virus affect their beautiful honeymoon.

After hearing their suggestion Karthik and Myra took a further step to invest in Coronavirus from the hospitals. They discovered the following facts that may be helpful to many others.

What is Coronavirus, and What are its Symptoms?

Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus that can be deadly if not cured on time. The coronavirus infection symptoms are frequent cough and cold. It can transmit fastly even by touching the infected objects.

How and Where it Started?

This epidemic got transmitted through animals. First, it was suspected in bat and got transferred to other animals. Wuhan in China is the place where it started. People in China are fond of eating live animals, so they also got infected.

Now there are close to 1000 people who have already died because of this virus. Many others are diagnosed with Coronavirus and its spreading like wildfire. Most of the countries have already cut off their flight to China for a similar reason.

What are the Affected Countries in Southeast Asia?

There are almost 11 countries in South East Asia. These are China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Burma, and a few more. Virus has already spread to these countries as well. Of course, tourism has been affected severely because of this catastrophe.

Is Southeast Asia Safe Travel Desitnation in 2020?

Since the countries in Southeast Asia are close to the victim country of China, tourists are advised to refrain from traveling there. Whether you can visit later in the year 2020 is still challenging to answer.

Some of the Asian countries that are still safe to travel could be India, Dubai, Srilanka, Bhutan, and a few more. You can plan your trip and itinerary by joining a few Meetup groups.

After the survey about Coronavirus, Karthik & Myra decided to continue their journey to Bali, and they had a decent time. Now when they are back in India, they are again planning to take another trip within India.  Some places at the top of their mind are Andaman and Nicobar, Goa, North East, and few others.

coronavirus , Southeast Asia, Thailand , Bali
Handara Gate , Bali

Since it’s difficult for Karthik to take more leaves, he has asked Myra to go on a solo trip. He wishes to surprise Myra with the best gift. One of which can be a journey with a like-minded traveler. Myra, who is on sabbatical, can easily manage it.

Karthik assured Myra that they would plan another international trip soon once the coronavirus threat subsides. Alternatively, they are now exploring other continents.

Though their bucket list still has many countries like Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia in the Southeast. However, they are planning to skip the Southeast Asia trip in the year 2020.

Karthik firmly believes man proposes, but God disposes after he came to know about coronavirus infection in humans during his honeymoon. Nevertheless, his optimistic mindset has made him resilient, and he’s looking out for an opportunity to plan his next trip with Myra.

He is planning to take a weekend trip to nearby cities, one of which is Lansdowne. We wish Karthik and Myra can come out of this trauma soon and plan a fun-filled trip.