Sariska, Alwar

Why Sariska in Alwar is one of the Best Unexplored Gateway from Delhi?

If you are exploring the nearest weekend excursion near Delhi then Sariska in Alwar can be the most preferred option. Hardly a drive of 3 hours from NCR, its little unexplored but still worth a try. If you are wondering what all excursions are possible then you can check from many available options.  I recently took a short trip of three days and two nights and explored many places. One of the most popular spots here is Sariska Tiger Reserve among others. You can check others in my VLOG below as well.

Sariska VLOG

I planned to stay in a Luxury deluxe cottage for 2 nights that cost me Rs. 6,000 per night including breakfast. Day one, I started from Gurgaon at 10:30 AM and reached the resort around 2 pm i.e. within three and half hours. The resort was situated in a village in Alwar Lake, Siliserh. Away from the city hustle and majestic view of lake and mountain is what made this place bespoke and serene.

After checking in to the resort we had lavish lunch and a refreshing nap to wake up to some folk dance in the evening. In between, I got ample time to plan about the next day excursion, Alwar fort was one of them. The resort had a good ambiance to take a leisurely walk with a delightful view to Siliserh Lake just at their backyard for day 1.

The next day it was time to explore the legendary city of Alwar. It all started with a Tiger hunt at Sariska National Park. If you are wondering what is Sariska National Park ticket price then you may be sadly mistaken as the best option is to book your gypsy. To appraise further there are two zones one is buffer and the other is core, the prices of both are different. Buffer is mild where there is the least chance of finding the tiger so the price is less. For the same reason, most people go for the core where they got a good chance of experiencing the sight of the magnificent king of the Jungle.

Not just that en route you can also treat yourself with beautiful hyenas and some rare birds. Unlike other national parks, Sariska has a lot more to offer besides the wildlife. To name a few we have Mata Karni Mandir, Bowri-Well, and Bala Quilla Fort to make our trip fun-filled and joyful.

 If you are thrilled about the fort of Alwar then you must know there’s another name for it also known as Bala Quila.  You can have the pleasure of visiting it while taking a ride on your safari. However, due to Covid, it’s closed. Nevertheless, to enjoy the splendid view you need to take a steep trek of just 1 km to enjoy the beautiful view of Alwar city and the entire fort that’s also called the “Wall of China” by locals.

If you wish to explore Sariska Palace then you may have a hard time as now it’s private property. But don’t lose heart as there are many hidden gems to explore in the city as well. After your safari, you can visit the Alwar city palace and Moosi Maharani ki Chatri that can be a visual delight. If you wish to dig down some artifacts then take a tour of the museum. Furthermore, you can knock down your astrological side by visiting their observatory center.

The third day was also utilized well by visiting Garwaji waterfall and Siliserh Lake. Within Garwaji waterfall, there’s a small temple that you can visit to take the blessings. This waterfall is home to monkeys during non-monsoon time. You can give it a miss to save some time as there’s nothing much besides rocks.

One place that can uplift your mood is Siliserh Lake that hosts many harmless crocodiles. Enjoy the picturesque view or take a ride on the boat both will be a good refresher. Another attraction of this place is mouth-watering snacks with tea in this government own restaurant. The entrance fee for four-wheelers is Rs. 200 and the boating charges range between Rs. 600 to Rs. 800.

After boating and lunch, you can head back to Delhi that will take you another 3 to 3.5 hrs. So if you complete your lunch by 3 then you can easily reach back by evening tea by around 6 to 6:30 PM.

Short trips like this are not only pocket friends but are good rejuvenation from the mundane routine as well.

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