What are the Top 20 Countries and Cities to Visit in 2020?

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Worldwide travel can be a massive trend for 2020 as well, making many travel agencies experiencing an elevated demand for intercontinental tours. According to the travel industry experts, the market has been increasing every year, so 2020 is no exception.

If you are in search of perfect destinations in the world to make your 2020-year celebration exciting and memorable, here is the list of top 20 countries and cities you can choose to travel around.

1. Arizona

Arizona Trip

When you plan a trip for 2020 to Arizona, you will be capable of exploring the red rock walls of Antelope Canyon and Slot and gazing in wonder at the spire-formed structures of Bryce Canyon National Park.

2. Sri Lanka 

Srilanka trip
Sri Lanka

If you want to celebrate the New Year with shopping, you can visit Sri Lanka by flights to Sri Lanka in January 2020. This small country is considered the renowned destination for buying batik, gems, handicrafts, and tea.

Besides other items, such as handloom fabrics, reproduction antiques, leather products, ceramics, and jewelry. 

3. Italy

Italy Tour

A trip to Europe 2020 will offer you an opportunity to visit the island of Sicily. You can see the remnants of seven Doric temples set in a beautiful location of olive trees and almond groves.

4. North East India 

When you plan to have multi-trip holidays in 2020 to India, you can visit North East India. It is popularly known as Seven Sisters, as you have an excellent time in Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, and Tripura.

5. Cape Town

Adding South Africa in your 2020 tour list will allow you to enjoy the warm mild weather of Cape Town, an extraordinary destination to celebrate your New Year happily.

6. Andaman & Nicobar 

This island is renowned for its brimmed Aberdeen Bazaar, offering everything to tourists, including souvenirs, pearl jewelry, seashell products, and even fresh vegetables and fruits.

7. Argentina

This South American country is renowned for tango, stylish architecture, wine, steak, and soccer. It is also famous for 20th-century celebrated figures, such as Eva Perón, Diego Armando Maradona, and Che Guevara.

8. Dubai 

A trip to Dubai 2020 will allow you to enjoy a destination blended with modern culture, history, and adventure with excellent entertainment and shopping.

9. Rwanda

If you desire to celebrate 2020 in an adventurous, inquisitive, and eco-conscious manner, you can attain your goals at Kigali, which is the capital city of the Central African Country, Rwanda.

10. Bali 

This Indonesian Island, which is popularly called the Land of the Gods, attracts global tourists by its sheer innate loveliness of looming volcanoes and verdant covered rice fields, exuding serenity and peace. If you are a surfer, you can have a thrilling time in this surfers’ paradise.

11. Morocco

Morocco is the home to the Marrakesh city, which is renowned for offering an enjoyable candlelit dinner amid the desert, packed with camel rides, fire eaters, and belly dancers. 

12. Jodhpur

With three nicknames, such as The Sun City, The Blue City, and Gateway to Thar, this Indian city is celebrated for its Mehrangarh fort, temples, blue houses, snacks, and sweets.

Apart from the citadel, the Jodhpur trip in 2020 will offer you an opportunity to see multiple lakes, temples, shopping streets, etc., which are like a fantasy from a bygone period. 

13. Portugal

If you are a food and beverage buff, you can celebrate your 2020 in Porto/Douro Valley in Portugal. Besides, getting the yummiest foods and wines at affordable prices, you can enjoy breathtaking sceneries and ideal weather. 

14. Varanasi 

If you wish to celebrate 2020 in a significant Indian traditional hub, you can choose to visit Varanasi. Besides a religious destination, Varanasi is renowned for its silk and muslin fabrics, ivory works, perfumes, and sculptures.

15. Tel Aviv

For celebrating the New Year with your family or your spouse, Tel Aviv in Israel is the perfect destination. You can enjoy witnessing the white Bauhaus buildings lining the broad, tree-spotted promenades and can have a leisure walk along the seashore. 

16. Leh 

Leh, which is one of the famous districts in North India, is crammed with fabulous sceneries, queer culture, and people. It is considered heaven in the world for both young and old alike.

17. Central , South or North Europe 

With seven geographic areas, a tour to Europe will fetch you everything you want to commemorate 2020 enjoyably. It is home to many attractive and amusing cities, besides having an epic history, natural beauty, and stunning culinary and artistic diversity.

18. Chile

Chile, which has a nickname, Country of Poets, is one of the best destinations to visit in 2020 if you want to enjoy the New Year by biking and hiking the surrounding canyons and mountains. It is also the best place for bird watchers.

19. Orchha

To enjoy the natural beauty of Orchha and Khajuraho in an economic, unique way to rejoice the New Year, choose one of the Orchha Khajuraho tour packages.

Furthermore, Orchha is renowned monument for the sixteenth century and seventeenth-century monuments, palaces, and the calm Betwa River. Needless to say it will evolve you historically

20. Kotor 


If you are an active traveler seeking hiking and adventure in 2020, you can visit Kotor in Montenegro. It is also an ideal destination for couples. You can have privacy and relaxation by choosing Trip Advisor cruises 2020

To sum up, set up your travel goals and choose the cities from above or plan your own bucket list. If you wish to make your trips fun than join solo travel communities.

5 Things You Should Not Miss in Rome

5 things to Explore in Rome

Haven’t you heard in Rome live like Romans? Indeed, the popularity of this city has produced this proverb. Rome is an ancient city in Europe known for its historical facts and other artifacts. There is a lot to explore in this gorgeous capital town of Italy.

Quintessential things that you must try here could be unparalleled. However, in the limited time of your travel, you must prioritize what not to miss. To make it simple, presenting you the top 5 must things to do.

1. Sightseeing Excursion

There are so many places to visit here. You may need to have more than a week to view them all. Some of the best ones are as follows:-

ü  Vatican City Exclusive Tour

Vatican City is a small inhabitant within Rome. It’s a popular place to visit for so many reasons, one of them is its cultural connection. Visit famous church St. Peter, the Sistine Chapel, is a place that is known as the home of the pope. Don’t miss the remarkable Vatican City museum here.

ü  Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the must-visit places in Rome. It’s the largest Amphitheater standing on the stones.  The monument is well equipped to accommodate thousands of tourists visiting here daily.

ü  Roman Forum

If you want to know a little more about the history of the city, than visit this ancient monument. You will get familiar with many of the traditional practices with the transition to the modern civilization.

ü  Alter of the Fatherland

The Alter of the Fatherland is a magnificent building that was once the home of the Italian king. To enjoy the panoramic view of the city, you can move to the terrace. Keep your camera ready to capture some picturesque sight. 

ü  Trevi Fountain

Trevi is one of the most famous fountains in the world. With a stunning view, it has got some earnest belief. Visitors trust to come back to Rome after getting lucky with the coin hitting the fountain. They need to do this act by facing backward from the direction of the water.  To cherish its peculiar beauty, include it in your itinerary

2.   Staying in the Best Hotel and Resort

ü  Aldrovandi Villa Borghese

Borghese is a 5-star property in the romantic city of Rome. If you wish to make your travel luxurious, then book your stay here. You will be awestruck with the hospitality and epicurean cuisines. 

ü  Lord Byron

Make your stay iconic by choosing another excellent property. Lord Byron is the name to reckon for the choicest 5-star destinations. Not only will it leave you mesmerized but will give you out of the world feeling.

ü  Hassler Roma

You can plan the best city tour by selecting this hotel.  Its prime location makes it easier to choose any of the famous sights nearby. Besides that, they specialize in making your occasion special by arranging it in spending style.

ü  Rome Cavalieri

Resort can be the way to land in the gorgeous city of Rome, as well.  Have some memorable moments for the lifetime with signature finger-licking meals.

ü  Campo de’ Fiori

Another popular place to stay in the boutique hotel Campo de’ Fiori located in the heart of the city. Stay cozy and plan your city tour within the premises of this property.

3.   Cuisines, Drinks & Nightlife

ü  Gelato

The world-famous Gelato desserts got its roots in Italy. Goes without saying its taste is unparalleled in the street of Rome.

ü  Pizza Al Taglio

Pizza is another invention of this country that has pampered the whole world. To enjoy a variety of gourmet slices with local cheese and sauces, you must try this dish. You can enjoy it in two of the famous outlets in Rome. The taste you will get will be authentic.

ü  Signature Wines & Cocktails

Try some of the vintage and sophisticated wines and cocktails readily available in many pubs and fine dining in Rome.

ü  Barbeque and Nightlife

To enjoy the nightlife you can explore sophisticated bars & Lounges. Footloose with the gang of party lovers with some scrumptious barbeques.

ü  Maritozzi

Maritozzi is a mouth-watering dessert of Romanians. Enjoy the delicacy with chocolate chips. Order with espresso and get ready for another expedition in Rome.

4.   Public Transport

You may be able to know the city a little better by travelling in their public transport at least for a day. Some of the modes of transportation that you can plan could be as follows.

ü  Bus

ü  Tram

ü  Metro

ü  Taxi

ü  Urban Railway

5.   Connecting with the Locals

The essence of travel these days is to experience it intrinsically. Route to that is by understanding the local culture of the place. There are many ways you can do so; some of the natural and popular methods are.

ü  Experience the Flea Market & Buy Special Sovereign

ü  Understanding Few Slangs in their Language

ü  Hire a  Local Host

ü  Visit the Suburbs

ü  Take a Bike Tour

We wish you to have the best trip to Rome. Feel free to share your experience or inputs in the comments.