Do you Fantasize About Workcation in Uttarakhand?

Workcation in Rishikesh

What excites you so much to work from the mountains? Is it Photoshop images or freedom from home?

Before getting dazzled by the picturesque images and larger-than-life landscapes just stay mindful of the ground realities.

You must pre-plan about how many days you plan to spend there and plan your budget accordingly. You can easily manage to get many backpacking cheap accommodation but is that your cup of tea is something you should identify.

The best part of these long-stay trips is you can choose any destination out from Pan India. However, since I was exploring the city near Delhi, the best option for me was staycation in Rishikesh.

From mountain, beaches, religion, culture you get it all in this beautiful and auspicious city in Uttrakhand.

Hi, I am Srishti a corporate professional and traveler by passion. In this blog, I will share my experience about my 17 days workcation in Rishikesh.

Accommodation and Age Group

Age may just be the number but we broadly fall into the same category when it comes to the number itself. Usually, in the backpackers stay, you will find people in their 20’s and 30’s. There could be some in their 40’s too. However, to get people in the ’50s and ’60s is rare in such setups. But with the changing norms we must acknowledge that “40’s is new 30’s” and “30’s is new 20’s”.

The reason for finding this kind of age group is people may be still exploring what they want and how they want to get settled. If you are the one who is starting late then you can still take a plunge irrespective of age. The environment in backpacking hostels will never make you feel old.

Now coming to expenses, there are multiple ranges based on what you prefer. From a private room to shared dorms you have it all.

To save some bucks you can plan to pay in advance and within Rs. 10,000 per month you may land up in double sharing or quad sharing rooms with other amenities like indoor sports along with other regular events.

If you have a better budget then go for a better stay of single sharing as well. You can plan your meal expenses separately. Of course, commuting is not included in this. So minimum you must have a budget of Rs. 15,000- Rs. 20,000 that can cover your stay, commute, and other living expenses. To be on a little better side in Rs. 30,000 you can plan little better stay in India.

Last but not the least, one of the most important thing that you shouldn’t miss checking for your workcation is good wifi and power back. As last thing you may want to experience is impacting your work.

How I planned my 17 days Workcation in Rishikesh?

I usually plan short trips of 4-5 days within and outside India. This time I was all set to explore a little longer tenure. The place I chose was none other than Rishikesh. It was a 5-7 hours drive from my place Gurugram.

The place I chose initially was a zostel in Rishikesh with private accommodation; however, I hopped many interesting places.

On the weekend I plan to explore nearby camps. There was this camp by the name of Brook that was more like a cottage, where I stayed over the weekend. So before planning your long-term stay in Rishikesh or any other place for that matter, it’s good to conduct thorough research.

This was my third visit to Rishikesh and visiting this way was an altogether different experience. I got the feel of culture and connected well with locals in a much better way. Though after I went there, it was locked down still I managed to visit many interesting hubs.

Some of the must-visit places here are

Cafes near Laxman Jhula such as Freedom Café, Lucky Café, and many more. So it all starts at Laxman Jhula & ends at Ram Jhula.

You shouldn’t miss the unexplored and unknown beaches in Rishikesh like, Ganga, Goa, and Laxman Jhula beach.

Some of the must-visit Waterfalls are Patna, Neer, etc

You can’t ignore the religious hub of Religious as well. Besides Ganga Arti one of the peaceful places where you can plan your stay too is Parmarth Niketan Ashram.

If you want to dig down little bit more history, then don’t forget the popular Beatles Ashram.

Rishikesh is also popular for following adventure sports.


River Rafting

Cliff Jumping and many more

Besides that, there are so many nearby trekking destinations that you can consider. The famous ones are

  • Kedarkantha
  • Chopta
  • Chandrshila
  • Roopkund
  • Kunjapuri and many more

You can have a glimpse of my trip by clicking on my youtube channel :-  

17 Days Workcation in Rishikesh – April 2021

It’s also listed among the top 100 at Feedspot.

If you are planning for such trips in the future please feel free to reach out to me through the comment below. To check out more pictures please follow me on Instagram at Travel with Srishti.

What made my trip good was, I planned my budget and chose the place accordingly. You can get many options here in Rishikesh. You can look out for luxury home stays in Rishikesh or accommodation like Airbnb. The price will depend upon the number of days you plan to stay and the property you choose.

Besides that, don’t forget to plan the cost of your commute. If you plan to drive down then on an average it will cost you at least Rs. 6- 7 k to and fro based on the average of your vehicle from Gurugram.

It can exceed Rs. 10,000 or more as well if you use your private car for local transport or exploring nearby places within a range of 10-15 km.

At the end of the day, what matters is how you plan to leverage your long stay. The idea is to come back refreshed and mindful. Sometimes a shift of place especially close to the mountain can have a positive impact on your energy.

Especially when it comes to places like Rishikesh, you may get more rejuvenated. It is the city that can give you the feel of a mountain yet you can enjoy beautiful beaches along with auspicious places amid ghats.

Hope you chose your workcation with good planning and come back with holistic wellness and personal growth.

How to Visit Unexplored Kuchesar, the Best Touring Places near Delhi?

weekend trip in delhi

The weekend is the time to explore some serene places where you can restore all your energies. Not many people are aware that one of the fort has been converted into a heritage stay in the secluded village of Kuchesar in Up. I consider it as one of the best weekend trips in Delhi.

Though trekking is a huge craze among Delhi Millennial, however, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Especially people in their 30’s are exploring the place where they can enjoy the company of like-minded non-judgmental people.  Especially for them, it could be the best places to visit near Delhi.

weekend trip in delhi

Socializing is the need of the hour in today’s Work from home culture. We all need a let out, space that may not be feasible, sitting at the comfort of our home. If you wish to possess a magic wand that can take away all the blues, then you may not be wrong completely. You just need to be mindful that a miracle is within you.

Here’s an article about how you can plan a weekend excursion and keep sailing happily and progressively in life. Weekend getaways from Delhi could be the smartest way to channelize your energies. You can have many affordable options. Trust me; more than a mere expense, it would be a real investment in us.

How to Plan a Trip to Kuchesar? Perhaps one of the Cheap and Best Place to Visit near Delhi.

You can plan a trip to Kuchesar from any part of NCR. The extreme end could be Gurgaon. It might take 2-3 hours to reach the fort. Spare any weekend and start at 9 am and you will be able to reach there by 11- 12 pm easily with normal traffic conditions.

After reaching their check-in to your lavish fort room, you got lots of options for choosing the rooms there. Choose the bespoke private villa, go for king size suite or stick to the basic. Unpack and get a hot shower. After that, head to get fresh lunch. You can choose from a variety of veg options along with selected non-veg cuisine as well. Don’t forget to grab delicious desserts too.

weekend trip in delhi

In fact, one of the reasons that can make this spot the best weekend getaways near Delhi is the choicest room and bespoke food.

Your journey starts now as there are lots to do post-lunch. You can enjoy the tractor or bullock cart ride and visit the village. En route, you can go to the Mango orchid, Jaggery plant and enjoy the local flavors.

Enjoy the thrill of visiting these communities of the rural landscape and be vocal for the locals.

Leverage as much as you can. You can also buy organic jaggery, also called “Gud” in the local language, along with sugarcane. Going back to your resort, enjoy fresh tea with snacks to make your evening relaxing and delightful.

weekend trip in delhi

Furthermore, you can relax in your rooms and get ready for the bonfire with some heartfelt chit chat with fellow travelers.

Take your time to enjoy the royal luxury in your villa and get ready for mouth-watering yummy dinner.

While walking down to the dining room from your heritage room, enjoy the picturesque sight of the fort.

The hall where the food is served will take you to the dynasty of kings and queens.

After dinner, you can take a walk around the fort and sit in your private villa to continue the rounds of games and chats.

Once you are content and feeling sleepy, go back to your rooms and enjoy the sound sleep.

The next day morning is the time to enjoy the sunshine with the chirping sounds of birds. You can also witness beautiful peacocks walking down the garden with lush greenery.

Sit in the traditional chairs or enjoy the swing under mango orchid, and now you must be hungry. We can head for some fresh breakfast with fantastic sunshine in the spacious open lounge.

Weekend Trip - Kuchesar

After your breakfast, get ready to try some hands-on pottery making.  The touch of that beautiful mud and shaping it with your creativity will not be less than bliss.   

Post that we can enjoy some table tennis too. With all these surreal experiences, our journey ends with the happiest memories. Now it’s time to say goodbye to the place and reach back to your destination.

It could be one of the best weekends you can gift to yourself. In fact if you are exploring places to visit near Delhi by car, then this is one of the better options.  Max distance within NCR ranges between 70-130 km.

weekend trip in delhi

There are lots of travel companies flooding all over social media. Meetup groups are one of the most popular options for offline get together. Nevertheless, If you are new in the town or a solo traveler, you may wonder which one to join. One of the tried and tested bespoke meetup groups for you could be travel solo and smart. You can expect lots of local events and outstation trips as well on this platform.

How can the Solo Traveler Community help in making it Possible?

The best part of this group is it’s private, so all your information is visible to the filtered members only. Furthermore, any content within the group related to any event also got restricted visibility.  Some of the past events conducted by us are as follows.

Handpicked members in Travel Solo and Smart community are responsible enough to take all precautions during this covid time. However, unlike Myscoot, besides local events, we constantly plan many outstation trips as well as mentioned above.

Some of our recent trips were Kasol; Kheerganga and Kuchesar. You can check the pics in the gallery and YouTube channel as well for the same.

We would love to have you as part of the tribe. All you have to do is send an invitation here, and if you fill in all the required details, you will be a member without any cost.

Best Cost and Takeaways from the trip!

Coming back to the Kuchesar excursion, wondering what the cost of all the above activities, stays, and meals? You can get all that at an unbelievable price of just Rs. 9,999.  Travel Solo and Smart members had a wonderful time here.

 As a community benefit, members end up paying half the price of Rs. 4999-5999 and enjoyed all the activities, meals, and stay. Besides that, they end up making lifetime friends too.

If you are also looking out for such an unparalleled trip, then do join us on the next journey during X-Mas and New Year time.

My Kasol & Kheerganga Trek in 2020 as a Trip Manager

Kasol ; ;Kheerganga

2020 has already marked its place in history because of the reason known to all COVID-19. The flip side of the same is people started adapting to the new norm. I being a passionate travel and trip organizer was under tremendous pressure to organize a trip.  It was not only to gratify my soul but for the solo travelers in my group who wanted to fly from the prison of work from home and other restrictions too.

I believe in the miracle, and since Kheerganga was on top of my mind I finally made it happen on the night of 29th October i.e. Thursday. This article will share the detailed itinerary of what all you can explore and how you can plan your trip. Read the article till the end and share the comments.

I consider myself a smart solo traveler. That’s how I came up with the concept of travel solo and smart. Further, how I leveraged this smartness by  convincing  eight more solo souls besides me to make it happen. So we were a group of  9 people who started our journey from Gurgaon through a Tempo Traveller.

We started around 9 pm. With 2-3 pitstops, we were able to reach Kasol by 2 pm. It usually takes 15-16 hours to reach the city. We were more or less on time, a little delayed because of the more than one stops.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

We were in Kasol. Checked in our camps. It was triple sharing. Took tea, freshen up, and took a walk to the city. Our stay was in the heart of  Kasol, so everything was available within walking distance. We had our lunch at the evergreen café. While walking on the streets , we tried momos and other local cuisines too.

After lunch, It was time to explore the local trek at chalal. The picturesque site at the riverside was not only breathtaking but equally rejuvenating.

In the night, we were all set to explore the local cafes. The travelers were all set to try every bit of Kasol. From a live concert at Panchtara to the trout fish with bonfire is what made our first day out of the world.

It was a much-needed break from coronavirus blue in Delhi.

After having a fulfilling first day, we were all set to the trek for the next day to Kheerganga.

Day 2

After awakening to the fresh morning, we were all set to take trek  to  Kheerganga. We had our breakfast at camps and started at 930 am. Our tempo traveler dropped us at barshaini. It took us 1 hour to reach there from Kasol.

Kheerganga is a 12 km trek. We were planning to stay there, so we were carrying our backpacks. The expedition was beautiful yet rocky so you need to watch your every step at every threshold.

Another thing not to be missed is to have a sip of water whenever you feel tired.

The route we choose to start the trek was through Cagra village, which was best route to climb up .

In between, there were many cafes, but the one that was best was Raasta. We had our energy drinks and had great clicks with some fun by dancing to the tunes of some pepe numbers . So it was a good kick start of the trek.

After taking many challenging and easy terrain, we finally checked-in to our camps in Kheerganga. It was 31st  Oct Halloween night too and blue moon as well.

Bonfire is what you need for some candid conversations, and it was all set on the top. After playing musical jingle and candid conversations, we had a great sleep.

Day 3

One thing that Kheerganga is famous for is its hot water spring. So the morning, we pack our stuff and left early in the morning to enjoy the healing hot water spring.

Post that, you can visit the Shiva temple on the top. Though I missed because of time crunch.

After that, we came back to our camp, had breakfast, and left ago to Barshaini. This time we choose to take Nathan village route.

The view was different and as splendid as the  route we choose while starting the trek.  

It took us 4 to 6 hours to reach back.

From Barshini to Kasol, it was around a 1-hour distance. We stopped at Kasol for dinner and then started back to Delhi. In between, there was just one more stop after few hours, and then it was a non-stop journey. We were able to enter Delhi within 12-13 hours, which couldn’t be better.

Our journey came to an end with lots of sweet memories and many learning experiences, especially for me as a Trip organizer.

Key Learnings:-

So on this trip, I sponsored a Youtuber who helped me in creating two of my videos, as you can see below:- Yes, the video came out good, but then I learned that before approaching any of an Influencer, your product should be established as end of the journey its there call if they would like to give a shout out to you or not.

I  picked a  cohost who paid me just 50% of the amount; however, during the trip, she was literally dictating the things on her terms rather than consulting me. So my learning before choosing any assistance set very clear expectations.

Since both the above were through reference, so was aniticipating better support. Neverthless such experiences makes you learn better and your trip complete.

Last but not least, as a Trip organizer, people don’t care where you are coming from. All they expect is you should be on your toes to facilitate them.

Though all travelers went back making lifetime friends. But I can’t forget that one incidence when they expected me to ensure them to have everything.  It was about the additional blanket and pillow in the camp in Kheerganga. However, it was briefed before the journey that the camps will be available with basic amenities.

I was also relaxed as I thought the cohost would manage, but she was too lost giggling, and all of them started jumping on me.  So morning, Day 3 was memorable as it ended in good fight. It was also driven by one of the other female of the cohost who want to quench her ego . She got some skill in influencing the members. So was the other businessman in the group who became friends with these two females.

However, at the end of the journey, I realized that all this makes you smarter, so I aptly named my venture Travel Solo and Smart .

Anyways as is said, all well that ends well; I am happy the journey came to an end on a good note and all got sorted there and then. There are lots of takeaways for me as well. All the feedback I plan to take constructively and I am more clear about what my Brand Travel Solo and Smart stand for now.

If you wish to join in future journey, than first you must be part of the meetup group and then closed WhatsApp group .

Hope you enjoyed the article and soon plan a trip to Kasol and Kheerganga .

Why and How you can Plan a Trek to Kheerganga in October?

Kheerganga, Kasol , Wellness

For me every trip sounds not just another travel destination but a deep healing therapy. I connect it not less than a holistic wellness. Many people are resuming back to their travelling days amidst Covid-19 so am I planning.

However not forgetting to adhere to the “New Norm”.Here’s an article about beautiful trek of Kheerganaga & what you will get by visiting this place.

  1. Healing
  2. Change
  3. Adapting  New Norm
  4. Joining the Community
  5. Transformation

How You can Plan 5 days 4 nights Trip from Delhi NCR?

All you may need is one day leave to plan a nice trip for relaxing weekend.  We at travel solo and smart are planning to start our journey on the eve of 29th October, Thursday after the office hours.

Journey will begin from Gurgaon or Delhi. We will be hiring a tempo traveler or Innova where 6-12 people can be easily accommodated.

It will take 12-13 or little more odd hours to reach there. After reaching the place we can check in to our hotels in Kasol on 30th October – Friday. After relaxing for a day and exploring nearby treks and café we can have a nice dinner. To get better idea below is sneak peak of the trip:-

Next day morning of 31th October – Saturday we can wake up fresh and enjoy the lovely breakfast. We can start the trek to Kheerganga now.  The trek is of 12 km. Early we start better it is. Tentatively we can reach there by evening and check in to our camps.

Enroute while climbing up and down ; there’s lots and lots to explore. Some of the attractions are Kalga, Nathan, Tosh , Parvati and many more.

After reaching Kheerganga we can stretch a bit and get ready for dinner under the stars. Can have some jamming, bonfire and chit chat with travelers and share some unique stories. Idea is to reconnect with ourselves and move inch closer to true purpose.

Let’s rock and dance like crazy, 1st Nov- Sunday we can wake up fresh, enjoy lovely mountain breakfast and resume back. Time to go back to Delhi with lovely memories. Trust me these 2 nights and 3 nights will be best time of the month.

How to Ensure Covid Safe Journey?

Our safety lies in our hand, few things that can help you in managing this new norm is by adhering to following tips

  • Carry Multiple Masks on a Trip
  • Use Alcohol Sanitizer
  • Maintain Social Distance as much as you can
  • Keep your Immunity Strong
  • Stay Positive
  • Why you must Take Trek to Kheerganga?

Well it may not just be about Kheerganga trek it’s about why you should at all go for the trek. Here are few quick reasons.

Clean Your Chakras

There’s nothing better to revive ; other than close to nature. We all need that periodic rejuvenation, isn’t it? . That can only be possible when you give some push to your lungs and guts. While you trek; that physical push affects your organs in very subtle fashion.

Essence of Life

In our mundane life we forgot to discover out true purpose of life. We all have something unique in us. For the same reason; finger prints of two people are not alike. There must be some reason for the same reason right?

Stay Abreast in Game

No matter at what stage of life you may be in. It’s all about mindful of all the phases of life and ace the race. That can be possible if you make efforts in the right fashion. Trust age is just the number rest is how you feel. You can stay as young as you want if you think young.

Connect with Likeminded People

You never know what treasure you can discover when you step out. One of them can be in the form of people whom you meet while taking a trek specially. As in the process you share so many hardships and discomfort that you develop a special bond.

Best Version of Yourself

No matter what echelon of social strata you might be it mellows down to what kind of person you are after all. In the rat race we get so submerged that we forget who we are actually. The best way to reconnect to yourself is only by taking that wonderful trek waiting just for you .

Visiting new Fauna & Flora

Yes of course we can’t forget travelling is essentially about visiting new land and discovering the beauty. The change of place acts as a catalyst for out cognitive energies. Its even more affective while we take a trek.

Prosperity & Abundance

You already took first step by moving out of your comfort zone by choosing to take a trek. Its certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Eventually you will realize the multifold returns on investments you will get by taking such a path . It will certainly build strong resilience along with many unparallelly subtle benefits.

Hope you are all set to take your next trek . If wondering how to take a plunge you can join us on the upcoming trek to Kheerganga.

How to Make a Road Trip to Manali from Delhi Less Hectic?

One question that is often asked to me is what is the destination you would like to pursue after COVID 19. My bucket list is already getting overloaded. I am sure, like me, many travel freaks are already making plans to take many trips in the coming future once things get normalized. Out of all, you can always consider a trip to Manali for so many reasons.

So if you are serious about a Manali tour or any similar cities that are far away from Delhi and are in your bucket list, then this article can help.  Manali is almost 531 km from Delhi that can easily take you 11 to 14 hours to reach there.

Manali trip costs can always be customized according to your stay and days you plan to stay there.  Nowadays, people are no longer looking out for honeymoon in Manali. Instead, they are all set to explore this city differently. 

Here are a few tips that can make your trip to Manali more fun and relaxing as well. A road trip can be adventurous but can be tiring also if traveled on a stretch. The best way to reduce your burden to cover the distance is by taking many pit stops. If it’s a self-driven car, then it’s not wrong to take a halt midway in cities like Mohali or Chandigarh.

Pit Stop – Enroute Manali

You can always reduce your burden and combine more cities within the same trip. So we planned an overnight journey and took a break in Mohali for three hours. We booked the Oyo room that charged Rs. 700 per person for a night. It not only helped to make our road trip less tiresome but helped in admiring scenic beauty en route Manali as well. We booked it just for three hours to give us a decent rest. 

Though it extended our trip a little more to 15 hours, it was worth it. In Manali, the accommodation that we booked was not less than a dream. We stayed in a place called Baragarh resort, where many popular movies are shooted. You can check out some of the details in my latest YouTube video by clicking on the link below.

Memorable Manali Trip Just before COVID-19

Manali Vlog

How to Make a Trip to Manali More Fun?

You may get tons and tons of options for the Kullu Manali tour package but try to choose the tried and tested options only. By spending a little more, you can make your trip to Manali not less than luxurious.  Coming back to Baragarh resort, there are so many things to share.


Starting from the spacious washroom to the steaming hot water to massive cottage rooms, all were one of its kind.  Good sleep can enhance your immunity, but you need a comfortable environment as well to make it possible. At Baragarh resort and Spa, we were able to get an uninterrupted sound sleep the very first day that made the next day very refreshing. 

The second day we just planned to relax in the resort with some exorbitant spa and checking out the mesmerizing scenic beauty around.  This place is not only ideal for the Manali honeymoon package but can also be considered suitable for the community of solo travelers as well.

Solang Valley, a Popular Hub in Manali

Solang Valley
Solang Valley

 On the third day, we plan to visit Solang valley, one of the famous spots in Manali. The twisty roads all clad in the snow were picturesque and not less than a heaven. If you are planning to trek here, then don’t forget to take the gears from the local shops. It will not cost you more than 300 to 400 bucks. 

Gumboots are a must for just taking even a walk in the snow. In addition, you can take a snow trek suit as well.  Besides that, you can do a lot in Solang valley in Manali city. Make your snowman or women, take the best clicks, and take snow and sun therapy. The candid shots you can get with the serene beauty all around are simply splendid.

Many people extend this trip by planning a trip from Manali to Ladakh. The prerequisite for the same is Rohtang pass should be open. The time when we visited that was in Feb, it was closed. Usually, it’s open in the month of June.

However, in the year 2020, there’s no visibility of when it will be open for the tourists due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Nevertheless some people are still planning to visit with some special permission for documentary or other essential purposes. 

A Kullu Manali trip is popular for so many other attractions as well. Some of them are popular Hadimba Devi Temple, Gulaba, Rafting, and other adventurous sports. Activities like paragliding are also part of the Manali trip package but restricted to some months only.

Baragarh Resort

So if you are single and wish to plan a Manali trip to Delhi, then you have to be part of an exclusive travel community. All you need is a meetup app and send your request to Travel Solo and Smart.  So now you don’t have to search for any local Manali travel agency. Save your money, in addition, socialize and network with like-minded solo travelers.

Besides a trip to Manali, you can plan very more exciting trips like Goa, Andaman and Nicobar and what not. However, we must not forget we can only resume traveling when things get normalized, and Coronavirus is subsided. At this time, we can just pray this too shall pass soon.  Let’s all pray to resume back to normal life and keep on adding to our bucket list till then.

Till the time it’s over, you can always take a few virtual trips to places like Kasol, Kerala and many other beautiful places. You can subscribe to Travel Solo and Smart YouTube channel to stay updated about many travel destinations. Hopefully, we shall be able to continue with the travel lifestyle soon. Stay safe, happy, and progressive. 

When can you Resume to Your Travel Lifestyle in the future?

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

People who are bitten by the travel bee might find this phase of Coronovirus very tough to manage. Most of us must be wondering when we can take our next trip.

Nevertheless, avoid the same for the coming months. Hopefully, things should be settled soon.   For this year, we can restrict our trips within the country. Some of them are listed below to keep your spirits high.

Andaman & Nicobar

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Cities like Andaman and Nicobar offers a tropical climate. You can certainly choose this city for your next trip. If you plan to take a trip from Delhi than by air might be the only mode of transport. If you are wondering when to travel? Then it may be difficult to answer now.

Looking at the speed of doctors, tentatively by July, we might come with coronavirus medication. You can plan to travel then or at the later dates. To enjoy a safe trip try you can join solo traveling communities.  You can always reach others in case of any assistance and for a better trip.


Pondicherry is another place that is good to consider for your trips. This beautiful union territory can offer you a perfect wellness retreat.  It’s one of the preferred destinations for the people in the metro because of its relatively peaceful ecosystem. If you wish to take to travel there in the near future then do join exclusive travel community.

Camping in Kanatal

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Kanatal is one of the unexplored places in Uttrakhand. There can be nothing better than gazing at the stars in your camp. If you are wondering how to make it possible, then you can be smart to join the travel communities and be open for loads of fun together.


Alwar is one of the underdog cities in the state of Rajasthan. Ever wondered what this splendid land has to offer than better to take a visit. Plan a weekend trip and take an excursion to the serene lake of Sariska.

The idea is to rejuvenate and take a break from the mundane routine. Now, if you are game for it, then plan it anytime soon. Stay updated about the dates through the even on the meet up on Travel Solo and Smart.


Most of you in Delhi NCR may or may not have visited the silent city of Lansdowne. An ideal place to take a weekend break and exploring nature. Plan a camp or visit a resort; nothing will disappoint you. It’s an ideal place to take a digital detox and connect with yourself.


Often the road less traveled takes us to the best destinations. The Island of Lakshadweep is one such place that you may not like to miss. If you are wondering what it has to offer, then you must visit this place. The beauty in the pristine land is just unparalleled to any of the popular hubs. All you need to do is get set and go.


Called as Switzerland of India, the visit here will take your breath away. You may like to combine many cities to make the best of your trip here. Get awestruck and have the best experience by joining the reputed travel group.

Jim Corbett

The most popular gateway from Delhi is none other than this city in Nainital. Named after a legend, Jim Corbett, it’s a place of resorts. You can explore it differently by taking a jungle safari and visiting other sites along with the sightseeing. If you are planning a trip soon, then join the fellow travelers from travel solo and smart group.


Another beautiful island that can offer a breathtaking view is Diu. Plan it solo or with the group. This place has lots of things to offer. Plan a luxurious trip here and feel on top of the world with likeminded people.

Gujarat-Rann of Kutch

Experience the beauty of Thar by visiting this hub. Rann of Kutch is one of the preferred times when people like to visit here. However, you must be ready to go exorbitant by planning a trip here during that time.

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Travelling can be a real savior in connecting you with your soul. I hope this virtual trip brought some relief. Not just limited to above, there are many more places that can be explored domestically and internationally.

Irony is most of the people today are stressed about trip cancellation and interruption. Be yourself and plan as many trips as possible once the threat of the Coronavirus is settled.

Are You Ready to Take a Beach Therapy at Andaman & Nicobar?

Andaman and Nicobar

Without digging deep, whether you are a beach person or a mountain, my question to you is straight. I would like to know which place you would like to visit in India to enjoy the beaches. No, I am not talking about Goa, though it’s my favorite destination too.

But this time, will you not like to try the pristine island of Andaman and Nicobar? Yes, this was the answer I was expecting. The place is a little underrated. That can be the reason your first choice might be Goa, which is much-hyped.

Indian Ocean
Indian ocean

Nevertheless, the trend is changing, and people are inquiring about Port Blair family tour packages or solo trip to Andaman and Nicobar. Even if you have already visited here, this is one place to travel again and again. 

Undoubtedly, Andaman and Nicobar Island is a destination worthy of being in one’s travel bucket list. A picturesque beach that proudly boasts of turquoise blue seawater is approximately 1400 km away from the eastern coast of India.

The transparent water, white sand beaches, scenic beauties, and water sports are all synonyms to a fun trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The land of the only Volcano in India keeps on poking us to plan a trip.

People all across India are looking out for the Andaman tour package from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and other locations. Now, if you are wondering how to plan your trip, then we have made it easy for you in subsequent paragraphs.

How to Reach Andaman & Nicobar from Metro Cities?

Planning a trip to Andaman and Nicobar isn’t complicated if you sort your itinerary. From India, the best mode of transport is to fly to Port Blair from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Chennai.

You can even opt for ship transport, but with flight fares now being affordable, it makes air transport a viable option. Speaking about traveling within the island, renting a bike or cycle is the best option.

One can even hire an auto or car for traveling within the islands. The rates charged for the travel is flat based on point to point location basis. However, it may be exorbitant compared to two-wheeler due to its steep fuel prices.


So, if you are looking for economical options, motorbikes and cycles are the best for you. You can always opt for a guided tour for a hassle-free fun travel experience too. You can complete your Port Blair trip with a planned journey.

Thanks to the evergreen booming tourism, Andaman’s are now accessible through Air and water transport. You can catch your flights from Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai.

If you are among those tourists who want to enjoy a long vacation, take passenger services from Chennai and Kolkata. Before checking about the Andaman Nicobar trip package have a look at what all you can explore in the city. 

What can you Explore in the Andaman and Nicobar Island?

Well planned is half done is true proverb for any trip. Better information can always help you with a cost-effective trip.

Connecting with the travel group can make you all set to land here. Additionally, you can leverage several community benefits.

Andaman and Nicobar Island

Top Islands and Beaches in Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar inhabit more than 500 islands having several beaches. You can choose from some of the popular ones below.

Port Blair

Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar and most significant island. You can explore many beaches there. Some of the popular ones are Wandoor beach, Laxmanpur beach, Collinpur.

You may plan to spend the day as you like on these beaches during your Andaman and Nicobar tour. Sip a beer, enjoy your favorite cuisine, and admire the beauty all around.

If you are exploring heaven on earth, then this is the place to be.  If you are single and hunting for Port Blair tour packages, then check on our community Travel Solo and Smart. We promise to help you with the best deal with other unparalleled benefits, unlike other travel sites. 

Havelock Island

Havelock Island
Havelock Island

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind while planning Andaman and Nicobar tour is none other than Havelock Island. This majestic place hosts many famous beaches which are worth a visit.

Some noteworthy among them are:-

  • Radhanagar beach
  • Kalapathar beach
  • Elephant beach
  • All are rich in its beauty and well known for its water sports. So if you are planning for Andaman and Nicobar trip, then you must include them in your itinerary.

    Other Excursions

    Cellular Jail

    Cellular Jail
    Cellular Jail

    This historical place will take you to the time of Britishers when there was cruel punishment of Kala Pathar was given to the prisoners. Now it is concerted into modern building that will take you down to the memory lanes. 

    While planning your Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour, you must include in your itinerary. Visiting this exciting place will make your journey complete. 

    Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

    If you want to know about the science of the oceanic environment, then this is the place to be.  It is located in Port Blair and maintained by none other than the Indian Navy. 

    Besides educating about the environment, it will keep you awestruck with its fabulous sightseeing attraction. If you are astute nature lover who is curious about facts finding than add this place in Andaman and Nicobar itinerary

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands trip can offer you a lot based on the days you plan to stay there. Now you need to plan your trip and enjoy the panoramic view of this breathtaking island.

    Trust you will come back healed and refreshed like never before. Besides that, it will clear your bucket list if you haven’t visited his place earlier. Even if you have been, then this is the place worth visiting again and again.

    How To Choose The Best Ayurvedic Spa In Kerala?


    Kerala, God’s own country, has gained its reputation for a myriad of things- backwaters, tea plantations, coconuts, but most significantly, for the alluring spa treatments. Kerala ayurvedic spa attracts globetrotter year around and serves them with magical experiences.

    Today, the state is strewn with spa resorts and centers that promise to render excellent ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Probably one of the best things about Kerala Ayurveda spa clinics is that they not only focus on the rejuvenation of body but also help a great deal in attaining peace of mind. Many of these resorts are also known for including yoga centers to give the customers overall experience of the treasured Indian science.

    Here are a couple of things to keep in mind before you book your next spa:

    The Cost Range of Spa in Kerala

    Kerala ayurvedic health spa comes in different packages. Therefore, it is easier for customers to suit their budget. Besides, it also varies according to the duration of your stay at the resort or center. For example, the Blue ginger spa resorts in Wayanad charges around INR 10,000.

    The Windflower Spa and resort charges around INR 13,000. The Kalari massage is around INR 1,000 per person. Nattika beach Ayurveda resort offer packages from 7 to 28 days. The price ranges from EUR 1,286 to EUR 9,555 per person.

    Types of Spa

    While most of the Kerala spa and massage centers prescribe treatments exclusively based on specific pain and pressure points, there are some popular ones that you cannot afford to miss out on. The three most favorite types of the spa are the Shirodhara, the Garshana, and the Njavarkijihi.

    The Shirodhara technique helps you to de-stress. It includes the scalp and the forehead. The method observes a gentle and continuous pouring of liquid on your forehead by a trained therapist as you lie down in a relaxed position. The process greatly helps in releasing stress. Some of the best ayurvedic spas in Kerala include this one in their package.  

    The Garshana technique helps you to rejuvenate and lose weight. It is a unique Ayurveda treatment that involves dry massage. It is highly effective in breaking down the excess fat and also assists in lymphatic drainage. Last but not least, Njavarijihi helps you to detox and relax.

    In this technique, the therapist uses poultices filled with a special kind of rice. After applying oil on your body, the therapist addresses the pressure points with the poultices. It is a highly effective skin treatment and renders excellent rejuvenation and relaxation. Apart from these three, the Ayurveda packages Kerala also include beauty care treatments, slimming treatments, and body purification packages.

    Best Places to Take the Spa

    The state is dotted with some of the best spa resorts and centers. From high-end resorts to regular massage centers, you get what you want. However, talking about the best, Atthreya ayurvedic resort in Kottayam perhaps tops the list. It was set up by experienced Ayurvedic doctors and is considered as one of the best resorts in Kerala by the Tourism department itself. Apart from ayurvedic and spa treatments, it also boasts of a range of other services like dental care. 

    Ayurville is one of the best ayurvedic spas in KochiThe team of seasoned therapists is known for providing quality advice and guidance in selecting the right treatment. Next on the list comes Niraayama, located by the vast blue sea of Kovalam. The place offers a wide range of treatments such as stress management, weight loss, detox, and skin ailments.

    Other than that, you can also indulge in some of the best authentic Kerala cuisines. Kumarakom Lake resort steals the hearts of many with its scenic location. The place will surely surpass your expectations with its luxurious amenities such as well-laden rooms, swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurants, and the most sought-after Ayurvedic spa center, Ayurmana.

    How to Plan Best Weekend Trip to Agra from Delhi?


    Agra is one of the leading tourist destinations, nestled on the banks of River Yamuna. The place has got a smooth connection with taxis, buses, flights, and trains. Nevertheless, a wide array of travel enthusiasts prefers to take a road trip to Agra from Delhi to enjoy the serene beauty of the place.

    The Route to Agra from Delhi

    The distance between Agra and Delhi is 233 km. It is possible to cover the range within 4-5 hours if you drive through Yamuna Expressway. However, the total amount of time may depend on traffic. You can reach the destination in less than three hours if you start before 6 am.

    How to drive from Delhi to Agra

    As you take the road to the Yamuna Expressway between Agra and Delhi via Greater Noida and Noida, you can reduce the driving time between both the cities by almost half. Hence, you should ensure to leave Delhi during the early morning to witness the beauty of Agra at a leisurely pace.

     Regardless of the time you leave, it is best to take the road to Bara Pulla as it helps you to skip the massive traffic over the Ashram Flyover. You can follow this route through the offshoot from the Lodhi Road.

    After crossing the same, you should make a u-turn beneath the Sarai Kale Khan flyover and reach the DND flyway. After crossing the toll booth of the DND flyway, you need to drive over the second clover leaf down to Greater Noida Expressway from the DND Flyway.

    Next to this, you need to drive twenty-one km downwards the expressway. Look for signage on the road, which indicates the exit point from Yamuna Expressway. After riding for 154 km, you should take the exit point on the NH92 highway, for accessing Agra. You can find patrolling bike and signboards on the road, which make the road trip to Agra a breeze.

    An Ideal Time to Visit Agra

    The months from October to March are perfect for visiting Agra. You are not going to be annoyed by the scoring heat of the sun during those months. It is the time when winter onset. For the same reason, most of the tourists from all over the globe travel Agra during this period.

    The weather is known to be very pleasant during the time, and thus it happens to be an ideal time for driving and sightseeing. You should avoid taking a road trip to Agra during the summer months as the extreme heat makes traveling very inconvenient during the time.

     You can also consider taking a trip to the place during Monsoon to enjoy the beauty of the Taj Mahal during the rain-washed splendor. Though the expressway is devoid of traffic, still it is better to stay safe by keeping the speed limit of your driving below 100 km per hour.

    Things to Keep in Mind During a Road Trip to Agra from Delhi

    If you are planning to take a road trip to Agra from Delhi, you should ensure to carry the necessary equipment so that you can deal with any unexpected circumstances quickly. It would be best if you take an extra wheel to deal with an accidental puncture. At the same time, do not forget to carry a portable mobile and car chargers during the trip.

    In addition to this, you should ensure to pack the prerequisite amount of snacks. Besides that, you must carry enough water to stay hydrated. At the same time, don’t forget to take a hammer to prevent any atrocity. Some of them can be getting stalked by the mischief mongers, stuck in the vehicle due to unforeseen climatic conditions and likewise.

    Furthermore, it is necessary to keep a first aid kit with you. The most crucial factor you need to consider is carrying essential papers like registration copy, driving license, insurance policy, and other supporting documents. It can certainly make your journey hassle-free without fear of getting caught by the cops.

    Taj Mahal is the most popular attraction of this place, which stands as a witness to lost love. In addition to the heritage structures and monuments, the vibrant culture of the city makes it the most preferred tourist destination. Pack your bags and plan your trip here.

    Why is Rann of Kutch Festival so Popular in Gujarat?

    Rann of Kutch

    Known as every photographer’s paradise, the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, which happens to be a large area of salt marshes, steals the hearts of many with its unreal beauty. The vast expanse of white salt creates a surreal landscape. In addition, the locals have added an extra feather by introducing the Kutch Rann Utsav.

    The Kutch Festival takes place annually, where people from all over the globe participate in the carnival of extravaganza, music, dance, colors, and profusion of life and celebration.

    Organized by the Tourism department of Gujarat, the festival mostly takes place during winters. Therefore, you can breathe crisp air and swoon under the gentle light of the full moon.

    Best Time to Travel to the Great Rann of Kutch

    The festival at the White Rann of Kutch takes place during the months of winter, usually from October to February. The selection of the months is very mindful and strategic, as it also happens to be the best time to travel.

    Nevertheless it is advisable to check the full moon dates before you book your tickets. Nothing gets more romantic than finding yourself in the vast expanse of the white landscape under a moonlit sky.


    The cost of the festival will vary depending on your location. If you are coming from a faraway place, the air tickets will entail an additional cost. Therefore, you can always opt for cheaper options. Furthermore, you can check the Kutch Rann Utsav package that gives you detailed information about the different prices and costs.

    You will get the tariff of the hotels and cottages, including and excluding the full moon. Since the crowd gets intense during the full moon, you can expect a price hike.

    The premium tents usually start from around Rs. 8,000 per person to Rs. 22,000 on full moon nights. Moreover, you have various options to select from like deluxe AC Swiss cottages, which charge around Rs. 7,000 per person and Non-AC Swiss cottages that cost about Rs. 5,500 per person.

    Where to Stay?

    Once you arrive at the Rann of Kachchh, you will never run out of options when it comes to accommodation. If you want to stay close to the serene salt marsh and have a more unfiltered taste of its beauty, you may want to go for the premium cottages.

    They are created near the Dhordho city during the festival and come with all the possible amenities that you can imagine. Other than that, there are numerous resorts and hotels in Rann of Kutch white desert too, such as:-

    Regenta Resort Bhuj

    Rann Village Resort

    Rann Riders

    Gateway to Rann Resort

    Shaam-E-Sarhad Village resort

    Raddison Hotel Kandla

    and many more. Nevertheless, it is better to book your accommodation at least 45 to 50 days in advance to avoid a last-minute rush.


    The festival at the Little Rann of Kutch takes place near a small village called Dhordha, which is easily accessible from Bhuj airport. However, there are many other convenient routes available, depending on the city you are arriving in. For example, the distance between Gandhidham to Rann of Kutch is only about 124 km.

    Therefore, you can book a cab and have a comfortable and relaxing journey as the road is super smooth. However, if you are planning to go from Ahmedabad to Little Rann of Kutch, there are various modes available. It can take you up to 12 hours by road. You can also go by train, which will take only 5 hours. The most convenient option is by air as you reach within 3 hours.

    One can do so much at this annual grand fiesta of the White Desert of Kutch. From shopping to having myriad experiences such as folk dances, handicrafts, sightseeing, adventure sports, the festival promises you once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    For all the above excursions and artifacts every traveler should have this destination in their bucket list.