How Kamya got Appraisal and Dream Trip during COVID-19 Lockdown?

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No, Kamya is not from essential services like banks, media, or hospitals. She’s like any other citizen who is managing 21 days lockdown. Kamya is 30 years old, a travel freak, a sales manager with an MNC.

When the lockdown period was announced like others, she wasn’t also prepared. Moreover, her job is mostly in the field, so she never thought of this option in her dreams.

However, her positive approach came to her rescue. She set an example for all. Kavya was able to crack a targeted deal during this period of Coronovirus.

When the CEO interviewed Kamya through a video calling asking about her secret sauce.

Here’s what she has to say.


Kamya, first of all, congratulations, we would like to know how you managed the Business uncertainties.


Thanks, Sam (CEO). Let me tell you it’s not as difficult as people think. Initially, I wasn’t sure, but then I analyze the current scenario with due diligence. Instead of getting panicked by coronavirus news and related economic crisis, I focused on my work.


Wow, I appreciate it. So what’s your take on Coronavirus pandemic spread & duration?


Till the time we get coronavirus medication, it’s tough to predict. At this point on 6th April 2020, I can say this too shall pass soon.


Well, Kamya, that’s indeed a very positive approach. I am curious to know what precautions you are taking for staying safe from norovirus.


Sam thanks for bringing this out. It is one of the primary and essential concerns for all. As you know, in India, there was a Janta curfew announced on 22nd March and lockdown from 23rd March.  First of all, timely management and control by the government is a perfect approach.

Besides that, I have been following social distancing as recommended by the leaders. At the same time, I am taking the utmost care of hygiene. For groceries and other essential items, I am using home delivery options.

When I get the items, I disinfect it before consumption. Also, given leave to all the domestic helps and newspapers without deducting their salary.


Wonderful. Now the most critical question that we all want to know what your strategy of staying productive while working from home (WFH) is? 


“After smiling answers”-

Let it be a secret unless I want competitors”. On a serious note, this can be easily possible if you stay focused on the work. All an employee or any other professional or even an entrepreneur needs is sincerity and commitment.

While I was WFH, I was collating the details of the clients. Approached them through the emails Skype or other online platforms. Since our products were available online, it was never a challenge to sell them. From my side, I ensured to bridge the communication with all in every possible fashion.


What support did you get from your seniors? At the same time, how did you enhance your team morale?


For both, it was more or less a similar approach. We used to have daily meetings on zoom and hangouts. There were two slots.

In the morning, there used to be a meeting between my seniors and me. I used to have a webinar with all my team of 9 members in the evening. It helped in keeping track of the performance of all and help us planned the work in a better way.


Commendable, do you think WFH is a sustainable approach?


Yes, it has got great benefits. I prefer to continue on a long terms basis. Not only will it control the pollution, but it will help in managing the traffic as well.  Needless to say, with the right attitude, it will prove to be more fruitful as well.



You truly deserve to be the performer for the month? We are delighted to give you an annual appraisal of 15% and promoting you to VP-Sales. At the same time, we all know you are an avid traveler. So as an additional incentive, we will sponsor your Europe trip whenever this Coronovirus is over.


Thanks a ton. In fact, Europe is one of the topmost destinations lying in my bucket list. Can’t resist sharing; I was heartbroken to hear about Coronavirus. 

Not too sure if you know, I already planned my trip to South Europe for ten days in May. But of course, I had to cancel because of this pandemic. This incentive is undoubtedly an icing on the cake and is a good kick to stay more productive at work.


Well, Kamya, you deserve it. Last but not least, what’s your advice to the failing businesses?


Sam, I would certainly say that that every business must have a digital presence. At the same time, they must have digital products that can act as a revenue model.

It was a story of Kamya if you would like to utilize this lockdown productively than follow her advice. If you are feeling lonely or bored during the weekend than join this online webinar- Solo Travellers Online Meetup.

One of them is happening this Sunday on 12th April. For joining it send the request by clicking at —  Travel Solo and Smart.

When can you Resume to Your Travel Lifestyle in the future?

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

People who are bitten by the travel bee might find this phase of Coronovirus very tough to manage. Most of us must be wondering when we can take our next trip.

Nevertheless, avoid the same for the coming months. Hopefully, things should be settled soon.   For this year, we can restrict our trips within the country. Some of them are listed below to keep your spirits high.

Andaman & Nicobar

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Cities like Andaman and Nicobar offers a tropical climate. You can certainly choose this city for your next trip. If you plan to take a trip from Delhi than by air might be the only mode of transport. If you are wondering when to travel? Then it may be difficult to answer now.

Looking at the speed of doctors, tentatively by July, we might come with coronavirus medication. You can plan to travel then or at the later dates. To enjoy a safe trip try you can join solo traveling communities.  You can always reach others in case of any assistance and for a better trip.


Pondicherry is another place that is good to consider for your trips. This beautiful union territory can offer you a perfect wellness retreat.  It’s one of the preferred destinations for the people in the metro because of its relatively peaceful ecosystem. If you wish to take to travel there in the near future then do join exclusive travel community.

Camping in Kanatal

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Kanatal is one of the unexplored places in Uttrakhand. There can be nothing better than gazing at the stars in your camp. If you are wondering how to make it possible, then you can be smart to join the travel communities and be open for loads of fun together.


Alwar is one of the underdog cities in the state of Rajasthan. Ever wondered what this splendid land has to offer than better to take a visit. Plan a weekend trip and take an excursion to the serene lake of Sariska.

The idea is to rejuvenate and take a break from the mundane routine. Now, if you are game for it, then plan it anytime soon. Stay updated about the dates through the even on the meet up on Travel Solo and Smart.


Most of you in Delhi NCR may or may not have visited the silent city of Lansdowne. An ideal place to take a weekend break and exploring nature. Plan a camp or visit a resort; nothing will disappoint you. It’s an ideal place to take a digital detox and connect with yourself.


Often the road less traveled takes us to the best destinations. The Island of Lakshadweep is one such place that you may not like to miss. If you are wondering what it has to offer, then you must visit this place. The beauty in the pristine land is just unparalleled to any of the popular hubs. All you need to do is get set and go.


Called as Switzerland of India, the visit here will take your breath away. You may like to combine many cities to make the best of your trip here. Get awestruck and have the best experience by joining the reputed travel group.

Jim Corbett

The most popular gateway from Delhi is none other than this city in Nainital. Named after a legend, Jim Corbett, it’s a place of resorts. You can explore it differently by taking a jungle safari and visiting other sites along with the sightseeing. If you are planning a trip soon, then join the fellow travelers from travel solo and smart group.


Another beautiful island that can offer a breathtaking view is Diu. Plan it solo or with the group. This place has lots of things to offer. Plan a luxurious trip here and feel on top of the world with likeminded people.

Gujarat-Rann of Kutch

Experience the beauty of Thar by visiting this hub. Rann of Kutch is one of the preferred times when people like to visit here. However, you must be ready to go exorbitant by planning a trip here during that time.

Coronavirus , Travel , Trip

Travelling can be a real savior in connecting you with your soul. I hope this virtual trip brought some relief. Not just limited to above, there are many more places that can be explored domestically and internationally.

Irony is most of the people today are stressed about trip cancellation and interruption. Be yourself and plan as many trips as possible once the threat of the Coronavirus is settled.

How Tarishi is Healing her Life by Solo Travelling Expedition?

solo , travelling , expedition, destination

Solo traveling is not everyone’s cups of tea. When it comes to females, it’s even more challenging to choose a safe travel destination. They may have to deal with the creepiest things on the planet when they decide to travel solo.

Few females deliberately plan their solo trips to enhance their skills in dealing with harsh realities. A solo trip at times can act as the best therapy as you get connected with your inhibitions. It leads to better self-awareness i.e. the first step in healing your journey. 

For Tarishi, her first solo trip turned out to be quite rewarding.  She took a smart move by planning the wellness travel with solo travel community.

How Tarishi Found Strength with Solo Travel Communities?

Since Tarishi is a depression survivor, she takes a calculative move for everything. She’s still dealing with a lot. Though her failed marriage and few unsuccessful relations, not less than a nightmare has taught her a lot. Her wellness trips are turning out to be quiet influential in her healing journey. 

The blunder she still regrets is exiting her marriage without taking alumni. As a result, she got stuck in a tremendous financial crisis. She never planned a traveling lifestyle; instead, it fell in her lap while she was on an expedition of discovering herself.

She could spare some money from her job, small business, and parental support to plan short trips initially. However, she never dared to travel solo unless she took a few trips with the specialized travel communities.

That’s how she discovered how traveling can act as a therapy. While the concept of experiential traveling was evolving, she connected with it differently.

For her, it was more about wellness and self-introspection. Tarishi has consulted some of the best doctors in India since her teenage time to cure her depression. Luckily her parents could afford the expenses. Nevertheless, nothing worked unless she started taking wellness excursion.

Why Travelling is the Best Therapy?

solo , travelling , expedition, destination
Jump of Joy

During her trips, she realized, psychiatrists and counselors are mere waste of time. The real change comes when you know your real worth and heal by loving yourself more. She got enlightened through her wellness vacations.

On her trip, she met many traveling therapists through solo travel groups. Her exposure to the real world during her trips made a huge difference. Earlier she was cut off from people due to the antidepressant pills that use to doze her off throughout the day. 

It was her resilient attitude and strong will power that pushed her to plan a solo trip. Since she wanted to stay safe and smart, she joined the best solo traveler meetup group. She found it to be much better than traveling alone due to many reasons.  Furthermore, Tarishi ended up making so many friends on the trip.

How Tarishi Became More Self-Aware with Her Solo Trips?

Deep Analysis

Tarishi’s traveling lifestyle helped her take the unparalleled inward journey. Eventually, she nailed the reason of her depression by meeting her inner child during one of her trips. Of course, she took the help of some healing practitioner that helped her familiarize herself with the term “inner child.”

Instead of investing more time and money with a healing therapist, she was intelligent enough to work practically on her limitations. She was lucky to get exposed to the transformation side of traveling by deciding to move out of her marriage.

Now she has established a different connection with her trips. It is more of healing and working on her self-growth progressively to discover her true calling.  It was in the year of 2019 that she planned many international trips as well. 

How a Solo Trip with Community Makes you More Liberated?

solo , travelling , expedition, destination

The reason she planned to select a solo trip was a conscious decision. She wished to feel liberated and make her own choice.  Solo international trips that she recently covered are Dubai, Amsterdam, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, etc.

She has learned a lot during her trips. The sad part of society that Tarishi has accepted now is people judge solo travelers for no reason. Some of them may go to the extent of thinking that you may be a slut to choose to travel solo.

After deeply analyzing, she realized that most people secretly aspire to travel solo. However, many couldn’t gather the courage to do so. As a result, few start labeling the ones who do because of their insecurities.

Tarishi doesn’t hesitate in recommending people to join the solo traveling community.  She proudly promotes the untold benefits of an experiential traveling that she learned from these travel groups.

To enjoy a safe trip, you can always join private solo traveling communities. To know more,   send your request here- Travel Solo and Smart.

How Karthik Honeymoon Got Affected by Coronavirus?


Karthik, eye candy, and heartthrob of every girl, finally choose the women he wanted to get married. His dream girl Myra now his wife, took seven years to get convinced to tie the knot. They plan their marriage in the middle of Jan 2020 along with honeymoon to Southeast Asia in Thailand and Bali.

Honeymoon dates were just a day after their marriage. Southeast Asia destinations are the most popular honeymoon spots for most Indians. Karthik and Neha were no different in choosing the same part of the continent. The newlywed couple was all thrilled for their two weeks trip.

coronavirus , Southeast Asia, Thailand , Bali

As soon as they landed in Bangkok, their excitement went numb. The reason for that was the news about the coronavirus that kills humans. It was the time when the epidemic just started. Now Karthik’s and Myra’s focus shifted in exploring “coronavirus causes what disease” instead of their honeymoon.

Myra had several panic attacks when she heard the news that it’s not safe to travel to Southeast Asia because of this virus. Though she knew the epidemic started in China, since Thailand is the closest neighbor, she was very anxious. Karthik was constantly checking about coronavirus signs and symptoms. He completely lost his interest in his honeymoon.

The young couple’s panic increased when they heard a few cases in Thailand too. They were not sure whether to move to Bali, their next planned excursion or India. Furthermore, they were regretting their decision to choose Southeast Asia, especially when they can afford Europe with their high paying jobs.

Looking at their anxiousness, the fellow India who booked from the same tour operator approached them and asked the couple to relax. These bunch of Indians further advised Karthik to know more about this new virus before drawing any conclusion. At the same time, these Indian buddies asked the newlywed not to let this virus affect their beautiful honeymoon.

After hearing their suggestion Karthik and Myra took a further step to invest in Coronavirus from the hospitals. They discovered the following facts that may be helpful to many others.

What is Coronavirus, and What are its Symptoms?

Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus that can be deadly if not cured on time. The coronavirus infection symptoms are frequent cough and cold. It can transmit fastly even by touching the infected objects.

How and Where it Started?

This epidemic got transmitted through animals. First, it was suspected in bat and got transferred to other animals. Wuhan in China is the place where it started. People in China are fond of eating live animals, so they also got infected.

Now there are close to 1000 people who have already died because of this virus. Many others are diagnosed with Coronavirus and its spreading like wildfire. Most of the countries have already cut off their flight to China for a similar reason.

What are the Affected Countries in Southeast Asia?

There are almost 11 countries in South East Asia. These are China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Burma, and a few more. Virus has already spread to these countries as well. Of course, tourism has been affected severely because of this catastrophe.

Is Southeast Asia Safe Travel Desitnation in 2020?

Since the countries in Southeast Asia are close to the victim country of China, tourists are advised to refrain from traveling there. Whether you can visit later in the year 2020 is still challenging to answer.

Some of the Asian countries that are still safe to travel could be India, Dubai, Srilanka, Bhutan, and a few more. You can plan your trip and itinerary by joining a few Meetup groups.

After the survey about Coronavirus, Karthik & Myra decided to continue their journey to Bali, and they had a decent time. Now when they are back in India, they are again planning to take another trip within India.  Some places at the top of their mind are Andaman and Nicobar, Goa, North East, and few others.

coronavirus , Southeast Asia, Thailand , Bali
Handara Gate , Bali

Since it’s difficult for Karthik to take more leaves, he has asked Myra to go on a solo trip. He wishes to surprise Myra with the best gift. One of which can be a journey with a like-minded traveler. Myra, who is on sabbatical, can easily manage it.

Karthik assured Myra that they would plan another international trip soon once the coronavirus threat subsides. Alternatively, they are now exploring other continents.

Though their bucket list still has many countries like Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia in the Southeast. However, they are planning to skip the Southeast Asia trip in the year 2020.

Karthik firmly believes man proposes, but God disposes after he came to know about coronavirus infection in humans during his honeymoon. Nevertheless, his optimistic mindset has made him resilient, and he’s looking out for an opportunity to plan his next trip with Myra.

He is planning to take a weekend trip to nearby cities, one of which is Lansdowne. We wish Karthik and Myra can come out of this trauma soon and plan a fun-filled trip.

When Tara Met Sutra in Pangot, Nainital

Travel Story

Pangot is a small village in Nainital. It’s one of those unexplored places that many solo-travelers love to visit. Lots of adventure sports are organized there to attract travelers. The real story started in 2013 when a group of friends organized a trip to this remote yet intrepid destination.

Gang leader Tara was the one who executed this travel plan. She’s all of 20 yet dreams of being a globe trotter. She’s on a traveling spree even since she turned 18. Her group is a mix of all age groups. She’s also running her small meet up group where she tries to collage all the strangers.

So while she was hanging out with her cool group in the streets of Pangot, she was approached by a solo traveler, Sutra. He was staying in staying in the same camp where Tara had planned her stay. Sutra wanted to be part of the Tara group.

Tara felt some strange connection with Sutra as if he was his age-old buddy, but she couldn’t recall anything. She kept that feeling on hold and started thinking about the request of Sutra to join her group.

Though Tara was young, she was not vulnerable. When it comes to her traveling group, she is all the more particular. She was astonished yet impressed with the audacity of Sutra to contact her with such ease. However, Tara was smart enough not to let any stranger intervene just like that in her gang.

After all, she took all the responsibility of managing the group, and safety was the prime concern. She outrightly rejected the proposal of Sutra and warned the group members to stay away from him. Tara’s travel group never dared to go against her, not because they were scared of her, but they had deep respect and love for her.

The next day Tara and her group plan an itinerary to go for a steep trek of 5 km along with some adventure sports. It was a sheer coincidence that Sutra also had a similar schedule. So while Tara and the group were having fun on the trek, Sutra focused on his trekking and reached the adventure spot much faster.

There were many sports on the top of the trek. Some of them were like zip-lining, rock climbing, river climbing, and many more.  Sutra started doing it like a pro. By the time Tara gang reached, Sutra had finished all of them and was ready to do it again.  

There were around eight members in the Tara group, and all were a bit nervous about taking those activities. She had a hard time convincing the members. Sutra can see that from a distance and wanted to help Tara somehow. To motivate her team, Tara planned to go first for the most robust adventure. She planned to do the steep rock climbing though she never did it early.

Sutra, who was 25, was awestruck to see the daring side of this young girl. No one realized, while Tara was taking a rock climbing, there was landslide and rock was about to fall on Tara. It was them when Sutra got a chance to show his heroic side, and he rescues Tara by taking the lead by risking his own life. They both landed safely, and Tara was short of words to thanks Sutra.

She was feeling embarrassed and guilty about how could she not take Sutra in her gang. The kind side of Sutra reminded her of one of Tara’s old friends in Jaipur. To enquire, Tara asked Sutra, from where he hailed? Sutra was also feeling a similar connection and was eager to reply.

Tara’s doubt was right. He was the same childhood teenage crush she left in her hometown. After all, how she could have guessed? She didn’t even bother to ask Sutra’s name before he rescued her.

Now Sutra became not only part of the Tara travelers group but his life partner also and they are leading happy married life.  After six years of their memorable adventure trip to Pangot, they still cherish those moments over a cup of tea in the evening.  They feel proud of sharing some important details of the trips with the travel groups.

 Distance of Pangot from Delhi

Panghot, a small town in Nanital, is roughly 340 km away from the capital city of Delhi. For the same reason, it’s one of the most preferred weekend gateways.  

Best time  to Visit this Place

You can always plan to visit anytime between October to June. Avoid going between July to September as its rainy season and heavy rainfall might be accepted.

How to Commute?

If you are planning a trip from Delhi, then the road trip is the best way. However, if you are traveling from far of places, then you can mix it with air, train & road.

Activities  in Pangot

There’s a lot you can experience in the beautiful village of Panghot. Start with the mini trek, hire an adventure sports guy to experience some zip-lining, rock climbing, etc.

Cost of the Entire Trip

The best and only way to stay in Panghot is in camps or cottage. It can cost you anywhere between Rs. 6000- 7000 if you are going in a big group. The price includes your commuting & meals too.  Within this much amount, it isn’t a bad deal. In fact, for Tara & Sutra, this trip was as priceless as they are for each other. Now they believe a lot can happen over travel.                            

Are you looking out for similar trips in the future? Then comment below and share your thoughts.

How Aarav Rescued a Travel Scam in Thailand?

Aarav, my friend, a software engineer from India is a globe trotter. His passion to explore has taken him to places. Due to frequent last minute cancellations by his friends on many trips, he decided to become a solo traveler.

His wanderlust made him join many travel groups that made him learn how to plan his itinerary. Another day when we were sitting in a CCD lounge he was talking about one of his expedition. It was regarding his first solo trip to Bangkok, Thailand.  

Aarav recalls how vulnerable he was unless he got alert of many scams going on there. He was proudly informing how he saved himself from one of the possible scams that he could have been a victim.

His smartness and presence of mind saved him. It was about the year 2016 when he was all thrilled and packed for his trip to Thailand. Before that, he only read about travel scams in India but now he can vouch Bangkok has more severe scams.

He was excited as it was his 2nd international trip from India but this time solo. Aarav was an avid traveler back India but he now wanted to get the global exposure. Hardly had he known the world out there is not as rosy as presumed. Many scammers are waiting for their prey.

After all, that’s how they are making some extra bucks to survive. After his experience, he has been regretting not to buy the book that I have written for female’s solo trips but can be a good guide to anymore. If you haven’t got your copy yet then you can click on this link below:-  

Untold Blessings of Solo Traveler Diva

It does have a chapter talking about how can you stay safe and thus prevent any scam. Above is the paperback addition, if you want to download a free copy from kindle then get your edition now.

Free Kindle E-Book on Safe Travel

If you face any difficulty in getting your copy then please comment or reach out to me.


Aarav’s Wallet Theft During Airport Security Check

So it was the day when Aarav was leaving for India from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.  He rushed to the airport in a jiffy as it was a morning flight and he missed his alarm. Aarav put all his stuff in security belt along with his wallet separately that he kept out to pay for a taxi. As soon as the items came he counted them along with the wallet. To his surprise, he realized more than half of the currency was missing that was equivalent to Rs. 15,000.  

He could sense something fishy during the security check. Though it was time for him to board the flight Aarav checked he still has few minutes. He raised the alarm to the Airport authorities and they didn’t have any option rather than help him.

They checked the CCTV and figured out that the official sitting there was stealing the money out of his wallet. He got his money back and he rushed to flight assuming that official was reprimanded. But who knows? He was just happy that he got his money without scamming the scammers in the right way.

In our chit chat, he also discussed other famous scams in Thailand especially in Bangkok that travelers must stay cautious. Some of the common ones are listed below.  

Travel Scams in Bangkok

Travel Scams

Taxi Scams

This is one of the most common scams all over Thailand. Most of the drivers here can’t speak in English and they run fake meters. They will try to convince you through the signals that they are aware of the route just to confuse you further.

At the end of the trip, you may be aghast to see the bill and may say to yourself it’s a scammed taxi. Even travel scam in Greece may be less painful than here. 

Prepaid Sim Scams

Another scam in this country is selling prepaid sim all across the streets without exact information of the data. As soon as you insert it in your mobile you will realize the talk time and data is gone in no time.

Tuk Tuk Scams

Thailand Tuk-Tuk is more or less like a haunted mode of transport. They know very well how a taxi driver may play around so they will already charge exorbitant cost. Since you may not have a choice you may be tempted to ride just to realize they will start asking for more in the middle of the ride.  

Spa Scams

One known thing that Bangkok is famous for is Spa. They give you all kinds of spas. At times you may like to try these spas for all good reasons. However, may not be a surprise to many your massager may ask for extra during the session.

Now what is meant by that is very well known to few who are taking frequent trips to Bangkok. If you are not willing to go for that extra they may pressurize you and ask for money even if you don’t opt for the same.  

Private Tour Scams

So if you plan a trip solo then you just can’t afford to plan your itinerary there. Even if you go in a group you need some package there. Major reason for the same is drivers hardly know English and most of the people are illiterate.

The only option left for you is to book a tour that can leverage your situation and sell off their package at an exorbitant rate.  And if you are single they may scam you in private luxury tour covering limited places. Such tours agencies are mushroomed on the airport and propose one or more tempting offers just to trick you in some scams.  

Hotel Scams

People think hotels in Bangkok are available at cheaper rates. Hardly do they know the courtesy of staff inside. Some of the cheapest hotels got the rudest staff. Moreover, the food & beverage they use is served with used glasses or cutlery. Aarav had such experience in one of the hotels named Great Residence located near the airport.  

“Precious Gem Stone Scam”

Another scam that might be on your way is your tour guide, taxi or tuk-tuk taking you to the infamous gem store. You may be dazzled with the accessories they serve but most often they are overpriced and not worth the cost. Local drivers scam you by taking there as they make a commission out of it.  

Visa scams

So nowadays Thailand is offering a free visa on arrival. What takes a toll is a huge queue that easily takes around 2-3 hours. You may get scammed by taking express land of 200 Thai bhats that is not legal. Even after paying the bribe there’s no surety whether you will get easy clearance from the security.

Wi-Fi Scams

You may get free Wi-Fi in Bangkok just to let them get access to your private data. Even the hotels may give you access to the same just to trap you in internet scams. You must have heard about similar stories about Travel scams in Vietnam but the one in Bangkok is more severe.

Mobile Snatchers Scams

Beware of taking a casual walk on the streets of Bangkok. You may be the prey of thief’s who can snatch your mobile by scamming you asking about the route. Aarav came to know about the phone scams only after hearing some real stories from a fellow traveler.

Night Life Scams

Bangkok is well known for its nightlife. Mostly the males get allured by fashionista glamorous models. Once they get hook up with them they realized they are transgender. Before they could do anything they are already scammed. At times people have got victimized with some of the biggest scamswhile exploring such night lives.

Food Scams

Never order a Tea in a Thai restaurant. To make some money, they will serve you but the taste is just intolerable. This may be just a trick to get your money.  

Currency Exchange Scams

There are counters everywhere in Bangkok who are willing to exchange your currency. Rate of exchange is a scam to let you lose your money and fill their pockets.  

“Get You Beer” Scams

Now, this is one scam everyone who is visiting Bangkok must know. As soon as you walk through some streets known for the nightlife some man may offer you a free beer or at a very less price. You may get the urge to accompany them but there’s a hidden cost that you will come to know after consuming your pint of beer.

Local Market Scams

Bangkok is known for selling some cheap stuff. Some of them may be good but few are just a scam. After selecting your item you will be pushed to buy minimum 5. This is more common is the accessories shops that a Thai local might be selling.  

How Not to Get Trapped From These Scams?

The important thing is how to stay smart and enjoy your trip like a pro in Thailand. After all, you must always leverage positive side of the place. Here are some of the tips that can always safeguard you from any kind of scams.  

  • Research About the Place

Well plan is half done”. Good research before visiting any place always proves to be beneficial. You can always read about what are the scams that you are vulnerable and play safe.

  • Plan Your Itinerary

Traveling without an itinerary is like a shoe without a lace. You can always plan where all you wish to visit as per your budget.  

  • Enquire About the Package

It’s good to decide how you are going to execute your itinerary. You may be keen on taking a package or other services. Managing it adhoc after reaching your destination may turn out to be more costly. Moreover, you may be at risk of getting scammed in a foreign land especially when it comes to Bangkok.

  • Manage your Luggage

There are mischief mongers at every corner. You can always have a cross-body bags and locks for all your pieces of baggage. This can safeguard you against any kind of theft. In the case of Aarav, he realized that he could have avoided that hassle of money theft by placing it in his bag. So keep your precious items minimal and zipped.

  • Check the Review and Recommendations

It’s always good to check the review and recommendations of the place before booking it. Usually, the rating at trip advisor is most genuine and credible. Many of the online scams can be prevented by staying in good rated place.

Last but the least always have travel insurance that can always act as a rescue against any risk. You can stay safe with even a Travel scam in Europe by using suitable travel insurance plan for yourself.  

After knowing these 16 travel scams and possible solution hope you stay alert during your next International visit. Also, you must be convinced that the list of scams in India is nothing as compared to Thailand.  Rather tourism in India is much more friendly and safe.

To sum up, stay smart and book your trip and never give up on traveling no matter what. Take it as learning and leverage the immense benefits of traveling especially solo. You can always join travel communities to make your trip more fun.

How Kim Got Passport Through Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance takes the least preference among other insurance because people are ignorant about its benefits. On the contrary, a suitable Travel Policy is quintessential for any traveler like Term, Endowment, Health, etc.

That is what happened when Kim, an Anglo-Indian was on bon voyage to Europe. As soon as she reached Paris, she realized one of her handbag was missing. She was skeptical whether she forgets at a food joint in India or someone stole it during the security check. Kim felt her trip was spoiled, more than that her inhibition was how she will sail through in a foreign land.

She suddenly recalled the travel insurance policy she has taken from her agent. Her presence of mind made her call him and she was assisted with the instant support. She was not only able to apply for a duplicate passport but was aided with all the related expenses as well.

Can you image yourself in the shoe of Kim? How will you handle such situation? The best way will be to play safe like her and get your travel insurance whenever you are planning your next trip.

What Exactly is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a policy that can guarantee you a smooth and safe trip. You may be aware of the benefits of traveling but how much are you aware of travel safety essentials? One must thing for any trip to ensure a safe journey is buying a Travel policy. You can choose between many types of Insurance for travel. When it comes to choosing travel insurance international then it has all the more benefits.

However before paying your insurance premium you must go through the travel insurance brochure to read the several benefits that it offers. Certainly domestic insurance is also good to consider along with your travel insurance overseas.  

Above all, Travel Insurance is the policy that can guarantee you a safe and secure journey. After buying a good policy for your travel, you can be relieved of any unnecessary stress. Insurance for travel is taken for so many reasons, one of the most popular is travel insurance medical policy.

This may be taken primarily for ensuring any health hazards during your journey. However, there are many others types of travel policies that can be considered. One of the myths in traveler’s mind is they may not need travel insurance Europe policy as this continent is developed.

This is especially the case with the local travelers within many countries of Europe. However, this may just be a myth, travel insurance in 2020 is expected to get many leads from this region as well. Hope with the small overview of the travel policy you know what exactly is the meaning of Travel Insurance.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

With so many unparalleled benefits that your Travel Insurance can provide, you must be certainly convinced to buy one for you. Furthermore, you can have a glance at more benefits as depicted in the info-graphic below.

Travel Insurance Essentials

Besides the benefits listed in the image above, there could be many other reasons you may need to have travel Insurance. You can always consult a travel coach or an agent for better clarity. Life Insurance cover is usually a basic ingredient of any travel insurance plan.

Various Types of Travel Insurance

While buying a travel insurance you will come across many types , here is a list of few of the best.

Types of Travel Insurance

Most importantly, before buying an Insurance plan for your trip you must check their features and select the one that is most suitable and budget friendly.

What is the Cost of Travel Insurance?

Many may not be aware but the fact is the cost of travel insurance may be less than 1% of your entire trip. The exact price may vary from the type of insurance you may prefer for your travel. More coverage may lead to a hike in the price of the insurance. You can always check all the features and decide about what kind of travel insurance plan will be suitable for your requirements.

Alternatively, you can check the insurance web aggregators that can help you compare various insurance before buying. If you have a preference for any brand then you can buy from them directly.

On the other hand, If you wish to get some additional services then you can always catch hold of insurance agents directly. Any method of buying your insurance for travel may have one benefit or the other. You can choose the one that is most suitable as per your needs. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance

Out of many players who offers you travel insurance plan you may be wondering what is the right platform to buy your travel policy. Before even deciding about your Insurance partner for your travel policy you can consider a few things as explained below.


Your Travel Insurance can have as much coverage as you may wish to have. You can take additional benefits by paying some additional money. Some of the add-ons in your travel policy that can be beneficial could be recovering stolen money, 100% medical aid and many more. You can always analyze your need and check with your travel insurance agent about the same.


The cost of your basic travel policy can be very low. However, it also depends upon the features of the policy and from whom you are buying it. You can always check all the attributes of travel insurance before buying it.  

Days of Travel

More your days of travel more will be the reason you must buy decent insurance for your travel. It takes time to adapt to the new culture and you may likely be prone to few ailments. At the same time, you might be the prey of some mischief mongers who can ruin the trip by tricking you and stealing your stuff. The only thing that can come to your rescue you in the good travel policy.

Above all, along with the above criteria don’t forget to check the customer feedback on specific travel policy. Most importantly analyze what kind of insurance will suit you. If you are a solo traveler than your insurance requirements will be quite different from student or family.

How to Buy Your Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance Companies

Many insurance companies can offer you the travel insurance plan of your choice. You may plan to visit them at their centers or can buy from them directly online.

Some of the noteworthy Insurance companies are:-

  • Religare

Religare is a trusted branded with over 74 offices pan India. In the space of Travel Insurance, it has got many options. You can select the one you want and contact them.

With the base of crores of happy customers, HDFC ERGO has established itself as a popular brand. Furthermore, for any enquiry about the insurance, they may just be a call away.  As a result , they are one of the preferred brand of many travelers.

  • Iffco Tokio

To check out some more variations in Travel Insurance you can browse the options from popular brand Iffco Tokio. Certainly like other players, they got lots of variations in their travel insurance policies. Therefore you must consider buying your policy from them.

Online Insurance Aggregators

The digital world has made life easier by the advent of online insurance aggregators. They can not only help you compare various plans but assure you the best rates as well. As a result, we have many players booming up in this niche. So to make your life easy we have listed few.             

Policy Bazaar is one of the oldest and leading players when it comes to any kind of Insurance. Certainly it leads In the travel insurance domain as well. . Furthermore, you can check various plans from their site as well.

  • Insurance Pandit

Another e-commerce insurance player that is just a call away is Insurance Pandit. You can always get your travel policy as per your budget from here. Above all, they can help you with the customize plan , to know more visit their website.  

  • Cover Fox

Cover fox is another leading player in the web insurance aggregator space. Besides the comparison, you can get the travel insurance plan of your choice with just a click of the mouse.

Agents or Brokers

Agents or Brokers are the individuals whom you can consult to buy your chosen Travel Policy. Furthermore, they are the third party who can facilitate you with the best travel insurance plan. Certainly, they can be an individual or a firm. For instance and to clarify some are:-

  • Your International Sim provider
  • Transport Partner
  • Trip Advisor
  • Individual Agents

 Now that you know the importance of travel insurance, you must buy a suitable travel policy to have a fun-filled trip.

How Sara Became Solo Traveler After Khajuraho?

Sara- Khajuraho


Khajuraho is a city of temples that depicts so many stories. Traveling is a pleasure any time of the year in this city of temples. Little did Sara know that she will create a story while her journey from Delhi to Khajuraho. It’s Sara enchanting story of her solo traveling expedition hidden someone in the soul of Khajuraho. More than the city you will fall in love with an adventurous yet interesting story of Sara & Rohit.

Trip– Delhi to Khajuraho

It’s about the year 2014 when Sara was planning a trip to the beautiful city of Khajuraho with the group of solo travelers. For a girl who was divorcee and 33 years of age, traveling was the best escape from a bunch of judging people all around. The journey seems to be thrilling as all strangers could connect very well.

Age group was also the same from 25 to 35 years.  Sara was all excited but bit nervous too as she just started her solo traveling expedition.  Though she preferred to land in Khajuraho airport from Delhi but she decided to explore the road trip. She didn’t consult any travel agents in Delhi for this trip rather she used meetup app.

So group of around 15 odd people that Sara choose began their journey from CP. Almost all were unfamiliar unless they met in the restaurant in Delhi before the trip.  Sara was feeling little shy as all guys were trying to hit on her as she was as innocent as a cow and pretty as a flower.  On one side, she wanted to be friendly another side there was something that was stopping here.  

As their tempo traveler took off there was this guy whom she was exchanging the looks invited her to his seat. Since she was sitting alone she trusted her instincts and joined him over a pint of beer. There was no other comfortable place then the seat next to this handsome stranger named Rohit, for her.

They both had some cozy chat, who in life would know that this will take a different turn after the trip. For Sara, it was just overcoming her divorce blues with this guy. There was another guy Deepak who became an agony aunt who accompanies Sara thought in Metro but to his bad luck, she ignored him.

This gang of young people landed in Khajuraho in 3 star resorts after a tiring journey of 12 hours from Delhi to Khajuraho. While they were chilling out at night on the beats of DJ, Rohit asked Sara to go out for a walk. They both were sloshed and walking holding each other’s arm had some intense conversation. Innocent Sara started falling for him while Rohit was sharing his sad story. He revealed all except that he was married.  

Sara & Rohit – Some Good Time in  Khajuraho

They both were declared as a couple in the group as they looked amazing together as if they were made for each other. In the trip of 5 days, they had time of their life. Nevertheless, they still were not so close that they forget their limit and slept with each other. It was just those intimate moment s like a lovey-dovey that they were sharing. Sara felt nostalgic while her kissing and cuddling time with Rohit, she recalled her past relationship and also was trying to move on from there.

It was like another courtship and honeymoon period for her. Before she could know Rohit well trip was over. She was sad and felt as if life has come to an end. Rohit behaved little weird at the end of the trip. He hardly bid goodbye in the way she expected. Rather he was in a hurry to escape as if he has stolen something.  Of course, Sara felt cheated as her heart was a little broken.  

Back to Delhi

The story doesn’t end here worst is yet to come. So all these travelers were connected with what’s app group. They all were very cool and friendly. Rohit and Sara were in the same group. The trip was so good that hangover was not over for most of them. They were desperate to meet each other again. So all of them planned a night out in Delhi.  

Sara was really happy as it was another chance for her to meet Rohit. She got ready but was not sure whether Rohit was coming or not. She pinged to check, where he sounded little tentative. She could sense something fishy about Rohit even since their short trip was ended. After her constant pursue, Rohit got ready and these strangers who become friends meet again in Haus Khas.  

It was a good night out for the gang Sara also became quite outgoing and had a ball with the group and Rohit. All was well unless she discovered after that outing that Rohit was not only married but had a kid. All her happiness become standstill, after this hangout, she felt like a victim and went in depression.    

Khajuraho Hangover & Aftermath

While she was trying to cope up with her rough phase she got a call from Rohit’s sister. She was surprised and curious at the same time. Sara was told that Rohit is missing from home and they anticipated him to be with her. Her world seems to be shaking as she didn’t know how to handle that. Her fellow travelers asked her to met his family once and convince that she is clueless.

For her it was draining as she was not yet over with the emotional hurt by Rohit, on the top she has to justify something she never did. Since Sara didn’t want to land in any trouble met them and assured them it was not because of her their brother or son has run. She was now worried and wondering where Rohit has gone. The Love story that never began was more painful than any gain now. Sara was reified when she came to know Rohit is back. 

Lesson Learnt From Khajuraho Trip

With this trip, Sara took a resolution not to get friendly with strangers and took it as a learning lesson. Above all traveling helped her grow holistically that motivated her to take many such trips in the future. She became smart and cautious traveller who never fell for guys like Rohit .When she looks back now when she’s 38 she still recalls why you must visit Khajuraho and what all you can visit there.

Places to Visit in Khajuraho

For those who don’t know Khajuraho is the district in Madhya Pradesh and hub of many mythological and religious temples. This city will certainly connect you with ancient time stories.

Lakshman Temple

Kandariya Mahadev Temple

Adinath Temple

Mantangeshwar Temple

Raney Falls

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Panna National Park

Beni Sagar Dam

Archaeological Museum

Ajaigarh Fort

To Sum up, Sara since that time feels the exposure she got from her Khajuraho trip was more than compensation to her bad experience with Rohit. Now she has set herself free and become a world traveler.

If you also feel life is not going your ways or getting trapped in mundane routine then it’s time to empower yourself by taking a trip to your dream destination. Would like to know what are the challenges you have in taking a solo trip.

Please share your story in the comment below, our team will reach out for any rescue. One of the book that you can read to know about traveling is :- The Shooting Star: A Girl, Her Backpack and the World