How Kamya got Appraisal and Dream Trip during COVID-19 Lockdown?

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No, Kamya is not from essential services like banks, media, or hospitals. She’s like any other citizen who is managing 21 days lockdown. Kamya is 30 years old, a travel freak, a sales manager with an MNC.

When the lockdown period was announced like others, she wasn’t also prepared. Moreover, her job is mostly in the field, so she never thought of this option in her dreams.

However, her positive approach came to her rescue. She set an example for all. Kavya was able to crack a targeted deal during this period of Coronovirus.

When the CEO interviewed Kamya through a video calling asking about her secret sauce.

Here’s what she has to say.


Kamya, first of all, congratulations, we would like to know how you managed the Business uncertainties.


Thanks, Sam (CEO). Let me tell you it’s not as difficult as people think. Initially, I wasn’t sure, but then I analyze the current scenario with due diligence. Instead of getting panicked by coronavirus news and related economic crisis, I focused on my work.


Wow, I appreciate it. So what’s your take on Coronavirus pandemic spread & duration?


Till the time we get coronavirus medication, it’s tough to predict. At this point on 6th April 2020, I can say this too shall pass soon.


Well, Kamya, that’s indeed a very positive approach. I am curious to know what precautions you are taking for staying safe from norovirus.


Sam thanks for bringing this out. It is one of the primary and essential concerns for all. As you know, in India, there was a Janta curfew announced on 22nd March and lockdown from 23rd March.  First of all, timely management and control by the government is a perfect approach.

Besides that, I have been following social distancing as recommended by the leaders. At the same time, I am taking the utmost care of hygiene. For groceries and other essential items, I am using home delivery options.

When I get the items, I disinfect it before consumption. Also, given leave to all the domestic helps and newspapers without deducting their salary.


Wonderful. Now the most critical question that we all want to know what your strategy of staying productive while working from home (WFH) is? 


“After smiling answers”-

Let it be a secret unless I want competitors”. On a serious note, this can be easily possible if you stay focused on the work. All an employee or any other professional or even an entrepreneur needs is sincerity and commitment.

While I was WFH, I was collating the details of the clients. Approached them through the emails Skype or other online platforms. Since our products were available online, it was never a challenge to sell them. From my side, I ensured to bridge the communication with all in every possible fashion.


What support did you get from your seniors? At the same time, how did you enhance your team morale?


For both, it was more or less a similar approach. We used to have daily meetings on zoom and hangouts. There were two slots.

In the morning, there used to be a meeting between my seniors and me. I used to have a webinar with all my team of 9 members in the evening. It helped in keeping track of the performance of all and help us planned the work in a better way.


Commendable, do you think WFH is a sustainable approach?


Yes, it has got great benefits. I prefer to continue on a long terms basis. Not only will it control the pollution, but it will help in managing the traffic as well.  Needless to say, with the right attitude, it will prove to be more fruitful as well.



You truly deserve to be the performer for the month? We are delighted to give you an annual appraisal of 15% and promoting you to VP-Sales. At the same time, we all know you are an avid traveler. So as an additional incentive, we will sponsor your Europe trip whenever this Coronovirus is over.


Thanks a ton. In fact, Europe is one of the topmost destinations lying in my bucket list. Can’t resist sharing; I was heartbroken to hear about Coronavirus. 

Not too sure if you know, I already planned my trip to South Europe for ten days in May. But of course, I had to cancel because of this pandemic. This incentive is undoubtedly an icing on the cake and is a good kick to stay more productive at work.


Well, Kamya, you deserve it. Last but not least, what’s your advice to the failing businesses?


Sam, I would certainly say that that every business must have a digital presence. At the same time, they must have digital products that can act as a revenue model.

It was a story of Kamya if you would like to utilize this lockdown productively than follow her advice. If you are feeling lonely or bored during the weekend than join this online webinar- Solo Travellers Online Meetup.

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When can you Resume to Your Travel Lifestyle in the future?

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

People who are bitten by the travel bee might find this phase of Coronovirus very tough to manage. Most of us must be wondering when we can take our next trip.

Nevertheless, avoid the same for the coming months. Hopefully, things should be settled soon.   For this year, we can restrict our trips within the country. Some of them are listed below to keep your spirits high.

Andaman & Nicobar

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Cities like Andaman and Nicobar offers a tropical climate. You can certainly choose this city for your next trip. If you plan to take a trip from Delhi than by air might be the only mode of transport. If you are wondering when to travel? Then it may be difficult to answer now.

Looking at the speed of doctors, tentatively by July, we might come with coronavirus medication. You can plan to travel then or at the later dates. To enjoy a safe trip try you can join solo traveling communities.  You can always reach others in case of any assistance and for a better trip.


Pondicherry is another place that is good to consider for your trips. This beautiful union territory can offer you a perfect wellness retreat.  It’s one of the preferred destinations for the people in the metro because of its relatively peaceful ecosystem. If you wish to take to travel there in the near future then do join exclusive travel community.

Camping in Kanatal

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Kanatal is one of the unexplored places in Uttrakhand. There can be nothing better than gazing at the stars in your camp. If you are wondering how to make it possible, then you can be smart to join the travel communities and be open for loads of fun together.


Alwar is one of the underdog cities in the state of Rajasthan. Ever wondered what this splendid land has to offer than better to take a visit. Plan a weekend trip and take an excursion to the serene lake of Sariska.

The idea is to rejuvenate and take a break from the mundane routine. Now, if you are game for it, then plan it anytime soon. Stay updated about the dates through the even on the meet up on Travel Solo and Smart.


Most of you in Delhi NCR may or may not have visited the silent city of Lansdowne. An ideal place to take a weekend break and exploring nature. Plan a camp or visit a resort; nothing will disappoint you. It’s an ideal place to take a digital detox and connect with yourself.


Often the road less traveled takes us to the best destinations. The Island of Lakshadweep is one such place that you may not like to miss. If you are wondering what it has to offer, then you must visit this place. The beauty in the pristine land is just unparalleled to any of the popular hubs. All you need to do is get set and go.


Called as Switzerland of India, the visit here will take your breath away. You may like to combine many cities to make the best of your trip here. Get awestruck and have the best experience by joining the reputed travel group.

Jim Corbett

The most popular gateway from Delhi is none other than this city in Nainital. Named after a legend, Jim Corbett, it’s a place of resorts. You can explore it differently by taking a jungle safari and visiting other sites along with the sightseeing. If you are planning a trip soon, then join the fellow travelers from travel solo and smart group.


Another beautiful island that can offer a breathtaking view is Diu. Plan it solo or with the group. This place has lots of things to offer. Plan a luxurious trip here and feel on top of the world with likeminded people.

Gujarat-Rann of Kutch

Experience the beauty of Thar by visiting this hub. Rann of Kutch is one of the preferred times when people like to visit here. However, you must be ready to go exorbitant by planning a trip here during that time.

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Travelling can be a real savior in connecting you with your soul. I hope this virtual trip brought some relief. Not just limited to above, there are many more places that can be explored domestically and internationally.

Irony is most of the people today are stressed about trip cancellation and interruption. Be yourself and plan as many trips as possible once the threat of the Coronavirus is settled.