How to set up Travelling Budget & Goals for  year

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Any Journey  ;  holiday or vacation is much more than visiting place . Real fun is healing yourself in leisure .Or in another words ; Traveling  is not less than therapy besides relaxation. However it’s much more than that. Trip to any place can offer so many things which money can’t buy.

First of all the kind of emotional connect it provides is unparalleled to any richest place & best networking event where we can have privilege to get  best exposure. It gives you the comfort of your own space. Often in mundane life, we forget to value our life as we are surrounded by people’s energy which is constantly trying to change us. And we tend to mallow down as we may not have that inner strength; motivation or adequate control. However, when we travel we are exposed to so many contingencies that we are able to reconnect with our vibes  and to any unattended issues at subconscious level.

The major constraint for many who want to travel is how they travel to places. Especially when they don’t have anyone to accompany. Another problem is what kind of money they should allocate for meeting traveling goals. Many are restricted to travel within the state because of financial issue forget international.

But Trust me traveling can offer so much that it’s indeed an Investment of your time & money.

Setting up Budget for Travelling weather you have the money or not is not a big task. All you need to do is think about a place where you want to visit domestic or International.

How to decide about the places to visit in a Year:-

Deciding about the place also depends upon what kind of traveler you are. It may take sometime to decide on the same. At times just travel to discover your traveling appetite. Some people like trekking whereas others are in adventure sports; however few others just want to go for luxury trips.

Cost & budget If  planned  in advance can be manageable. At times it drives us to earn more to set allocated budget for travel.


How to decide the budget for Travelling:-

While preparing goals for traveling itself can give you good insight of yourself. Infact it can bring you closer to the purpose of your life. Traveling essentially should be to bring you closer to yourself. So while you are planning to travel you are also getting more self-awareness. Planning budget for traveling also will make us more mindful of our lifestyle. While preparing the same it will give us motivation to improve our life to meet our travelling needs.

If you are not financially independent yet than you may have to shrink the budget to adjust trip goals. But trust me once you start travelling it will expand a lot of horizon of life and you will start taking it seriously enough to earn more money and become more independent to choose the place you wish to travel rather than driven by budget.

It’s just the first step which is difficult. But once you start allocating the budget and made your first travel it will be a vicious positive circle and you will soon be rubbed with travel hangover.


How to choose good Travelling Group or How to travel solo


Nowadays there are many communities of travelers that can not only make traveling cheaper but safer especially for solo travelers. With the expert guide who can plan a complete itinerary, you can go with ease to the place by paying a nominal fee. They can also save a lot of time by doing the required coordination and management for travel to and fro and arranging the stay.

But it’s important to choose right group so that money you mint on these group is worth spending and you can have blast at the same time.

The best way of checking about the group is there’s social media presence. A lot can be inferred with the same. Just check where they have been earlier. Also what kind of members are there in the community.What’s their educational background; they are from which city etc. As unless you travel with like-minded people there’s no fun of traveling with the group.  By choosing the right group you not only get the benefit of traveling solo but can make journey fun with like mind fellas.

Having said that there may not be any perfect group. Its all about connecting with the vibes in the community. For exploring that we should try to attend any local events if possible by any of these groups and decide accordingly.

Jist is setting up traveling goals can help us making our journey more enriched . At the same time  leverage our trip  even better by connecting with people outside and inside within ourselves.   Moreover, by allocating some budget in advance we can always make traveling very much part of our lifestyle as well.

Furthermore, it can help us set some major life goals focused towards vacation that can drive us to earn money accordingly.





When are you planning your next Travelling Therapy?

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We need a vacation from daily routine for so many reasons. Therapy and healing may be the biggest reason. Being a Solo traveler is the best option as we can plan it all ourselves. Holiday or trip is itself a meditation. Travelling can always help us connect with ourselves in the best possible way.


How can we get Healed from the journey:-


  • Connecting to Self

While we go out to any destination we are able to get some much required  “me time “. Duration can be as less as weekend; a week or a month. In the mundane routine, we are so much busy with something or other that we forget what we actually need and get stressed. However while on travel break we are able to pay entire focus on ourselves. This can further help in connecting with any problem that may be pestering us at the unconscious level. Many of us have that triggers and some irritating thought that may be difficult to manage even after avoiding. That may be because we are not able to dig deeper into ourselves. It may not be as easy as it sounds. We may need state of Meditation to understand that. In traveling experience, it’s easier to achieve that inner peace that we want. Holiday trip is no less than meditating in fact. Try planning vacation every quarter if possible to witness that inner change.


  • Away from Toxins

Within the city, there may be lots of physical and mental toxins that we need to deal with which we may not be aware. It can include dealing with negative people or getting affected by pollution which may harm us in a very subtle way. If we take traveling break than it can make us more Mindful of what we are going through. Furthermore, it can help improve our coping mechanism to deal with all these problems.


  • Organic Treatment

There are a lot of tourist destinations which can provide some authentic delicacies and spas which can help us rejuvenate faster. Therapy from organic product and food can be an Instant healer. We can choose to take spa’s or take some organic food from the farms and it can do the magic. Best way to feel is doing it practically. When we take such organic trips we can be at best state of mind.


  • A relaxed state of Mind

In daily routine, our mind is occupied with one thing or other. This may be because of work pressure or unhealthy family life or any other reason. Once we take traveling break we are not bothered or required to deal with any of the unwanted things or situation. That can help us achieve relax state of mind. To sum up, can assist in healing and can be the best therapy.

Solo traveler got better access to any traveling as they can plan anytime without depending on anyone. The best trip can be planned with like-minded solo souls. That can not only act as therapy but social networking as well in a very subtle way.