Travel ;Solo; Smart; Rishikesh ; Mussourie ; Mukteshwar ; Bhimtal ; Kasol ;Tosh ; Jodhpur

Traveling Solo & Smart – Foundation & Purpose


Hi , I am Srishti ; founder of Travel Solo and Smart . It’s almost decade I  have been  travelling solo of course with the like minded community   .  My passion to travel has taken me places . From North ; South ; West & East traveled all parts of India and covered  few International destination as well . This article  may not to be enough to elaborate  all my journeys  .  Nevertheless Let me start few such places I covered last year .

It all starts when  we want to travel badly but not able to decide  where and with whom.  Also we  need that much needed break  to figure out what we  really need and want   in life . Change of place always helps sail in right direction and  assists to  figure out  our true calling . Once such  phase  in my life made  me choose  traveling as way to go and discovering myself  .I never knew travelling was such a fun and learning and that too going solo but with like minded souls .



Travel ;Solo; Smart; Rishikesh ;Mussourie ; Mukteshwar; Bhimtal ; Kasol ;Tosh; Jodhpur

Rishikesh  can be  visited multiple times because of so many reasons . I myself have visited this place  more than once . I planned to visit this city during new year eve in 2016 ; come back in 2017 . Rishikesh as we all know is known for rafting but its also famous for its adventure sports . Playing with tides is absolute fun there . We can also explore taste of bungee jumping  &  mini trek towards camp side too . Besides hosting   activities it’s also  well known religious place . Evening Aarti is not less than meditation .Travelling   here can be planned on any weekend . I travelled here with 2 communities in which there were lot of solo tarvellers . It was fun visiting here both the times .


Travel ; Solo; Smart; Rishikesh ; Mussorie ; Dhanaulti ; Mukteshwar ; Bhimtal ; Kasol ; Tosh ;Jodhpur

Mussorie was perfect destination for my birthday celebration.  With  greenery all around it had great scenic beauty .   Planned to visit this place during my birthday week that was last week of feb . Journey takes  of 6-7 hours from delhi . It was just 4-5 of us . When we reach there I witness serene beauty of  mountain . Dhanaulti was all the more fun with horse ride to hill top . There was some huge organic plantation as well which was supposedly reserve for export . Other places  to visit were Lal Tibba ; Kempty fall  ; Rover’s cave etc .


Travel ; Solo; Smart; Rishikesh ; Mussorie ; Dhanaulti ; Mukteshwar ; Bhimtal ; Kasol ; Tosh ;Jodhpur

Mukteshwar is another small village in Nanital . One of the best  thing about this place is  its beautiful  organic farms . We can  get organic fruits  at dirt cheap price here . Besides that it has  got great area to trek  which can serve as good weekend break for any traveler . Enroute we can also visit famous lake in Bhimtal . Surrounded by mountain we can actually forget everything while boating for 30 minutes .


Travel ;Solo; Smart; Rishikesh ;Mussourie ; Mukteshwar; Bhimtal ; Kasol ;Tosh; Jodhpur

Kasol known as Israeli community because of couple of reason . It’s small village in manali connecting many valleys and hills . Perfect place to trek and have come chill time with friends . It also has some space for religious souls by hosting places like Manikaran which is famous gurudwara that offers langars .Not limited to that it’s also famous for rave parties and  drugs which are implanted here  in  forms of weeds. Weed is available at much cheaper here because of ease of availability and no legal hassle . People who visit Kasol often stock this drug and consume it more often to add charm to their vacation . While visiting this place many small towns like Tosh ; parvati valley ; manikaran etc can be combined to have complete taste of this city . Its usually 12-14 hours journey  by road from  delhi . But once you visit  here its  beauty is complete treat to eyes and can quiet relaxing ; enough to east the distance traveled .



Travel ;Solo; Smart; Rishikesh ;Mussourie ; Mukteshwar; Bhimtal ; Kasol ;Tosh; Jodhpur

Jodhpur was indeed beautiful city to wind up year 2017 . It was one of the best solo trip I had . Unlike any group planned to visit this place all by myself . Also known as blue city ; it’s indeed perfect place to get you out of any blues . It has some of the magnificent historical  beauty . The forts here are phenomemon in their architect .Few of the  must visit places here are like Mehrangang fort ; Jaswant thada ; Umaid Bhavan ; Mandore Garden . Besides places it also offers great rajasthani delicacies .Some good restaurants to visit here are On the rock café & if you want to have authentic rajasthani platter than you may go to  Gypsy which served traidition rajasthani thali in quickest  time .  Even the better part about the city I liked was the climate . In chilling winter time of delhi it is the best escape . Morning were reasonably warm and good at times you can manage without sweaters . Winters are good to go with some warm shrugs . Overall it was blast to visit this place during new year week .

Above mentioned places are just  few among many I visited . Besides  them there are many good cities  that can be explored in India like Orchha ; Khajurao ; Pondicherry ; Koorg ; Pangot .  Will try to cover story of most of them in upcoming blogs .

Travel Solo Smart Foundation ; Purpose  & Vision 

Travel ;Solo; Smart; Rishikesh ;Mussourie ; Mukteshwar; Bhimtal ; Kasol ;Tosh; Jodhpur

Though all my trips have been adventurous and fun . But being solo traveler what I have realized is at times we tend to hang up with group where we don’t belong to . At the same time many travel group also leverage the vulnerability of solo travelers by not providing value of money in terms of stay & other facilities like commuting within or starting and end  point . These are pain point which I experienced as  a traveler . Though I wanted to travel more often but lack of few basic facilities like decent stay in good property with like minded people  was what I missed . Usually these groups will make you stay in some sub-standard camps  by tempting you with some great banner . But once you visit theplace only than  we realize the loophole . With foundation of Travel solo smart community I will ensure to keep it as customized as possible as per majority .

Also would like to enable networking platform where people can connect with each other at personal and professional level .