How to Plan Best Weekend Trip to Agra from Delhi?


Agra is one of the leading tourist destinations, nestled on the banks of River Yamuna. The place has got a smooth connection with taxis, buses, flights, and trains. Nevertheless, a wide array of travel enthusiasts prefers to take a road trip to Agra from Delhi to enjoy the serene beauty of the place.

The Route to Agra from Delhi

The distance between Agra and Delhi is 233 km. It is possible to cover the range within 4-5 hours if you drive through Yamuna Expressway. However, the total amount of time may depend on traffic. You can reach the destination in less than three hours if you start before 6 am.

How to drive from Delhi to Agra

As you take the road to the Yamuna Expressway between Agra and Delhi via Greater Noida and Noida, you can reduce the driving time between both the cities by almost half. Hence, you should ensure to leave Delhi during the early morning to witness the beauty of Agra at a leisurely pace.

 Regardless of the time you leave, it is best to take the road to Bara Pulla as it helps you to skip the massive traffic over the Ashram Flyover. You can follow this route through the offshoot from the Lodhi Road.

After crossing the same, you should make a u-turn beneath the Sarai Kale Khan flyover and reach the DND flyway. After crossing the toll booth of the DND flyway, you need to drive over the second clover leaf down to Greater Noida Expressway from the DND Flyway.

Next to this, you need to drive twenty-one km downwards the expressway. Look for signage on the road, which indicates the exit point from Yamuna Expressway. After riding for 154 km, you should take the exit point on the NH92 highway, for accessing Agra. You can find patrolling bike and signboards on the road, which make the road trip to Agra a breeze.

An Ideal Time to Visit Agra

The months from October to March are perfect for visiting Agra. You are not going to be annoyed by the scoring heat of the sun during those months. It is the time when winter onset. For the same reason, most of the tourists from all over the globe travel Agra during this period.

The weather is known to be very pleasant during the time, and thus it happens to be an ideal time for driving and sightseeing. You should avoid taking a road trip to Agra during the summer months as the extreme heat makes traveling very inconvenient during the time.

 You can also consider taking a trip to the place during Monsoon to enjoy the beauty of the Taj Mahal during the rain-washed splendor. Though the expressway is devoid of traffic, still it is better to stay safe by keeping the speed limit of your driving below 100 km per hour.

Things to Keep in Mind During a Road Trip to Agra from Delhi

If you are planning to take a road trip to Agra from Delhi, you should ensure to carry the necessary equipment so that you can deal with any unexpected circumstances quickly. It would be best if you take an extra wheel to deal with an accidental puncture. At the same time, do not forget to carry a portable mobile and car chargers during the trip.

In addition to this, you should ensure to pack the prerequisite amount of snacks. Besides that, you must carry enough water to stay hydrated. At the same time, don’t forget to take a hammer to prevent any atrocity. Some of them can be getting stalked by the mischief mongers, stuck in the vehicle due to unforeseen climatic conditions and likewise.

Furthermore, it is necessary to keep a first aid kit with you. The most crucial factor you need to consider is carrying essential papers like registration copy, driving license, insurance policy, and other supporting documents. It can certainly make your journey hassle-free without fear of getting caught by the cops.

Taj Mahal is the most popular attraction of this place, which stands as a witness to lost love. In addition to the heritage structures and monuments, the vibrant culture of the city makes it the most preferred tourist destination. Pack your bags and plan your trip here.

Why Everyone on Planet Wants to Party in Goa?

Goa is known for its sun, sea, beaches but mostly for its lively and throbbing nightlife scene and beach parties that go all night long. It is known as the country’s rave and dance music destination for a reason. It isn’t a joke when people say that Goa is a land of party animals from in and around the world. It is literally one of the happening cities of India. People are attracted to the ‘Party Capital of India’ because of a wide and variety of reasons.

For starters, and I guess the most important thing for a party person, is that the parties here are lit. The parties here are literally “NEVER ENDING”. You can party the whole night round with your friends, dance to some really loud music, drink as much as you can without any restrictions. This place has top notch clubs which will satisfy the party animal in you.

Digital StillCamera

The clubs are accessorized with laser lights, colored images, fog machines, visual effects glow sticks to make the ambiance seem like a party haven. Goa is known for top-notch DJs who play world-class music across different genres. There are always on toes to create vibrant vibes alive in any pub and that’s what makes the city even more popular for parties.

From funky and electro punk to trance, techno, EDM, Indian and pop they have all collection to persuade you to get your groove on. Beaches like Baga, Candolim, and Calangute are famous for their ever famous night parties which aren’t like any other party in the world. An added advantage is that these parties take place along the beachside. So you get a perfect reprieve from the usual party scene.

Secondly, Goa is a destination where the most vibrant and fun-filled festivals like sunburn, carnivals, new year fiesta,vh1 supersonic are conducted which attract a huge crowd all around the year. The festivals are set to dazzle with color, costumes, foot tapping music, soul stirring extravaganza and is set to give you an out of the body experience. The new year fiesta is the most vibrant party of all. The party is celebrated with fun and frolic. The atmosphere reverberates with the cordial happy new year and attracts tourist from all around the world.

Thirdly, the tickets to the best parties in the country are quite economical. If you book in advance, the entries to these clubs,  rave parties cost under 1-2k with the provision of booze and food. Even if you haven’t booked your entry to these parties, in most of the clubs there is a provision to avail free entry for couples, free entry as a woman, yay feminism. The booze, accommodation is cheap due to the huge demand from the tourists. So you can party under a budget.

The most awaited EDM parties like sunburn, vh1 supersonic are no less. These festivals are lit with electronic dance music providing electrifying beats aimed to make you dance to your heart’s content, live performances from famous bands all around the world featuring an array of both International and Indian artists. These festivals are a dream come true for party peeps as they go on for two to three days continuously.

Finally, and the most promising reason of all,  after you are done partying hard, dancing till your feet are sore and are hurting with a deadly hangover. You come to appreciate the beauty of Goa. You get to wake up on the white sand beaches looking at the scenic beauty in and around you. You get to form beautiful bonds with a diverse set of people from locals to foreigners who have traveled like you to this happening city. All in all, you are left with some unforgettable memories, memorable moments that you will cherish for life. No wonder people love to party here.

Last but not least, go to shacks in the evening, get the flavor of the beach then enter the Tito lane and enjoy pub crawling throughout the night. 

So it is true when people say that if you haven’t partied in Goa, you haven’t really lived. However,  you can explore much more in the city too. You got all types of beaches ranging from North to South Goa. Besides that, there are much more to explore.

Other Reasons to Pack Your Bags to Goa

Visiting Beaches

As per recent survey, Beaches are the best source of happiness.

 Some of the popular beaches worth visiting here are:-

Beach in  North Goa:- Anjuna; Arambol; Calangute; Baga; Dona Paula

Beach in  South Goa:-  Varca ; Agonda ; Butterfly; Cola; Palolem

There are lots that can be done on these beaches. From just playing football to any water sport like parasailing to snorkeling it offers it all. If nothing then you can just relax to the beautiful sounds of waves here with some local delicacies there. 

Taking a Cruise

Goa has got a beautiful cruise that plays a live band. You can loose to the beats of music in the middle of the sea. Sounds of music, tapping feats and the picturesque view in the middle of one of those beaches in Goa is breathtaking.

Drive to “Dil Chahta Hein” movie Fort

Who can forget the famous movie about  the road trip to Goa? This one movie Dli Chahta Hein every youth can relate with. Irrespective of age, whenever you will watch this movie you will feel nostalgic and would wish to drive down to Chapora Fort. Best way to reach here is take a rented bike, get the feel of the city and enjoy the beauty.

Play Casino, that is very much legal in Goa

Goa is one of those few limited places in India where you can play casino without any legal hassles. There are lots of cruises that have casinos on the sea. You can choose a property that has casinos as well. My personal favorite is a game of slots which is just fun without any risk of losing millions.

Shopping  in Goa

Goa got a lot of attraction to shop from. You can get some clothes at a dirt cheap price. Besides that, it is also known for some of the unique cashew and local alcohol named Fenny. You also get some rum chocolates that are not less than a shot of tequila.


There are lots of attractions to be explored across Goa. From churches to the picturesque site where you can get most glamorous shots you have all there. Some of the popular destinations to visit there are; St. Augustine Tower, Aguada Fort, Dudhsagar Waterfall, Dona Paula, etc.

Best Time to Travel to  Goa

Goa is one of the cities where you would like to visit throughout the year. Its also known for the glitterati and liveliness at the time of new year evening. People usually book their travel and stay six months in advance for the new year evening as it gets impossible to get accommodation during that time.

Want to make your new year eve rocking? then you can join the Solo traveler’s community only at Travel Solo and Smart. Join now as there can be only a few members accommodated. 

Why Munnar is Must Visit Heaven in God’s own city Kerala? 


The journey started in March, 2019 when I took a solo trip to God’s own country Kerala from Delhi. Thrill That I get about my trips is I don’t rely on anyone for my itinerary, I plan and execute all on my own.  Was all the more thrilled for Kerala as it was lying in my bucket list for years. 

Kerala state hosts a couple of cities which you may not be able to cover in one trip. For my 4 days trip, Munnar was enough to cover. Though I explore Kochi enroute as well.
Kochi Fort

How to Plan Your Itinerary for Munnar?  


  • For a single person with a decent stay, you can expect minimum cost of Rs 35,000 . This includes your airfare and stay. If you are looking out for 3-star property or above,  than rate can definitely increase.  Of course, other costs like meals, Kerala ayurvedic medicines & spices spa can cost you much more.
  • Commute If you are visiting Kerala from Delhi than return can cost you anywhere between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 12,000 (to and fro) based on when you book your flight. If you plan your trip little early, you can expect the best rates. The nearest airport to Munnar is Kochi. From Kochi airport, it can easily take you 2-3 hours to reach Munnar.

I took the Vistara airline. All was good except their shortage of food in premium and non-transparency. Few of their crew females were rude too. However, it was compensated with a few other crews who were better. They could definitely do better by making pre-arrangement of food and grooming their crew.

  • Stay

If your focus is travel and doesn’t want to bother much about accommodation then you can expect decent property between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 per night including or excluding breakfast.

I stayed in two different cities in two different places. First was hotel neighborhood, another was a homestay In the tea forest area of Munnar The Rainforest. Staying at both places was comfortable.

Hotel Neighborhood

It’s recently constructed and around 1-hour drive from the airport. It has got a unique lift that opens with the door. Rooms were spacious and clean. They had a TV but there was no connection. Washroom was spacious but not perfectly clean. The best part about this place was the Ayurvedic products for the body, skin & hairs. The only drawback here was the noise I was getting in the night of housekeeping as they may be doing some work.

When I called the reception he panicked and knocked at my door. Since it was quite late at the night around 11:30 pm. I was hesitant about opening it. But he was so dumb that he used the master key to open it. Though I don’t doubt his intention but from a hotel you expect this much decency not to enter females room without their consent. Language may be a barrier but this should also be part of the management of the hotel, I personally feel so.

I booked this accommodation with breakfast so got the chance to taste local cuisines of Kochi. Food was decent, there were not many variations. I tasted their local food called Puth made up of rice with chickpeas that had amazing Kerala spices. Overall was ok but if curry was hot it would have been better. I like the way they utilized the space in a small area. With the price, I paid stay was ok.

View from Hotel Neighborhood
Breakfast at Hotel Neighborhood
Neighborhood Reception

Hotel Rainforest

My next visit was in Munnar where I stayed for maximum time i.e. 3 days. I booked the cottage in the middle of the forest.  Area and ambiance were really good and value for money. One of the best parts of the place is the Hemmingway bird that wakes you up as shown in the video.

There was lots of greenery around also it was full of beautiful flowers. I got fresh food from their special cook.  Another local cuisine I tried her was Ittiyam which again is made of rice. It’s kind of rice noodles. In the south, most of the food is made of rice though tastes completely different.  You can get some of the best budget deal in this beautiful property. Sharing some of the pics that I took here.
  • Additional Cost

Any other meals based on the restaurant chosen. Shopping of spices which don’t have any limit. Buying tea and homemade chocolates. Last but not the least famous medicated spa. If you want your stay to be comfortable than it’s good to book a cab including airfares to the entire stay. The standard cost of the cab ranges from Rs. 7500 to Rs. 9000 for minimum 500 km after that it varies. However complete Munnar can be covered within the cost without bearing any additional cost.

Places to Visit

The most important thing that people are concerned with what all to explore in Munnar. Let me tell you even if you drive down in the lanes of the city you will feel refreshed. Other places are just icing on the top.

  • Tea Garden

Munnar is surrounded with beautiful tea garden across the city. Luckily the place where I stayed was inside the plantation. There were 2-3 km drives to reach the city. Entire view was just mesmerizing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  You will see it across Munnar. There are labors who are engaged in mining the garden and supplying it to nearby areas.

Tea Gardens
  • Tea Factory

There is a tea factory by Tata not owned by Rippled Industry. You will be able to see the entire process of how leaves are procured and then grinded to fine tea. Something new I learned was there are three kinds of tea Green tea, white tea, and black tea. After the visit to the tea factory, I brought some tea and coffee back home. There were some hands made chocolates and some essential oils as well that you can pick.

  • Flower Garden

Flower Garden is one of the beautiful places in Munnar that got great plantation of a variety of flowers. Best time to visit here is in spring to watch some of the best flowers.

Flower Garden, Munnar
  • Spice Garden

If you would like to cure your disease to Ayurvedic place than this is the place to be. You will be able to see different plants and their medical benefits. I picked some of the essential oils for the body aches that really helped me.

The price will differ from product to product. But as they recommend you need to follow the course and can’t stop midway. You need to buy a minimum quantity of the item to treat yourself.  The bottle I took was for 45 days course and it cosseted me Rs. 3500. Price may vary based on which treatment you plan to take.

Spice Garden , Kerala
  • Kundala Dam Lake

Kundala   Dam & Lake are also one of the popular spots in Kerala. When you enter the premises you will see the beautiful dam. As you walk inside you will discover a lake.  While on trip to Munnar ensure to visit here for some picturesque shots.

  • Echo Point

As the name suggests its huge ground where if you shout you can hear the echo of your voice. If you are the one who is inspired by Hindi movies and would like to try that then this is the place to be.

  • Top Station

From here you can see a beautiful view. You will also be able to see the border of another state like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

  • Kerala Ayurvedic Spa

This is one of the most popular places where people love to come to rejuvenate. People come here for relaxing and get treated for several ailments. There are many spa centers in Kerala where you can visit to get yourself treated. Cost of the spa may vary from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3500.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Kerala is from October to March. You can choose to visit from April to September as well. But from April to May it will be too hot. From June to September it will be raining. October to Jan it will be very cold but you can visit some cities where the climate is moderate as compared to the hill stations. 

How to set up Travelling Budget & Goals for  year

Travel ; Travelling ; Journey ; money ; Lifestyle ; Trip ; Therapy ; healing ; vacation ; holiday

Any Journey  ;  holiday or vacation is much more than visiting place . Real fun is healing yourself in leisure .Or in another words ; Traveling  is not less than therapy besides relaxation. However it’s much more than that. Trip to any place can offer so many things which money can’t buy.

First of all the kind of emotional connect it provides is unparalleled to any richest place & best networking event where we can have privilege to get  best exposure. It gives you the comfort of your own space. Often in mundane life, we forget to value our life as we are surrounded by people’s energy which is constantly trying to change us. And we tend to mallow down as we may not have that inner strength; motivation or adequate control. However, when we travel we are exposed to so many contingencies that we are able to reconnect with our vibes  and to any unattended issues at subconscious level.

The major constraint for many who want to travel is how they travel to places. Especially when they don’t have anyone to accompany. Another problem is what kind of money they should allocate for meeting traveling goals. Many are restricted to travel within the state because of financial issue forget international.

But Trust me traveling can offer so much that it’s indeed an Investment of your time & money.

Setting up Budget for Travelling weather you have the money or not is not a big task. All you need to do is think about a place where you want to visit domestic or International.

How to decide about the places to visit in a Year:-

Deciding about the place also depends upon what kind of traveler you are. It may take sometime to decide on the same. At times just travel to discover your traveling appetite. Some people like trekking whereas others are in adventure sports; however few others just want to go for luxury trips.

Cost & budget If  planned  in advance can be manageable. At times it drives us to earn more to set allocated budget for travel.


How to decide the budget for Travelling:-

While preparing goals for traveling itself can give you good insight of yourself. Infact it can bring you closer to the purpose of your life. Traveling essentially should be to bring you closer to yourself. So while you are planning to travel you are also getting more self-awareness. Planning budget for traveling also will make us more mindful of our lifestyle. While preparing the same it will give us motivation to improve our life to meet our travelling needs.

If you are not financially independent yet than you may have to shrink the budget to adjust trip goals. But trust me once you start travelling it will expand a lot of horizon of life and you will start taking it seriously enough to earn more money and become more independent to choose the place you wish to travel rather than driven by budget.

It’s just the first step which is difficult. But once you start allocating the budget and made your first travel it will be a vicious positive circle and you will soon be rubbed with travel hangover.


How to choose good Travelling Group or How to travel solo


Nowadays there are many communities of travelers that can not only make traveling cheaper but safer especially for solo travelers. With the expert guide who can plan a complete itinerary, you can go with ease to the place by paying a nominal fee. They can also save a lot of time by doing the required coordination and management for travel to and fro and arranging the stay.

But it’s important to choose right group so that money you mint on these group is worth spending and you can have blast at the same time.

The best way of checking about the group is there’s social media presence. A lot can be inferred with the same. Just check where they have been earlier. Also what kind of members are there in the community.What’s their educational background; they are from which city etc. As unless you travel with like-minded people there’s no fun of traveling with the group.  By choosing the right group you not only get the benefit of traveling solo but can make journey fun with like mind fellas.

Having said that there may not be any perfect group. Its all about connecting with the vibes in the community. For exploring that we should try to attend any local events if possible by any of these groups and decide accordingly.

Jist is setting up traveling goals can help us making our journey more enriched . At the same time  leverage our trip  even better by connecting with people outside and inside within ourselves.   Moreover, by allocating some budget in advance we can always make traveling very much part of our lifestyle as well.

Furthermore, it can help us set some major life goals focused towards vacation that can drive us to earn money accordingly.