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Why and How you can Plan a Trek to Kheerganga in October?

For me every trip sounds not just another travel destination but a deep healing therapy. I connect it not less than a holistic wellness. Many people are resuming back to their travelling days amidst Covid-19 so am I planning.

However not forgetting to adhere to the “New Norm”.Here’s an article about beautiful trek of Kheerganaga & what you will get by visiting this place.

  1. Healing
  2. Change
  3. Adapting  New Norm
  4. Joining the Community
  5. Transformation

How You can Plan 5 days 4 nights Trip from Delhi NCR?

All you may need is one day leave to plan a nice trip for relaxing weekend.  We at travel solo and smart are planning to start our journey on the eve of 29th October, Thursday after the office hours.

Journey will begin from Gurgaon or Delhi. We will be hiring a tempo traveler or Innova where 6-12 people can be easily accommodated.

It will take 12-13 or little more odd hours to reach there. After reaching the place we can check in to our hotels in Kasol on 30th October – Friday. After relaxing for a day and exploring nearby treks and café we can have a nice dinner. To get better idea below is sneak peak of the trip:-

Next day morning of 31th October – Saturday we can wake up fresh and enjoy the lovely breakfast. We can start the trek to Kheerganga now.  The trek is of 12 km. Early we start better it is. Tentatively we can reach there by evening and check in to our camps.

Enroute while climbing up and down ; there’s lots and lots to explore. Some of the attractions are Kalga, Nathan, Tosh , Parvati and many more.

After reaching Kheerganga we can stretch a bit and get ready for dinner under the stars. Can have some jamming, bonfire and chit chat with travelers and share some unique stories. Idea is to reconnect with ourselves and move inch closer to true purpose.

Let’s rock and dance like crazy, 1st Nov- Sunday we can wake up fresh, enjoy lovely mountain breakfast and resume back. Time to go back to Delhi with lovely memories. Trust me these 2 nights and 3 nights will be best time of the month.

How to Ensure Covid Safe Journey?

Our safety lies in our hand, few things that can help you in managing this new norm is by adhering to following tips

  • Carry Multiple Masks on a Trip
  • Use Alcohol Sanitizer
  • Maintain Social Distance as much as you can
  • Keep your Immunity Strong
  • Stay Positive
  • Why you must Take Trek to Kheerganga?

Well it may not just be about Kheerganga trek it’s about why you should at all go for the trek. Here are few quick reasons.

Clean Your Chakras

There’s nothing better to revive ; other than close to nature. We all need that periodic rejuvenation, isn’t it? . That can only be possible when you give some push to your lungs and guts. While you trek; that physical push affects your organs in very subtle fashion.

Essence of Life

In our mundane life we forgot to discover out true purpose of life. We all have something unique in us. For the same reason; finger prints of two people are not alike. There must be some reason for the same reason right?

Stay Abreast in Game

No matter at what stage of life you may be in. It’s all about mindful of all the phases of life and ace the race. That can be possible if you make efforts in the right fashion. Trust age is just the number rest is how you feel. You can stay as young as you want if you think young.

Connect with Likeminded People

You never know what treasure you can discover when you step out. One of them can be in the form of people whom you meet while taking a trek specially. As in the process you share so many hardships and discomfort that you develop a special bond.

Best Version of Yourself

No matter what echelon of social strata you might be it mellows down to what kind of person you are after all. In the rat race we get so submerged that we forget who we are actually. The best way to reconnect to yourself is only by taking that wonderful trek waiting just for you .

Visiting new Fauna & Flora

Yes of course we can’t forget travelling is essentially about visiting new land and discovering the beauty. The change of place acts as a catalyst for out cognitive energies. Its even more affective while we take a trek.

Prosperity & Abundance

You already took first step by moving out of your comfort zone by choosing to take a trek. Its certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Eventually you will realize the multifold returns on investments you will get by taking such a path . It will certainly build strong resilience along with many unparallelly subtle benefits.

Hope you are all set to take your next trek . If wondering how to take a plunge you can join us on the upcoming trek to Kheerganga.

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