How to Make a Road Trip to Manali from Delhi Less Hectic?

One question that is often asked to me is what is the destination you would like to pursue after COVID 19. My bucket list is already getting overloaded. I am sure, like me, many travel freaks are already making plans to take many trips in the coming future once things get normalized. Out of all, you can always consider a trip to Manali for so many reasons.

So if you are serious about a Manali tour or any similar cities that are far away from Delhi and are in your bucket list, then this article can help.  Manali is almost 531 km from Delhi that can easily take you 11 to 14 hours to reach there.

Manali trip costs can always be customized according to your stay and days you plan to stay there.  Nowadays, people are no longer looking out for honeymoon in Manali. Instead, they are all set to explore this city differently. 

Here are a few tips that can make your trip to Manali more fun and relaxing as well. A road trip can be adventurous but can be tiring also if traveled on a stretch. The best way to reduce your burden to cover the distance is by taking many pit stops. If it’s a self-driven car, then it’s not wrong to take a halt midway in cities like Mohali or Chandigarh.

Pit Stop – Enroute Manali

You can always reduce your burden and combine more cities within the same trip. So we planned an overnight journey and took a break in Mohali for three hours. We booked the Oyo room that charged Rs. 700 per person for a night. It not only helped to make our road trip less tiresome but helped in admiring scenic beauty en route Manali as well. We booked it just for three hours to give us a decent rest. 

Though it extended our trip a little more to 15 hours, it was worth it. In Manali, the accommodation that we booked was not less than a dream. We stayed in a place called Baragarh resort, where many popular movies are shooted. You can check out some of the details in my latest YouTube video by clicking on the link below.

Memorable Manali Trip Just before COVID-19

Manali Vlog

How to Make a Trip to Manali More Fun?

You may get tons and tons of options for the Kullu Manali tour package but try to choose the tried and tested options only. By spending a little more, you can make your trip to Manali not less than luxurious.  Coming back to Baragarh resort, there are so many things to share.


Starting from the spacious washroom to the steaming hot water to massive cottage rooms, all were one of its kind.  Good sleep can enhance your immunity, but you need a comfortable environment as well to make it possible. At Baragarh resort and Spa, we were able to get an uninterrupted sound sleep the very first day that made the next day very refreshing. 

The second day we just planned to relax in the resort with some exorbitant spa and checking out the mesmerizing scenic beauty around.  This place is not only ideal for the Manali honeymoon package but can also be considered suitable for the community of solo travelers as well.

Solang Valley, a Popular Hub in Manali

Solang Valley
Solang Valley

 On the third day, we plan to visit Solang valley, one of the famous spots in Manali. The twisty roads all clad in the snow were picturesque and not less than a heaven. If you are planning to trek here, then don’t forget to take the gears from the local shops. It will not cost you more than 300 to 400 bucks. 

Gumboots are a must for just taking even a walk in the snow. In addition, you can take a snow trek suit as well.  Besides that, you can do a lot in Solang valley in Manali city. Make your snowman or women, take the best clicks, and take snow and sun therapy. The candid shots you can get with the serene beauty all around are simply splendid.

Many people extend this trip by planning a trip from Manali to Ladakh. The prerequisite for the same is Rohtang pass should be open. The time when we visited that was in Feb, it was closed. Usually, it’s open in the month of June.

However, in the year 2020, there’s no visibility of when it will be open for the tourists due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Nevertheless some people are still planning to visit with some special permission for documentary or other essential purposes. 

A Kullu Manali trip is popular for so many other attractions as well. Some of them are popular Hadimba Devi Temple, Gulaba, Rafting, and other adventurous sports. Activities like paragliding are also part of the Manali trip package but restricted to some months only.

Baragarh Resort

So if you are single and wish to plan a Manali trip to Delhi, then you have to be part of an exclusive travel community. All you need is a meetup app and send your request to Travel Solo and Smart.  So now you don’t have to search for any local Manali travel agency. Save your money, in addition, socialize and network with like-minded solo travelers.

Besides a trip to Manali, you can plan very more exciting trips like Goa, Andaman and Nicobar and what not. However, we must not forget we can only resume traveling when things get normalized, and Coronavirus is subsided. At this time, we can just pray this too shall pass soon.  Let’s all pray to resume back to normal life and keep on adding to our bucket list till then.

Till the time it’s over, you can always take a few virtual trips to places like Kasol, Kerala and many other beautiful places. You can subscribe to Travel Solo and Smart YouTube channel to stay updated about many travel destinations. Hopefully, we shall be able to continue with the travel lifestyle soon. Stay safe, happy, and progressive. 

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