How to Manage Coronavirus Travel Cancellation Blues?

The last thing in your mind should be to plan your vacation now. You must have seen the impact of the casual attitude of people in Italy towards Coronavirus. We must act a little responsible and either postpone or reschedule all our travel plans for the later date.

Coronavirus book published in 1981 partially predicted the occurrence of this global virus. However debate is still going on on the book. Nevertheless, WHO has already declared Coronavirus as pandemic as it has affected almost every country.

As India has already entered in stage 2, we must take all the steps to prevent it from reaching to stage 3. Some of the essential steps can be social distancing and refraining from traveling in the coming months. At the same time, be ready to face the economic downfall.  With little courage and endurance, this crucial phase shall pass soon.

We, as a nation and continent, are going through some of the toughest times globally.  Although all the continents are working on developing Coronavirus medication, but it will take time.

The industry that has an immediate impact is Travel, Airlines, and Hotels.  Eventually, all sectors will be impacted in due course of time. In the middle of this Coronavirus pandemic, people have lots of concerns and queries about this disease and their prebooked flights and hotels. Here are some of the facts and resolutions.

What is Coronavirus, how it’s spread?

Coronavirus is a widespread pandemic that can spread quickly and hence grows exponentially.  It started from Wuhan in China and now spread globally. It has various stages. Coronavirus early symptoms are minimal, but later on, it’s more like flu. The other names of this virus are Covid 19 and Norovirus as well.

It’s a well-known fact how the Coronavirus is spread. At an initial stage the number of affected people may be less. However it spread on the drop of the hat within the communities from stage 3. For the same reason, people are advised on the precautionary measures. Most of the public places like malls, multiplex, gym are closed in India till 31st March to prevent its increase.

How to Flatten the Curve of Rising Coronavirus?

There are many countries like Italy, UK, America, Iran, and a few more who have already reached stage 3 and finding it challenging to manage.  Since this disease can spread easily so we must take every possible step to stop it from further increasing.

The best thing to avoid this catastrophe is to stay put and to pray that this coronavirus pandemic gets over soon. Some other ways to control norovirus symptoms are as follows:-

Wear a Special Coronavirus Mask

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Don’t Touch your Face, Nose or Ear

Stay Away from the Crowd

Carry an Alcohol Sanitizer

Cooperate with the Authorities

Stay Positive

Leverage the Destination

Take Lots of Vitamin C & D to Boost up your immune system 

If we talk about India, we need to be extra cautious in preventing this disease in reaching to Stage 3.  Hopefully, we soon get the Coronavirus vaccine without letting it spread.

However, until that time, we must follow specific steps. Two important things that we must follow are Social Distancing and Self-quarantine. Both of them have been elaborating in the next paragraph.

Coronavirus Flattenned Curve

How to Practice Social Distancing & Self- Quarantine?

Social distancing and Self-quarantine can be the best solution to control the widespread of this pandemic. When we talk of social distancing, it should be maintained with at least a distance of 6 feet. The best way to do this is by avoiding the social gathering and stay in self-quarantine mode. Self-quarantine is like staying in isolation for some time.

Unnecessary traveling should be avoided to the extent possible. However, if you have come from an unavoidable trip, then you must stay in mandatory quarantine for a period of minimum of 15 days. This is most critical in the case of international flights. The infected person may not have any apparent system.  Nevertheless, he or she has good chances of spreading to others.

Kanika’s coronavirus case is the latest example of the same. Kanika Kapoor is a singer and a well-known celebrity. Around 400 people are suspected of catching the virus through her as she is corona positive. It all happened when she returned from London on 9th March and refrained from quarantine unintentionally.

So as a responsible person, it’s our prime responsibility to practice both social distancing & self-quarantine for few days to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus.

How can I manage my Prebooked Trips, Cancellation & Rescheduling?

Many of you might have already booked flights and stay in the coming months. Now the most prominent question is whether to continue, cancel or reschedule the same. While many of you are already canceling it, some people are still contemplating it. These are the people who are stuck in other countries, and their visa is expiring.

Others are worried about the cancellation fee and rescheduling. While some airlines are giving waivers, however, others are charging as usual. Trip cancellation and interruption is a loss for both the passenger and the airlines. It can be minimized by talking to your travel agents or airlines.

What is the Consequence of Taking a Trip during Coronavirus?

Just in case you do take a trip, then be ready to get quarantined for a period of at least 15 days. Authorities are using a Coronavirus test kit to deduct the positive cases. In cities like Mumbai, people are already getting ink stamped for compulsory isolation, even if there are tested negative.   For domestic trips, please stay alert and conscious of the hygiene factors around.

Traveling is the last thing in most of our minds. Covid 19 India demands huge responsibility from its citizens. For the same reason, marriages are getting either canceled or postponed in the cases whose partners are working overseas.

Things happen for a reason. Stay positive, and this too shall pass soon. Coronavirus cure might take some time till then, we have to manage the phase with patience. Take all the precautionary measures as advised by the health ministry.

Avoid the travel for the time being and utilize this time in updating yourself. One thing that you can do is build your portfolio. This can help you in managing the tough job time ahead. If you are looking out to read some free book on Kindle, then you hope this book may help –

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Hopefully, soon we come out with Coronavirus vaccine and lead our life as easily as we used to. However, on a positive note, everything happens for a reason. Most of the optimistic believe this is the nature way of controlling human actions that were harmful. I hope once we are out of this urgency, we are able to explore the earth that is more healed because of less traffic and pollution.

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